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gay asian

Can't Stop the Wild Side

He meets the older man that his girlfriend is cheating with.

Gay Male 11/28/2017

Mason: Letter 03

Mason tops for first time.

Gay Male 09/04/2017

Sweet Asian Zing!

A new partner during my graduate year.

Gay Male 07/29/2017

Can't Let Go

He wants his coach now more than ever.

Gay Male 07/10/2017

Industrial Appetite

A city of industry can be a peaceful place at times.

Gay Male 05/22/2017

Steamy Chinamen

Steamy asian guy at the bathhouse.

Gay Male 06/27/2016

No Tofu

Arnold worries he's lost the passion with his soulmate.

Gay Male 07/22/2014

Winner Takes All

How I Lost my Virginity to Joey Chen.

Gay Male 03/09/2014

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 07

Finale: how does love work?

Gay Male 01/28/2014

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 06

Simon is invited to a thresome; Danny & Roberto start lying.

Gay Male 01/21/2014

Mechanics of the Heart Ch. 05

Danny & Roberto fight; Simon & Jae go all the way

Gay Male 12/05/2013

A Boy's First Piss Enema

Two horny Asian guys have a wet time in Hong Kong.

Gay Male 11/12/2013

Fucked by a Stranger

A hookup for just a blowjob turns steamy.

Gay Male 04/09/2013

One Man's Search Ch. 06

Reggie's revelation and new players enter!

Gay Male 06/26/2012

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 24

Facing Reality - an ending with possibilities.

Gay Male 06/25/2012

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 23

More than a conference in the conference room.

Gay Male 06/20/2012

One Man's Search Ch. 02

Reggie becomes a man's savior.

Gay Male 05/30/2012

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 21

More Stress from James.

Gay Male 12/10/2011

A Familiar Story

A virgin's first mouthful.

Gay Male 09/05/2011

Reflections in Moonlight Ch. 01

A masochistic narcissist gets his way, in every way.

Gay Male 08/13/2011

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 15

Alex moves out and Tan graduates.

Gay Male 05/25/2011

Sail to the Sun Ch. 07

Sold out of a deteriorating situation.

Gay Male 04/28/2011

Sail to the Sun Ch. 06

At last Buddy and the glimmer of freedom

Gay Male 04/25/2011

Sail to the Sun Ch. 05

Salvation is a blond named Buddy.

Gay Male 04/21/2011

Sail to the Sun Ch. 04

Attracted to a face in the crowd.

Gay Male 04/18/2011

Sail to the Sun Ch. 02

Not exactly the American dream.

Gay Male 04/11/2011

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 09

Tan is possessive of what is his!

Gay Male 07/09/2010

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 06

Challenges at work and home.

Gay Male 10/16/2009

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 03

The submission deepens.

Gay Male 08/24/2009

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me

Recent college grad is taught he's both gay and submissive.

Gay Male 08/15/2009

Identity Ch. 02

Asato regains some memories.

Gay Male 06/21/2009

Webmeets Diary Ch. 08

Sexy Hong Kong boys, and what I did when I got home.

Gay Male 09/26/2008

Naughty Asian Student Punished

Asian student caught red-handed and punished by landlord.

Gay Male 01/12/2008

The Man Cherry Fetish Ch. 01

Foreign exchange student is kidnapped for fetish play.

Gay Male 11/30/2007

Friday Night in the Sauna

A bisexual MMF threesome in the gym's sauna.

Group Sex 10/28/2007

My Roommates

Good roommates are hard to find.

Gay Male 10/08/2007

Party Boy

Sexy Asian twink gets drilled by two hunks.

Gay Male 03/23/2007

Tea of the Full Moon

18-year-old virgin is chosen for service to the high lord.

Gay Male 12/20/2006

Gotta Love Commuting

College guy's fantasy becomes reality.

Gay Male 10/20/2006

Doubling Bets

Suckered into betting against the double penetration myth.

Gay Male 10/18/2006

Kasem's Kitchen

He & his masseur settle on a loan repayment plan.

Gay Male 09/12/2006

The Real Thing This Time

He finds what I feared he wanted.

Gay Male 04/12/2006

Snow Bunn

Asian college guy enjoys first anal session.

Gay Male 10/23/2005
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