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A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 03

 — The Mysterious Man and Maureen discuss. by The_JaqenHgharin  Erotic Horror11/27/164.48

A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 02

 — Maureen gets a little sidetracked from investigating. by The_JaqenHgharin  Erotic Horror11/11/164.41

A Math Major Werewolf in College Ch. 01

 — Maureen discovers a few new things as an RA. by The_JaqenHgharin  Erotic Horror10/25/164.29

A Strange Kind of Party

 — Two friends go to a much more adult party than they expected. by Rolemeoverin  First Time09/17/163.67

A Perfect Piece of Timing Ch. 02

 — Her training begins. by AnitaKingin  Mature04/27/164.56HOT

A Perfect Evening

 — A perfect evening. by frostyghost09in  First Time10/29/144.19

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 14

 — Meeting Julia by riverboyin  First Time06/29/144.78HOT

A Gilded Cage Ch. 01

 — She still belongs to him whether she likes it or not. by puella_defututain  NonConsent/Reluctance06/14/144.42

A Wicked Summer for Carnal Girls Ch. 02

 — The sitter needs a ride. Who's going to take her? by HuckPilgrimin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/03/144.38

A First Time for Everything Ch. 02

 — Kate is touched for the first time. by curious_caitin  First Time02/28/144.17

A Surprise in the Principal's

 — Dressing naughty doesn't go unpunished. by XxSabirahxXin  Mature01/30/144.44

A Favour for a Friend

 — Long-time friend needs help with a problem. by ck3891in  First Time12/03/134.47

Accidental Voyeur

 — t's amazing what you see behind the scenes. by Ashsonin  First Time10/21/134.38

Abducted Ch. 01

 — Adara was 19 when she was abducted and a virgin. by AdaraJamesin  Novels and Novellas07/05/133.87

A Coming-out Party

 — An adventure bringing my niece out of her shell. by WayneGibbousin  First Time03/07/134.50HOT

A Spanish Beauty

 — A young woman in a vulnerable position is taken advantage of. by doitrightin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/07/134.15

90% True Ch. 08

 — Heather gets a second chance at her first time. by rhevin  First Time03/01/134.73HOT

A Virgin's Seduction

 — A young virgin is seduced by a long time friend at college. by LittleOne14385in  First Time02/20/133.68

A Virgin Wants to Learn to Write

 — Betty-Jo discovers a great guide to writing and much more. by leBonhommein  Toys & Masturbation01/29/134.15

A Mere Figment Ch. 02

 — Amy can't control her desire against her better judgment. by atticsin  First Time11/21/124.52HOT

A Friend in Need - A Special Night

 — I take her virginity. by KKrossin  First Time09/12/124.00

A Marriage of Convenience Ch. 02

 — Sara learns the truth about her kidnapping. by Ildanain  NonConsent/Reluctance08/26/124.45

A Marriage of Convenience

 — Sara finds herself held against her will. by Ildanain  NonConsent/Reluctance08/16/124.24

A New Leaf

 — Two lovers move into bondage. by hayatolyndein  BDSM07/30/124.28

A First, My Friend's Sister Ch. 02

 — The special evening arrives, but can he keep his promise? by johnwhoknewin  First Time07/04/124.72HOT

A Cure for Moonlight Ch. 04

 — An unexpected first time. by EdenVanEverin  NonHuman06/02/124.24

A Helping Hand is Rewarded Ch. 02

 — She fell down in my bed, and I lost my mind. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings05/21/124.05

A Birthday Present From Daddy

 — He gives her a gift she will never forget. by sexygirl76in  Incest/Taboo05/20/124.33

A Helping Hand is Rewarded Ch. 01

 — She fell into my arms, and I fell for her. by femadorerin  Erotic Couplings05/11/123.95

A Cousin Shares

 — I go to visit my favorite cousin and her new husband. by WayneGibbousin  Group Sex05/09/124.44

A Saturday Afternoon

 — Jason and Allison are just friends... or are they? by n00bb00bin  First Time03/27/124.14

A Brief Exchange

 — Best friends give their virginity. by NobodyWorthKnowingin  First Time02/23/123.20

A New Plaything

 — Luis finds adventure in his virgin niece. by JosephBarnoskyin  Incest/Taboo02/07/124.25

A Summer Surprise Ch. 01

 — Ashley pays her brother a surprise visit. by FrstTimeRin  Incest/Taboo01/18/124.31

