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Roxy Who?

 — Jen & Kevin find solace in each other, breaking Roxy's spell. by WokeUpOneDayin  Erotic Couplings02/15/174.70HOT

Ruined for all others

 — Daddy takes Brianna for her first time. by kellyjojoin  Incest/Taboo02/14/174.54HOT

Plagiarism Tutorial Ch. 01

 — Karie loses her virginity in a surprising way. by burnsobrightlyin  Erotic Couplings12/09/163.93

Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 19

 — Don is asked to deflower a Sorority Girl. by Grouchojimin  First Time09/14/164.41

Point Hollow Ch. 03

 — College girl loses her virginity; a nutty professor talks. by WifeWatchmanin  First Time08/14/164.77HOT

PSI Ch. 01

 — Matt arrives at the Devon School and learns he has a talent. by Tantalus17in  Mind Control01/13/154.34

Possession Ch. 06

 — What Beth will do for her family. by taniaricein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/24/144.71HOT

Sarah's First Love

 — Forced to spend her wedding eve with Lord Caisterdale. by abroadswordin  First Time09/28/134.12

Rome Trip Opens Sarah's Eyes

 — Sarah, a virgin in her thirties goes to Rome with Nick. by MichaelPetersonin  Erotic Couplings08/15/134.59HOT

Private Revelations

 — A young woman reveals a CFNM event that changed her life. by likewilsonin  Romance04/01/134.30

Sarah Submits

 — She submits to me. by LoveFromRomain  First Time12/26/123.87

Sensually Assaulted Ch. 01

 — He will make sure she gets what she needs. by YoungLust5in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/22/123.90

Sarah's House Ch. 01

 — One night at a friend's house with her brother. by susannahtowersin  First Time07/18/124.23

Princess of Perchhold Ch. 01

 — One brother gives, one brother takes, one brother dies. by SmallTownPrincessin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/29/124.35

Sarah's First Time

 — My FWB wants to lose her virginity in a romantic way. by sexytime_friendin  First Time01/21/124.00

Retreat and Surrender

 — It was August when Amber got on the bus to her woman's retreat. by tristiancin  Lesbian Sex01/12/124.39

Sensual Scene

 — A Honeymoon on the Caribbean cruise. by RaistlinMajerein  Romance10/08/114.09

Quality Time with Gramma

 — An older lady helps a young girl find love. by luv2tastein  First Time08/03/114.56HOT

Playing in the Woods

 — She loses her virginity to her two best friends. by treegirl92in  First Time06/22/114.18

Santa's Lap

 — A woman's Christmas wish comes true. by nikki_bleuin  Erotic Couplings12/14/104.18

Pink Panties in the Library

 — Two college virgins explore each other over Christmas break. by JRLoverin  First Time11/26/104.32

Playing Games - Fun In The Bedroom

 — Dungeons & Dragons leads to her first time. by CorsetCutie69in  First Time10/18/103.83

Phileas Fogg - A Memoir Pt. 13

 — Fogg takes Nicole's virginity. by Paris Watermanin  First Time07/18/104.22


 — Uncle Derick takes Sarah's virginity. by Jinxskunkin  Incest/Taboo07/15/104.28

Sex and the Office Ch. 01

 — Shula tries to lose her virginity. by sarahloveittin  First Time07/01/104.18

Poker was the Start

 — Strip poker was the spark for virgins. by Bigchickloverin  First Time02/08/103.65

Running Scared Ch. 02

 — In which a scared run-away finds a home. by Dragon64in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy12/22/094.52HOT

Quinceanera y Tres

 — Juan remembers Maria's Quinceanera just three years ago. by Middleagepoetin  First Time11/11/093.67

Running Scared

 — Scared little blonde on the streets of NYC II. by Dragon64in  Lesbian Sex11/01/094.29


 — A young girl wants him; does he want her back? by penandpaperin  Mature08/27/094.47

Robinson Family Ch. 04

 — Siblings get oral and finally have intercourse. by siblingspankin  Incest/Taboo08/03/094.46

Sally's 21st Birthday

 — Brother takes drunk virgin sister home after her 21st birthday. by Nicole99in  Incest/Taboo07/07/094.38

Pussycat Becomes a Woman!

