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ass (12)cock (8)finger (7)hard cock (6)fuck ass (5)pussy (5)slide finger (4)rimming (3)anal sex (3)dance floor (3)soaking wet (3)ass hole (3)wet pussy (3)start (3)fingers pussy (3)middle finger (3)handsome man (3)grabbed hair (3)slipped finger (3)leather lace (2)first time (2)cock mouth (2)tongue ring (2)pushed finger (2)tight asshole (2)ryan (2)ass fuck (2)slowly inserted (2)slowly slid (2)head cock (2)began stroke (2)cock wet (2)sliding finger (2)massage (2)pussy face (2)black teddy (2)finger tight (2)lace teddy (2)hot (2)blowjob (2)cum face (2)made love (2)turned face (2)feels good (2)open eyes (2)inserted finger (2)back throat (2)fingers ass (2)pussy finger (2)virgin ass (2)ass pussy (2)sammy (2)hair pulling (2)legs open (2)white leather (2)ass slowly (2)lean forward (2)mouth throat (2)thigh highs (2)feels body (2)legs shoulders (2)tongue licking (2)back water (2)lips kissed (2)ass cock (2)tongue (2)load mouth (2)hotel room (2)back (2)bedroom voice (2)mouth (2)ass fucking (2)water (2)hand (2)suck cock (2)caressing breasts (1)ass lifting (1)three some (1)waist hands (1)athletes (1)lubed fingers (1)ass moan (1)reached ran (1)justin asked (1)stroking (1)black lace (1)night (1)daddy hurts (1)linda (1)boss wife (1)jim sarah (1)state federal (1)full length (1)play ass (1)felt hot (1)holding arms (1)dripping pussy (1)nicole (1)mouth began (1)head lap (1)told friend (1)shane (1)tank top (1)started fucking (1)move slowly (1)young cock (1)mouth tongue (1)lie back (1)taking turns (1)tongue roll (1)finger pussy (1)finished breakfast (1)ass fucked (1)licking sucking (1)hot water (1)andy cock (1)wife (1)ass show (1)mary beth (1)yanked hard (1)smile open (1)muscle control (1)white shirt (1)breasts love (1)moving slowly (1)mouth lips (1)susie (1)sandy (1)started humping (1)stress relief (1)work finger (1)pants underwear (1)phone ear (1)inches long (1)living room (1)jennifer mary (1)cunt (1)walks door (1)back bar (1)rock hard (1)nodded smiled (1)inch vibrator (1)fake cock (1)sucking (1)deep inside (1)leg shoulder (1)told good (1)masturbation (1)sweet ass (1)ass hard (1)pussy gently (1)coffee table (1)sexy woman (1)head crotch (1)cries pleasure (1)full hips (1)slipping fingers (1)feel ass (1)back balls (1)back cock (1)ass air (1)soft moan (1)sunday afternoon (1)parted lips (1)felt body (1)rolled back (1)part wanted (1)pervert (1)gay porn (1)head marketing (1)takes hand (1)yeah gonna (1)back bedroom (1)big black (1)thrashing bed (1)fingering ass (1)start rub (1)fuck harder (1)spank ass (1)start sucking (1)fuck mouth (1)tennis pro (1)pussy fucking (1)cunt started (1)halloween party (1)clitoral area (1)public fuck (1)fingers move (1)hand ass (1)tongue pussy (1)rub faster (1)keith (1)knees sucked (1)slave master (1)dick harder (1)hard dick (1)sol maya (1)blow load (1)wanted sex (1)slid back (1)side tub (1)playing basketball (1)dirty talk (1)striptease (1)bob mike (1)tongue finds (1)head chest (1)wife masturbating (1)deep throat (1)thick thighs (1)body betrayal (1)small tits (1)knew smiled (1)vanilla sex (1)whore fucking (1)movement fingers (1)anal (1)cum ryan (1)makes harder (1)dykes (1)younger-older (1)college students (1)run lips (1)bed fall (1)finger fuck (1)daniel told (1)daniel (1)rich fuck (1)finger cock (1)pulled back (1)angie breasts (1)finger inside (1)hard (1)
finger ass

Time for Two Ch. 02

Watching You.

Erotic Couplings 03/11/2015

The Old Man's Plaything

Older man plays with young first timer.

Gay Male 02/19/2012

Walt and Rhonda Ch. 08

Walt makes some moves.

Erotic Couplings 09/18/2011

Joe Tom Ch. 03

Marc finally fucks Joe Tom while Archie and Lester watch.

Gay Male 06/17/2011

Mark - The Sexiest Man

Sex with an older man is the best he's ever had.

