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kyle (2)kyle began (2)hand (2)lisa worked (1)thrusting began (1)dried sperm (1)sister licked (1)moved hands (1)massaging hands (1)room lisa (1)legs closed (1)perfect twin (1)hair cut (1)voice low (1)back sink (1)mel top (1)balls inside (1)fuck screamed (1)tight ass (1)replied mom (1)twin daughters (1)dim light (1)moved ice (1)young body (1)feeling sliding (1)unbuttoned shirt (1)linda (1)eyes shining (1)plate sink (1)centre room (1)bed mom (1)started pump (1)sat edge (1)daddy knew (1)mouth tasting (1)orgasm (1)looked asked (1)breathing quickened (1)gasping breath (1)floor (1)put hands (1)jake smiled (1)nipples stood (1)pussy juices (1)entire shaft (1)joni (1)light bulb (1)pulled kiss (1)body beginning (1)kiss julie (1)hard fast (1)black hair (1)began suck (1)face kiss (1)front panties (1)gripped cock (1)screamed orgasm (1)humiliation (1)mom (1)men laughed (1)dick looked (1)slightly felt (1)legs started (1)late lunch (1)back mouth (1)wet panties (1)screamed ecstasy (1)plunged fingers (1)crotch panties (1)red lace (1)time felt (1)breast hand (1)eyes made (1)rock floor (1)ball sack (1)seymour (1)low moan (1)leigh (1)bring back (1)orgasm reached (1)quickly pulled (1)hold longer (1)continued stroke (1)turned face (1)felt tongue (1)show started (1)pubic region (1)helen felt (1)began gently (1)cock tight (1)fuck hard (1)continued pump (1)continued journey (1)living room (1)laura felt (1)brown eyes (1)felt stir (1)open doorway (1)fingers moved (1)hand led (1)lifted legs (1)judith (1)massive orgasm (1)face amanda (1)tasted pussy (1)red bra (1)pushed hard (1)attention breasts (1)finger (1)hands moved (1)deep inside (1)hand continued (1)lick clit (1)empty room (1)brought back (1)cotton bra (1)tomato sauce (1)turned slowly (1)moaned loudly (1)big brown (1)panties mouth (1)edge bed (1)marg (1)growing inside (1)hard paul (1)cock hand (1)business trip (1)tingling sensation (1)put lips (1)gonna cum (1)looked eyes (1)lillian (1)thong hand (1)hair hand (1)moaned pleasure (1)jim cock (1)gave birth (1)shaving cream (1)door closed (1)camera bedroom (1)hands breasts (1)hand slipped (1)stood turned (1)cum jake (1)mel (1)brought lips (1)rose felt (1)pulled panties (1)gave quick (1)stand longer (1)coffee shop (1)leather skirt (1)sat floor (1)felt pressure (1)cried pain (1)body tingles (1)fingers pulling (1)crawled bed (1)wild abandon (1)quickly turned (1)suddenly shy (1)thought daddy (1)violin case (1)rub clit (1)release felt (1)felt hands (1)filled mouth (1)nipples fingers (1)knew cum (1)turned head (1)thought wrong (1)paul whispered (1)cut hair (1)jenny looked (1)gaunt (1)pressure build (1)music started (1)filled room (1)building inside (1)laura walked (1)hands holding (1)told jenny (1)inside began (1)years pounds (1)giggled slightly (1)valentine day (1)asked nodded (1)bomber jacket (1)lifted head (1)ice pussy (1)girl care (1)back (1)knew kyle (1)quickly held (1)rumbling noise (1)found perfect (1)amanda put (1)mel lips (1)eye contact (1)purple dildo (1)find back (1)started singing (1)strip poker (1)balls face (1)room shelly (1)stood taking (1)summer job (1)sexy lingerie (1)party night (1)rose petals (1)thinking daddy (1)knew (1)minutes suddenly (1)kyle sat (1)understand girl (1)torrie (1)sweet rose (1)virgin pussy (1)pink bikini (1)alice put (1)leaving tomorrow (1)inch dick (1)bag held (1)coffee house (1)sister fuck (1)guy (1)kissed breast (1)lucian (1)george replied (1)attention class (1)scent filling (1)pussy rubbing (1)body (1)
fell floor

A French Vacation

Couple has threesome in France.

Loving Wives 03/04/2005

Coffee House Girl

A rapist attacks a teenage girl in a coffee shop.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/02/2005

Two Lesbos Lick Cum

Nymphos satisfy dark desires in coffee shop.

Group Sex 02/14/2005

Bottom of My Glass

A moment in a club.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 01/28/2005

Valentine Spell

Love spell goes wrong.

NonHuman 01/27/2005

A Room With A View

Couple get frisky in the hotel window.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/29/2004

The Train Journey Ch. 02

You get steamy in the train.

Erotic Couplings 08/03/2004

Sweet Surrender Ch. 01

Josilyn is invited to the keep.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/07/2004

Risks of Music

Student takes risk to seduce her violin instructor.

Erotic Couplings 02/22/2004

Interview Ch. 01

Wendy gets more than a summer job.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/14/2004

Sultry Samantha Ch. 02

She gets hot watching daddy in the shower.

Incest/Taboo 01/29/2004

Bad Day Gone Explicit

Bad Day at Work

Romance 01/22/2004

Chorus "Class"

Teacher helps student with more than singing.

Gay Male 10/31/2003

My Dream Girl Ch. 02

Lucky relishes his mom & also his fetish.

Incest/Taboo 09/26/2003

Her Body Tingles

Her first experience at Lesbian love.

Lesbian Sex 08/26/2003

The Bath

She had something hot and wet waiting for him.

Loving Wives 05/12/2003

An Evening at The Chateau

Exploration of more than the landscape

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/14/2003

Margs Party Night Ch. 02

Marg goes to a party with her black Lover.

Interracial Love 03/05/2003

Jenny My Love

Man invites two men home to fuck his hot young wife.

Loving Wives 03/03/2003

Night's Song

Leaving a party in the rain leads to great sex.

Erotic Couplings 02/09/2003

Laura Collins

Girl in Victorian England gets in trouble with her teacher.

NonConsent/Reluctance 12/28/2002

Cumming to Terms Ch. 04

Mother and son get bolder.

Incest/Taboo 12/23/2002

Experiments Ch. 02

The experimentation begins.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/12/2002

Droit de Seigneur

One of life's truly wonderful incidents.

Erotic Couplings 10/31/2002

Blood, Sweat, & Fear Ch. 06

The rumbling had begun again.

Novels and Novellas 07/21/2002

Office Staff Ch. 3

Stakes go up as James introduces business partners.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/08/2002

Surprise Package

Wife has fun while husband is away on business.

Loving Wives 06/03/2002

Parent's Evening

A school evening gets hot.

Erotic Couplings 05/17/2002

A Better Understanding Ch. 3

The photo session.

Group Sex 04/10/2002

I Know Who You Did...Ch.1

Ellie has a wild summer, until someone finds out.

Lesbian Sex 02/09/2002


A man comes home to his lover.

Romance 12/05/2001

Royal Treatment

Beating Vegas makes a couple horny.

Erotic Couplings 11/28/2001


He pays back teacher by seducing his twin daughters.

Incest/Taboo 10/27/2001

Live or Memorex

Couple makes love online with cameras.

Erotic Couplings 10/09/2001

An Adventure

He falls for older coworker.

Mature 02/04/2001


Two strangers get down while going up.

Erotic Couplings 10/11/2000

No Joke

White guy falls for mocha beauty Linda Payes.

Interracial Love 10/10/2000
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