 — It's her 21st Birthday, and she finally becomes a woman. by alittlecloser69in  First Time06/27/093.95

Right Place, Right Time

 — A chance meeting in a parking lot leads to lots more. by duediligencein  First Time06/15/093.77

Seduce me, Jack... Ch. 02

 — He's amazed to discover she's a virgin. by surober1in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/24/094.77HOT

Rachel's Prince Charming

 — Rachel is rescued and falls in love. by Southernbelle88in  First Time04/01/094.42

Raking the Leaves

 — Coed loses her virginity. by Iconbuster57in  First Time03/27/093.38

Pastor Cole Ch. 02

 — Suzie seeks comfort from Pastor Cole. by JBowl1376in  First Time03/03/094.14


 — Beautiful college student gives into lust for a professor. by Daveindenverin  First Time02/08/094.12

Pleasing Aphrodite

 — A young woman's first time with her much older friend. by angel_grantin  Mature01/18/094.72HOT

Popping Her Cherry

 — Son's girlfriend asks Pops to go first. by sirhugsin  First Time12/06/084.13

Poker Night

 — A game of poker leads her to lose her virginity. by Macadamianin  First Time09/17/083.96

Pops and the Schoolgirl

 — Pops plays with seductive granddaughter. by MrJackin  Incest/Taboo09/12/084.50HOT

Romancing the Ravishing Redhead

 — He rescues her, romances her, and ravishes her. by sarahhhin  Romance08/27/084.35

Secret Loss of Innocence

 — Caught watching a threesome, teen becomes part of it. by gflatman53in  First Time07/12/083.87

Relationship Evolution

 — Her desire to remain a virgin leads to alternative love. by Airagonein  Anal06/19/084.19

Private Tutor Ch. 03

 — Tutoring was taking its toll on Chelsea. by chelsea_wayin  BDSM05/28/084.49

Private Shop

 — She shoplifts from a sex-shop and pays the price. by Force_Me_Pleasein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/23/084.06

Salma’s First

 — First-time experience of a village girl. by Siddiquein  First Time04/22/083.99

Ravenloft: Midnight Lies

 — The many cons of baronial house calls. by The_Chromatic_Onein  First Time04/14/083.50

Scott and Veronica First Meet

 — Meeting from the net ends with lost virginity and more. by gliniin  First Time03/03/083.58

Remember... Ch. 01

 — Two strangers meet, secrets abound. by CrazyCatGuyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/01/084.73HOT

Sandy Loses Her Cherry

 — College woman learns how much she loves sex by mary0256in  First Time01/25/084.36


 — A first time story. by WriterLynnin  First Time01/06/084.60HOT

Ruthie Throws an Orgy Ch. 01

 — Ruthie gets a real cock in her pussy for the first time. by Boxlicker101in  Novels and Novellas01/01/084.55HOT

Promenade in the Park

 — Mom teaches daughter about birds, bees, and buzzzzz. by slitlicker69in  Incest/Taboo12/21/074.43

Satisfying Mom's Needs Ch. 03

 — Virgin sister joins the family fun. by Machodakin  Incest/Taboo12/20/074.38

Second Chance

 — A freshman's second shot at a senior's love. by finch1750in  First Time12/09/074.25

Reluctant Seduction

 — Seduction is sweeter with reluctance. by EbonyFire77in  NonConsent/Reluctance11/14/074.17

Sand and Sea and Sky

 — Their first night of love was to be their last. by Munachiin  First Time10/17/074.35

Popsicle Girl

 — Sarah's virgin heat turns ice cold. by bultacoriderin  First Time10/14/073.97

Ranch Girl

 — Jenny's first time. by Jenny6969in  First Time08/24/074.46

Recalling My First Time

 — Surprising myself while losing my virginity. by josienicolein  Erotic Couplings08/24/074.32

Romance Doesn't Need Flowers

 — Awkward girl gets naughty desires fulfilled by nerdy man. by DarkestFearin  First Time08/10/073.92

Sara's First

 — Sara receives education from older neighbor. by dennyboy2in  Mature07/28/074.22

Ripe Fruit

 — From a time when there were still 18 year old virgins. by peterpeckerin  First Time07/05/074.61HOT

