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gay humiliation

The Harrington Hotel Ch. 02

A young man meets interesting men at the hotel bar.

Gay Male 09/14/2017

Nephew's Readjustment Pt. 13

Nicholas learns some new things about his life.

Gay Male 03/30/2017

Becoming a Sucker Pt. 03: Coworker

Our hero is turned into a full bottom in bi threeway.

Gay Male 09/12/2016

Meeting His Cousins

What happens in Vegas stays in his...

Gay Male 08/01/2016

Wrath of the Djinn

A magical young man dethrones a corrupt false prophet.

Gay Male 01/24/2016

The Bully

Cory gets caught snooping through a jock's locker.

Gay Male 06/22/2015

Teacher's Revenge Ch. 01

18-year-old student's prank on his teacher backfires.

Gay Male 10/14/2014

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 08

"Ball-deep and long overdue."

Gay Male 05/30/2014

Cowboy Lust

"One great fuck'n ride!"

Gay Male 01/27/2014

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 07

"This is how it feels to be fucked by a real man!"

Gay Male 01/13/2014

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 06

Cock worship.

Gay Male 09/23/2013

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 05

Presented up like a sacrificial offering.

Gay Male 08/26/2013

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 03

Leaving the Good Boy Behind.

Gay Male 06/07/2013

Shattered Boundaries Ch. 02

More Than Naked.

Gay Male 06/06/2013

Stephen's Lesson

Spying neighbour is harshly punished.

Gay Male 03/22/2013

Becoming The Dog Ch. 02

Serving dominant black guys as the 'dog'.

Gay Male 12/14/2012

Jail Time Ch. 02

A meeting on the street.

Gay Male 12/12/2012

Adventures In Hitchhiking Ch. 02

I continue sucking cock.

Gay Male 12/10/2012

Fantasy Football Player

A rich friend pays me to humiliate myself under his feet.

Gay Male 11/25/2012

Arabian Nightmare Ch. 01

A young man is framed in Saudi Arabia.

Gay Male 08/29/2012

Down The Path Ch. 02

My time at the XXX bookstore.

Gay Male 07/07/2012

Taking Out the Competition: Alan

In a three-way rivalry, Alan is the first to fall.

Gay Male 06/02/2012

Humiliated by an Ex-Friend

Debased by My Lover's Wife.

Gay Male 05/08/2012

Teachers Pets

A group of college students learn the art of an orderly life.

Gay Male 05/02/2012

Sorted at the Funhouse Ch. 02

A plan to enhance the offerings at the Funhouse.

Gay Male 01/20/2011

A Gentle Seduction Ch. 02

Chronicles the seduction and training of an oral servant.

Gay Male 01/13/2011

Sorted at the Funhouse

A sex club where straights are serviced by sub males.

Gay Male 12/31/2010

A Good Day on the Trail

Cocksucker gets some cum on the beaten path.

Gay Male 04/29/2010

His Loving Beauty Ch. 03

Damon and Eddy's night of passion.

Gay Male 11/05/2009

Curse of the Black Porsche

Nothing is what it seems.

Gay Male 04/13/2009

Dominated by Two Studs

Guy is turned into a submissive cocksucker.

Gay Male 04/09/2009

My Best Friend's Son Ch. 01

Divorced guy on vacation is seduced by younger man.

Gay Male 08/22/2008

Buggered By Big Brother

Becoming my brother's submissive bitch.

Gay Male 07/14/2008

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor

Handsome young man gets a bit more than expected

Gay Male 06/13/2008

The Ascension of Will Ch. 02

Will sinks further into slavery.

Gay Male 04/14/2008

Master Mike Ch. 05

Master & trainee top pet sitter in garage.

Gay Male 09/07/2007

Bad Season

Zack is traded to the minors and his wife doesn't like it.

Gay Male 07/10/2007

Made Over

Straight boy meets the wrong man

Gay Male 08/07/2006

The 5th Floor

Rough encounter begins in the elevator.

Gay Male 03/10/2006

Roommate From Hell

Football jock makes hot roomie his toy.

Gay Male 10/19/2005
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