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Genesis Project 2.0 Ch. 00

 — Prologue. by JC_The_Continuerin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/12/174.19

Prove It!

 — Sex on a cruise ship's balcony while her husband watches us. by VoxNihiliin  Loving Wives04/26/174.22

The Look in Her Eyes

 — All alone in the office, or so she thought. by cstoriesin  Interracial Love08/02/164.18

Z- Zachary

 — Two college students get it on in a dorm room. by tiscondentin  Erotic Couplings05/30/163.75

Tristan's Tale Pt. 05

 — Tristan takes on Caer'Aton. by IncomingPornDuckin  Mind Control04/29/164.94HOTContest Winner

The Goddess

 — A guy gets an unexpected visit. by Rafefeleusin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/17/153.79

Tristan's Tale Pt. 04

 — The thrills and dangers of Tristan's new life. by IncomingPornDuckin  Mind Control08/19/154.93HOTContest Winner

The Festival

 — Letting loose in Key West. by DreamCloudin  Romance06/02/154.88HOTContest Winner


 — A woman's nagging goes a little too far. by KierHardyin  BDSM08/01/143.78

Fatal Attraction Ch. 02

 — Love at first sight. by Ana_Readyin  Romance06/25/143.68


 — A powerful memory can do the most amazing things. by SilverShadowsin  Romance06/17/143.72

Going With The Flow

 — He chose the older one, and got the younger one too. by Explorer222in  BDSM05/03/144.56HOT

The Awakening of Julia Ch. 02

 — He's takes her to a higher level! how can she resist? by southernDrawin  BDSM07/03/134.17

A Quick Blowjob

 — After a long day you just take my pants off and blow me. by southernDrawin  Text With Audio07/02/132.93


 — She wanted him...she really, really wanted him. by lesyeuxnoirsin  Erotic Horror03/27/134.59HOT

Happy Birthday Blow Job

 — A wordk day turns into a VERY happy birthday for boss. by JerseygirlZin  Humor & Satire08/21/114.04

Up Against a Wall

 — Surprise fellatio in a parking garage. by TXPilot69in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/15/114.19


 — Jess sees something outside her window during a thunderstorm by Mentalcasein  NonHuman04/13/114.42

Dimitra and Arista

 — Dimitri finds his former lover now in his total control. by DarkEyedTempestin  Romance03/15/104.33

Green Eyes

 — Fields and dreams... by Silvercatseyein  Incest/Taboo02/17/103.99

Sophie Ch. 01

 — Doc meets young girl. by teachgirl1980in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/07/104.03

From Russia with Love

 — A WWE Superstar and a fan rekindle a steamy affair. by bunnyluv83in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/21/094.67

My Boyfriend's Father

 — Jake & I finally express our feelings. by CRAZYxREBELin  Incest/Taboo10/10/094.12

Running into a Storm

 — A storm forces her to run to a stranger with hungry eyes. by hiddenshadowsin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/30/094.46


 — A story of love lost and desire unabated. by Voyager2MnMin  Erotic Couplings02/17/093.75

A Get-Together in the Youth Hostel

 — Sex with a stranger, viewed by the others. by expressivenessin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/28/083.92

Summer Warmth

 — A cyber romance is haunted by an old love. by djobbinsin  Erotic Couplings02/23/081.00

Call of the (Future) West

 — A girl is taken hostage during a robbery. by Hibbidyhaiin  Non-Erotic09/27/073.73

The Smell of Her Hair Ch. 02

 — Stephanie's diary leading up to dinner. by MasterOfDiscretionin  Mature09/03/074.49

Lip Service

 — The wonders of red lipstick. by king_wesleyin  Mind Control07/17/074.09


 — Exploring the Wild Side. by xseraphimxin  BDSM04/02/074.00

Bright Eyes

 — No sex - a Loving Wives story. by wetapapin  Loving Wives02/23/074.40

A Confession

 — A young man shares his secret. by T_Covenantin  Erotic Couplings12/27/064.53HOT

The Fortress of Solitude

 — Superman reviews his sex life and spices it up. by Crystal_L_Veeyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/22/064.03

