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Small Car. Dark Night.

 — As the designated driver, she's held captive by her duty. by BareBackRider2in  Loving Wives07/14/133.98

Daddy's Little Pain Slut Ch. 04

 — Saturday morning, a good time for a jog. by lindianain  Incest/Taboo05/04/054.46

Moth to a Flame

 — The old house consumed her. by endeavourin  Erotic Horror05/03/053.70

The Darkness Prevails

 — He wanted one more night with his wife. by Otktlcin  BDSM04/28/053.97

The Village Fête

 — She moves through the Fair. by Paul44in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/24/053.62

Sexy Exhibitionist: Cock Tease

 — She does another web cam show. by Paul44in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/24/053.80

Dr. Ejectall & Ms. Wyde

 — The internal struggle with man's feminine side. by GratefulFredin  Humor & Satire04/14/053.25

Remembering Karen

 — Karen wasn't technically my "first," but... by amber_now26in  Lesbian Sex04/06/054.67HOT

Internet Date

 — First date isn't what she expected at all. by fazein  Erotic Couplings03/11/053.45

12 x 12

 — A spanking session. by Kobain  BDSM03/10/053.96

A Sissy Maid is Born Ch. 01

 — Storm realises his destiny is Mistress Arrabella. by catalina_franciscoin  BDSM03/09/053.94

Serpent's Salvation Ch. 02

 — Enter Sebastian. by Ophiucusin  Gay Male03/03/054.59HOT


 — Slave is taken by Master. by Falcon4451in  BDSM02/27/054.02

Pissing Pony Passions

 — A cruel Master, a compliant submissive. by Bill L Zee Bobin  BDSM02/22/054.17

The Perfect Girl

 — Two girls experiment with sapphic love. by scorpio20in  Lesbian Sex02/20/054.38


 — Husband gives her a surprise. by crzyboyin  Loving Wives02/18/053.79

A Woman of Edo Ch. 02

 — She awakens, bound. by NoJoin  Romance02/08/054.78HOT


 — An iconographic costume party fiction. by deft_sadistin  BDSM02/06/054.54HOT

An Afternoon Fishing

 — Lovers enjoy a lazy afternoon. by Paul44in  Romance02/01/054.43

An Affair to Remember

 — He finally gets together with his lover. by chimanin  Romance02/01/050.00

Abducted Heart

 — Jessica is kidnapped on Valentine's Day. by Fflowin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/28/054.29

Headmistress' Slut

 — Her desire finally becomes a reality. by mummys dirty angelin  BDSM01/26/054.46

Fuck Me Shoes

 — A second meeting where he showed his control. by Valiantin  BDSM01/26/054.36

The Hunt: An Alley Whore

 — A demon visits a church before murdering a whore. by Sean Renaudin  NonHuman01/26/054.16

Sharing His Slave Ch. 02

 — Master watches His friend use His slave. by ladysubin  BDSM01/24/054.11


 — Woman enjoys her favorite sex toy. by rydia57in  Toys & Masturbation01/20/054.04

Waiting Up Ch. 02

 — She wanted it rough. by Joyride1980in  Erotic Couplings01/14/054.25

Scott, My First

 — After months of online courting, he finally gave in. by Anna Starin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/23/044.33

The Changing Room

 — Friends become lovers in boutique's changing room. by tomj502in  Erotic Couplings12/10/044.18

Having Made Love

 — The gentler side of love between Master and slave. by not_so_innocent_flirtingin  BDSM12/06/044.37

Becoming His Girl

 — An older man teaches a boy to forget his girlfriend. by Tomassin  Gay Male11/30/044.53HOT

Norwegian Lust

 — A father and daughter succumb to desire. by fantasycampin  Incest/Taboo11/28/044.23

Her Tale

 — An internet hookup. by P40eBu5in  Erotic Couplings11/19/044.57

Her First, Her Last, Her Only Ch. 02

 — Candace continues her learning experience. by Evolution20XXin  Incest/Taboo11/14/044.41

A Leaky Shower?

