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The Pragmatist

 — Love survives practicality. by imhaplessin  Loving Wives05/10/173.47


 — An older man meets a young beauty. by Malrauxin  Mature07/13/164.27

The Talk

 — What happens when a couple actually communicates? by Ahazurain  Loving Wives06/06/164.53HOT

My Wild Wife

 — What will he do when he discovers her past? by RichardGeraldin  Loving Wives05/11/164.35

Handjob Ch. 08

 — The wife of a cuckold tells all. by CuckoldGuyin  Loving Wives03/10/164.20

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 03

 — Deepening our love and desire. by Curiousaboutlovein  Romance06/24/154.79HOT

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 02

 — We surprise each other. by Curiousaboutlovein  Romance06/20/154.80HOT

Marriage Maintainance Pt. 01

 — My husband surprises me. by Curiousaboutlovein  Romance06/17/154.61HOT

The Key

 — Man decides to live out his fantasy with woman of dreams. by AlexisPeignoirin  Romance06/30/143.60

Down N Out Ch. 01

 — On a perfect day, Tyler blacks out. Will they stay together? by totalcoolnessin  Gay Male04/18/144.16

City Lights Ch. 03

 — Billy takes things to the next level with ebony Yvette. by JonB1969in  Interracial Love02/08/134.55HOT

Pushing the Ultimate Button

 — Two wrongs can torch a marriage. by Strapper66in  Loving Wives01/08/133.97

The Magic Boxers

 — The marital adventures continue. by Strapper66in  Loving Wives11/21/124.38


 — Just a simple vacation story. by Strapper66in  Loving Wives09/07/124.37


 — Tribulations and triumphs of a first time Literotica author. by Strapper66in  Loving Wives05/28/124.41

Stacey's Deals

 — A hot woman goes through life by contract. by Dmaestroin  Loving Wives04/27/113.94

The Good Husband

 — Things are not always as they seem. by lgreenwoodin  Loving Wives09/25/104.22

We of the Desert

 — Moving beyond limits. by paladinoutriderin  Erotic Couplings08/24/104.41

Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover

 — For Ellie and Robbie, the story continues. by adam applebiterin  Erotic Couplings07/31/104.76HOT

Caught with My Pants Down

 — Miscommunication leads to an awkward moment of fulfilment. by Alexandrain  Toys & Masturbation05/05/104.44

To Play the Whore

 — A wife pays the price for her husband's hoped for success. by Moondriftin  Erotic Couplings04/05/104.04

Sexual Healing

 — Can love really conquer all? A love story, in every sense. by Exakta66in  Romance03/03/104.62HOT

Dark Redemption Ch. 15

 — Anna is so close to having him back for good. by BarbraNovacin  Romance06/25/084.30

It'll All be Over by Christmas

 — A betrayed soldier seeks revenge. by Moondriftin  Non-Erotic07/03/074.32

Long Day

 — A tired couple at the end of the day. by hbarin  Romance01/18/074.31

Worth It - The First Night

 — On a reality show designed to make couples cheat. by CrystalStructurein  Erotic Couplings02/04/064.23

Certain Ideal Circumstances

 — The ecstasy and agony of a modern marriage. by Kennewickianin  Loving Wives11/09/054.00

Our Epiphany, Our Mission

 — The ecstasy and agony of a modern marriage. by Kennewickianin  Loving Wives10/26/054.16

The Rules of Fidelity and...

 — One author's views on adultery. by Landrious1in  Reviews & Essays10/19/054.63HOT

The Test Ch. 02

 — Will Mark be faithful? What about Karen? by DG Hearin  Humor & Satire09/30/054.59HOT

Tonsorial Art

 — Wife's pussy is shaved by loving husband. by BlueByrdin  Fetish09/04/054.36

Welcome Home

 — Loving wife greets her man a the door. by BlueByrdin  Erotic Couplings07/15/054.45

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