The Night We Met

 — Hot girl meets an older man at the end of a bad day. by sandd_boundin  Mature11/16/053.76

Ships in the Night

 — Lonely people make most of a chance encounter. by jack_strawin  Romance08/16/054.66HOT

New Moon Pt. 05

 — Son watches in horror as his mother is infected. by GrimmsOtherBrotherin  Erotic Horror05/20/054.43

Green Eyes and the Goddess

 — He's waited forever for his dream woman. by Mr.Funkin  Romance05/08/054.05


 — She is on the hunt. by catmajicain  Erotic Horror05/03/053.38

Cancer Ch. 03

 — She sticks with her plan - for the most part. by Erotic-Kissin  Erotic Couplings04/28/054.67HOT

Broken Ch. 13

 — Friday night found Dimitri at the bar. by bleedoutin  Romance04/13/054.68HOT

A Sissy Maid is Born Ch. 01

 — Storm realises his destiny is Mistress Arrabella. by catalina_franciscoin  BDSM03/09/053.94

New Moon Pt. 02

 — Family saga of lycanthropy & lust continues. by GrimmsOtherBrotherin  Erotic Horror03/02/054.47

Morning Comes in the Tent

 — Companion piece to Vassal's "In the Tent". by vassals_liegein  Lesbian Sex02/27/054.64HOT

Silent Seduction Ch. 01

 — A second chance for a broken slave. by Gwen81in  Romance02/26/054.75HOT

Taking Elizabeth

 — The perfect sex-crime? by TheDarkCloudin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/19/054.10

A Real Work-Out

 — They have a hot workout in the gym & beyond. by talldarkskatiein  Erotic Couplings02/13/054.25

Coworker's Secret

 — A daydream about celebrating a coworker's secret. by fyredreamsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers02/06/054.39

Back from Iraq: Examination

 — Officer commands her thoughts. by ohhhdearin  Romance01/22/054.70HOT

All in a Week Ch. 02

 — An interesting awakening & attraction. by lillizin  Romance01/20/054.55HOT

Your Eyes Upon Me

 — He masturbates and comes for you. by wordmanin  Toys & Masturbation01/15/054.06


 — A son becomes his father's buddy. by velvetpiein  Incest/Taboo01/09/054.38

Mystic Veil Dance Ch. 02

 — Second part of a Gorean style veil dance. by Joseki Koin  Text With Audio01/03/052.40

Bringer of Insanity: Fuck Me Wild!

 — A sadomasochistic fantasy. by DivineHeretikin  BDSM12/08/042.96

My Master's Pleasure....

 — It continues, the taking of her by Him. by silverthornin  BDSM12/03/044.36

Apothecary of Venus Ch. 01

 — Sex therapist wakes up early. by tultekin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/23/044.24

Adoring Claudia Ch. 02

 — Captured. by Puuuuurrin  NonHuman11/19/044.35

Open Dorm Policy

 — Co-eds find that privacy in the dorm may be hard to come by. by JoeyElmtreein  Erotic Couplings11/17/044.34

Silence Gathering Pt. 02

 — What happens next. by barbarian queen 2in  BDSM11/14/044.69HOT

The Crimson King Ch. 05

 — Sammi offers herself to Thorne. by velvetpiein  Romance11/11/044.63HOT

Breaking The Curse

 — A wizard and his muse unite. by the_beanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/04/044.40

Jack be Nimble: Dessert

 — Great meal's end always comes with a few surprises. by Tyler_Hin  Erotic Horror10/24/044.58HOT

Cupid's Kiss Ch. 06

 — Cybil confesses her sexual needs to Kev. by swingingpussin  Novels and Novellas10/24/044.73HOT

Twisted Night Ch. 04

 — She finds out the shocking truth. by Syanain  NonHuman10/20/044.46

The Forest Ch. 01

 — A dream sequence - but is it a dream? by gmassiin  BDSM10/02/043.50

My Cuck Fantasy

 — Wife brings her ex out of the closet. by BareBackRider2in  Loving Wives09/23/043.63