Remembering the Sting

 — She remembers her first time. by RenaeNicksin  First Time07/03/073.89

Romeo and Juliet

 — Juliet loses her virginity--but not to Romeo. by Baxter72in  First Time06/10/073.97

Romeo and Juliet

 — A ballerina deflowered. by softbitein  Lesbian Sex06/08/074.62HOT

Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 03

 — The wedding and her first ride on the gauntlet. by Loverspetin  BDSM05/14/074.22

Seduction of Emma

 — Virgin co-ed is seduced by her roommate. by Ravynsloftin  Lesbian Sex04/30/074.72HOT

Pounding the Maid

 — Role-playing for her first time. by mscheergrlin  First Time04/28/074.25

Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 02

 — New Wife meets other members of King's Harem. by Loverspetin  Lesbian Sex04/25/074.34

Secret Ch. 01

 — Gary gets an erotic phone call from the girls. by Strawberry_2051in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/21/073.92

Samantha Loses It

 — Steve wants this to be Samantha's special night. by sexyvirgin5554in  First Time04/17/073.21

Riding the Gauntlet Ch. 01

 — Woman sold by her tribe into King's Harem. by Loverspetin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/17/074.18

Rainforest Encounter

 — She finds her first lover in a special "rainforest ". by glynndahin  First Time04/03/074.53HOT

Quest For a Big Prize

 — Catholic girl sets out for a lot more love. by erotic_dickin  First Time03/27/073.91

Pictures from an Exhibition: Elaine

 — Like a Red, Red Rose. by SimonBrookein  First Time01/31/074.00

Preparing for a Shoot

 — Dave and Lynn get hot preparing her for a lingerie shoot. by catchercradlein  First Time01/14/074.17


 — He finds the woman he's searched for. by IvoryOrchidin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/06/074.35

Pretty Baby Ch. 02

 — Alyssa is inducted into a new life. by slyc_williein  Novels and Novellas11/25/064.78HOT

Plump Beach Girl

 — First time anal with fat girl on beach. by plumperloverin  Anal10/21/064.54HOT

Pirates: How to Handle a Sword

 — Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann practice fencing. by Diana_Villiersin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/14/064.00

Satisfied Ch. 01

 — Virgin gets her first experience. by Itz_Fine_White_Winein  First Time07/25/063.79

Sara Met Dad's Friend

 — Dad’s friend deflowered Sara. by slnaughtygirlin  First Time07/12/064.37

Sara's Biology Teacher

 — Mrs. Nolan takes advantage of her virgin student. by playfulbuttonsin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/28/064.41

Pornstar Ch. 02

 — Every movie needs a star. by SimonBrookein  Novels and Novellas06/14/064.57HOT

Psychology 1 - Virginity 0

 — An ugly duckling learns how to become a swan. by adam applebiterin  First Time06/07/064.62HOT

Seducing My Roommate

 — Innocent Czech girl moves into his spare bedroom. by JohnDosPassosin  First Time05/20/064.28

Playing With My Sister Ch. 06

 — Little brother takes an unforgettable cherry. by KenJamesin  Incest/Taboo04/15/064.63HOT

Sarah and Angie

 — Innocent Sarah is initiated by college roommate. by purvisin  Interracial Love04/15/064.59HOT

Plump and Plain

 — Losing her virginity takes awhile - & an audience. by tarkatonyin  First Time01/19/064.54HOT

Santa's Surprise

 — Santa receives a special gift, never previously given. by gotwood49in  First Time12/07/054.50HOT

Risky Business Ch. 01

 — He falls to the wiles of a determined girl. by Gently Does Itin  First Time11/27/054.40

Seducing Mr. Johnson

 — 18-year-old transforms into Daisy Duke to get her man. by wmpwilsonin  First Time10/29/054.35

Rainy Night in the Car

 — A coed's first time is in the car. by David320in  First Time10/14/053.25

Phone Fun Ch. 01

 — Virgin Leslie decides to have phone sex. by dramaqueen47in  First Time10/07/053.96

Roomate Slut - Virgin Sacrifice

 — He is trained to be a slut for his roommate. by HornyPupin  BDSM07/27/024.28

Scent of a Handyman

 — Coed meets odd repairman. by Phalluxin  Erotic Couplings09/01/004.02

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