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Full Body Massage

 — I give you a massage with all the trimmings. by ceris01in  Erotic Couplings07/07/153.93

Golden & The Dark

 — Woman begins to discover herself. by Amorain  Lesbian Sex06/16/154.21

Boyfriend Gives Oral First Time

 — After a six month wait, she finally gets what she needs. by loveyou18in  First Time06/02/154.30

Kondo San? Pt. 03

 — There's no two without three, and the fourth has to be... by Joe456in  Interracial Love04/17/154.70HOT

Horny at Work

 — A boyfriend calls his girl at work and gets her horny. by loveyou18in  Romance03/31/154.17

Encounters Pt. 01

 — A man hires a professional to get what he wants. by DJWintersin  Erotic Couplings03/12/154.52HOT

Her Friend's Promotional Party

 — Wife's past comes back to haunt her. by Jennifersmasterin  Loving Wives03/10/153.36

Gran Meets My Needs

 — They both wanted but it was still a surprise. by nectar76in  Incest/Taboo03/07/154.30

Carla Becomes A Nude Model Ch. 03

 — Erotic photo shoot of a beautiful wife. by Photmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/01/154.53HOT

Carla Becomes A Nude Model Ch. 02

 — Exotic Photo Shoot of a Beautiful Wife. by Photmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/28/144.57HOT

Hotel Stranger Sex

 — Horny business woman looking for anonymous hotel sex. by Erinterestingin  Erotic Couplings12/28/144.02

Carla Becomes A Nude Model Ch. 01

 — Erotic photo shoot of a beautiful wife. by Photmanin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/25/144.56HOT

Discovering "Back There"

 — Carrie spends a rainy day discovering the joys of anal. by BuckyDuckmanin  Anal09/23/144.27

A Mid Summers Dream

 — Something wonderful to wake up to. by WickedNiceGuyin  Erotic Couplings04/24/144.44

Early Morning

 — Me and my Patner, Early Morning. No plot just sex by EuropeJennin  Lesbian Sex03/30/144.02

Emma's Mystery Man...

 — A night out leads to a powerful masturbation session. by BettyBigTitsin  Toys & Masturbation03/14/143.80

Al Capone's Treasure

 — Scarface had nothing like the treasure she found. by A_Little_Showin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur01/13/144.07

Chamber Meeting

 — After hours meeting at Chamber of Commerce gets steamy. by Daisygeekin  Romance12/23/133.82

Happy Birthday!

 — Lisa taunts her husband into abusing her ass. by Analmastwhore1in  Fetish09/02/133.52

A Story To Make Her Cum

 — A woman masturbates as her lover reads to her. by partyfairyin  Toys & Masturbation05/27/133.57

A Morning Delight

 — A female masturbation story. by sng85in  Toys & Masturbation05/20/134.22

Lost and Found Ch. 02

 — Vicki & Jo continue to find each other again. by LiveCatin  Lesbian Sex05/17/134.84HOT


 — Tessa decides it's time to start having sex. by deliciouslytannedin  First Time05/09/133.86

A How To: Just Your Fingers

 —  Let me help you get off with just your fingers. by Pierce_Robertsin  How To05/05/134.06

Leelee Ch. 02

 — The woman is caged. by StoryTeller07in  Lesbian Sex02/07/134.49

A Really Bad Day

 — Sometimes even the worst days lead to good things. by LiveCatin  Lesbian Sex12/01/124.74HOT

Just One Night

 — Online friends meet for one night of fun. by LiveCatin  Lesbian Sex10/18/124.35

Afternoon Nap Interrupted Ch. 02

 — Turnabout is fair play on older guy's couch. by sirhugsin  Mature08/06/124.48

Filled to Capacity

 — I may be small, but I can stretch pretty far. by minxyfoxyin  Toys & Masturbation07/30/124.15

For Your Cock

 — A woman describes her masturbation session to her pen pal. by Bridesmaidin  Toys & Masturbation07/18/124.53HOT

After Hours with Mrs Jenner

 — Horny MILF shows him how she uses her fingers. by geronimo_applebyin  Toys & Masturbation07/09/124.37

How We Were Meant To Be

 — Sitting by the pool turns into an afternoon of delight. by kdanilovein  Lesbian Sex07/06/124.25

