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Strapped Into the Harness

 — He pushes her limits through predicament bondage. by CalypsoInPhillyin  BDSM01/06/174.63HOT

Struggle to Dominate Ch. 02

 — Carter begins Phase Three of his plan... by secretsubmissive23in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/10/164.20

Subversive Materials

 — Betty tries to change the world, but gets changed herself. by ImperatorMentusin  Mind Control11/30/163.71

Stormont Cottage Ch. 13-14

 — Kids make out while the moms continue their depraved ritual. by RoryOmorein  Novels and Novellas11/27/164.81HOT

Submissive Wife

 — See the ropes hanging from the bed? He's got a treat for you... by violenceaddictedin  Text With Audio10/27/163.36

Submissive Secretary

 — After a bad performance review, she beg the boss to fuck. by sensualsecretsin  Text With Audio05/13/164.54HOT

Strange Catch

 — Crazy meets Crazy. by NTG_ITGin  BDSM02/02/164.19

String of Pearls Ch. 01

 — A young woman finds herself in a world of glam. by pansexual_bitesin  Erotic Couplings12/22/153.40

State Rally Ch. 03

 — When Cole and Karen surprise Tony again. by Ollegioin  First Time09/22/153.94

Stalking Sam

 — His stalker gets more than she expected. by MegaLethalBeanin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/12/154.11

Submission in the Gym

 — Man submits to mysterious women in the gym. by pantylover92in  BDSM05/20/153.90

Submissive Postures Ch. 03

 — A brand new set of commands for you to obey. by Anonymous_strangerin  Text With Audio12/03/144.00

Submissive Postures Ch. 02

 — Some more commands and poses from your Master. by Anonymous_strangerin  Text With Audio06/24/144.10


 — She explores her exhibitionist side on a lovely spring day. by WarmMilkin  Text With Audio05/28/144.55HOT

Strawberry Hole

 — He enjoys his submissive redhead. by johnsmithjsjsin  BDSM12/25/133.17

Strong Enough For Me? Ch. 03

 — Daniel is pleased with Elizabeth's progress. by Mariehaynesin  BDSM10/29/134.32

Stephanie's Humiliation Ch. 02

 — She begins her new life as a slave. by dragenphlyin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/25/134.34

Submissive's Journey 22

 — The experiment. by mollycactusin  BDSM04/18/134.35

Submissive to My Son In Law

 — My son in law is a very attractive man. by sub4soninlawin  Incest/Taboo04/09/133.61

Submissive's Journey 21

 — Orgasm control. by mollycactusin  BDSM03/26/134.19

Step into My Office

 — He teaches the office slut a lesson. by YourFavoriteVoicein  Text With Audio03/21/133.91

Submissive's Journey 20

 — The pain orgasm. by mollycactusin  BDSM03/10/134.25

Submissive's Journey 18

 — The meadow. by mollycactusin  BDSM02/17/134.55HOT

Still a Virgin?

 — A young woman goes out with a much older man. by RainaFin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/16/133.99

Submissive's Journey 17

 — The perils of bathing Mistress. by mollycactusin  BDSM02/07/134.52HOT

Succumbing to You

 — A litlle bit of bondage. by tiednlovingitin  BDSM01/29/133.88

Submissive's Journey 16

 — Turnabout. by mollycactusin  BDSM01/15/134.63HOT

Submissive's Journey 15

 — A visit. by mollycactusin  BDSM01/07/134.63HOT

Submissive's Journey 14

 — The prize. by mollycactusin  BDSM12/17/124.64HOT

Submissive's Journey 13

 — A challenge with dire consequences. by mollycactusin  BDSM12/12/124.50HOT

Submissive's Journey 12

 — A flogging session. by mollycactusin  BDSM12/06/124.66HOT

Submissive's Journey 11

 — First test of limits. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/30/124.53HOT

Submissive's Journey 10

 — Perhaps horniness is contagious. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/26/124.60HOT

