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Pizza Boy at the Door Ch. 16

 — The boys get tested in many ways just before Spring Break by JKendallDanein  Gay Male03/06/144.62HOT

High and Low Ch. 10

 — The best of gay love. by bisexualsmokerin  Gay Male12/31/133.00

High and Low Ch. 09

 — A dirty bi sex orgy. by bisexualsmokerin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/06/133.50

Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 22

 — Male Cock Sucking. by Bicyclistin  Gay Male10/18/134.75HOT

Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 19

 — Male Cock Sucking. by Bicyclistin  Gay Male09/13/134.53HOT

Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 16

 — Male Cock Sucking. by Bicyclistin  Gay Male09/05/134.31

Quenching the Thirst

 — We pick up a guy at a gay bar to fulfill our biggest fantasy. by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male04/09/134.27

Tony's First Time

 — Tony hooks up with a guy from work. by chocolatecookie3in  Gay Male12/31/124.08

Call Me, Lover!

 — A series of "first's" all in one visit to the adult store. by twistedthoughts1978in  Fetish04/03/124.46

Love In His Eyes

 — Falling for my friend, remembering our past. by tye27in  Gay Male06/29/114.04

Third Dick, But First Daddy

 — A daddy answers my internet ad. by jasoncandorin  Gay Male06/18/114.15

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 07

 — The guys get their first taste of cock...and they love it. by Liquor69in  Group Sex06/05/114.70HOT

Hunter and James

 — Two studs wrestle and the loser gets his ass fucked. by perihelionin  Gay Male05/09/114.35

Sail to the Sun Ch. 06

 — At last Buddy and the glimmer of freedom by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/25/114.29

What Dave and I Did Last Night

 — Two guys suck each other off. by oralgamiin  Gay Male11/22/104.14

From Straight to Gay Submission

 — A straight college guy becomes a submissive cocksucker. by silkstockingsloverin  Gay Male11/12/104.56HOT

A Craving

 — It had gnawed at him for a while, this need to suck cock. by boo_dreauxin  Gay Male11/08/104.23

It's A Long Story

 — How I, straight guy, took a fat cock in my mouth. by afanofyouin  Fetish11/07/104.15

His First Mouthfull

 — Tim finally gets to fulfill his dream of sucking another guy. by Bi_NDNin  Gay Male10/24/104.33

Born to Suck Ch. 12

 — Sven fucks Aunt Claire, Joey does his oral clean-up duties. by rmdexterin  Incest/Taboo10/13/104.66HOT

Born to Suck Ch. 10

 — Joey happily accepts his role as Sven's cock worshipper. by rmdexterin  Gay Male10/04/104.64HOT

Born to Suck Ch. 09

 — Joey gets his first lesson in deep-throating. by rmdexterin  Gay Male09/28/104.66HOT

Giving My Friend a Blowjob Ch. 02

 — My friend invites his friend. by 11023991in  Gay Male09/24/104.20

Alone with Nick

 — Two husbands enjoy sex - without their wives around. by fightinggamehenin  Gay Male08/11/104.09

A Good Day on the Trail

 — Cocksucker gets some cum on the beaten path. by turbocs37in  Gay Male04/29/103.95

My Gay Black Initiation

 — White man overwhelmed by desire for black body. by rimskiin  Gay Male08/01/094.10

Vignettes: She Asked Me To!

 — By which a wife gets her wish; seeing her guy suck cock... by boo_dreauxin  Group Sex07/15/094.23

The Inheritance Ch. 04

 — The Satisfied Barbarian. by sabbin  Gay Male04/19/094.57HOT

Turning Out The Confident

 — Coach remembers his first time on the receiving end. by Coxswainin  Gay Male04/01/094.53HOT

A Simple Day at the Gym

 — A day at the gym turns into a new life. by MrDeviantin  Gay Male03/03/093.29

Ride Home from Roommate

 — The first time I got a blowjob...from a dude! by martbinovain  Gay Male01/17/094.39

Snaring an Arab Cop

 — NYC cabbie finds an Arab looking to be topped. by Coxswainin  Gay Male10/22/084.72HOT

Slow Night at the Baths

 — A slow night at the baths turns out awesome. by randodoin  Gay Male10/03/084.19

Once Again

 — Two men return to their past: man to man sex. by seeapein  Gay Male09/15/084.48


 — Really intense blowjob fun. by SlaveToCockin  Gay Male09/01/084.00

Introduction to Men Ch. 04

 — Gay sex initiation. by sandyvalleyladin  Gay Male07/27/084.39

Hotel Bargain Ch. 02

 — Bisexual married guy makes another hotel deal. by victormaskin  Gay Male05/31/083.98


 — The arousal of the foreplay. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/19/084.16

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 08

 — Educated in role playing. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/17/083.92

Another Day in Paradise

 — Man finds freedom only a vacation can give you. by Olive Hizklosoffin  Gay Male05/17/084.60HOT

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 06

 — Education on display. by sr71pltin  Gay Male05/12/084.17

The Stableboy

 — Or, keeping the staff happy. by sabbin  Gay Male04/27/084.30

Chain Gangbanged Ch. 01

 — A lot can happen during a 30-day jail term. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/16/084.18