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 03

 — The wife's husband is shocked by her behavior. by BrentCrudein  Fetish06/02/124.03

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 02

 — Friend abducts wife and uses her roughly. by BrentCrudein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/01/124.28

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — Friend abducts wife and uses her roughly. by BrentCrudein  NonConsent/Reluctance05/31/123.94

Bound by Ecstasy

 — Welcome home, Vixen. Now give me your liquid lust. by MethodicMortalityin  BDSM03/19/124.16

Digital Manipulation

 — Oh, that stranger's hands! by Alessia Brioin  Mature03/06/124.21

A Letter from Old India Ch. 02

 — She writes husband of her adventure in colonial India. by battleaxe_babein  Letters & Transcripts02/26/124.32

Hands and Knees

 — Ahhhh....for the love of all things anal! by Bellatrixiein  Text With Audio01/17/123.73

All Hands on Deck Massage

 — A massage turns into three way fun. by Mjohnstone817in  Group Sex11/24/114.33

Editing the Script

 — I didn't expect what happened. by lashandain  Erotic Couplings11/19/114.05

College Fun!

 — My best friend shows me the pleasures of another woman! by juci_luciin  Lesbian Sex09/08/114.35

A Guide to Great Anal Sex Pt. 03

 — Outercourse and positions. by celesteandjimin  How To08/21/114.45

And She Cried, "Oh!" Ch. 02

 — Rape leads to lesbianism. by Obzezzionin  Lesbian Sex07/06/114.53HOT

Camping Trip and a Friend's Wife

 — Drinking leads to a crazy encounter with a buddy's wife. by bronston22in  NonConsent/Reluctance05/20/114.14

Getting Ready...

 — Getting ready for, and then being fisted. by 4inchholein  Gay Male03/03/113.66

Hotel Anal Firsts

 — She accepts a finger for the first time! by juggalojay89in  Anal01/26/113.69

Christmas Eve at Church

 — Friends Nikki and Ellie celebrate Christmas Eve at church. by Elliebellein  Lesbian Sex01/07/114.34

Becky On Her Knees

 — She's on her knees waiting to be used by me. by formywifein  BDSM10/14/104.02

Anticipation Ch. 02

 — Lea blows Ian when he comes home. by ShyVixen33in  Erotic Couplings05/09/104.79HOT

Good Morning, Sunshine

 — You find the best part of waking up. by AmandaSilverin  Romance05/02/104.39

Is 3 A Crowd? Ch. 06

 — Lex finds her way back to Faith's house to talk. by SexyLexy41in  Lesbian Sex04/23/104.56HOT

Home Alone

 — When the boyfriends away and theres nothing on TV by jenny4herin  Toys & Masturbation03/03/104.08

Karen's Revelations

 — Karen tells her co-workers how she became a lesbian. by SilkenLacein  Lesbian Sex02/24/104.49

Captured Ch. 02

 — "Tell me where the dossier is?" demanded Natasha. by Hudsonin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/02/094.46

For One Night Only

 — He is hers for one night only. by MzEHooliain  Romance11/28/093.92

Former Cheerleader Needs $200

 — "Safe" older man is urged to help an abandoned young mom. by LaPatitMortin  Mature11/03/094.46

Life Had Been A Bitch

 — What she needed was normalcy. by MistressLacyin  BDSM09/22/094.67

Getting The Builders In Ch. 01

 — A young woman's house needs attention but that's not all. by uknewboy35in  Erotic Couplings08/05/093.69

Dragontouched Pt. 02

 — Odgerel and Zephyr make love for the first time. by Dragzin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/27/094.23


 — Secret rendevous ends in lesbian threesome. by sexy_sandreyin  Lesbian Sex06/30/094.26

Hotel Fantasy

 — Wife is bound and left for strangers at a hotel. by formywifein  Loving Wives06/29/094.15

Horny Helen Wants More

 — After Marco has gone Helen continues to play. by Marcothegodin  Toys & Masturbation04/21/093.83

Ashley and Megan Ch. 01

 — Ashley has a lot in common with horny sister. by Dellan077in  Incest/Taboo03/08/094.04

Dorm Dreaming

 — Amy writes about sex with him only to have him show up. by Mandasy123in  Erotic Couplings02/03/094.64HOT