Gay Male 04/27/2011

All About You

Teasing and pleasing you is the ultimate stress reliever.

Loving Wives 05/25/2009

First Time with Model Chantal

Pro videographer breaks in eager young lady.

Erotic Couplings 12/09/2007

The Bet Ch. 01

The stakes are high, the prize to die for.

Erotic Couplings 05/05/2005

EuroLetters Ch. 02

She writes home about her continued sexual adventures.

Letters & Transcripts 03/29/2005

Auditor Tales Ch. 02

BBW shares her golden juices.

Fetish 02/12/2005

Honey, I'm Home

Tad comes home to his wife and his boss' wife together.

Group Sex 02/09/2005

Candace Ch. 03

Father & daughter share an intimate moment.

Incest/Taboo 02/04/2005

Three Way Stimulation

This is a hot way to peform oral sex on your lady.

How To 01/31/2005

Can I Suck Your... Ch. 02

The second episode between him & Kevin.

Gay Male 01/29/2005

Silent Lover

A moment of sweetness and romance.

Romance 01/27/2005

The Maid Of Dishonor

He finally took what he wanted.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/26/2005

Memoirs of a Preacher's Daughter Ch. 01

Wife cheats with a cheating cop.

Loving Wives 01/20/2005

Bobbie's Gift

A sexy redhead's ultimate bonus.

Erotic Couplings 12/08/2004

Our Babysitter

20-year-old babysitter has many new experiences.

First Time 10/30/2004

One-Night Stand

What happens the morning after?

Erotic Couplings 10/30/2004

Two Halves Of A Dream

Exhibitionism or are you just getting swept away?

Erotic Couplings 08/26/2004

Sexual Tease

The caretaker is in charge.

Fetish 07/29/2004

Cumming on the Clock

She's turned out at work while boyfriend listens.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/28/2004

Clean Sweep

He gets a hot workout.

Gay Male 06/11/2004

Yeah, My Ass!

Just how far will you let her go?

Anal 05/29/2004

The Library

She has hot times at the library.

Lesbian Sex 05/06/2004

Finally Alone & Horny

His first time with another guy is yummy.

Gay Male 04/03/2004

Just a Walk In the Park

She goes down the wrong path.

NonConsent/Reluctance 02/29/2004


You celebrate passion in a bungalow.

Erotic Couplings 02/11/2004

Erotic Weekend: Friday

Romantic weekend with beautiful woman.

Erotic Couplings 01/04/2004

The Worst Chain Story Ever Ch. 03

Magdalena finds a Master for the night. (Satire)

Chain Stories 01/04/2004

Third Date

She turns the tables on him & he complies.

Anal 12/26/2003

Trained to Perform

His usual plan unravels.

Group Sex 11/09/2003

Shocked Into My Place Ch. 05

Pat puts on a show in the VIP.

Gay Male 09/27/2003

Pleasures of the Flesh

She loves her husband's surprises.

Text With Audio 09/09/2003

Long Simmering Swing Ch. 05

We learn the rules of engagement.

Erotic Couplings 08/31/2003

Old Soldiers...

A sequel to "Soldier On"

Incest/Taboo 08/28/2003

I Knew We Would End Up Here

A one night stand.

Erotic Couplings 08/21/2003

Background of Hot Wife

Info on my hot wife.

Loving Wives 07/27/2003

Instructions... Ch. 02

Master introduces new sub to new experiences.

Toys & Masturbation 07/18/2003

Nice or Nasty? Ch. 02

Anthony gets taste of her dual personalities.

Fetish 07/18/2003

Getting Clean

You share the shower.

Lesbian Sex 05/07/2003

Something More

Her lover completely dominates her.

Erotic Couplings 04/18/2003

Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast was more than he bargained for.

Erotic Couplings 04/11/2003

Sunday Afternoon Alone

She's alone and horny, but her dildo is her friend.

Toys & Masturbation 03/10/2003

Rainy Cold Saturday Action

He introduces another bi guy to anal stimulation.

Gay Male 03/05/2003

Asian Games: Event 1

Traveller hits the shower with a Chinese tennis pro.

Erotic Couplings 02/02/2003

The Houseguest Ch. 04

The guys put on a show.

Group Sex 12/29/2002


Filming sex makes boyfriend lose his inhibitions.

Anal 12/23/2002

Let Me Be Daddy's Girl Ch. 02

Beth meets her stepmother-to-be.

Incest/Taboo 12/22/2002

Finally Full

Curious female finally experiences anal sex.

Anal 12/19/2002

First Time Meeting

Internet chat leads to more than he bargained for.

