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December to May

 — An older swinging couple play with a younger one. by sixpein  Loving Wives09/02/154.07

Daddy's Awakening

 — A short story of how I wake my Daddy in very a special way. by daddyssunshinein  BDSM07/26/154.05

Distance Ch. 02

 — The two find and lose themselves again. by ForTheMoonin  BDSM06/08/153.00

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

 — A detective follows a trail that leads to a Girl(tm). by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control06/07/154.57HOT

Daddy's Beard...

 — Don't be shy, come stroke it my sweet buttercup. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio04/16/154.66HOT

Date Night Submission

 — Just your typical date night for a pet and her Master. by elaboratefacadein  BDSM04/02/154.19

Dealin' With Dawnie Ch. 02

 — Faith tries to scare Dawn off. Again. by MTL17in  Celebrities03/27/154.38

Daddy's Proclamation

 — Rage, release and reward. by KierHardyin  BDSM03/12/154.16

Daddy's girl

 — A babygirl's message to her Daddy. by purringbabyin  Text With Audio03/04/154.10

Dealin' With Dawnie

 — Faith tries to scare Dawn off. by MTL17in  Celebrities02/11/154.50HOT

Daddy Saw His Chance

 — Daddy's good girl does trust him. by goodwetgirlin  Incest/Taboo12/07/144.30

Daddy's Filthy Christmas

 — Daddy has a devious plan for the holidays. by HawthornesPetin  BDSM11/17/144.33

Debauchery in the Woods

 — Sir takes her on a ride and disgraces her in the moonlight. by MissRileySapphirein  BDSM08/27/144.23

Dear Father

 — A letter to her father. by miasorrowin  Letters & Transcripts03/06/144.19

Dear Master Ch. 04

 — The Last Submission. by alicelooking541in  Letters & Transcripts02/24/144.22

Dear Master Ch. 03

 — Part three in a submissive's journey. by alicelooking541in  Letters & Transcripts02/01/144.00

Dear Master

 — A submissive imagining meeting her master in a past life. by alicelooking541in  Letters & Transcripts12/13/133.95

Dirty Laundry

 — Testing the limits of his best friend's girlfriend. by Wilfu1in  BDSM10/08/134.61HOT

Dinner Party

 — Master and His pet enjoy dinner and much more. by eaglejet1in  BDSM10/04/133.15

Dare You? Tina Ch. 06

 — I whip Molly, and Tina gets gang banged. by samdarein  BDSM05/25/134.69HOT

Dare You? Tina Ch. 04-05

 — Adam, Brian, and Molly use Tina. by samdarein  BDSM05/21/134.53HOT

Daddy's Girl Ch. 01

 — Alice has a sweet session with her master. by xxxAliceTheSweetKittenxxxin  BDSM04/19/134.06

Daddy's Girl

 — Her shame is revealed. by SexySadie420in  NonConsent/Reluctance03/21/133.84

Discipline of Wendy

 — I come home to find you have chosen to be bad. by michcin  BDSM02/16/134.18

Dark Desires

 — Mary has wanted to be with guy Chandler Newton. by VeryNaughtyGirl3535in  BDSM12/12/123.00

Dan and Cock Socket Ch. 11

 — Dan and Cock Socket attend a party. by lecturer427in  BDSM09/29/124.46

Dark Pathways

 — Trapped with a man she doesn't even like. by UnderAssumedNamein  NonConsent/Reluctance09/19/124.11

Daddy's Baby Whore

 — A girl finally meets her Daddy and she gets used. by DaddysBabyWhorein  BDSM08/17/123.94

Dinner Party Ch. 01

 — Eve agrees to be used by her lover's friends for the night. by AudreyRosein  NonConsent/Reluctance07/25/123.73

Daddy's Little Girl

 — Enjoys fulfilling Daddy's every wish, and desire. by venuslove1in  BDSM06/09/123.45

Darker Lives

 — A woman's history comes back to haunt her. by StephanieSilversin  BDSM05/16/123.62

