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Tali's Torment

 — Yes, it's great when your phone no. is on bathroom walls! by justincbenedictin  BDSM02/20/163.71

Tanya's Disasterous Day

 — Tanya's ComicCon trip goes from bad to worse. by embarrassednakedmalein  NonConsent/Reluctance02/08/164.00

Testing Ourselves Pt. 02

 — Should I switch my phone off when I'm drunk? by BloodyIdiotin  BDSM01/13/164.38

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 14-15

 — The teachers compete and Susan ends her control. by sadkins116in  Mind Control12/17/154.54HOT

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 08-09

 — The teachers get caught and another teacher falls. by sadkins116in  Mind Control11/26/154.45

The 'Orford's Retreat'

 — A beautiful woman towing a canal boat. by Blithering_Hayseedin  BDSM11/25/154.07

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 04-05

 — Beth's chooses to be a slut and returns home. by sadkins116in  Mind Control11/14/154.48

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 03

 — Beth visits a theater to satisfy her craving. by sadkins116in  Mind Control11/11/154.45

Teacher's Confused Mind Ch. 02

 — Beth starts to lose control. by sadkins116in  Mind Control11/08/154.38

Teacher-Student Arrangement Ch. 00

 — Intro to a series: no sex yet. by beccasub98in  BDSM09/28/154.16

Tark's Skype Domme Adventure Pt. 03

 — Tarkie makes her good girl beg for her cunt. (2 voices/FF) by tarkustrooperin  Text With Audio08/27/154.36

Taken Ch. 01

 — My first encounter with my mysterious stranger. by extremystiquein  BDSM04/26/154.14

Tali Ch. 09

 — Tali and her master continue on their journey. by litmoirin  BDSM01/15/154.77HOT

Taylor Made Ch. 01

 — Return to campus quickly escalates at college frat party. by TaylorMade2000in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/29/143.60

Teacher Teacher Ch. 11

 — The twins take control. by sadkins116in  Mind Control09/17/144.49

Teacher Teacher Ch. 10

 — The begining of the end. by sadkins116in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/14/144.56HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 09

 — The conversion is complete. by sadkins116in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/09/144.46

Teacher Teacher Ch. 06

 — The two teachers return to school as slaves. by sadkins116in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/11/144.53HOT

Teacher Teacher Ch. 04

 — The training continues. by sadkins116in  NonConsent/Reluctance04/17/144.45

Teacher Teacher

 — Two young teacher dominated and enslaved. by sadkins116in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/07/144.22


 — You agree to medical testing...but it's not what you thought. by noz4atuin  Fetish02/07/143.51

Tardiness Means Fun?

 — Short Story about a womans interaction with her dom. by Darkest_Intentin  BDSM12/03/134.06

Tease to Please Ch. 06

 — Elise & Arthur's first intimacy. by inkyscandalin  Erotic Couplings10/11/134.79HOT

Tease to Please Ch. 04

 — Young intern accepts her provocative uniform. Loves result. by inkyscandalin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/21/134.60HOT

Tease to Please Ch. 03

 — Young intern accepts her provocative uniform. Loves result. by inkyscandalin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/18/134.53HOT

Taken by Pirates Ch. 03

 — Katherine learns her duties on the ship. by scarlett_watersin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/30/134.14

Tell Me What You Want

 — Submissive begs to be fucked roughly and gets her wish. by SweetSacrificein  BDSM06/08/133.95

The Alley

 — My unknown fantasy you made real. by redhotbotheredin  Text With Audio06/04/134.13

Tattoo Meets Her Master

 — Online sub meets her Sir. by Tattookissin  BDSM04/12/133.97

Tardiness is Unacceptable

 — He fucks you for making him wait. by BradGarrettStoriesin  BDSM04/09/134.38

Taking Care of Sir

 — Sub care for her Sir when he is sick. by b826eckyin  BDSM04/03/134.23

Tali Ch. 03

 — Accidents happen. by litmoirin  BDSM03/02/134.69HOT

Tales From The Psych Ward 01: Of One Mind

 — A sub with a totally different perspective of reality. by The_Technicianin  BDSM10/02/123.96

The Analytical Sub Ch. 03

 — Bossy Takes Over. by cwcdomin  BDSM08/24/124.61HOT

The Bad Idea Ch. 01

 — This cheeky submissive thinks she won't get caught... by Meshy_Petin  BDSM07/07/124.09


 — Karyn doesn't make a deal with the devil. Does she? by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control06/24/124.59HOT

The Analytical Sub Ch. 02

 — Dinner with the Master; new rules for drinking wine. by cwcdomin  BDSM06/05/124.68HOT

Thank You, Sir!

