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Breaking Avalanche: New Specimen

 — Tifa was captured and Hojo's had some experiments for her. by omegaxypherin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/29/164.56HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 12

 — Epilogue. by Clunketyin  Celebrities12/15/155.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 11

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunketyin  Celebrities10/19/155.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 10

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunketyin  Celebrities08/16/154.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 09

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10. by Clunketyin  Celebrities07/08/154.75

Everything Looks Better Ch. 08

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine has a revelation. by Clunketyin  Celebrities02/10/154.83

Everything Looks Better Ch. 07

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron's First Second-Time. by Clunketyin  Celebrities01/04/155.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 06

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine sharpens Auron's sword. by Clunketyin  Celebrities12/03/145.00

Everything Looks Better Ch. 05

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron alone with Raine. by Clunketyin  Celebrities10/26/144.50

Everything Looks Better Ch. 04

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine and the pilgrimage. by Clunketyin  Celebrities09/17/144.75

Everything Looks Better Ch. 02

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Raine learns Summoning. by Clunketyin  Celebrities08/13/144.50HOT

Everything Looks Better Ch. 01

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron's third pilgrimage by Clunketyin  Celebrities08/04/144.40

Six Days

 — Fanfiction of Final Fantasy 10: Auron returns to Zanarkand. by Clunketyin  Celebrities07/30/145.00HOT

Consolation (FFVII Fanfic)

 — Tifa tries to cheer up Aerith in her own special way. by Nostrovellein  Celebrities08/04/134.67HOT

We were Just Kids in Love

 — True story of two teens losing their virginity together by Lingerielover1434in  First Time03/12/124.25

Nibelheim Memoirs Ch. 01

 — Zack and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7 get together. by ArctoArchin  Celebrities11/19/084.45

Fahrenheit in Celsius Ch. 01

 — What might happen if Yuna and Paine were into experimenting. by Slaashyishin  Celebrities11/01/074.55HOT

Final Fantasy 12: Ashe Joins In

 — Ashe finds Fran and Balthier. by dustyfog32in  Celebrities07/29/074.37

A Little R&R Ch. 05

 — Fanfiction from Final Fantasy. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities12/14/064.67

A Little R&R Ch. 04

 — Fanfiction from Final Fantasy. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities12/13/063.75

A Little R&R Ch. 03b

 — Fanfiction from Final Fantasy. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities12/12/064.67

A Little R&R Ch. 03

 — Fanfiction from Final Fantasy. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities12/11/063.00

A Little R&R Ch. 02

 — Fanfiction from Final Fantasy. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities12/10/064.60

A Little R&R Ch. 01

 — Rude and Reno from Final Fantasy 7. by darkgoddess2478in  Celebrities11/22/064.71

Final Fantasy 8 Ch. 07

 — On the train to Timber. by poopycanin  Celebrities01/27/043.91

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch.4

 — Our protagonist meets the main character by Prince Mordecaiin  Celebrities12/29/022.33

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch. 1

 — He returns home after 6 years & surprises his sis. by Prince Mordecaiin  Celebrities06/19/024.10

The Friendly Pub: Final

 — A final fantasy comes true. by rjohnsonin  Loving Wives06/16/024.16

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