 — Plumber fixes Mia instead of the shower. by Adenain  Erotic Couplings11/13/043.71


 — She's no girly girl. by P40eBu5in  Erotic Couplings11/12/044.15

Dracula's Bite

 — Halloween Crossdresser Gets More Than He Bargained For by Barnoin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/11/044.53HOT

Pushing the Limit Ch. 01

 — Unremarkable day turns exciting. by Lusty Redheadin  NonConsent/Reluctance11/02/044.10

Any Way You Want, You Got It

 — He hits on lesbian & get it in the end. by pressmybuttonin  Anal10/31/044.02

Late Night at 1-800-HELP-SM1

 — Coworkers get hot & heavy in the conference room. by ElaborateHoaxin  Erotic Couplings10/30/044.25

She Was No Longer A Child

 — She grew up. by Jazz67in  Incest/Taboo10/28/043.83

One Charming Night

 — Phoebe gives love another chance, with a woman. by phoebesluvrin  Lesbian Sex10/22/044.52HOT

Wife's Story

 — She gets revenge on friend for affair with her Hubby. by wifwatin  Loving Wives10/21/043.22

Exhibit: Lettice

 — Lettice awakens bound naked to a dais. by Clemstrain  Fetish10/17/043.29

School Gets Different Ch. 02

 — Even bigger surprise makes school more fun. by cool_personin  Gay Male10/16/044.44

Dressing Room in Car 0615 Ch. 02

 — Frenchwoman meets American cowboy. by ProfessorRin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/14/044.43

A Time To Remember

 — She traveled in her dreams to find love. by madisonangelin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/13/044.57HOT

Lovers Choice

 — It was her turn to surprise her husband. by Strokeplayin  Erotic Couplings10/12/044.21

The Demon Inside

 — A demon invades her dreams, fantasies, and life. by Lilin Pennin  NonHuman10/10/044.40


 — She gets caught in a moment of otherwordly passion. by Johnonymousin  NonHuman10/06/044.22

Breaking Him

 — Older woman takes control. by Bruno1027in  BDSM10/02/043.89

The Adventures of Alison?

 — A midnight swim, good for the soul. by Alison Chainsin  Erotic Couplings09/26/044.04

Roommates Ch. 02

 — Purity test opens a whole new realm of sex. by hroy2in  Anal09/24/044.38

Four Walls

 — A night at the bar turns into a chilly encounter in a closet by Stephswin  Erotic Horror09/21/043.83

0258223 & the Purity Laws Ch. 02

 — The masturbator stands trial. by Exspectatein  BDSM09/19/043.80

Jason Gets Paddled

 — The price for disturbing Mistress's sleep. by Lileein  BDSM09/15/044.55HOT

Winter Night Delight

 — She lusts for sensuous redhead. by skyecladin  Lesbian Sex08/29/044.36

Marion's Eggs

 — Aliens arrive looking for hosts. by Kira Starin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/044.15

A Dream Come True Ch. 02

 — Domme takes ownership of CD sub. by searicin  BDSM08/12/044.10

Immortal Passion

 — Barry says vampires exist. by fairiewriterin  NonHuman07/21/044.40

Au Naturel

 — Looking for peace and freedom. by brunoriverain  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/19/043.90

The Lost City of Lust

 — Weary traveller glimpses some kind of heaven. by NorthwestRainin  Group Sex07/14/044.11

Yes Sir Ch. 03

 — He calls & she must obey. by Rose Pin  BDSM07/09/044.15

The Sunday School Mistress

 — He teaches you a lesson. by Paul44in  Romance07/01/044.33

The Persistence of Memory Ch. 02

 — Sex in the sauna with you. by Paul44in  Romance07/01/044.50HOT

Anger Management

 — Master soothes his slave's feelings. by SelfAwarein  BDSM06/30/044.38

My Brother & His Friends

 — She turns into a party favor. by iluv2fukin  Incest/Taboo06/30/043.91

All Play & No Work... Ch. 02

 — Her desires are satiated. by AVRHin  Lesbian Sex06/25/044.56HOT

All Play & No Work... Ch. 01

 — They met at a wake. by AVRHin  Lesbian Sex06/23/043.94

Stoking The Embers

 — Getting rid of the slipper mould. by magicalmousein  Erotic Couplings06/19/044.40