 — His girl learns to enjoy the taste of correction. by LastoftheGentlemenin  BDSM06/02/123.54

The Analytical Sub Ch. 01

 — A female exec makes her analytical mind submit to Him. by cwcdomin  BDSM04/23/124.54HOT

Tanya's First Day

 — New secretary finds exacting boss has high expectations. by hereforseductionin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/14/124.12

Thankful For Her

 — You show your slave just how thankful you are for her. by SmokinJin  BDSM11/26/114.07

Tea Service

 — A sub learns how to serve tea. by RovingPiperin  BDSM11/20/114.19

Taming Lorna

 — Beautiful, bitchy blonde is controlled and seduced. by Donald Millerin  Mind Control10/14/114.49

The Alpha Ch. 02

 — She offers herself to an alpha male. by SirenSeeker2in  BDSM09/09/110.00

Teasing Is Only The Beginning Ch. 02b

 — Switch by jcubedin  BDSM07/19/114.42

Temptation Ch. 01

 — A sub finds something interesting in her jewellery box. by SpiritSarcynin  BDSM06/03/114.21

Taking Stock of Kelly

 — Kelly finds herself taking "stock" of her situation. by MindSplinterin  BDSM03/17/113.79

Taylor's Toys Ch. 05

 — Taylor finishes breaking in her toys. by MTL17in  Celebrities08/28/104.74HOT

Taylor's Toys Ch. 04

 — Taylor completely breaks Summer. by MTL17in  Celebrities04/29/104.63HOT

Thank You

 — Baby girl thanks daddy in a special way. by daddys_good_girlin  Text With Audio01/05/104.11

The Arrival

 — A story about the arrival of her Master. by bionicgeekgrrlin  BDSM12/12/093.69

Tender Virgin

 — A virgin travels to meet her master, and her fate. by sisterofsinin  BDSM07/01/093.74

The Awakening

 — Master helps his sub uncover her hidden desires. by tabitha_benoitin  BDSM05/15/093.85

Taylor's Toys Ch. 03

 — Taylor punishes and plays with Marissa. by MTL17in  Celebrities04/29/094.70HOT

The Bad Girl

 — A story of disobedience and correction. by Dublinin  BDSM03/15/093.67

Taking The Afternoon Off

 — Taking the afternoon off only to find my kitten was naughty. by alricflaimin  BDSM02/24/093.94

Taylor's Toys Ch. 02

 — Taylor plays with one of her new toys. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/02/094.67HOT

The Baptism of a Slut

 — Alison begins her training. by SplendidSpunkin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/30/094.06

Tess Ch. 01

 — Musings on sexuality lead to an encounter with a fucktoy. by newfoundlustin  BDSM01/25/093.79

Thank you, Mr. Brooks

 — An ex-student gives her teacher a special thank-you. by JamieLikesToWritein  BDSM11/29/084.17

The 12 Days of Christmas

 — Anne leads Lynne to a mind-blowing Epiphany. by captainjezebelin  Lesbian Sex11/14/084.62HOT

Taylor's Toys

 — Taylor blackmails Marissa and Summer into being her toys. by MTL17in  Celebrities10/28/084.60HOT


 — A slut's text daily correspondence. by frangipaniin  BDSM07/12/084.22

Tara, The First Visit

 — A girl's submission when her Master first visits. by AmberEmmin  BDSM06/22/084.45

The Awakening of Mallory Ch. 04

 — Mallory is finally honored with a hot fuck from her master. by sleakstryderin  BDSM06/17/084.47