Submissive's Journey 09

 — The shopping trip. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/15/124.59HOT

Submissive's Journey 08

 — The guessing game. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/11/124.54HOT

Submissive's Journey 07

 — The speculum. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/07/124.52HOT

Submissive's Journey 06

 — The measurements. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/04/124.54HOT

Suede Shoes

 — Woman gets more then a ticket after being caught speeding. by Serryain  NonConsent/Reluctance11/01/123.88

Submissive's Journey 05

 — Toy collection examined. by mollycactusin  BDSM11/01/124.60HOT

Submissive's Journey 04

 — An act of submission. by mollycactusin  BDSM10/28/124.50HOT

Submissive's Journey 02

 — Tthe shock of discovery. by mollycactusin  BDSM10/16/124.54HOT

Submissive's Journey 01

 — A young woman discovers her needs. by mollycactusin  BDSM10/14/124.33

Stray Pet

 — A lost pet is rescued, and finds a Dom. by Drakes_subin  BDSM10/06/124.46

Submission Ch. 15

 — Alanna earns back some privileges but is tested and teased. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/17/124.72HOT

Submission Ch. 13

 — Alanna's impulses get her into serious trouble. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/14/124.71HOT

Submission Ch. 12

 — Master takes her anal virginity. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/10/124.73HOT

Submission Ch. 11

 — Master takes Alanna to the locked room for pleasure. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/08/124.70HOT

Submission Ch. 10

 — Alanna's punishment fits the crime. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/07/124.71HOT

Submission Ch. 08

 — David introduces Alanna to giving head. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM06/02/124.72HOT

Submission Ch. 05

 — Alanna loses her virginity to her Master. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM05/17/124.75HOT

Submission Ch. 03

 — Alanna must leave the clothing of her past behind. by Goldeniangelin  BDSM05/06/124.54HOT


 — Captive is bought by her new Master by Goldeniangelin  BDSM05/04/124.52HOT

Stacey's Journey Ch. 03

 — Stacey finally gets some release. by WickedDragonflyin  BDSM08/17/114.61HOT

Succumbing Ch. 03

 — Pleasing her future mother-in-law. by Forebodingin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/114.00

Stable Boy Ch. 05

 — Mrs Johnson takes her reward for winning the bet. by MissLisaJonesin  BDSM05/10/114.67HOT

Stranger in the Dark Ch. 02

 — Sonya confesses. by Anhyvarin  Incest/Taboo04/24/114.48

Submissive? Ch. 03

 — Can i handle whats on offer? by DaddysLittleGirl1984in  BDSM10/15/104.24

Submissive? Ch. 02

 — Can i handle whats on offer? by DaddysLittleGirl1984in  BDSM10/14/104.19

Submission of a Slut

 — A sub gives herself to her Master and another man. by amore_101in  BDSM10/08/104.14

Stranger in the Dark

 — Sonya is fondled at the cinema right next to her husband. by Anhyvarin  Erotic Couplings10/06/104.38

Suck Slave Audition

 — First meeting with a girl who wants to become my suck slave. by wolfmaster46in  BDSM03/23/104.31

Submitting to Him

 — Julia's stomach fluttered. by jkl44in  BDSM01/02/104.32

Still Dominated

 — Lucky woman is pushed to her limits & beyond. by Crissaegrimin  BDSM12/04/093.91

Starting Again

 — New pet receives a little tenderness. by daddy1024in  BDSM08/31/093.88

Storms and Corsets Ch. 02

 — I run my hands across your reddening bottom. by baltimorebluesin  BDSM08/02/094.52HOT

Stripping with Cops

 — A subbie recalls a sexual adventure from her past. by littlemissjenin  Group Sex06/02/094.30

Stalker Dub Mix Ch. 02

 — Faolan meets Millie and decides she'll make the perfect sub. by Sascha_Iin  BDSM04/18/094.42