A Re-Education

 — A naughty girl at a private school is taught a strong lesson. by franklincin  BDSM12/13/114.17

A Sister's Tail Ch. 03

 — Mellie allows grandpa to take her cherry but it costs him. by MicheleNylonsin  Incest/Taboo12/01/114.41

A Seducer at Sixty Ch. 02

 — Sixty year old Sekhar seduces a young virgin. by touchmatein  First Time11/11/114.47

A Maiden's Tale Ch. 02

 — Doctor bought her but she's no longer a virgin. by mrsmotisin  BDSM10/28/114.07

(DBZ) Thirst

 — He was a hunter of the night, she his prey. by Darkinfernoin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/16/114.48

A Visit to the Doctor

 — A doctor preserves my fiancee's virginity. by CuckoldGuyin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/26/113.75

A Pussy Named Amber

 — Ending a goth girl's virginity. by WishFullin  First Time08/30/114.45

A Battle of Wills

 — Beauty & Beast style the vampire punishes her. by LittleMissSpankaliciousin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/18/114.26

A Tale of Two Sisters: Virginity

 — Two sisters experience their first time. by teachgirl1980in  NonConsent/Reluctance07/16/114.54HOT

A Bad Dream Ch. 01

 — Twins find true love, with each other. by LogicallyInsanein  Incest/Taboo06/17/114.64HOT

A Phallophobic Daughter

 — Can her father cure her fear of penises? by Pornguinin  Incest/Taboo05/23/114.19

A Different Way to Learn

 — A girl becomes a woman. by OCtantalismin  First Time05/18/113.16

A Trip Down Virginity Lane

 — A woman on holiday, rudely reminded of her first time. by RealLifeSexin  First Time02/17/114.33

A Prayer for Mercy

 — Desperate virgin finds a way to fulfillment by jacktar48in  First Time01/28/114.10

A Maiden's Dream on the Eve of St. Agnes' Day

 — She will surely see her future husband. by Abdulbentherein  Romance12/18/104.06

Accidental Arousal Ch. 02

 — Kurt processes his feelings for his niece. by EllaLaJefain  Incest/Taboo12/07/103.71

A Ward's Passion

 — A ward in love with her protector seduces him. by Sadi_lovein  Mature10/28/104.36

A Fucking Reunion

 — Old friends take it to the next level. by Ryan42in  First Time08/04/104.04

A New Kind of Education

 — A young, pregnant college girl learns something new: sex. by PregnantVirginin  First Time04/09/104.38

A Special Good-bye

 — Neighbors find love among chaos. by phoenixsrin  First Time03/22/104.21


 — Two young 18-year-olds discover the battle of the sexes. by greystardustin  First Time01/11/102.93

A Special Kind of Man

 — Sometimes change is a good thing. by awakethepassionin  First Time12/22/093.95

A Spicy Hochpoch of Indian Flavor

 — Real hunting of knickers, oral sex, condoms ,LOVE, etc. by BrianCasterin  Reviews & Essays10/19/093.83

A Summer with the McCoys Ch. 02

 — Jim continues to teach Vicky. by animus87in  Incest/Taboo09/18/094.46

A Backwoods Tale

 — Sister gives virgin pussy as birthday present. by MrJackin  Incest/Taboo08/21/094.36

A Biochemistry Backfire

 — Her life's plan, to perfect Daddy's cock, backfires. by Pornguinin  Incest/Taboo08/18/094.14

18th Birthday

 — A sexy girl-on-girl experience on my 18th birthday. by SistaSledgein  Lesbian Sex07/30/093.43

A Vampire Romance Ch. 02

 — Girl's dark lover returns to make her his. by LordBrynnin  NonHuman07/25/094.54HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 13

 — Mark deflowers Nakita. by l8bloomin  First Time07/24/094.24

A Vampire Romance Ch. 01

 — Girl dreams of a shadow lover. by LordBrynnin  NonHuman07/24/094.53HOT

30 Days or Bust: Day 12

 — Lisa measures herself. by l8bloomin  Fetish07/23/094.48

A Private Arrangement Ch. 01

 — A woman asks her brother to deflower his niece. by STEPHENAin  Incest/Taboo04/26/094.30

A Sad Ending or a Sweet Beginning?

