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Billy and David - Reunited

 — Chubby Billy reunites to find love with his best friend. by mdtchaser62in  Gay Male09/27/174.39

Best Friends Finally Fuck

 — After 28 years of friendship, Stephen and I finally fucked. by speedodavein  Gay Male07/11/173.81

Gay Days Ch. 05

 — Two Friends from the Pub. by Chris7swin  Gay Male07/07/174.37

Thr Forgotten Love

 — Two friends forgot how much they really loved each other. by browder12in  Gay Male12/12/164.06

Sleepover at my Best Friend's Ch. 01

 — Two best friends reveal their feelings to each other. by rebelapplein  Gay Male10/10/164.24

Pathetic Ch. 03: Relationships

 — Brett tries to convince Lucca to think about dating. by kipp412in  Gay Male10/03/154.44

The Wilderness Canoe Guide

 — What the canoe guide finds in the wilderness. by Snowblind94in  Gay Male04/21/154.58HOT


 — A trip to the farm goes well. by OwenBurkein  Gay Male11/24/134.13

Personal Trainer

 — New job, new playmates! by OwenBurkein  Gay Male08/26/133.89

Garage Encounter

 — An unexpected encounter leaves Dave aching for more. by OwenBurkein  Gay Male07/18/134.22

Trading Secrets Ch. 03

 — A new secret emerges between two friends. by MelancholyRosein  Incest/Taboo12/13/124.24

Man in the Middle

 — The man in the middle finds pleasure he didn't think possible. by lisa36in  Gay Male05/17/124.17

The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 13

 — Nicolae and Trey make up and Trey finally bottoms. by sexyinafin  Incest/Taboo04/12/124.73HOT

Prove It Ch. 03

 — Kit and Tina have breakfast and discuss the night before. by Gentleman44in  Gay Male12/23/113.88

Camping with Tom Ch. 01

 — New beginnings in the woods. by writedoctorin  Gay Male08/28/114.26

Fortress of Solitude

 — life-long friends make a final pilgrimage to a shrine by timmywellsin  Gay Male04/24/114.47

Two Friends Ch. 01

 — Two friends begin to realize what they really like. by nekopirosenin  Gay Male12/15/103.50

Warm Mouth of a Friend

 — Buddies may add another dimension to their relationship. by LateNightWriterin  Gay Male07/26/104.24

Best Friends Rest Stop

 — Best friends become more at a highway rest stop. by robcub32in  Gay Male02/02/104.48

Two Teens Give Blowjobs a Try

 — Our first try at cocksucking, and we like it. by atccnin  Gay Male07/20/094.30

Best Friends Ch. 02

 — The finale to the story of two best friends. by robertreamsin  Gay Male07/18/094.46

Best Friend's Blowjobs

 — A story about two friends. One gay, one straight. by Menssanain  Gay Male07/16/094.37

Best Friends

 — Life-long friends discover their true feelings. by robertreamsin  Gay Male07/09/094.29

You Have No Right to Ask Me That Ch. 03

 — Two friends try to work through their secrets. by anixter400in  Gay Male07/03/094.41

Beauty of Friendship

 — Sometimes, friendship can lead to amazing things. by perfectupper90in  Gay Male05/23/093.84

True Bromance

 — Two young men take a new look at their deep friendship. by SinisterLittleGothin  Gay Male09/19/084.17


 — One guy's fantasy is another's desperation. by leapingfoxin  Gay Male06/17/084.10

Try it with a Friend

 — Or, testing the furniture before you buy it. by sabbin  Gay Male06/13/084.28

Oral Friends Ch. 08.2

 — Strip Club Adventure Part 2. by oralfriendin  Gay Male05/24/084.17

A Day to Remember

 — Fun day spent sucking & fondling three male friends. by jackingoff93in  Gay Male05/01/084.02

Are You Game? Ch. 01

 — Friends take NFL betting to new extremes. by 2ndAliasin  Gay Male02/23/084.20

Married Cocksucker Buds Begin Ch. 03

 — Bucks & buck naked blow jobs: Will, Mike, Jeff keep going. by mikeman341in  Gay Male05/04/074.60HOT

Camping Trip

 — Camping trip gone wrong ends up so right. by Nep9Satin  Gay Male04/14/074.35

A Cold Day in Hell

 — Friendship between two guys turns sexual. by cutandhornyin  Gay Male03/11/073.44

That One Exception

 — As close to a same-sex love affair as is possible. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/02/064.41

Good Clean Fun Ch. 01

 — Friends find getting dirty as much fun as getting clean. by pdxjoin  Gay Male09/18/064.05

An Old Friend Ch. 03

 — Final chapter: two old friends explore the bi-side. by jjdtxin  Gay Male08/31/064.51HOT


 — Two friends are caught in a compromising position. by mikec1010in  Gay Male04/11/064.34

Old High School Friends Ch. 02

 — Two old friends hook up a second time. by standingstonesin  Gay Male03/20/064.49

Old High School Friends

 — Sex with an old friend. by standingstonesin  Gay Male03/19/064.36

Seamus Ch. 04

 — Sex masks pain. by Sachsin  Gay Male03/09/064.62HOT

My Father My Slave Ch. 02

 — Daddy makes such a good slave. by AlleyKatin  Incest/Taboo12/10/024.58HOT

The Human Condition Ch. 03

 — Mike and Joe define their freindship. by jfinnin  Gay Male08/11/024.77HOT

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