Unexpected Art Lesson Ch. 02

 — Student & teacher continue lesson. by Imaginatrixin  Erotic Couplings06/06/044.36

Everybody Loves The Barones

 — Raymond's family learns a few secrets. by aacoolin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/02/043.81

Dawn Of A New Day

 — Soul-mates finally get their heart's wish. by aacoolin  Lesbian Sex05/31/044.22

A Bottle of Damson Wine

 — Horseman invites her to a party. by Paul44in  Romance05/29/044.05

Princess Charming

 — The beginning of a love story. by Olivia Wynterin  Romance05/26/044.00

Her Master Takes Her

 — Her first time is with her online Master. by rpwilburin  BDSM05/25/043.81

The Painter Ch. 02

 — She models for him. by litpervgrrlin  Anal05/20/044.64HOT


 — Two maidens are captured by a gryphon. by shaftmastersdarkeyesin  NonHuman05/16/043.64

Tryst With An Alien

 — Carol gets laid by a Distant Visitor. by vampy vixenin  NonHuman05/06/043.95

The Wasp's Sting

 — The chauffeur drives the Lady. by Paul44in  Romance05/05/044.12

Remembering You

 — She remembers an older, experienced lover. by satyrnidaein  Erotic Couplings05/04/044.43

Loving Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Linda remembers her night. by every_horizonin  Group Sex04/30/044.44

The Ring Mistress

 — Young lady runs away to the circus. by Paul44in  Romance04/24/044.17

Flight Delay

 — Internet chatters meet. by classyman1938in  Erotic Couplings04/13/044.56

A Cautious Adventure

 — His first foray under a Domme's control. by Roses4Uin  BDSM04/11/044.00

Seduction at the Beach

 — Older woman finds lust with 22-year-old surfer. by Erotica_Writingsin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/10/043.78

Possession Pt. 02

 — Master returns, but His slave does not find her solace. by catalina_franciscoin  BDSM04/09/044.43

Apt. 408

 — He loves to watch her. by midniteblueflierin  Interracial Love04/08/043.65

Timmy Stiles Ch. 05

 — Chrissy's new position. by Franco Pauliin  Fetish03/28/044.27


 — Two friends find a mutual interest. by restless insanityin  Lesbian Sex03/18/044.29

To Serve A Princess Ch. 02

 — Velvet shaves her princess and cleans her thoroughly. by velvetpiein  Lesbian Sex03/17/044.58HOT

No Longer My Son...

 — Mum and son discover each other on holiday. by MarkThymein  Incest/Taboo03/15/044.31

Deep Throated in Lingerie

 — Wearing lingerie ended with a blowjob. by marca_tin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/02/044.05

Cyber to Reality Ch. 03

 — Waking next to the man who took his virginity. by Pontyin  Gay Male02/29/044.64HOT

Taking Risks

 — A date that almost got away. by satinlvr_mwfin  Loving Wives02/28/043.96


 — Is there pleasure in the pain? by mudlnthruin  BDSM02/16/044.08

My Initiation

 — 18-year-old virgin adjusts to new lifestyle. by Miss_Shy_Newcastlein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/14/043.80

Forbidden Desire Ch. 03

 — Confessional provides a refuge for the lustful couple. by LadyGreyin  Novels and Novellas02/11/044.53HOT

Turkish Delight

 — He enjoys a sensual massage. by SistaShakespearein  Erotic Couplings02/11/044.30

Micca Ch. 04

 — Micca takes a good licking. by Goldie Munroin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/09/044.53HOT

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