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A Vampire Slave

 — A reluctant princess master is dominated by her slave. by redddqueenin  NonHuman10/10/174.23

A Midsummer Night's Swell

 — The Boob Faerie loves to spread her blessings. by mistyfdfain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/18/174.42

Lil' Sister No More!

 — College freshman moves in w/ her suddenly very busty sister. by mistyfdfain  Fetish09/15/163.74

The Best Gag

 — A man at his first con ends up getting his dick enlarged. by mistyfdfain  Fetish08/12/164.18

Grandaunt Sarah's Grimoire Ch. 02

 — Lizzie is introduced to anal sex and double penetration. by Faustiennein  NonHuman01/14/164.49

Grandaunt Sarah's Grimoire Ch. 01

 — Lizzie summons an unusual faerie lover. by Faustiennein  NonHuman12/30/154.37

Fruit of the Dogwood Tree

 — Visiting a deserted island can be interesting! by pacifist91win  NonHuman12/19/154.50HOT

A King and His Whore Ch. 01

 — 'Whore' comes to life. by rawrackin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/13/154.02

Can You Hear Me?

 — A young man is shown his destiny. by Maalyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/13/153.75

Fay Bargains

 — Dealing with the faerie can be tricky. by ImperatorMentusin  Mind Control08/01/154.14

Before His Door

 — A long lost fantasy finally coming true. by Varrus9696in  BDSM03/15/154.03

The Thirst Within Ch. 04

 — Oscars awakens....... by taugerin  Gay Male03/08/154.57HOT

Winter Circus This Way Cums

 — Davin discovers how blizzards are made. by Apple_Leighin  Erotic Horror12/08/144.23

Faerie Tales from Hell Pt. 02

 — Part 2. by FaerieTalesFromHellin  Romance12/04/144.61HOT

A Hope for Rauri Ch. 01

 — A time-walking hunter for the Bean Sith of the Awful Hand. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman01/12/144.76HOT

Games of Elfkind Ch. 03

 — Selene's first lesson: Where I've been, where I'm going. by Wild_Abandonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/134.45

Games of Elfkind Ch. 02

 — I am brought to her realm, and I meet my teachers. by Wild_Abandonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/134.39

Games of Elfkind Ch. 01

 — I make a choice, And she teaches me what it will mean. by Wild_Abandonin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/17/134.45

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 04

 — Merrin's morning after. by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/30/123.00

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 03

 — Meaningless sex and Merrin's darker side. by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/26/124.75

The Tangled Webs of Love Ch. 01

 — A long awaited reunion, a love rekindled by jaxxom87in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/15/124.53HOT

Fae Woods Ch. 01

 — A dream, and a mystery by sylentpoetin  NonHuman02/11/124.51HOT

Pee, My Sexy Faerie-Lover

 — Sex with a magic faerie! by Jack_Lovein  NonHuman02/03/124.52HOT

Victoria's Fall

 — Another naive woman confronts another nasty faerie. by nicecthulhuin  Novels and Novellas01/20/124.75HOT

Nyx Ch. 04

 — Nyx encounters something unexpected on the way to work. by Iralethin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/27/114.25

Down to the Woods Ch. 02

 — Some fae are bloody beautiful...or just bloody. by BlackVelvetRosein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/16/114.09

Down to the Woods Ch. 01

 — Caitlyn knows that faeries aren't nice. Faeries are BAD. by BlackVelvetRosein  NonConsent/Reluctance10/15/114.16

Song of the Magicicada

 — A day at her favorite swimming hole goes terribly wrong. by SweetWitchin  NonHuman06/20/114.51HOT

The Daemon's Tale Ch. 05

 — Gabriel and Vaern's final meeting. by ArcherxLewisin  NonHuman01/27/114.57HOT

Faerie Love

 — College student finds love with the resident faerie. by Oldguy45in  NonHuman12/27/104.40

The Daemon's Tale Ch. 04

 — The Daemon Lord heals. by ArcherxLewisin  NonHuman12/21/104.62HOT

The Daemon's Tale Ch. 03

 — The Daemon Lord and a Healing Elf. by ArcherxLewisin  NonHuman12/03/104.62HOT

The Daemon's Tale Ch. 02

 — A Daemon Lord's pain. by ArcherxLewisin  NonHuman11/25/104.55HOT

A Wolf's Unbridled Lust Ch. 05

 — Liesel discovers news about her heritage. by Troubled_Rosein  NonHuman10/08/104.71HOT

Cloudy with a Chance of Pixies

 — A Faeophobia story, sequel to 'What Boys Like' pt1 by xxxecilin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/21/104.53HOT

Lovers' Veil

 — Prince sees faerie princess and falls in love with her. by Scott_Harperin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/20/104.65HOT

Ethine Ch. 01

 — Rain lashed down in unending waves. by TheWitcherin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/22/104.46

Dreams of the Fae

 — Two faerie friends become lovers. by ghostgurrl13in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/20/094.13

Faerie Tale

 — Fantasy erotica. by SerumCurein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/08/094.20

Half Breed Heart Ch. 02

 — A Fantasy scene from my latest book. by ameliamgracein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/28/094.50HOT

Half Breed Heart Ch. 01

 — A Fantasy scene from my latest book. by ameliamgracein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/27/094.15

Suburban Submission Ch. 04

 — Karen undresses Jenny for a walk in the woods. by Dave933in  Lesbian Sex04/07/094.61HOT

Faerie Bloom

 — A man is summoned to help bring Faerie and Earth closer. by Scott_Harperin  Non-Erotic09/12/084.35

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 05

 — Falling in love, she takes the crown. by LaLaLadyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/25/084.79HOT

Deidre's Faerie Tale

 — Deidre learns the truth about her father. by LaLaLadyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/05/084.45

Falling Into Faerie

 — She fell into his world and into his heart. by MagicaPracticain  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/26/074.24

Joining the Faerie Ch. 02

 — Dave makes love to the other two Faeries. by catchercradlein  NonHuman08/21/074.36

Joining the Faerie Ch. 01

 — Dave joins the Faerie. by catchercradlein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy06/11/074.40

The Trophy

 — Fantasy horror of an underground dwelling female creature. by weenie2in  Illustrated05/03/073.34

Hunter of Evil Ch. 06

 — A visit (and orgy) with the Faerie queen. by mrPITin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/30/064.41

Faeophobia Quickie: Nicole's Fix

 — You should be careful what you wish for. by flawed_ethicsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/18/064.20

Faerie-ly Bewitched

 — Callista's life is filled with the magic of love for Maeve. by BrettJin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/03/054.66HOT


 — Can a Rockstar find love before its too late? by Enchantin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/27/053.18


 — A wizard finds a special treat, a faerie finds man. by Enchantin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/27/053.47

The Edge of Faerieland

 — A man meets the king and queen. by Falcinatorin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/054.08

The Wood Nymph

 — Beautiful dryad is ambushed on riverbank by thieves. by SensualUnseeliein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/12/054.20

Faeophobia Quickies: Playing the Field

 — It's your duty as a citizen to give her an Orgasm. by xxxecilin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/18/044.51HOT

Fairie Tail Ch. 01

 — A young Faerie falls for a human swimming alone. by SutherStyle73in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/02/034.42

Mercurius Bellus

 — Cruel warlock extracts sexual energy from faeries by Akito01in  NonHuman01/18/033.96


 — Priest tells of his fall to a sexy demon witch. by Paul Grovein  NonHuman12/27/014.22

Faerie Frolics

 — Man becomes the subject of faeries playful 'games'. by Kepicin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/27/014.33Editor's Pick

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