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Coming to Terms Ch. 18

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Group Sex05/11/164.62HOT

Coming to Terms Ch. 17

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male05/10/164.38

Coming to Terms Ch. 16

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male05/08/164.41

Coming to Terms Ch. 15

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male05/04/164.57HOT

Coming to Terms Ch. 14

 — Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/29/164.44

Coming to Terms Ch. 13

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/15/164.50HOT

Coming to Terms Ch. 12

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/15/164.43

Coming to Terms Ch. 11

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/14/164.38

Coming to Terms Ch. 10

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/14/164.42

Coming to Terms Ch. 09

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/13/164.26

Coming to Terms Ch. 08

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/13/164.43

Coming to Terms Ch. 07

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/12/164.46

Coming to Terms Ch. 06

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/12/164.36

Coming to Terms Ch. 05

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/09/164.56HOT

Coming to Terms Ch. 04

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/08/164.29

Coming to Terms Ch. 03

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/07/164.09

Coming to Terms Ch. 02

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/06/164.18

Coming to Terms Ch. 01

 — Gay Bromance. by Casey5940in  Gay Male04/05/164.11

Playing Footsie

 — M/M first time with each other. by RebeccaBlackin  Gay Male04/25/153.98

A Good Servant Ch. 15

 — Xavier learns his place. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male03/31/154.85HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 14

 — Cory arrives to Aeria. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male03/17/154.53HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 13

 — Karma is a bitch. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male03/03/154.85HOT

Nate & I Ch. 03

 — It finally happens. by Gay_sex_onlyin  Gay Male02/24/154.56HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 11

 — Nothing is what it seems. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male02/05/154.77HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 10

 — The guys discover more about themselves and others. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male01/21/154.68HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 09

 — Surprises. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male01/11/154.67HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 08

 — Dynamics change... but to what end? by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male01/04/154.69HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 07

 — Lucas and Xavier spent their night together. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male12/28/144.50HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 06

 — Cory makes a new friend. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male12/19/144.55HOT

It's Who You Know Ch. 03

 — Hard pasts soothed by a hot shower. by IvoryTuskin  Gay Male12/17/144.80HOT

It's Who You Know Ch. 02

 — Tyler and Darren have some chemistry. by IvoryTuskin  Gay Male12/15/144.80HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 05

 — Xavier brings home an exotic slave. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male11/23/144.58HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 04

 — Cory understands the power he can yield. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male11/11/144.54HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 03

 — Cory learns more than he wishes about his master. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male10/31/144.56HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 02

 — Cory meets Lord Xavier's best friend, Lucas. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male10/25/144.54HOT

A Good Servant Ch. 01

 — Cory discovers the pleasures of finding his own master. by LauraSFoxin  Gay Male10/16/144.44

Rekindling Ch. 03

 — That's how you should wake up. by reddirtwriterin  Gay Male08/18/144.69HOT

Rekindling Ch. 02

 — Strawberries, chocolate and body paints make it interesting. by reddirtwriterin  Gay Male08/11/144.78HOT

Who Do You Love? Ch. 01

 — Highschool boy crush. by HesperaNovain  Gay Male07/06/144.18

Two Bottoms

 — Two 'bottoms' meet and talk about their lives. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male06/25/124.62HOT

Three Boyfriends

 — A young man struggles with his sexuality. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male06/05/124.41

The Debutante Ball

 — Two men's lives change when they find each other. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male05/20/124.41

Erotic Gay Tale: My Army Sex Buddy

 — A hot and heavy orgy in the desert with a soldier. by nathanjmorisseyin  Gay Male06/28/114.18

Mi Familia Ch. 09

 — A story about three friends... by srlmortin  Gay Male05/14/114.40

An Erotic Tale Ch. 03

 — Carson's imagination runs rampant. by Maddiain  Gay Male05/01/114.69HOT

Mi Familia Ch. 04

 — A story about three friends. by srlmortin  Gay Male04/03/114.12

Dying Inside

 — He loves his best friend, who is marrying his sister. by wonderingwhyin  Gay Male10/04/094.54HOT

Half Light

 — A female to male transexual and a genetic guy fuck. by milliontoonein  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/27/093.84

Traveling Ch. 06

 — Strip poker with a twist. by jjdtxin  Gay Male05/31/094.38

Breakdown Ch. 01

 — Looking for a ride home, I get something else. by Lextag82in  Gay Male05/24/094.20

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 05

 — Dexter is rented out! by JoyStick56in  Gay Male05/20/094.48

The Author Ch. 02

 — The romance - and hot sex - continues for a writer & his man. by LeathermanCraigin  Gay Male05/16/094.49

Wishful Thinking Ch. 04

 — Time flies. by taylorreedin  Gay Male05/15/094.79HOT

Failing Upward Ch. 19

 — Sun and Moon. by el_wingin  Gay Male05/01/094.73HOT

They Are A-OK Ch. 30

 — The Council induction begins. by fantasyhunter2in  Gay Male05/01/094.62HOT

Persistant Love

 — Two men find lust and love in the anti-gay military world by dkmywifein  Gay Male04/30/094.55HOT

Failing Upward Ch. 18

 — Endangered Species. by el_wingin  Gay Male04/27/094.72HOT

Failing Upward Ch. 16

 — Wes has doubts and Sid bottoms. by el_wingin  Gay Male04/17/094.63HOT

Failing Upward Ch. 15

 — Wes reveals he will love Sid in any universe. by el_wingin  Gay Male04/10/094.70HOT

Failing Upward Ch. 12

 — Food, sex and added mystery keeps Wes unnerved. by el_wingin  Gay Male03/27/094.74HOT

Bi Secret Life Ch. 09

 — Another meet up. by Carling229in  Gay Male03/19/094.13

Failing Upward Ch. 10

 — With a little help, Wes breaks free with a little something. by el_wingin  Gay Male03/11/094.84HOT


 — Is his lover all in his head? by Carizabethin  Gay Male03/06/094.78HOT

Saturday Morning, with Cake

 — Lana is seduced by a lesbian who likes male-on-male sex. by BlackHat39in  Lesbian Sex03/05/094.43

Cumming Out

 — David explores his sexuality with other men. by Many Feathersin  Gay Male02/28/094.54HOT

Tom of Finland

 — Profile of a gay artist extraordinaire. by Cal Y. Pygiain  Reviews & Essays02/21/083.89

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