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Solstices Obscurity "Nightfall" Ch. 04

 — War, and joyous memories it brings of freedom. by Unrequited_Evilin  Non-Erotic03/24/153.00

The Third Revolution Ch. 01

 — In a future America, a man encounters a mysterious woman. by swingerjoein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/05/154.53HOT

Aquata Cove Ch. 42

 — When Adam protects his love, Merrick holds nothing back. by Feare909in  Gay Male02/20/154.71HOT


 — Sarah explores much more than freedom once she moves out. by Cherie_lovein  Lesbian Sex02/11/154.24

Childhood Demons Ch. 03

 — She walked up a mountain for a better look and just a chance. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman11/13/144.80HOT

Braless Is Better

 — Unleash those puppies to help with upper back pain. by CQtRosein  Reviews & Essays11/12/144.51HOT

Childhood Demons Ch. 02

 — The night that A'ishah's chains fell away. by TaLtos6in  NonHuman11/12/144.79HOT

The Contrast Ch. 03

 — Who is looking for Rose? by lenarosicin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/17/144.46

Captive Princess Pt. 08

 — A happy ending for our princess. by Wifetheifin  Romance03/21/144.62HOT

Passions And Fears Are Contagious

 — Suddenly our lives are changed forever. by lbarthin  Loving Wives02/17/142.41

Cate's Gift

 — Cate's gift to Mark begins an adventure of sexual fantasies. by erossmanticin  Loving Wives01/18/144.57HOT

Melancholy Jeannie

 — A Southern fruit is forbidden, spoiled, and resurrected. by cowboy109in  Novels and Novellas12/30/133.14

Responding Like a Lady

 — A lady can write about fucking. by ticklechambersin  Reviews & Essays12/20/134.51HOT

Life Is But a Dream

 — She thinks the world's her dream, but so does everyone else by onesexyrobotin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/03/133.86

My Dominus

 — The moment when someone becomes your Dominus. by BJKanein  BDSM07/30/132.67

Ghost Lover

 — A seance may have let an insatiable ghost into a man's life. by ErotickWriterin  NonHuman05/23/134.62HOT

Angel Lust 06

 — Chapter Six: The Mission/Celebration. by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/13/124.32

Angel Lust 05

 — Chapter Five: The Decision. by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/06/124.24

Angel Lust 04

 — Chapter Four: New Toys/Connections. by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/04/124.15

Angel Lust 03

 — Losing Rank. by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/03/124.17

Angel Lust 02

 — Chapter Two: Introductions by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/31/124.19

Angel Lust 01

 — Chapter One: Abduction by NamnRoxin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/123.81

Rekindled Ch. 02

 — Etienne takes Isabeau home. by His_beloved_roisinin  BDSM05/15/124.72HOT

Rekindled Ch. 01

 — A trapped submissive is saved. by His_beloved_roisinin  BDSM05/11/124.59HOT

A Slave to the Servants Ch. 31

 — An end to the past and new beginnings. by DoctorWolfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy04/04/124.85HOT

Thank You, For A Wonderful Shower

 — An unlikely encounter turns horror into heaven. by SWEETPs_WURDISTin  Gay Male09/18/114.39


 — Frightened submissive finds her voice again. by Hisbellein  BDSM08/22/114.00

Hardcore Holiday Ch. 04

 — Held captive Dan sees another, gentler, side to Franco. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male04/01/114.46

Captured Ch. 06

 — Freedom at last. by antonia_pleasuresin  BDSM02/04/114.27

The Confession

 — A mother confesses her love for her son. by Moondriftin  Incest/Taboo07/13/104.41

The Gilded Cage Ch. 05

 — Jess has an unexpected visitor. by MelloTin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/17/104.39

The Invention of Pornography

 — Porn and its liberating effects. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays02/07/100.00

Dark Tales. The Vet. Ch. 01

 — She was supposed to be in Brussels. by torchthebitchin  Loving Wives09/20/094.36

Offworld Ch. 04

 — A conclusion. by luvkittenin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/094.29

Eternal Love

 — People will do anything to be with a lover...anything. by Dienin  Romance08/10/094.06

Freedom in The Rain - The Dance

 — Neighbors discover freedom and each other while dancing. by Hookmeistrin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/24/084.15

Making The World More Beautiful

 — Landscaper transforms Candace's malevolent life with beauty. by erossmanticin  Erotic Couplings04/13/084.45

Diaphanous Dancer

 — Topless bellydancer seduces wallflower gentleman. by Whisperlyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/15/074.32

Jack in Vermont

 — Life in a nude family. by macbuzzin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/04/074.33

Wish Me Luck

 — She wants the freedom to make her own decisions. by DG Hearin  Erotic Couplings05/10/074.16

Laresa's World Ch. 25: Ben & Horace

 — Horace's lust leads Laresa down a path. by RedHairedandFriendlyin  Chain Stories05/02/074.83HOT

Statuary Rape

 — The things you find in a cemetery... by TE999in  Erotic Horror10/05/064.28

Our Failing Fight for Freedom

 — A view of Freedom of speech in America. by Landrious1in  Reviews & Essays05/30/054.55HOT

Two Dogs Fucking

 — Life is like 'two dogs fucking'. by My Erotic Talein  Reviews & Essays05/24/053.97

The Price of Freedom

 — Freedom, vigilance, and Lenny Bruce. by Medicine Hatin  Reviews & Essays05/22/054.81HOT

Freedom of Speech is Not Enough

 — What is that freedom loses its power? by thebulletin  Reviews & Essays05/22/054.38

Freedom To Speak, Freedom To Listen

 — You don't like it, don't listen to it. by greeneyelovein  Reviews & Essays05/20/054.48

Celebrate Freedom!

 — A discussion of book banning. by sophia janein  Reviews & Essays05/19/054.68HOTContest Winner

Ancient Liberties

 — The City of London is threatened, but she has a plan. by oggbashanin  Romance04/08/044.32

Control, Sam, Control Ch. 01

 — One of five in which the protagonist loses it all. by Citadelin  Mind Control05/28/034.18

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