 — The last bus ride of the year is the first of her life. by joldrichin  First Time03/07/093.89

A College Freshman and Ariana

 — Losing our virginity over a weekend of hot passionate sex. by rd_bombayin  First Time01/22/094.09

A Gift for Her Teacher

 — He teaches her more than literature. by Katiecatin  First Time12/02/084.46

A Close Family Ch. 02

 — Third sister joins in giving her virginity to her brother. by Mikroin  Incest/Taboo10/30/084.64HOT

A Long Way Home Ch. 05

 — A hot weekend in Birmingham. by dan57in  First Time10/28/084.50HOT

A Long Way Home Ch. 03

 — Naina and Ritu are deflowered during Uni meeting. by dan57in  First Time10/12/083.86

A Visit to the Gynecologist

 — She walks in a virgin and out a woman. by sexygirl76in  First Time08/08/084.22

A Night She Would Never Forget

 — Sarah has an amazing night with a stranger from a bar. by MarineGirl1982in  First Time08/06/083.17

A Slut in the Family Ch. 02

 — Jen loses her virginity to her Uncle Tom. by Jack_Sladein  Incest/Taboo08/02/084.37

A Slut in the Family Ch. 01

 — Jen discovers that she is a reluctant nymphomaniac. by Jack_Sladein  Incest/Taboo08/02/084.20

A Rainy Evening

 — A casual meeting turns unexpectedly serious. by finin  First Time06/28/084.26

A Middle Eastern Goddess and the Me

 — Marc the merc commander beds a virgin Arab girl. by TRIAXin  First Time06/22/083.73

A Little Naive

 — It's hard to know what a heart really wants at 18. by Anekriin  First Time05/08/083.01

A Broken Heart Ch. 01

 — The end of high school for 18-year-old woman. by cellophanesmilein  Romance04/18/084.42

A Tender Night

 — An unexpectedly sexual encounter with a friend. by Nice2Uin  First Time01/18/083.94

A Discovery in Behavior

 — A scientist finds a way to control his daughter. by PotLMCMin  Incest/Taboo12/11/073.52

A Gentle Awakening Ch. 02

 — They consummate the relationship. by julia so sweetin  First Time11/07/074.16

A Teenage Rake Ch. 04

 — First time truths. by Angel_n_Whorein  First Time10/21/074.50HOT

A Vegetarian Virgin

 — Her aversion did not extend to a man's meat. by Beduin  Mature10/11/074.54HOT

A Sweet Little Surprise

 — The professor has a student. by naughtybabygirlin  NonConsent/Reluctance09/09/074.01

A Harem Fantasy Ch. 01

 — Destined for the royal harem, Virtal must lose her virginity. by madam_noein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/25/074.43

A New Pussy in My Home Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Janie comes to live with him. by LaPatitMortin  Mature08/01/074.45

A Day at the Beach

 — Swim in the ocean and the train ride home. by Phallicwhalein  First Time06/22/074.21

A School Girl's Lessons

 — She gets extra lessons by her favorite teacher. by Sassiwolf7in  First Time06/13/074.33

Abbey Loves Cock & Pussy

 — Lapse in judgment leads to a sexual awakening. by mary0256in  Group Sex05/26/074.52HOT

A Virgin in Germany

 — GI Bobby meets 18-year-old sister of friend. by OneWhoKnowsin  First Time11/06/064.33

Abbey's One Night Stand

 — Abbey has a one-night-stand with her college study partner. by pregnantloverin  First Time09/19/063.17

A Memory to Cherish

 — Love, heartache, and wishes. by Butterfly Guyin  First Time08/26/063.93

A Curious Roommate Ch. 03

 — Camille satisfies her curiosity. by toblovedin  First Time08/04/064.40

A Night She'll Never Forget Ch. 01

 — Girl finds guys aren't always what they seem. by gothic_Swimmer_1990in  First Time06/09/062.99

A Modern Family

 — She must wait until she is 21 for sex, but does she? by Willing2Doin  Anal04/29/064.27

A Virgin Girl Serves An Ace

 — Pre-marital affair begins in a tennis court. by sexyvijayain  First Time04/15/063.55

Adam Does Eve

 — Her first happened on the first Earth Day. by emilyrosein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/11/064.32

A New Prescription Ch. 01

 — Young doctor encounters her mortal enemy. by honeycolored11in  Novels and Novellas02/19/064.30

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