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The Country Club Ch. 04

 — Neil and Mandy play host to a most unusual family gathering. by Scorpius1945in  Erotic Couplings09/20/174.50NEW

The Bradfords Ch. 02

 — Tim's trials continue. by Erotictales4uin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/20/173.38NEW

Pleasant Surprise - Sex in the Office

 — Casandra pays Mr. James a well-deserved visit... by Gtheredheaddevilin  Fetish09/19/173.80NEW

Jewel Pt. 02

 — Older woman and younger man. by JhMcKnin  Fetish09/19/173.67NEW

Not Kyle Ch. 03: Emily's Dilemma

 — Emily follows Sarah. by Feraxin  Fetish09/19/173.64NEW

Smother Ch. 02

 — The mamas with the tatas. by YoBiteMein  Fetish09/19/173.00NEW

Chastened, FL Ch. 03

 — Vince is a bi-crossdresser who comes out at a party. by Grouchojimin  Fetish09/18/173.38NEW

Detention Desperation Ch. 01

 — In detention and desperate for a piss. by bound2burstin  Fetish09/18/173.50NEW

What We Suck Besides Blood Ch. 06

 — A blast from the past is followed by a blast in the present. by SizeQueenSupremein  Fetish09/18/174.88NEW

Don't Talk to Strangers

 — She did not say a word as he consumed her for the night. by MJStonein  Mature09/18/174.00NEW

Steampunk Harlots Ch. 28

 — Newsworthy events-The girls are invited to a high power meet. by RedFireBrandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/18/174.85HOTNEW

Kinky Awakening Ch. 02

 — I prepare to take control by going to an adult store. by rj1774in  Fetish09/17/174.07NEW

On Display

 — Wearing pantyhose isn't supposed to be dangerous. by rdodgerin  Fetish09/17/173.33NEW

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 26

 — A dirty girl gets even dirtier. by basicbitchin  Fetish09/17/174.29NEW

Candid Fetish Interview 03

 — Another tightlaced lady explains her pleasure. by Learningfastin  Fetish09/17/174.33NEW

Cruel School Ch. 01

 — A class on composure. by bound2burstin  Fetish09/17/173.88NEW

Tights of a Teacher

 — Adam finds love in his teacher and her tights. by TightsDudein  Fetish09/16/174.61HOTNEW

Diaries: The Voyeur

 — A young woman's curiosity gets the better of her. by LBWessexin  Fetish09/16/174.05NEW

April's Body Ch. 05: End

 — The conclusion. Project Double N. by keelslightin  Fetish09/15/174.45NEW

Candid Fetish Interview 02

 — Young Australian describes her tightlacing and her sex. by Learningfastin  Fetish09/15/174.67NEW

Two's Company

 — Man gets to know his two sexy coworkers outside of work. by PaulyBin  Fetish09/15/174.41NEW

Exam Pt. 01

 — Carrie's first gyn exam. by Relinquishin  Fetish09/14/174.41NEW

Submissive Valet Service

 — Submissive Adventure, wealth and privilege. by mobioustankin  BDSM09/14/173.91NEW

Nightclub Escapades

 — Jennie's encounter with two cocks in a nightclub restroom. by Maria24in  Fetish09/14/174.49NEW

Books a Door to Another World

 — Buried deep in a bookshop is an interesting robot. by RumFellain  NonHuman09/14/174.30NEW

Messy Mayhem with Megan

 — Megan and Micheal get mucky with sticky treats. by Messyboy98in  Fetish09/14/173.67NEW

The Red Bikini Granny

 — Gerry has fun with a fat old grannies anal fetishes. by goodyearmanin  Anal09/13/173.92

Balloonville Ch. 02: Filling Up at Nans

 — Jeff meets Nan and gets blown away. by blowhyooogein  Fetish09/13/174.33

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 12

 — Dressed in teen clothes. by StoryTeller07in  Fetish09/13/174.60HOT

If It Makes You Happy Ch. 04

 — The beginning of Trevor's Hell. by Rocketspeedfishin  Fetish09/13/173.18


 — A fetish comeuppance tale. by zenkoan5150in  Fetish09/13/173.71

Our Lady of the Tufted Nethers

 — There are dirty pictures and there are dirty pictures. by SamScribblein  Fetish09/13/174.41