Dan and Cock Socket Ch. 08

 — A slave's vacation. by lecturer427in  BDSM05/13/124.38

Desire's Reward

 — she gives herself to Him to do with as He pleases. by CuddleyOnein  BDSM04/03/124.38

Date Night

 — Date night with Master. by justdessertin  BDSM09/20/113.74

Dear Sweet Marie Ch. 03

 — Marie continues to bend. by SplendidSpunkin  BDSM04/28/114.43


 — A woman finds something unexpected, deep within herself. by ReverendCraigin  BDSM04/14/114.66HOT

Dear Professor Pervert

 — Her professor's assignments unleash forbidden fantasies. by DonnaGeorgeStoreyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/18/104.39

Dancing With Myself

 — Mary finds herself helpless against the woman in the mirror. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control10/08/104.26

Distant Domination

 — Femdom dominates hundreds of miles away. by kaiyandomin  BDSM08/11/104.30

Dissolved Girl

 — The first time Master took my ass. by metis_amarantin  BDSM06/04/103.91


 — A dirty little Slut and her Master. by ShadowofHopein  BDSM02/25/103.64

Daddy Dearest

 — Sara movies in with a Master; more than she bargained for? by Stargirl04in  BDSM02/20/103.88

Dangerous Obsession Ch. 01

 — Mature woman decides to take in an 18-year-old boy. by Reavantwoin  BDSM02/16/104.32

Disciplining Portia

 — The new office temp recieves some much needed discipline. by Lionheart72in  BDSM02/12/104.10


 — Baby Girl attempts to distract her Daddy at work. by daddys_good_girlin  Text With Audio01/26/104.10

Daddy's Gift

 — I meet him at the local truck stop. by hot2trot33in  BDSM01/12/103.38

Discovering Daddy

 — Emily gets taken for a ride. by justalittlegirlin  BDSM01/03/104.48

Diane's Surprise Ch. 01

 — A kitten for her pussy. by DarkDreamerwithHopein  BDSM10/16/094.20


 — She is being held against her will, will she be tempted? by TerribleTimin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/13/094.08


 — Choice is an illusion. by The_Fractal_Kingin  BDSM06/13/094.14


 — An unruly girl needs firm handling. by Sexecclecticin  Illustrated05/06/093.80

Death of a Master Ch. 01

 — Death stalks someone while Valerie is handed an opportunity. by dweaver999in  BDSM03/07/094.75HOT

Daddy's Little Test Subject Ch. 01

 — Submissive coed must meet Dean & Professor with Daddy. by DesertLustin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/23/094.18

Daddy and Me Ch. 01

 — 19-year-old woman finds a father figure. by DaddysLittlePetin  BDSM01/16/094.05

Dave - After the Movies

 — Bondage, public sex on a college campus. by sherryjonesin  BDSM11/03/084.08

Dave - At the Movies

 — Public nudity and orgasms. by sherryjonesin  BDSM11/02/084.04

Dave - Before the Movies

 — More adventures with Dave - and Todd! by sherryjonesin  BDSM11/01/084.14

Debts Paid

 — A debt is settled, and a woman learns to submit. by Kara_Langorain  BDSM09/26/083.78

Dirty Little Kitten

 — A Master shows his kitten how much her loves her. by UconnHuskyin  BDSM08/29/083.73

Daddy/Master Alex

 — i respond to your email. by daddysdirrtygirlin  BDSM08/25/083.87

Disciplining Young Ladies

 — Mr. Peters provides a demonstration. by Charles Petersunnin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/20/084.68HOT


 — 18-year-old girl has a crush on a teacher. by Taunusin  Fetish08/18/084.03

Diane's Story

 — Diane get tied up, licked, fucked, & punished. by DBarclayin  BDSM07/28/083.92

Devilbliss Ch. 02

 — Devilbliss meets Master Kane. by xlilkittenxin  BDSM07/05/084.17

Dinner for Master

 — A nice little dinner before snack time. by velvet passionin  BDSM07/04/084.06

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — Maintenance day continues. by haunted_one2005in  BDSM05/07/084.19

Dance With Me

 — She has a fantasy. by StormRisingin  BDSM04/26/083.50

Dani's New Life Ch. 03

 — Dani's exploration of the darker side continues. by Lauries Husbandin  BDSM11/03/074.62HOT

