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Surrendering Herself

 — New Submissive surrenders to her master for the first time. by Psishadowin  BDSM12/22/154.42

Learning to Let Go Pt. 03

 — First Domme, first date. by Yoshimatsuin  BDSM04/30/154.72HOT

The Comstock Institute Ch. 01

 — Scott is stripped naked and examined by the committee. by boyish_and_obedientin  BDSM03/04/154.25

A Submissive Adventure with Lori

 — Business associate and I meet while we're vulnerable. by RossBarnesin  BDSM06/06/134.40

Kitty & Teddy, LLC Ch. 04a

 — New Job Orientation. by pocketrocketin  Novels and Novellas04/15/134.75HOT

Hawaiian Punched Ch. 01

 — Domineering brunette confronts, and takes a fall. by Combat323in  NonConsent/Reluctance02/12/134.56HOT

The Twelve Tables

 — Her introduction to a whole new world. by xelliebabexin  Novels and Novellas01/18/134.68HOT

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 03

 — A young new sex slave is brutally initiated. by sss888in  BDSM02/06/124.02

The Public Sex Slave Ch. 01-02

 — A young new sex slave begins his humiliation. by sss888in  BDSM01/25/123.61

Acquiring a Slut

 — Janet is brought into a world she never knew existed. by lofwyrkpin  BDSM09/04/094.19

Debts Paid

 — A debt is settled, and a woman learns to submit. by Kara_Langorain  BDSM09/26/083.82

Submission of Suzie

 — T-girl pain-slut meets her Mistress. by slutty_jannellein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/24/083.92

My Surrender

 — The story of a woman's realization of her submissive nature. by starfire351in  BDSM09/11/084.21

Master's First Inspection

 — New submissive gets her first taste of being owned. by Daddy_Jackin  BDSM08/02/084.10

Sub Ramoya Meets her Master

 — First time submissive. by bigtddybrin  BDSM08/02/084.39

How I Met my Master

 — My first venture into D/s-land. by empress_of_blandingsin  BDSM06/22/084.45

Tina's First Time

 — Tina finally gets what she has spent her whole life craving. by Fred31267in  BDSM05/27/084.22

The Unexpected

 — Suicidal man ends up on an erotic island. by submissive_blondin  BDSM11/14/073.56

Cindy's Training Ch. 01

 — So Close: rookie Dom and a newbie sub explore D/s. by Ton8tyin  BDSM10/27/074.68HOT

MaryAnn Tries Submissive

 — Beautiful young widow tries something new & exotic. by MaryAnn678in  NonConsent/Reluctance08/22/074.36

For my Master

 — Her first time as a submissive. by craftyladyNHin  BDSM07/24/074.45

Valerie Ch. 01

 — Valerie experiences her first submission. by dweaver999in  BDSM02/19/074.67HOT

Educating Penny Ch. 01

 — A young woman begins her journey. by haunted_one2005in  Novels and Novellas01/31/074.36

Sophie's First

 — Sophie decides to take the next big step into reality by Russ007UKin  BDSM01/22/074.28

Submissive Molly Ch. 05

 — Charlie dominates Molly & Martha. by OneWhoKnowsin  BDSM11/08/064.54HOT

A Slave's Story

 — A young woman becomes a slave. by RonClarkesonin  Novels and Novellas10/31/064.49


 — She's introduced to some light BDSM. by pagrlin  BDSM10/27/063.90

Submissive Molly Ch. 01

 — Meeting Charlie changes her life. by OneWhoKnowsin  BDSM10/07/064.52HOT

First Master

 — A virgin is bought into slavery. by JudeRodneyin  BDSM09/29/064.15

Thank You, May I Have Another? Ch. 01

 — Older wife struggles with her sub side. by evals22in  BDSM09/16/064.40

Serving Sharon

 — His first time being dominated. by ptlandtom69in  BDSM08/31/064.38

Tie Me Up and Eat Me

 — Her first time as a submissive. by ladyadonia30in  Fetish06/30/064.29

Geena's Life Ch. 02

 — College weekend leads to Geena's first sub experience. by justgeenain  BDSM05/20/064.35

Their Beginning

 — She trains her pet for the first time. by Bruno1027in  BDSM05/12/064.45

Five Dimes

 — new sub gets a new lesson. by Sir_Jesterin  BDSM05/05/064.26


 — Sub meets net Dom for first time. by bettiboopin  BDSM05/01/064.60HOT

The Quiet Room

 — Master and slave's first time. by cellphoneguy1974in  BDSM04/28/064.22

Learning to Please

 — Dee Dee learns the meaning of obedience. by Many Feathersin  BDSM04/28/064.48

Submissive Minds

 — Young woman's awakening to her darker desires. by Riyvenin  BDSM04/18/064.13

Everything Starts Somewhere

 — Laura finds herself in a compromising position. by kinkandmore73in  BDSM04/15/064.36

Oral Subjugation

 — He discovers the pleasures of a willing submissive. by Tashkentin  Fetish03/26/064.56HOT

A Long Time Coming

 — Her first stab at being submissive. by GrnEyedLuckyin  BDSM03/24/063.80

Behind Closed Doors

 — Traci learns the true meaning of Submission. by Hercules_unleashedin  BDSM02/03/064.25

The Gift of Submission For Xmas

 — She gave him something money can't buy: herself. by windwriterin  BDSM11/16/054.42

Teaching Carol Ch. 03

 — Young teacher learns more about her submissive nature. by zenmackiein  Text With Audio09/05/054.59HOT

For My Master

 — Being owned, being kept, being wet. by mollyisme2in  Text With Audio06/21/054.21

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