Lew in the Morning

 — Diane awakes to her new life. by BlueFish11in  Erotic Couplings10/11/084.27

Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 06

 — Katie daydreams about Amanda & pleasures herself. by sugarisnicein  Lesbian Sex09/22/084.46

Class Is In Session

 — A young virgin gets a lesson in sex by bigdaddys9128in  Lesbian Sex09/18/083.75

A Letter To My Lover 01

 — She writes to him the morning after. by daddysdirrtygirlin  Letters & Transcripts06/16/084.00

Amy Tells Her Story

 — Amy, Mandy, tash & Peter who's who. by Hudsonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/23/073.25

Amy's Cab Ride

 — Amy catches a cab & has night to remember. by Hudsonin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/23/074.19

Found in the Translation

 — A young assistant proves herself to her boss. by AgentMeowin  BDSM11/12/070.00

Dirty Wife

 — After he catches you masturbating, you take over. by jimmythingin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/30/073.63

Addicted to Danger

 — At her high school reunion, Jennifer is stalked and tied up. by LadyDiMerain  Erotic Couplings05/23/074.76HOT

Celebrating Her Promotion Pt. 02

 — She pays to ravish a younger woman. by mandywilluk2000in  Lesbian Sex05/08/074.37

Camping Trip Ch. 02

 — Join the foursome again on their weekend getaway. by fallenangel_jadedin  Group Sex04/11/074.00


 — Dreaming of my lover. by 1SpiceyAngelin  Toys & Masturbation03/13/074.48

Lilith & Blade: Rescued Legend

 — A twist following a classic rescue encounter. by GildedLilyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/13/074.45

John & Carol

 — Love between two unlikely people. by Just_John1in  Romance02/07/074.81HOT

Come with Me Ch. 03

 — Coming of the second night. by always_learningin  Loving Wives12/01/063.85


 — She loved to dance. And he loved to watch. by lustybardin  Erotic Couplings08/11/064.47

Kay and Chapters

 — A refreshing adventure in mocha. by escapableheartin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/11/064.41

Aunt Lilith Ch. 02

 — He learns more about his "aunt". by SEVERUSMAXin  NonHuman09/13/054.54HOT

Brotherly Love Ch. 05

 — Jaimie and Mark get caught. by Myalynin  First Time09/08/054.45

Awakenings: Seduction By The Sea

 — You are aroused at dawn. by Gentleyetwildguyin  Erotic Couplings07/26/054.32

Bound and Pleasured at Lunch Ch. 02

 — Her secret lover surprises her at her favorite restaurant. by Gentleyetwildguyin  BDSM07/26/054.13


 — Now, Daddy wishes... by Julianin  Incest/Taboo07/21/054.44

Happy Birthday: Mary's Gift

 — She is served breakfast in bed. by SapphireNSilkin  Lesbian Sex07/13/054.23

General Hospital: Mia & Jason

 — Mia spends second day in Port Charles house hunting. by lindianain  Celebrities04/29/054.40

Flying First Class

 — A dream flight. by sinnersedgein  Toys & Masturbation04/22/053.85

Email to Val

 — A girl's introduction to female love. by englander1961in  Lesbian Sex08/14/034.16

A Special Breakfast Order

 — It gives rise to a great tip. by Victoria_2001_02769in  Erotic Couplings07/09/034.65HOT

Bath Time Fantasy

 — Fantasy and masturbation while relaxing in the tub by daisygirl_1962in  Toys & Masturbation07/08/033.00

A Simple Want

 — What this woman wants, she gets. by ZaQadirin  Erotic Couplings04/06/034.07

All Tangled Up In Christmas Ribbons

 — Spontaneity never hurt anyone, especially on XXX-mas eve. by Do_me_roughin  Erotic Couplings12/15/024.40

Haunted Ch. 1

 — Katie's story by Hudsonin  NonHuman11/23/014.28

A Night at the Theatre Ch. 2

 — Man finds himself seated next to a nympho. by Lee_2061in  Erotic Couplings08/10/014.42

A Fantasy

 — She sits alone, fantasizing about her husband... by SuperDot69in  Erotic Couplings07/05/013.92

Exotic Vacation or...

 — Her dream vacation becomes more than a dream. by mzkin  BDSM06/09/013.58

A Month of Summer Ch. 1

 — Margaret takes a temporary job in Carter's hometown. by Kelwynna_Douglasin  Erotic Couplings03/24/014.06

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