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Just Bleeding Wonderful

 — Laurie has to leave home; finds a new life with her brother. by GrandTetonin  Incest/Taboo09/30/174.62HOT

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 40

 — Chater 40. by tnwriterin  Gay Male08/09/143.88

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 39

 — Fred gets on his knees. by tnwriterin  Gay Male07/28/144.43

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 38

 — Chapter - 38. by tnwriterin  Gay Male07/18/144.05

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 36

 — Decisions. by tnwriterin  Gay Male07/02/144.00

Old Man Discovers... Ch. 31

 — Chapter 31 continued. by tnwriterin  Gay Male05/14/144.18

Fred & Ginger - Fantasy or Reality Ch. 02

 — Taking Ginger in public to push her boundaries. by bikerboydwin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur04/12/140.00

Fatal Attractions Ch. 04

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until.. by a_zx2003in  Loving Wives08/29/123.48

Fatal Attractions Ch. 02

 — Sam thought she had everything a girl could dream of until... by a_zx2003in  Loving Wives08/24/123.90

Velma And The Spirit Of Women Miners

 — The adventure of the Scooby-Doo gang in a Silver Mine by Richard963in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/10/123.83

The Doorbell Rang Ch. 01

 — Woman's nerdy mailman is a diamond in the rough. by pentopaperin  NonConsent/Reluctance01/08/104.38

Home Sweet Home

 — Fredrick's surprise part three. by kandiein  Erotic Couplings02/09/053.50

A Wild Hold'em Game Ch. 02

 — The stage is set. by nastystoryguyin  BDSM12/25/044.58HOT

Daddy's Debt

 — Daughter is forced to repay daddy's debt. by pleasure victimin  Incest/Taboo12/04/044.03


 — He and his girlfriend try something different. by copper50in  Group Sex12/02/043.71


 — Banging a demon chic without a paper bag on her head. by GratefulFredin  Humor & Satire08/23/043.25


 — One woman's struggle to be free by Niqqi_6in  Non-Erotic08/11/044.21


 — Meet her special friend Fred. by Erotica_Writingsin  Toys & Masturbation06/10/044.00

Punishment at Work

 — Roy punishes T for poor work performance. by ceb35in  BDSM01/08/043.90

The Ginnycam

 — Ginny gives it up, a hidden camera catches the action. by User1in  Interracial Love11/12/034.59HOT

Mind Games

 — A jilted lover takes "control" over his ex. by PenanceSin  Mind Control03/12/034.10

The Gift

 — The Gift that made Martha's Valentines Day special. by nickmossein  Erotic Couplings02/08/033.31

The Sorceror's Boner

 — Fred and George Weasley share their first time with a girl. by Svenskaflickain  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/06/034.08

We Wasn't Getting Any Younger

 — They want their erotic moments on video. by patuk54in  Mature10/14/023.87

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 05

 — Lynn see more than hay in hayloft. by Wm_Sexspearin  Interracial Love10/08/024.19

Coronation Street: The Erotic Version Ch. 14

 — Bet makes a welcome return. by cargy1ukin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/24/024.19

My First Threesome

 — Her first threesome with 2 bisexual men. by Owlynin  Group Sex06/06/023.68

The Postman Cums Twice Ch. 4

 — Daughter gets her man. by Wyden Longin  Incest/Taboo05/27/024.58HOT

Ex Boyfriend & Wife

 — Her ex-lover makes a visit. by jjbeenzcain  Loving Wives04/24/023.88

Ghost Lover

 — Witch's murdered husband returns for last night. by Paul Yearwoodin  NonHuman04/05/024.04

The Goodbye Party

 — An account of couple's sexual experience. by Claret62in  Loving Wives02/08/023.90

The Big Shave

 — A night of playing strip pocker goes wild. by trev1in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/09/013.75

Our First Time Together

 — They get together for a permanent threeway. by Geenain  Group Sex10/08/014.12

A Hero Who Shrunk For His Cause

 — Alien meets his match. by p_p_manin  Humor & Satire04/07/013.46

A Bisexual Wife's Gang Bang

 — Fred and friends walk in on bisexual wife. by English Bobin  Group Sex12/26/004.07

Sharing Janet

 — He and Fred ravish his wife. by Lacadiein  Loving Wives10/16/004.10

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