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friend's mother


Follow-up to "Sometimes, Things Just Happen".

Mature 01/12/2018

Sometimes, Things Just Happen

Fireworks erupt between Estelle and her son's best friend.

Mature 12/19/2017

Watching Mom the First Time Pt. 11

Billy's mom seduces him.

Incest/Taboo 09/02/2017

Friend's Mom

Best friend is away, but his Mom wants to play...

Mature 08/30/2017

Moms Best Friend Ch. 02

Mom's friend can't get enough of my young cock.

Mature 07/13/2017

It's Not Your Fault

Son's friends collide with grief stricken mom.

Mature 07/11/2017

Tickling Mom Pt. 02

Kim gets her revenge with the help of Peter's mom Diane.

Fetish 06/08/2017

Sylvia's Mom Pt. 03

Sylvia's mom, Sheila, surrenders her anal virginity

Novels and Novellas 05/27/2017

Sylvia's Mom Pt. 02

Sheila, Sylvia's mom, surrenders herself to me.

Novels and Novellas 05/26/2017

Her Son's Best Big Buddy

Brandon’s sleepover creates an awakening for Michael's mom.

Mature 04/21/2017

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 11

Strengthen the relationship before graduation.

Mature 01/22/2017

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 10

Breeding Vanessa and Amanda.

Mature 01/14/2017

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 09

Breeding Claire and Grace.

Mature 12/12/2016

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 08

Aidan decides to end the affairs with the 4 MILFS.

Mature 10/30/2016

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 07

Amanda and Aidan are almost caught cheating.

Mature 10/20/2016

Southern Belle

A younger man seduces his best friends Mother.

NonConsent/Reluctance 09/26/2016

My Summer at Bill's

I take an interest in my friend Bill's mother.

Mind Control 07/05/2016

Friend Amit's Mother Ch. 01

Fahim gets to chance by chance.

Mature 03/09/2016

Lust for Friend's Mother Ch. 02

Rubina was more than happy with young stud.

Mature 01/15/2016

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 04

Driving Mrs. Powell.

Mature 10/24/2015

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 03

Dancing with Vanessa.

Mature 10/08/2015

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 02

Aidan seduces Claire.

Mature 10/03/2015

4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 01

A young man becomes aware of the mothers of his friends.

Mature 10/01/2015

That 70’s Show / Kitty & Hyde

Kitty Entertains Hyde.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/08/2014

Best Friends Mother

Jason couldn't believe his luck.

Mature 08/11/2014

Soldier Boy

Soldier meets best mate's mum.

Interracial Love 07/28/2014

Every Monday After School

Exploring uncharted territory.

Mature 05/20/2014

Heather gets an 18-Year-Old

She can't resist her daughter's friend.

Mature 04/09/2014

The Awakening

She introduces her daughter's best friend to a woman's touch.

Lesbian Sex 01/15/2014

Fucking my Daughter's Boyfriend

Mom discovers that daughter's boyfriend is huge.

Mature 10/08/2013

Jason's Mom

Young man has erotic experience with friend's mom.

Mature 10/05/2013

Mrs. Melendez Ch. 01

Allen has always had a thing for his friend's mother.

Mature 05/12/2013

Helping My Friend's Mom

My friend is away and I got to play.

Mature 03/26/2013


Young man and his friend's mom.

Mature 03/15/2013

Autumn Surprise

Mother falls for daughter's friend.

Lesbian Sex 02/22/2013

Mrs. Young Ch. 02

My best friend tries to convince me to have a threesome.

Mature 12/22/2012

Mrs. Young Ch. 01

My best friend's mom takes care of my morning wood.

Mature 11/30/2012

Encounters with Mrs. Cochran

Can't be too careful in an affair with your son's friend.

Mature 11/09/2012

My Friend's 43y/O Kinky Mother

The night I was seduced by my best friend's mum.

Mature 10/29/2012

Connie Panetta and Summer 1970

He becomes a man with the help of a friend's Mom.

Mature 10/23/2012

All in a Day's Work

An older woman and her son's best friend.

Mature 10/06/2012

Making the MILF List Ch. 02

Sonny makes the first MILF on the LIST.

Mature 08/26/2012

Mary's Day Arrived At Last

Her son's best friends took care of that!

Mature 08/06/2012

(DBZ) Two of a Kind Ch. 02

Their illicit Relationship continues until...

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 07/10/2012

Dreams of Jean Ch. 03

Ted devises a test for this theory with his best friend's mom.

Mature 06/22/2012

Family Acres Ch. 06

Jack comes home & finds mom naked in the jacuzzi.

Incest/Taboo 06/21/2012

Midnight Tryst with Sunita

Midnight adventure with my best friend's mom.

Mature 06/09/2012

Caitlyn's Mother

A teenage girl gets closer to her friend's mother.

Lesbian Sex 06/01/2012

Confessions Ch. 03

Mother seduces son's friend.

