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gay cum

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 07

Continuing to educate Allen, finally his mom seems available.

Gay Male 10/18/2017

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 06

More fun with Allen as he explores his bi-side.

Gay Male 09/08/2017

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 04

Allen tops for the first time

Gay Male 07/28/2017

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 03

Continued fun with my new neighbor.

Gay Male 07/13/2017

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 02

I continue to play with my neighbor.

Gay Male 06/20/2017

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 01

Fucking the teen next door.

Gay Male 06/14/2017

Photo Fuck Ch. 03

Fucking and Getting Fucked in the Woods.

Group Sex 06/10/2017

My First Fuck

My first time.

Gay Male 01/04/2017

Brotherly Affair

Kyle's brother takes revenge when his gf fucked Kyle's bf.

Gay Male 01/09/2016

Stress Relief

Guy gets an unexpected massage.

Gay Male 06/22/2015

Kalren and Aru, Gay Elf Love

Kalren and Aru are in love and don't know it..yet.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 03/29/2015

College Life Ch. 02

Jake returns the favor.

Gay Male 10/28/2014

Trysting Ch. 02

More of a lust-filled weekend.

Gay Male 01/04/2014

Tommy the Milker Ch. 06

Tommy's seventh and eighth load.

Gay Male 03/05/2013

Kingdom Cum

A perfect relaxant.

Gay Male 09/18/2012

In Hot Water Ch. 02

Man has another dirty adventure in hotel hot tub.

Gay Male 04/16/2012

Tommy the Milker Ch. 03

Tommy's third time load.

Gay Male 03/29/2012

Master and Servant Ch. 02

Master having a midnight snack the second time.

Gay Male 02/09/2012

Master and Servant Ch. 01

Master having a midnight snack.

Gay Male 01/27/2012

Bob Handles Mark's Huge Tool Ch. 01

Bob and Mark get together and have wild sex.

Gay Male 01/14/2012


A man has gay sex for the first time in many years.

Gay Male 12/24/2011

A Familiar Story

A virgin's first mouthful.

Gay Male 09/05/2011

The Commuter

Extra-curricular activity at the train station.

Gay Male 07/16/2011

The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 08

Nick continues his incestuous relationship with his father.

Incest/Taboo 03/18/2011

Teen's Submissive Journey Ch. 06

Paul takes Dale back home and has big plans for the boy.

Gay Male 02/15/2011

Across the Fence

Sometimes. the hook-up you seek is right under your nose.

Gay Male 10/21/2010

Gay Pleasure

Three friends have hot gay sex.

Gay Male 10/07/2010

My First Time Taking a Load

I finally went through with it.

Gay Male 09/27/2010

Warm Mouth of a Friend

Buddies may add another dimension to their relationship.

Gay Male 07/26/2010

The Lawn Rangers Ch. 06

Road trip leads to ass play for the buddies.

Gay Male 06/20/2010

Analyzed From The Bottom Up

Big trucker gives sexy student a good service in the shower.

Gay Male 06/07/2010

Wait, I'm Straight...

Come on, you've imagined this...

Gay Male 05/30/2010

Hypnosis Ch. 01

The story of a burgeoning relationship.

Gay Male 04/11/2010

How I Became a Cocksucker

Married straight guy discovers other men.

Gay Male 04/03/2010

Mark and Mike and Mr. Jim Ch. 02

Mr. Jim kisses Mike's ass.

Gay Male 03/26/2010

The Undress Rehearsal

Dereck wouldn't agree to it, then they all looked at me!

Gay Male 02/22/2010

I Get Fucked in Public

Remembering a time I got fucked in a public restroom.

Gay Male 01/23/2010

Traveling Ch. 08

Vegas meet.

Gay Male 10/18/2009

A Job in the Theatre Ch. 04

Day One with the cast.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 06/17/2009

Beer No. 02

They drink from another bottle.

Gay Male 06/03/2009

The Audition

His bi curiosity leads to a hot, kinky ultimatum.

Gay Male 05/18/2009

Dominated by Two Studs

Guy is turned into a submissive cocksucker.

Gay Male 04/09/2009

Clinic Doctor

Horny patient gives good head to the good doctor

Gay Male 03/21/2009

Traveling Ch. 05

A trip with friends.

Gay Male 03/18/2009

Next Door Neighbor Ch. 03

New neighbor and I try anal.

Gay Male 02/21/2009

An Ass to Die For

A college boy's ass is cuter than all the girls.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 02/14/2009

XXX of Love, Episode 01

Bisexual reality show where a hunk tries to find his love.

Gay Male 02/08/2009

I was a Cocksucker

Finally, fantasy becomes reality.

Gay Male 01/30/2009

Cruising For Cock Ch. 02

Outdoor cruising leads to horny sex.

Gay Male 01/12/2009

Gina's Weakness Ch. 01

Total and complete fascination.

Group Sex 10/26/2008

Wild Dance

Girlfriend sets him up to be her other boyfriends plaything

Group Sex 10/10/2008

The Persistent Nerd

His efforts finally paid off

Group Sex 09/28/2008

So Simple

Sucking really is quite simple as we both find out.

Gay Male 09/27/2008

A Birthday Party

John gives me the best presents ever.

Gay Male 09/27/2008

Corporate World

The position he took was not what he had in mind.

Gay Male 09/11/2008

Next Door Neighbor

New neighbor is the second man I've sucked.

Gay Male 09/06/2008

Was Bicurious, Now Bisexual

Bicurious man takes the step into bisexuality.

Gay Male 08/28/2008

Vampiric Lust Ch. 01

A young man named Lokan is sired in erotic fashion.

Gay Male 07/11/2008

Mr Truman Ch. 01

A chance encounter.

Gay Male 05/11/2008

Sweetest Patrick

Patrick and Toby suck each other off as Valerie watches.

Gay Male 05/03/2008

A Day to Remember

Fun day spent sucking & fondling three male friends.

Gay Male 05/01/2008

Confessions of a Cum Slut

He describes the giving of oral sex to hot, sexy man.

Gay Male 04/23/2008


Bisexual guy dreams about four hunks servicing him

Gay Male 04/04/2008

Cum Eating Fantasy

Straight guy lives out oral submissive fantasy.

Gay Male 12/23/2007

Another First Time Story Ch. 03

He does it for a third time.

Gay Male 08/15/2007

The Cabin Trip

Two best friends discover they are both bisexual.

Gay Male 07/27/2007

Sexual Awakening Ch. 02

Robert arrives at his boss's house.

Gay Male 05/19/2007

Birthday Surprise

A hot gay birthday surprise.

Gay Male 05/11/2007

The Black Rose Ecstasy Ch. 04

Meet market.

Gay Male 03/13/2007

A Night of Debauchery Ch. 03

The party is on.

Gay Male 11/07/2006

An Old Friend Ch. 02

Two friends get a lot nastier the next day.

Gay Male 05/29/2006


How unsexy sex is sexy.

Gay Male 09/19/2005


Marlene just LOVES the gang.

Gay Male 06/18/2005

The Bookie Ch. 02

Another twist to the repayment plan.

Gay Male 04/12/2004

An Opportunity of a Lifetime Ch. 02

Don't hold back!

Gay Male 05/24/2003
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