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The Good Girl

 — A young woman's journey through sin to womanhood. by LuxDominusin  BDSM07/03/083.76

It was 1930

 — Young woman discovers sex play with a girlfriend. by amazon2204in  Lesbian Sex07/03/084.24

Asian Innocence Manipulated

 — Shy Singapore virgin lured into a French menage a trois. by BeamMeUpin  First Time06/30/084.08

Finger Frustration

 — She finds a new way to achieve orgasm. by lustful_wonderin  Toys & Masturbation06/29/084.15

Claire's First Time Penetration

 — Student visits principal and gets her first cock. by ostinatobravadoin  First Time06/29/084.40

A Rainy Evening

 — A casual meeting turns unexpectedly serious. by finin  First Time06/28/084.25

My Sister, the Virgin Ch. 02

 — Day 2 of their new life. by instereo3in  Incest/Taboo06/25/084.42


 — Leah gives herself to her husband. by PrincessErinin  First Time06/24/084.03

Oh, What a Night!

 — The night that I became a woman. by LonelyMomin  First Time06/22/084.41

Feast For The Beast

 — Will he eat her or love her? by sexygirl76in  NonHuman06/22/084.43

A Middle Eastern Goddess and the Me

 — Marc the merc commander beds a virgin Arab girl. by TRIAXin  First Time06/22/083.75

Unusual Circumstances Ch. 02

 — Sisters reveal their feelings. by Schaedelschadenin  Incest/Taboo06/21/084.11

Unusual Circumstances Ch. 01

 — A young woman must fight with her urges. by Schaedelschadenin  Incest/Taboo06/20/084.01

He Gave Me an "A"

 — She passed the class with her body. by sexygirl76in  Mature06/19/084.26

Relationship Evolution

 — Her desire to remain a virgin leads to alternative love. by Airagonein  Anal06/19/084.19

From Farm Girl to Au Pair Ch. 01

 — Megan's marriage to Brandon leads to her sexual awakening. by The Big Bopperin  First Time06/18/084.15

Sex, Cars, Dinah

 — She's the new girl, and he wants her. by Photogenin  First Time06/14/082.86

Explorations Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a family's sexual journey. by Reardon1in  Incest/Taboo06/14/084.29

Hot, Sticky and Eighteen

 — Virginity taken in a car on a hot summer's day. by hiphopchipshopin  First Time06/12/084.05

George Becomes Georgina

 — Sports-mad tomboy deflowered, with help from Literotica. by WarriorPrincessUKin  First Time06/11/084.25

Strangers of the Flesh

 — You shed your virginity with an older man. by gadd_sexin  First Time06/10/083.69


 — White girl loses virginity to black boy. by elparedonin  Interracial Love06/05/083.83

Introducing Lindie

 — Introducing Lindie - I hope she likes you. by lckscknfck7in  Erotic Horror06/03/084.36

Together For The First Time

 — An older man and young virgin find love together. by ulsterguy45in  First Time06/03/084.17

He Was My Birthday Present

 — Her parents gave her a very nice gift. by sexygirl76in  First Time06/01/084.38

Summer with Grandpa

 — She gives her grandfather her virginity - all 3 of them. by sexygirl76in  Incest/Taboo05/31/084.32

Lost Virginity

 — Class reunion unites him with his first love. by AGreyFoxxxin  First Time05/30/084.18

First Night

 — What comes after the first time? by humminbeanin  First Time05/28/084.41

Private Tutor Ch. 03

 — Tutoring was taking its toll on Chelsea. by chelsea_wayin  BDSM05/28/084.48

Innocent Schoolgirl

 — Coed catches Professor in an awkward moment - with a student. by RoughAndTumbleKittyin  First Time05/25/083.59

Private Shop

 — She shoplifts from a sex-shop and pays the price. by Force_Me_Pleasein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/23/084.06

Virgin in the Grass

 — Young virgin lets older neighbor take her. by AnAmericanDarlingin  Mature05/21/084.01

The Contract

 — College degree in exchange for sex. by ainu2in  First Time05/21/084.55HOT

In Training Ch. 12

 — A new plaything is brought to the Old Man. by Leetahin  NonConsent/Reluctance05/21/084.34