Night-time Rendezvous

 — Set up, for an unexpected meeting. by sabbin  Gay Male04/14/084.42

View From The Barn

 — A young man's summer of discovery. by sabbin  Gay Male03/17/084.07

Cigars in the Stable

 — Singers shouldn't mix with smokers. by sabbin  Gay Male03/03/083.72

Picky, Picky

 — The wages of trying to keep it pure. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/24/084.45

House on Park Ch. 02

 — Into the house, into the shower, & into a threesome. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/06/084.40

Bukkake Man Style Revisited

 — Further adventures of cock sucking. by standingstonesin  Gay Male01/12/084.26

Straight from Outer Space

 — Earthling officer finds male power in alien form. by Coxswainin  Gay Male01/01/084.40

Temple Virgin

 — Wily barbarian tricks youthful temple virgin into losing it. by sabbin  Gay Male10/04/074.24

Deal Closer Ch. 04

 — Pumping the client's prime. by sr71pltin  Gay Male07/06/074.36

Two Chances

 — With luck, sometimes there’s a second chance. by shabbuin  Gay Male07/05/074.52HOT

Storm Connection

 — A connection that transcends distance and storm. by shabbuin  Gay Male06/22/074.19

Squeezed Redux Ch. 02

 — Waiter learns to enjoy submission. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/27/074.45

Baggy Shorts

 — The overwhelming urge to take a peek. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/14/074.42

The Cure

 — The cure can be edgier than the disease. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/12/074.17

Illegal Drilling

 — Burglars aren't gentle, one man discovers. by sabbin  Gay Male03/10/074.07

The Acting Lesson

 — There are parties, and then there are very private parties. by sabbin  Gay Male03/10/074.22

Exploring Glen's Inner Spaces

 — Glen meets some of the Phallic's passengers. by sabbin  Gay Male03/08/074.26

The Photograph Ch. 02

 — What happened up in the hills? by sr71pltin  Gay Male03/08/074.48

Big Birthday Wish

 — A memorable, fantasy-fulfilling 18th birthday. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/27/074.38

Roswell's Frontier Motel

 — Learning the draining secret of Roswell, NM. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/24/074.00

Death on the Rhine Ch. 13

 — A half-sought ending. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/16/074.35

The Training Sergeant

 — Trainee teaches Sarge new tricks--and About Face. by Coxswainin  Gay Male01/06/074.66HOT

Married Cocksucker Buds Keep Going Ch. 01

 — Will & Mike share an exciting evening. by mikeman341in  Gay Male01/02/074.53HOT

That One Exception

 — As close to a same-sex love affair as is possible. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/02/064.38

Ride Em Cowboy

 — Taken for a ride in the Colorado Rockies. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/30/064.38

Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — His turn getting water pumped in the hot tub. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/28/064.53HOT

Neighbor's Hot Tub Ch. 01

 — Getting in over my head in the neighbor's hot tub. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/27/064.46

Trucker Bait Ch. 02

 — Stranded BMW driver comes to the relief of truckers. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/19/064.55HOT

At the Reservoir

 — Surprise encounter in the park. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/18/063.91

Trucker Bait Ch. 01

 — Trucker comes to relief of a stranded BMW driver. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/18/064.22

Legend of Cowboy

 — Balling with a legendary Bangkok bar owner. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/05/064.04

Halloween Filmfest Conversion

 — A life-changing Halloween experience in a gay theater. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/04/064.25

The Thunderstorm

 — Seeking shelter in a storm leads to unintended infidelity. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/29/064.30

Marking Territory

 — Old tennis era leaving its mark on the new. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/21/064.42

Dance of the Ravishers Ch. 04

 — Young archaeologist finds his secret was unnecessary. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/18/064.65HOT

Dance of the Ravishers Ch. 02

 — The Bull returns to explore the archaeologist. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/14/064.49

Kasem's Kitchen

 — He & his masseur settle on a loan repayment plan. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/12/064.15

Beyond the Beaded Curtain

 — Encounter in a bar turns his world upside-down. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/06/064.47

First Threesome

 — Proof that Egyptians and Israelis can share. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/03/064.06

A Gift?

 — Not all of accident victim's muscles were damaged. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/01/064.47

Iced Flip Side

 — Flip side perspectives of ice skaters on the make. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/30/064.19

Renewal of Passion

 — Past connection brings languishing novelist new passion. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/27/064.17

Egyptian Initiation

 — Lucky first-timer finds a magician for a deflowerer. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/18/064.30

My Mentor

 — Young man finds older mentor to teach him. by T@nmanin  Gay Male08/12/064.49

The Other Side of the Island

 — Tourist neutralizes his guilt on a Caribbean island. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/11/064.67HOT

At 64 My First Gay Experience Ch. 05

 — He introduces George to John. by limplizzardin  Gay Male08/11/064.54HOT

Sucking at the Picnic

 — Caught misbehaving by his wife. by bullfrogtsin  Gay Male08/02/064.44

Friendly Favours Ch. 02

 — Cock-sucking for money continues; the risk increases. by dreamweaver705in  Gay Male03/04/064.62HOT

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