The Babes of Beirut

 — Drama and sizzling sex in the Middle East. by RAMJET69in  Erotic Couplings06/06/084.21

The Accidental Voyeur

 — She sees her neighbor dominated and pleased. by nagual_eirenein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/26/084.32

The Awakening of Mallory Ch. 02

 — Young barmaid meets her stud & becomes his sex slave. by sleakstryderin  BDSM03/22/084.19

The Art of Waiting

 — How a waiting game can bring both pleasure and pain. by KiGirlin  BDSM03/02/084.59HOT

The Awakening of Mallory

 — Young bar maid meets her match, becoming a sex slave. by sleakstryderin  BDSM02/25/084.24

The Awakening

 — Mel thought she was a lesbian, is she? by imojen666in  Group Sex02/08/083.35

Taxi Story Ch. 03

 — She's caught masturbating and punished. by lapasionatain  NonConsent/Reluctance07/18/074.03

Taxi Story Ch. 02

 — New Submissive is trained at the Taxi Federation. by lapasionatain  NonConsent/Reluctance07/17/074.15

Taxi Story Ch. 01

 — She is kidnapped by the Taxi Federation. by lapasionatain  NonConsent/Reluctance07/16/074.06

The Altar

 — In the bowels of the Mountain, she discovered His true nature. by panama trickin  BDSM06/19/074.47

The Armoire Ch. 07

 — Last Master Standing. by darquesiedin  BDSM03/19/074.71HOT

Tessa Meets her Master

 — Did she follow his instructions? by ladylove7169in  BDSM01/26/074.09

Teaching Lynn Ch. 02

 — The story continues as Lynn's training heats up. by Bayoububbain  BDSM12/02/064.57HOT

Taming the Teach Ch. 02

 — Mrs. Thompson is forced to perform for a fraternity. by Couturein  BDSM10/11/064.39

Teacher's Treat

 — Schoolteacher's past comes back to haunt her. by apollo5000in  Fetish05/17/064.19

Temple Prostitute

 — An ancient Roman period fantasy. by VerySexyin  BDSM05/13/064.16

Teasing Her Ch. 03

 — He makes a show of goodwill. by AJfunin  BDSM04/28/064.39

Teasing Her Ch. 02

 — She starts to learn just how frustrating this can be. by AJfunin  BDSM04/17/064.40

Teasing Her Ch. 01

 — How much orgasm denial can one girl take? by AJfunin  BDSM03/26/064.22

Tara's Long Road Back From Tragedy Ch. 05

 — Tara submits to Sir David and is rewarded. by Sampson Burnsin  BDSM03/21/064.46

The Assignment

 — The giving up of one's self to her Master. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Text With Audio02/26/064.57HOT

Tessa's Training Goes Public

 — She explores her submissive side. by Wilds girl fancyin  BDSM01/28/063.88

Tessa: Beginnings of a New Life

 — Tessa's journey with Master Gage begins. by Wilds girl fancyin  BDSM01/27/063.76

Taking Possession of Hannah

 — He takes his new sub home for the first time. by GuRooin  BDSM12/13/053.76

Teaching Carol Ch. 10

 — A hot day, a cold popsicle. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio11/13/054.46

Teaching Carol Ch. 09

 — Carol learns the arts of photography & anger management. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio10/31/054.54HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 08

 — Carol learns more about submission in her classroom. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio10/23/054.66HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 07

 — He takes Carol shopping. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio10/10/054.59HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 06

 — Carol returns to him for more games. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio10/03/054.39

Teaching Carol Ch. 05

 — Sexual intensity draws submissive teacher to Him. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio09/19/054.58HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 04

 — He writes a letter to Carol, who makes a breakthrough. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio09/12/054.64HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 03

 — Young teacher learns more about her submissive nature. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio09/05/054.56HOT

Teaching Carol Ch. 02

 — Student teacher continues her submission training. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio08/29/054.30

Teaching Carol Ch. 01

 — Young student teacher learns the joys of submission. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio08/22/054.32

The Accidental Master Ch. 02

 — He slowly begins to adapt to his changed position. by Sir Galahadin  BDSM01/20/034.74HOT

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