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Discovering Clara Pt. 03

 — By being blindfolded, Clara's eyes are opened. by keepitclassykeepitloudin  Novels and Novellas08/02/154.57HOT

Discovering Clara Pt. 02

 — She met her Master on a warm, summer night... by keepitclassykeepitloudin  Novels and Novellas07/31/154.43

Discovering Clara Pt. 01

 — She met her Master on a warm, summer night... by keepitclassykeepitloudin  Novels and Novellas07/30/154.08

Please, Master

 — she asks her husband to whip her, and he responds by ham_sandwichin  BDSM06/16/144.40


 — His submissive BDSM fantasy becomes reality. by Painplayin  BDSM05/18/114.00

Lucy Ch. 02

 — Lucy finds and tests a possible new playmate. by NaivelyWanderingin  Novels and Novellas11/25/104.62HOT

My First Party

 — A sub's first trip to the dungeon. by Hisflwin  BDSM10/21/103.61

The Ritual of Binding

 — A spirit, bound by blood, offers its services. by ReverendCraigin  BDSM10/11/104.26

My First Time

 — A first scene for a new submissive. by celticsunspiralin  BDSM10/02/104.15

Close Your Eyes...

 — Her brave first step into the world of BDSM. by MarcusStrappin  Fetish11/20/094.24

Innocence Lost Ch. 02

 — A stripping away of inhibitions. by DarkDreamerwithHopein  BDSM08/07/094.33

Master's First Inspection

 — New submissive gets her first taste of being owned. by Daddy_Jackin  BDSM08/02/084.10

His First Awakening

 — A male learns submission & finds his first Mistress. by Icetiger1227in  BDSM04/18/084.48

Training the Young Dom

 — When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. by mrwupyin  BDSM10/06/073.83

Red, Red, Red

 — A Master starts to teach a new couple. by Valiantin  BDSM09/15/074.16

Mastered By Three

 — She finds herself in a most unusual way. by roxi_WTMin  BDSM06/30/074.00

The Open Minded Tales of a Troller

 — Submissive man discovers attraction to dominant male. by banterin  Gay Male06/20/070.00

My Boss's Daughter Ch. 01

 — Man finally has his boss's daughter. by narcotiquein  BDSM05/21/074.18

A Beginner's Guide to Dominating her

 — First time Topping: how to start off right. by Master_n_Mentorin  How To05/15/074.56HOT

Educating Penny Ch. 01

 — A young woman begins her journey. by haunted_one2005in  Novels and Novellas01/31/074.36

Sophie's First

 — Sophie decides to take the next big step into reality by Russ007UKin  BDSM01/22/074.28

His Pussy

 — A young woman's eyes are slowly opened to the world of BDSM. by txtMasterspetin  BDSM11/25/064.08

Suzanne Submits to a Stranger Redux

 — Suzanne's version of the first time she submits to him. by master3105in  BDSM11/20/064.28

A Slave's Story

 — A young woman becomes a slave. by RonClarkesonin  Novels and Novellas10/31/064.49

A Master's Story

 — An older man becomes a Master by accident. by RonClarkesonin  Novels and Novellas10/31/064.45


 — She's introduced to some light BDSM. by pagrlin  BDSM10/27/063.90


 — First meeting of slave and Master. by Nightly8in  BDSM10/13/064.41

By the Time I Get to Phoenix Ch. 03

 — Her first bondage experience continues. by buxomy44DDin  BDSM10/10/064.40

Respect Ch. 01

 — A young wife's search for love and redemption. by rachaelrossin  Loving Wives09/30/064.46

Culture Shock

 — Journey from 'online' to 'real life' in 23 chapters. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM09/24/064.83HOT

The Word Ch. 01

 — Young couple experiments for the first time. by FogBardin  BDSM09/21/064.24

Serving Sharon

 — His first time being dominated. by ptlandtom69in  BDSM08/31/064.38

First Night

 — Her deepest desires are finally becoming reality. by krissyjojoin  BDSM08/10/063.62

Megan's First Time

 — Will older woman's bondage reality be as good as her fantasy? by sethpin  BDSM08/08/064.15

Tie Me Up and Eat Me

 — Her first time as a submissive. by ladyadonia30in  Fetish06/30/064.29

Heritage Ch. 02

 — Bella finds her old home invaded. by bella247in  BDSM05/27/064.42

Geena's Life Ch. 02

 — College weekend leads to Geena's first sub experience. by justgeenain  BDSM05/20/064.35

Dominating a Man for the First Time

 — the dominatrix basics for first timers. by missveronicain  How To05/19/064.49

The Meeting Ch. 01

 — Sandra and her master finally meet after years of waiting. by GothLordin  BDSM05/17/064.33

The Introduction

 — Meeting her Master. by firedream35in  BDSM05/11/064.06

Gwen: Bound for a New Life

 — Her life boring, Gwen seeks a new one. by Calandriain  BDSM05/09/064.48

The Club

 — The Irish wildkatt took her where shy kitty wanted to go. by MINKXin  BDSM04/29/063.88

Submissive Minds

 — Young woman's awakening to her darker desires. by Riyvenin  BDSM04/18/064.13

Behind Closed Doors

 — Traci learns the true meaning of Submission. by Hercules_unleashedin  BDSM02/03/064.25

Into a New Life

 — She enters into a life as a slave. by littleone2005in  BDSM01/06/064.19

Angel Delight

 — Couple's foray into BDSM goes a bit wrong. by hotchkissin  BDSM01/05/064.40

Dom Sub Experiment

 — Kim convinces reluctant hubby to be her master. by exoticatin  BDSM01/02/064.67HOT

A Perfect World Pt. 01

 — Her life will change dramatically - for the better. by penbeatswordin  Novels and Novellas12/03/054.32

Sometimes I Get the Urge to Drive

 — Surprise encounter introduces Jan to Dom/sub. by Scorpio44in  BDSM12/02/054.65HOT

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 02

 — They continue their exploration of BDSM. by Steve1613in  BDSM11/18/054.53HOT

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 01

 — Couple ventures down the BDSM path. by Steve1613in  BDSM11/14/054.38

The Closet Domme: The Party

 — Fun & games at party lead to punishment. by Sacred Beautyin  BDSM10/07/054.39

Teaching Carol Ch. 02

 — Student teacher continues her submission training. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio08/29/054.29

Mistress Pat

 — His first real-time experience in D/s. by Clausimottoin  BDSM08/11/053.87

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