The Flower Girl Ch. 01

 — An older man teaches Yuuka what she likes. by Rob_mDearin  Anal05/19/084.56HOT

The Horny Goddess

 — College virgins discover each other. by ainu2in  First Time05/14/084.67HOT

I Know You

 — A blind woman's descriptions of her first time. by moonfaein  Erotic Couplings05/11/084.35

Missing You Baby

 — A suprising way to wake up - in more ways than one. by Fallen Saviorin  First Time05/11/083.87

Sex, Drugs, and More Sex

 — Virgin woman takes a sexy 'trip' with an older man. by Ella611in  First Time05/09/083.72

A Little Naive

 — It's hard to know what a heart really wants at 18. by Anekriin  First Time05/08/083.03

Miss Darling

 — Tom takes his shot at seducing his virginal co-worker. by Al_Steinerin  Erotic Couplings05/08/084.76HOT

Nemo Repente Fuit Turpissimus Ch. 02

 — His sister becomes his slave. by HerPossessorin  Incest/Taboo05/07/084.66HOT

When Did It All Start?

 — A-level students explore sex for the first time. by LucyCanyonin  First Time05/06/083.88

Virgin Stories Ch. 02

 — You need to listen to your friends. by SilverShadein  First Time05/05/082.52

The Endless Night Ch. 04

 — She learns new things with Mitch. by sexygirl76in  First Time05/04/084.32

Moonlight Embrace

 — How she lost her virginity. by jill999in  First Time04/27/084.22

Tamara Ch. 01

 — She's 18, and the sky's the limit. by EighteenYearsOldin  First Time04/25/083.94

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 14

 — It's a double for nine and ten. by BlewWater69in  First Time04/23/084.58HOT

What She Wanted

 — It began with a plan. by RickOSheain  Incest/Taboo04/23/084.34

My Brother's Baby

 — 18-year-old virgin finally succumbs to twin brother. by twincestin  Incest/Taboo04/23/084.27

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 13

 — Pam and Stef plan a wild night for Jason, and more. by BlewWater69in  First Time04/22/084.63HOT

Salma’s First

 — First-time experience of a village girl. by Siddiquein  First Time04/22/083.97

Joe & Friends_1_Cancerfree For 62 Mo.

 — Two share each other's virginity. by Geeky_loverin  First Time04/21/083.38

The Endless Night Ch. 00-01

 — Prologue & chapter 1: night of sex, romance & love. by sexygirl76in  First Time04/21/083.91

A Broken Heart Ch. 01

 — The end of high school for 18-year-old woman. by cellophanesmilein  Romance04/18/084.42

Stranger on the Beach

 — He wasn't what he appeared. by darkstone57in  NonHuman04/18/084.17

Sexual Beginnings Ch. 01

 — 18-year-old Nicole begins her exploration. by allen1960in  First Time04/18/084.16


 — Ravishment of soon-to-marry virgin changes her life. by passionmarkin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/18/083.57

The Golden Leaves of Autumn

 — Sarah Whitley says a passionate goodbye to her lover. by misslauriein  First Time04/17/080.00

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 12

 — After Beth, Jason meets up with the sexy Sheila. by BlewWater69in  First Time04/16/084.62HOT

The Virgin Desires

 — A virgin gets her first man, the only one she wants. by Sensitive_Manin  First Time04/16/084.14

On The Boat Ch. 02

 — When can I have this hard cock inside my virgin pussy? by uvlas45in  First Time04/16/084.39

Ravenloft: Midnight Lies

 — The many cons of baronial house calls. by The_Chromatic_Onein  First Time04/14/083.50

Worth the Wait

 — A woman loses her virginity to her true love. by bustybibbwbabein  First Time04/11/084.06

Beth Learns Something New

 — Beth loses her virginity - in many ways. by Claytonin  First Time04/10/083.91

Josh and Ashley

 — A brother takes his sister's virginity. by jes1243in  Incest/Taboo04/09/082.80

Andi's Friend

 — Andi's friendship with Nicki goes to the next level. by lckscknfck7in  Lesbian Sex04/09/084.14