Diary of a Submissive Ch. 04

 — Christine and Master's relationship reaches a turning point. by MidnightSunin  BDSM10/26/074.12

Daddy's Bedroom

 — Sensual roleplaying : 'Daddy' misses his coed daughter. by BoyfromEnglandin  Text With Audio10/11/074.71HOT

Daddy's Princess

 — Lost young woman is rescued. by hellbound_heartin  BDSM09/08/074.19

Dawn: A Tale of Submission Ch. 02

 — Long time sub and her Master meet a new friend. by DragonSlayer_OKin  BDSM08/03/074.66HOT

Dare Girl Goes Astray Ch. 03

 — She who loves to be dared goes further than she thought. by niteowl2003in  BDSM07/22/073.67

Discipline Correspondant 07

 — A submissive female at the internet school. by niteowl2003in  BDSM06/02/074.29

Discipline Correspondant 05

 — chapter 5 of submissive female at the internet school by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/31/074.29

Discipline Correspondant 04

 — A submissive female at the internet school. by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/30/074.60HOT

Discipline Correspondant 03

 — chapter 3 of submissive female at the internet school by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/29/074.28

Discipline Correspondant 02

 — Submissive female at the internet school. by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/28/074.41

Discipline Correspondant 01

 — A submissive female finds ideal school on internet. by niteowl2003in  BDSM05/27/074.17

Diana's Dark Desires Ch. 05

 — Astrid becomes a slave and Cindy reappears. by Calandriain  Lesbian Sex05/13/074.78HOT

Dinner with Andrea Ch. 03

 — They share dessert. by kinkerkinkin  BDSM05/11/074.12

Daddy Surprises Daughter

 — Daddy walks in on her and they're both surprised. by Teddybearsubmissivein  Incest/Taboo03/27/074.12

Discovery Ch. 05

 — Fabianna now belongs to him. by blue_kittyin  BDSM03/08/074.07

Delicious Torture

 — sub tortures her Dom to his pleasure. by slutkimmiin  BDSM03/08/072.96


 — Submissive beauty endures messy but rewarding humiliation. by English Gentlemanin  BDSM09/09/064.41

Dangerous Rendezvous

 — Woman gets what she wishes for, but can she take it? by Enamoradain  BDSM06/21/064.43

Deliverance Ch. 03

 — The first night of training ends. by Swxytgrllyin  BDSM06/18/064.62HOT

Deliverance Ch. 02

 — Her training continues. by Swxytgrllyin  BDSM05/24/064.38

Deliverance Ch. 01

 — She remembers how it all started. by Swxytgrllyin  BDSM05/13/064.35

Desert Rose

 — Sex is only a game of power and choices, isn't it? by Kinsakoin  Erotic Couplings05/05/064.28

Diary of a Submissive Ch. 02

 — Christine recounts rough sex after her shower. by MidnightSunin  BDSM05/02/064.50HOT

Diary of a Submissive Ch. 01

 — Christine is not ready when Master gets home. by MidnightSunin  BDSM05/01/063.94

Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

 — What are the sounds coming from his girl's bedroom? by WFEATHERin  Toys & Masturbation02/11/064.27

Dinner Ch. 02

 — After dinner, dessert begins in the parking garage. by lilsubalexin  BDSM01/22/064.24

Dinner Ch. 01

 — Master and His pet go out for a relaxing dinner. by lilsubalexin  BDSM01/14/064.29

Daddy's Babydoll

 — A submissive slut calls her "Daddy". by songman60in  BDSM11/02/054.23

Denial Ch. 04

 — At last, allowed to orgasm. by Exogenousin  BDSM07/23/054.56HOT

Den of Iniquity Ch. 05

 — Roger starts to take control. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM03/23/044.70HOT

Dawn of a New Beginning

 — Master and sub share a picnic at dawn. by bare onenessin  BDSM05/03/034.00


 — Deanna's life as 'Daddy's' slut. by kinky_n_caliin  BDSM04/11/024.67HOT

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