Stalker Dub Mix Ch. 01

 — Prince Faolan seduces Millie for more than she bargains for. by Sascha_Iin  BDSM04/03/093.84

Submission to Andre Ch. 12

 — Andre whores me out for a gangbang. by Dragonlipzin  BDSM03/07/093.91


 — A short tale of abduction and submission by ALICIA2504in  BDSM01/31/093.22

Sue's Release

 — Sue finds her submissive side. by rockbohunkin  BDSM01/27/093.94

Submission to Andre Ch. 10

 — Andre turns me into his bitch. by Dragonlipzin  BDSM01/20/094.41

Steve and Elizabeth

 — A story about a professor and his pupil. by Explorer222in  BDSM12/30/084.18

Submission to Andre Ch. 05

 — My boss stalked me and made me his whore. by Dragonlipzin  BDSM11/05/084.05

Submission to Andre Ch. 04

 — My boss stalked me and made me his whore. by Dragonlipzin  BDSM11/04/084.18

Sub Ramoya Meets her Master

 — First time submissive. by bigtddybrin  BDSM08/02/084.41

Step Dad & Daughter Ch. 02

 — Step-Dad teaches Vicki the pleasures of discipline. by ADOMin  Incest/Taboo03/23/084.04

Such a Good Girl

 — An erotic flogging. by BlueMorphoin  BDSM02/18/084.23

Stranger Than Truth Ch. 05b

 — Barry tries to change the film. by dweaver999in  BDSM02/16/084.83HOT


 — She submits to her rightful Owner and is carved. by HisPossessedin  BDSM02/10/083.59

Stranger Than Truth Ch. 05a

 — Director Barry Gaskin & safe-word-free domination of Sally. by dweaver999in  BDSM02/09/084.84HOT

Stranger Than Fiction

 — College fantasies are an escape that seems all too real. by kaitlynBin  BDSM11/19/074.32

Stallions and Slaves

 — Stables, leather, hay, sex - ah, the country life. by panama trickin  BDSM10/16/074.24

Stranger Than Truth Ch. 03

 — The actors are met; Sally's submission changes fundamentally. by dweaver999in  BDSM09/14/074.74HOT

Stephanie My Cum Slut Slave Ch. 05

 — He left them tied. by niteowl2003in  BDSM06/28/073.84

Stephanie My Cum Slut Slave Ch. 02

 — Commission piece for a female in USA. by niteowl2003in  BDSM06/24/073.91

Stephanie My Cum Slut Slave Ch. 01

 — Commission piece for a female in USA. by niteowl2003in  BDSM06/23/073.52

Steve's Birthday

 — His girlfriend gives him a gift he won't soon forget. by opelsin  Group Sex01/23/074.48

Submissive Molly Ch. 05

 — Charlie dominates Molly & Martha. by OneWhoKnowsin  BDSM11/08/064.55HOT

Submissive Molly Ch. 01

 — Meeting Charlie changes her life. by OneWhoKnowsin  BDSM10/07/064.52HOT


 — A loving Dom punishes his errant sub. by bunny bondagein  BDSM07/21/064.10

Stranger in the Night

 — Her assailant's hidden identity only heightens her passion. by GothLordin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/063.85

Submitting to Tony Ch. 03

 — Betrayal & humiliation lead to final chapter with Tony. by justgeenain  BDSM05/19/064.33


 — She is tied up and loved. by melt999in  BDSM05/10/063.93

Submissive Minds

 — Young woman's awakening to her darker desires. by Riyvenin  BDSM04/18/064.15

Story 01 Pt. 02

 — Taking Vicki a little further. by shootlargein  BDSM10/04/054.40

Submissive Wench

 — She subs for a night. by redhedgrlin  BDSM09/28/054.21

Students Rule Ch. 02

 — The tables are turned on the Vice Principal. by linkznutin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/25/044.61HOT

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