Balloonville Ch. 01: Breakdown, Blow Up

 — Jeff's car breaks down in looner heaven. by blowhyooogein  Fetish09/12/174.00

If It Makes You Happy Ch. 03

 — Trevor's boss gets involved. by Rocketspeedfishin  Fetish09/12/174.25

A Reward, of Sorts

 — Mistress rewards months of service with multiple creampies. by shortonrealityin  Fetish09/11/173.71

Boss Lady Ch. 02

 — Jason is getting fucked in the ass by his boss. by femloversuin  Fetish09/11/174.27

Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 01

 — Stealing my girlfriend's Indian roommate's panties. by dansouthwestin  Fetish09/11/174.38

The Marriage Counselor Pt. 02

 — A marriage counselor teaches wife orgasm control. by pifanin  Fetish09/10/174.13

Liz's Fling

 — Liz has someone to occupy her while I'm gone. by jx88in  Fetish09/09/173.36

The Futa Hunter

 — A young woman preys on a bookish futanari and seduces her. by Sucker4Boobiesin  Fetish09/09/174.25

Her Throne

 — A legal assistant is invited to meet the boss at home. by NikkiKushin  Fetish09/09/174.44

Making Him My Bitch

 — A sexy cougar teaches a curious cub how to be Submissive. by JSpringin  Fetish09/08/173.89

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 05

 — Kim gets some advice from the Black Cat. by SlaveNanoin  BDSM09/08/174.67

God of Whores Ch. 04

 — Pericles is put to the test. by SizeQueenSupremein  Fetish09/08/174.85HOT

A Perfect Day for Chili Ch. 02

 — Kaylee loves her ass kissed and becomes more controlling. by modestlytoxicin  Fetish09/08/173.60

Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 03

 — Tori has a part time job after the service. by mattpantyhosein  Fetish09/08/175.00

The Pony Ranch Ch. 02

 — Part 2 of Stacey's adventures on the pony ranch. by Georgiex7xin  Fetish09/07/174.06

April's Body Ch. 03

 — April's new life begins in the city a day later. by keelslightin  Lesbian Sex09/07/174.21

The Girls College Ch. 03

 — Paul is interrogated and Ellie is punished. by TF2123in  Fetish09/07/173.95

Adventures in Nemesisland Ch. 01

 — BDSM reinvention of Alice stories-introducing the Red Queen. by SlaveNanoin  BDSM09/06/173.82

Step Sister Obsession Log

 — This is a diary of my ongoing obsession with my stepsister. by wannaberosein  Incest/Taboo09/04/172.54

Saw Horse Pt. 01

 — Pet controls Master, She was Master all along. by mobioustankin  Fetish08/29/174.32

Lust Love

 — One person's trash is another's first treasure. by Deltastar1957in  Mature08/29/173.92

The Muse is a Goddess Ch. 05

 — The teasing and the intensity grows. by bone251in  Fetish08/29/174.58HOT

Just like Christmas

 — How far would you go to satisfy your lover's fantasies? by Greenbillin  Fetish08/28/173.79

The Au Naturel Anal Bleaching

 — A surprising discovery turns into a job with amazing perks. by jsmiamin  Fetish08/28/174.75HOT

Back Aboard the Covenant Ch. 02

 — Rosenthal and Daniels submit to their examination. by Quiet_Wandererin  BDSM08/28/174.60HOT

Sheila's Past Comes Back Pt. 01

 — Caleb finds out his wife had a hobby before they met. by DRobbie06in  Fetish08/26/174.45

Detention with Miss DeVille Pt. 02

 — Aaron's second detention with Miss DeVille. by Curlywurly68in  Fetish08/25/174.26

Working Late

 — A young legal assistant has a late night with his boss. by NikkiKushin  Fetish08/25/174.10

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 05

 — A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/25/174.74HOT

Bablee Ch. 04

 — Taken to her boyfriend's home. by StoryTeller07in  Fetish08/25/174.78HOT

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 04

 — A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/24/174.59HOT

Homesick Pt. 06-08

 — Husband learns new role after wife's father visits. by Diaperedpilotin  Incest/Taboo08/23/174.04

Closet Gays Torment by School Bully Ch. 02

 — Closet gay, straight bully. Chapter 2. by Gayguiltin  Fetish08/23/174.27

Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 02

 — Eden and Alexandra interrogate a criminal. by mattpantyhosein  Fetish08/23/173.63