Mature 05/23/2012

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend

Jean forced into being used.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/19/2012

(DBZ) Two of a Kind Ch. 01

Lust brings Trunks and Chichi together.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/23/2012

Maria's Interrogation Ch. 01

Woman and her son's friend on a collision course.

Interracial Love 03/20/2012

Obsessed with Mrs. A

Obsession with friends 50-year-old Mom becomes reality.

Mature 03/14/2012

Mrs Austin and Jared

Her son's friend declares his attraction to her.

Mature 09/19/2011

A Decade of Waiting

I wanted my friends mom for years.

Mature 09/03/2011

My Daughter's Friend Ch. 01

Jennifer her mum.

Lesbian Sex 08/23/2011

My Son's New Friend

Woman is attracted to her son's new friend.

Mature 08/06/2011

Soldier Boy

His fantasy about best friend's mother.

Mature 04/01/2011

Her Beginning

A young woman succumbs to her friend's mother.

Lesbian Sex 02/16/2011

Son's College Friend

It was the biggest surprise of my life.

Interracial Love 02/08/2011

My Son's Best Friend

Mom discovers a big cock.

Mature 01/29/2011

(Out of) Control

Can he ensure his best friend's mom won't resist him?

Mature 01/12/2011

Summer Lovin

His best friends Mum teases him and gets what she wants.

Mature 01/06/2011

Quick Seduction

Ron calls round for his friend, but only his mother is in.

Incest/Taboo 08/30/2010

My Best Friend's Mother

Robbie entertains thoughts about the woman next door.

First Time 04/30/2010

A Three Step Ladder

Young man is enthralled with an older woman.

Mature 03/09/2010

Cumming of Age

Friend's mom makes his fantasy come true.

Mature 10/27/2009

Investing Wisely

Mother invests in son's store.

Mature 10/26/2009

The Show

My son's friend gets a show he won't ever forget.

Mature 10/20/2009

No Regrets

College freshman beds best friend's mom.

Mature 10/17/2009


A lonely woman turns to a dating website.

Mature 10/17/2009

The Bet

Son bets a friend that he can't score with his mom.

Mature 10/07/2009

The Supermarket Ch. 01

Mistaken Identity (Be careful what you grab in Produce).

Mature 09/15/2009

Mom Solves My Problem Ch. 03

Mowing the lawns at Mom's friends, and more.

Incest/Taboo 08/21/2009

Why Don't You Come Over?

An intense love/hate relationship comes to a blissful climax.

Lesbian Sex 07/16/2009

First Time Lucky

He learns about sex from an expert.

Text With Audio 07/07/2009

Pocket Full of Innocence Ch. 02

Rochelle and Gavin share a cold night.

Mature 07/03/2009

I Fucked Your Mom

Brandon's teenage fantasy comes true 15 years later.

Mature 02/09/2009

A Classmate's MILF

18-year-old guy checks out an older woman.

Mature 01/16/2009

Loving My Aunt

He seduces & impregnates his friend's mom.

Mature 01/16/2009

David's Friend Vivian Ch. 04

David is facesat by Mrs. Lloyd.

Fetish 12/04/2008

Coed Craving Ch. 03

My wife succumbs to our teen temptress

Group Sex 11/27/2008

Team Spirit Ch. 03

Hot, sexy cougar is taken care of by her son's friends.

Mature 11/27/2008

Team Spirit Ch. 02

Hot, sexy cougar is taken care of by her son's friends.

Mature 11/26/2008

Finally Mom

My summer project: seducing Mom.

Incest/Taboo 11/25/2008

Anna Ch. 08

Sexual adventures with the mother of my friend.

Loving Wives 11/16/2008

Anna Ch. 06

Nothing is better than fucking his friend's mother.

Mature 10/17/2008

The Seduction of Kathy

College freshman makes a move on his best friend's mom.

Mature 10/06/2008

The Homecomming

Son brings home a friend.

Mature 09/27/2008

Out of Iraq

His stay with a buddy's Mom and sisters.

Erotic Couplings 09/20/2008

The Adventures of Mary

An older woman has a sexual awakening.

Mature 09/19/2008

Anna Ch. 05

More sex with my friend's mother.

Loving Wives 08/22/2008

Anna Ch. 03

The continued story of me and my best friend's mother.

Loving Wives 07/25/2008

Anna Ch. 02

My lust for my friend's mother.

Loving Wives 07/17/2008

Tammy's Mom

Coed's mom enjoys her daughter's friend.

Mature 07/10/2008

Reaching Her Peak

Women falls for son's best friend.

Mature 06/20/2008

Quickie with Indian Mom

Funtastic fuck in the Kitchen

Incest/Taboo 06/07/2008

People Will Know

His friend's mother needed support, and more.

Mature 05/20/2008

Momma's Cock Ch. 04

Wesley's friend Tim brings his mom Sue for a sleepover.

Incest/Taboo 05/08/2008

Rachal-Caron Ch. 04

Nikki's mom.

Lesbian Sex 05/04/2008
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