Portrait Of A Lady Ch. 02

 — Rik and Angelica share a climax; Russell has questions. by velvetpiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/21/044.59HOT


 — His eyes met hers and she was His. by badlilthangin  BDSM08/30/044.24

Love's Harmony Ch. 15

 — Jennifer's dreams with Brian finally come true. by simply_cynin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/28/044.55HOT

The Pawn Ch. 02

 — Eric makes Kristine his. by graceannein  Romance08/21/044.53HOT

Hidden Desires

 — Rich plays a dirty trick on Paul. by Funk Youin  Gay Male08/15/043.29

Nameless 01: Victoria Gardenia

 — Each tale... different. by Harold Mastersin  Mature08/13/043.23

Her New Stud

 — First time with her new lover by cuzinevilin  Loving Wives08/03/043.67

Laura: Initiation of a Submissive Ch. 01

 — Young woman seeks her destiny as sub. by Sir_Winston54in  BDSM07/23/044.37

Would You Shave Me?

 — He wants her to shave him. by harley23in  Fetish07/04/043.59

Punishment for His slave

 — slave gets her deserved punishment. by taxiforthenewguyin  BDSM07/02/043.33

Hail & Kill Ch. 01

 — Two warriors contemplate battle of love. by velvetpiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/24/044.68HOT

A New Master

 — When lack of control is a good thing... by barbarian queen 2in  BDSM06/15/044.19

The Forgotten Bride

 — She comes to clubs to take someone home. by lostandfounderin  Erotic Horror06/08/044.35

His Muse

 — All he needed was a bit of inspiration. by Baloo the Bearin  Erotic Couplings05/21/044.76HOT

Remembering You

 — She remembers an older, experienced lover. by satyrnidaein  Erotic Couplings05/04/044.43

Marriage Material

 — Marriage is a two-way street. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers05/04/044.08

Remember The First Time

 — Song reminds Sarah of her first time. by Kaysomein  First Time04/16/044.27

Dead Heat: Forged In Fire Ch. 03

 — Robby convinces Mike to stay with him. by velvetpiein  Gay Male04/07/044.63HOT

Our Storm

 — Passion rages within while storm rages outside. by NekkedKittyCatin  Erotic Couplings04/06/044.32

Cher Ch. 01

 — A lonely lady meets a submissive man. by velvetpiein  BDSM03/24/044.42

The Castle & the Ring

 — A castle, a ring, and an orgasm squelch her doubts. by mythrenderin  Romance03/18/044.45

Drawn Together

 — An artist is drawn to his beautiful niece. by Shamzyain  Incest/Taboo03/07/044.29


 — She wasn't really smuggling. by barbarianqueenin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/01/043.94

Forever & A Day

 — Everything about her thrilled him. by bbe_1962in  Erotic Couplings02/21/044.67

Turkish Delight

 — He enjoys a sensual massage. by SistaShakespearein  Erotic Couplings02/11/044.30

Sharing Lotus' Fantasy

 — Fate leads him to sharing his phone lover's fantasy. by Uncle South Loopin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/03/044.12

At Seventy? h. 02

 — She makes a plan and takes her man. by ILuvAnalin  Mature02/01/044.62HOT

Bridgette's Sexy Adventures Ch. 03

 — Bridgette begins teasing Mr. Harrison by Bridgette Andersonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/27/044.42

Getting What You Want

 — She always gets what she wants. by devlein  NonConsent/Reluctance12/24/034.58HOT


 — They must keep each other warm to survive snowstorm. by Svenskaflickain  Interracial Love12/01/033.99

Closing up Shop Ch. 01

 — A chance encounter w/sexy store manager at clothing store. by Deborahs Husbandin  Erotic Couplings11/12/034.45

The Haunting Kind

 — She got what she wished for and it changed her forever. by raphyin  Erotic Horror10/16/033.75

Public Forum

 — Indulging in a fantasy of public sensuality. by Aileena_Sylvanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/21/033.59

Union of Souls

 — Finally finding surrender and release. by Aileena_Sylvanin  Erotic Couplings09/21/034.33

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