Back Aboard the Covenant

 — Daniels and Rosenthal are processed. by Quiet_Wandererin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/23/174.12

April's Body

 — Julia explores the body of a younger woman. by keelslightin  Fetish08/23/174.15

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 03

 — A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/23/174.35

Office Feet Femdom

 — Mrs. Sheridan interviews and trains a new footboy. by Andre_Sillitoein  Fetish08/22/174.68HOT

Poker Night

 — Sissy husband & slut wife host poker night for six real men. by grizzley123in  Fetish08/22/174.07

Becoming My Stepmother's Slave Pt. 02

 — Diana makes a discovery that changes her plans completely. by ForTheLoveOfFemdomin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/22/174.17

Futanari House Party

 — Three ladies take special pills, and gain extreme assets... by UltimateMatein  Fetish08/22/174.48

My New Family Pt. 03 - Adopting Sisters

 — Anne's generosity, sharing her husband with her girlfriends. by eatu55in  Group Sex08/22/174.60HOT

Black Femdom, Cindy Story

 — An interracial lesbian story. by Dunn81in  Fetish08/22/173.74

Our Early Life Pt. 02

 — The ongoing story of our early marriage and discovery. by Lucien_Alin  Fetish08/22/174.20

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 02

 — A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/22/174.45

Mei Ling Pt. 02

 — Wet Adventures In The Far East. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/22/174.50HOT

Hair Brush

 — Strokes for both dom wife and femmed husband. by Lanc94122in  Fetish08/21/174.16

The Secretary Who had to Pee Ch. 01

 — A secretary must make due in a job without a bathroom. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/21/174.18

Mei Ling Pt. 01

 — Wet adventures in the Far East. by bound2burstin  Fetish08/21/174.23

A Peek into a Twisted Mind Pt. 03

 — My libido, my movies, and the race for the bathroom. by GeorgeTyerbyterin  Fetish08/20/175.00

Wind of Change Ch. 01

 — A guy gets his wishes granted from an unexpected source. by shuckninjain  Novels and Novellas08/16/174.39

Visiting Brian

 — Desperation after a hospital visit - accidents happen. by Adrian69702006in  Fetish08/16/173.22

Hayley an RAF Girl, The Beginning

 — The birth of Natassia or realisation of a dream. by NatassiaSuckovain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers08/16/174.25

A Peek into a Twisted Mind Pt. 01

 — "Capnolognia" (smoking fetishism) is delved into. by GeorgeTyerbyterin  Fetish08/16/173.50

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 11

 — Believes she's a schoolgirl. by StoryTeller07in  Fetish08/16/174.53HOT

The Pony Ranch

 — The story of an abducted girl forced to become a human pony. by Georgiex7xin  Fetish08/16/173.92

Wild, Wild Thoughts

 — Thoughts into Action. You're not getting anything done today. by moonSailorin  Erotic Couplings08/16/173.50

Matt meets Jasmin at the Strip Club

 — Matt meets a stripper online. He then meets her at the club. by Urtoy2bein  Erotic Couplings08/16/174.64HOT

Balloon Factory Pt. 03: Dorothy's S

 — A Fun Tyme employee has a 2nd job on the side... on her back. by blowhyooogein  Fetish08/16/174.67

The Nile isn't Just a River Ch. 02

 — Lucy receives her gift. by solarius32min  Fetish08/15/175.00

The Game

 — Take my breath away. by ti2xgrin  Fetish08/13/173.18


 — She sells herself into slavery, for free. by onion_manin  Fetish08/12/173.69

Steampunk Harlots Ch. 27

 — Some Newsworthy events happen surrounding the women. by RedFireBrandin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/174.87HOT

Ace in the Hole

 — A woman finds the man of her dreams and then their mistress. by JHuntin  Fetish08/12/174.41

Sensual Seduction

 — Surprise for my love - he can't hear or see what's happening. by I_Luv_U_Supermanin  Erotic Couplings08/12/172.86

The Wake Up Ch. 04

 — Ava takes the lead on watersports for Hank. by RedTangin  Fetish08/11/174.65HOT

Kinky Kentucky

 — Kinky shenanigans in Kentucky. by Curlywurly68in  Fetish08/11/173.70

A Witch and Her Broomstick

 — A witch tries something new and someone wants in on it. by AtomicWeinerin  Fetish08/11/173.83

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