 — An unforgettable night with the one she'd always loved. by kinky_in_helsinkiin  First Time04/09/084.23

Daddy's Perfect Chance

 — Daddy won't pass up his chance to take her virginity. by meg1in  Incest/Taboo04/08/084.14

Moonshadows Ch. 03

 — A strange encounter, then their first night together. by twilight_songin  NonHuman04/05/084.72HOT

The Crazy Life

 — A young lady becomes a woman. by mademoisellebelle33in  First Time04/05/082.84

My Daddy Now

 — Black young woman loses virginity to friend's dad. by xXVanessaXxin  Interracial Love04/03/084.05

Explorations Ch. 08

 — Laura loses her virginity. by Manny2314in  First Time04/01/084.73HOT

Explorations Ch. 07

 — Two more join the group. by Manny2314in  Group Sex03/27/084.70HOT

Explorations Ch. 06

 — We have a real three-way. by Manny2314in  Group Sex03/25/084.73HOT

Sunrise Love

 — Young brunette gives herself to her experienced boyfriend. by killerlooks_xoin  First Time03/23/084.24

BBW Samantha and Mitch

 — Samantha's first time is with her online love. by SexiBBWin  First Time03/22/084.44

First Time

 — Young woman loses her virginity to a loving young man. by Rouquiein  First Time03/22/084.50HOT

Explorations Ch. 05

 — He lose his virginity; Emily tells her story. by Manny2314in  First Time03/21/084.67HOT

Uncle Tom

 — Adele loses her virginity to her older 'uncle' Tom. by Sequinnsin  Incest/Taboo03/19/083.94

Explorations Ch. 04

 — We learn oral. by Manny2314in  Group Sex03/17/084.64HOT

Beast takes a Beauty Ch. 02

 — Lone werewolf takes a reluctant virgin human. by saddisticbeautyin  NonHuman03/14/084.43

We Lose Our Virginity

 — They lose their virginities together by the river. by Andrew Eldritchin  First Time03/11/083.45

Explorations Ch. 03

 — Laura invites a friend - and me! by Manny2314in  Group Sex03/11/084.58HOT

Advise and Consent

 — Friends help him convince a nice girl. by Blubikin  First Time03/07/083.67

Explorations Ch. 02

 — Laura and I explore some more. by Manny2314in  First Time03/04/084.53HOT

Next Time in London

 — A boatman doesn't quite get it on an Island. by Euanin  Romance03/03/084.62HOT

Scott and Veronica First Meet

 — Meeting from the net ends with lost virginity and more. by gliniin  First Time03/03/083.58


 — Laura and I discover each other. by Manny2314in  First Time02/27/084.43

Singing Cricket, Mountain Fucker

 — Warrior on vision quest, captured by virgin giantess. by Baba8in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/24/083.40

Grandpa's Angel Ch. 01

 — Grandpa & Ally's relationship reaches a new height. by lillianloveladyin  Incest/Taboo02/24/084.28

Summer with Daddy Ch. 01

 — A visit to Daddy for her high school graduation. by DaddysSlutToyin  Incest/Taboo02/20/084.29

Goody Two-Shoes

 — She shows a bad boy she's not such a good girl. by KarennaCin  First Time02/20/084.22

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 02

 — Mr. Alberts continues his outside "instruction" of Naomi by chasing_ivyin  First Time02/18/084.44

Carvella Ch. 01

 — Mother, daughter, & mysterious neighbor embark on adventure. by annie_slickin  Lesbian Sex02/15/083.95

Alice Manipulated Ch. 03

 — Alice is seduced & exploited by older couple. by BeamMeUpin  Mature02/14/084.50HOT

Paradise Found and Lost

 — The first time is always important. by Blubikin  First Time02/13/083.48

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 02

 — She loses her virginity to Jeremy's big black cock. by Goldeniangelin  Interracial Love02/11/084.38

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 01

 — Naomi's English teacher instructs her outside of class. by chasing_ivyin  First Time02/11/084.19

Chastity's Lessons Ch. 01

 — Chastity chooses a hot older black man to educate herself. by Goldeniangelin  Interracial Love02/10/084.35

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