Gay Male 12/15/2002

Missing You

A Dream.. or is it?

Erotic Couplings 12/02/2002

Plans For Later

He dreams of her in the shower.

Erotic Couplings 11/26/2002

A Teaser Ch. 03

exhibitionism, loving wife in full bloom

Loving Wives 11/21/2002

A New Experience

A young woman finally gives in to her desires.

Anal 09/07/2002

Fantasies From M

Always illustrious.

Erotic Couplings 09/04/2002

A New Roommate Ch. 2

From experimentation to lovers...

Gay Male 09/03/2002

Fun in the Tub

She pampers herself with a solo session.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/25/2002

The Houseguest Ch. 1

He gets more than he bargains for.

Group Sex 08/15/2002

Mandy's Online Master Ch. 02

Mandy has an encounter at a phone booth.

BDSM 08/13/2002

Just A Back Rub? Ch. 3

Mom gets a new underwear wardrobe.

Incest/Taboo 07/22/2002

The Bitch In My Nightmare

Wife dreams of woman her husband hasn't fucked.

Anal 07/15/2002

Two Is Better Than One

How she plays with herself.

Toys & Masturbation 07/03/2002

Increased Sexual Options Ch. 2

Dave explores his most private places.

Gay Male 06/23/2002

The Neighbor

The man next door shows her something new.

First Time 05/27/2002

Reversal of Roles

He submits to Her.

Fetish 05/23/2002

On Her Mind Ch. 2

Victoria gets her last night with her vampire.

NonHuman 05/22/2002

Chance Meeting Ch. 2

Two strangers continue to learn about each other.

Erotic Couplings 05/18/2002

Classy Carissa...Or Is She? Ch. 2

She enjoys being taught to behave submissively.

BDSM 04/25/2002

Close Friends Get Closer Ch. 3

Four friends together, plus another one joins.

Gay Male 04/24/2002

Comic Relief

Writer's block on a Sunday afternoon.

Fetish 04/10/2002

Inexperienced Husband

Husband learns sex is better in many ways.

Loving Wives 03/25/2002

Stacy's Anal Delight

Girlfriend enjoys mild spanking & anal sex.

Anal 03/25/2002

The Party Ch. 2

What happens to her at the orgy.

Group Sex 03/15/2002

The Party Ch. 1

A first bi-encounter while shopping for an orgy.

Group Sex 03/14/2002

A Wicked Evening

Diners change dessert menu.

Erotic Couplings 03/04/2002

Femdom Delivery

Man is forced to take special delivery.

BDSM 03/03/2002

The Parking Garage

Her first internet dating experience.

Erotic Couplings 02/06/2002

An Introduction To Cold Comfort

College swimmer falls in lesbian lust.

Lesbian Sex 01/30/2002

Educational Hazard

The trials & tribulations of motivating certain students.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/30/2002

Work Ethic Ch. 5

Beverly's dream is realized.

Loving Wives 01/26/2002

Mary Beth's Idea Ch. 1

She admits she wants to be with another woman.

Group Sex 01/09/2002

Her Boy Toy

Bi guy gets it in the end

Anal 12/27/2001

Middle of the Night Play

He wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Romance 12/15/2001

Sex in the Senate House

What really goes on in the offices of Congress.

Erotic Couplings 11/27/2001

A Memorable First

A married man's first time.

Gay Male 11/04/2001


Her fantasy about a woman.

Lesbian Sex 11/02/2001

The Masseur

Naughty masseur pleasures a client.

Erotic Couplings 10/29/2001

Strangers in a Bar

Horny woman makes her fantasy come true.

Erotic Couplings 10/12/2001

A Trick and a Treat

A Halloween party gone wild!

Erotic Couplings 10/01/2001

Duana: The Girl That Keeps On Giving

She can teach a guy a lesson or two.

Fetish 06/05/2001

Cousin Visits My Hotel

Cousin stops by for a night of sexual abandon.

Incest/Taboo 06/01/2001

Waiting For Ride

Senior waits for mom to drive him home.

Group Sex 05/16/2001

What Happened After Britney's Bath?

Read and find out!

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 04/14/2001

Gina, My Teacher Ch. 2

It Gina's turn for pleasure.

Lesbian Sex 04/05/2001

Confidence Regained Ch. 2

After class, he gets to know his classmates.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/22/2001

Sister and Two

They visit hot sister for lesbian fun.

Incest/Taboo 03/13/2001

The Shower

She gives you a wet surprise in the shower.

Erotic Couplings 03/12/2001

The Hotel Room Ch. 1

She waits for you in a private room.

Erotic Couplings 03/05/2001
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