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Silent Massage

 — They both want sex, but won't admit it! by JBancrofts99in  Gay Male02/06/164.42NEW

Senior Year Pt. 01

 — Discovering a new side of myself with my best friend. by holden_caulfieldin  Gay Male02/06/164.53HOTNEW

Neighbors with Benefits

 — Bi-curious husband gets off with the help of the neighbors. by Geo21in  Group Sex02/05/164.49NEW

Two Virgins

 — Two first timers at college. by danjamm69in  Gay Male02/04/163.90NEW

The Retreat Ch. 06

 — Our four guys meet a council member over dinner. by JJ122964in  Gay Male02/03/163.89NEW

Onus 07

 — The other eye opens. Sam's side of the story. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male02/03/164.70HOTNEW

First Time

 — You come over to watch the game and we explore. by danjamm69in  Gay Male01/31/164.14

Tony's Fantasy Fulfilled

 — A male foursome of sucking, rubbing and lots of kissing. by JBancrofts99in  Gay Male01/30/164.30

Addy's Summer of Awakening

 — After high school Addy's friends ignite her libido. by peyskipin  Group Sex01/29/164.53HOT

Hard Time in Prison Pt. 01

 — White boy Brad goes to prison. by harryhotdogin  Gay Male01/27/164.18


 — Best friends finally become lovers. by historycupin  Gay Male01/26/164.12

Mistress Gemma and Master Mapes!

 — Together they put poor Tim through his paces! by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/24/162.60

The Retreat Ch. 05

 — The Offer. by JJ122964in  Gay Male01/24/164.06

Gym Friends Get a Weekend Away Pt. 01

 — Our fun continues!! by JayBear41in  Gay Male01/23/164.02

Tremplin's Pain

 — Tremplin Duddingstone, wrists and ankles bound... by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/23/162.90

New Horizons

 — Artemis tries something new. by Joshua94in  Gay Male01/22/164.34

I Got Myself a Cum Slut Pt. 03

 — I continue to control my cum slut. by AJ1603in  Gay Male01/20/164.00

Running with Wolves Ch. 00: Prologue

 — Some days just can't get better. by BlueWolfDancer4454in  NonHuman01/20/164.49

Best Friends

 — Sam explores his feelings with his best friend. by Countryboy626in  Gay Male01/19/164.05

He did not Cum

 — But when he massaged me I did, and how! by JBancrofts99in  Gay Male01/15/164.55HOT

Hematoma Ch. 15

 — There's far more to Leah than meets the eye. by Asbelin  NonHuman01/12/164.64HOT

Summer Rains Ch. 03

 — The day of broken glass. by Transversein  Gay Male01/12/164.45

Stranded Ch. 02

 — Michael immerses Justin in the steamy world of gay sex. by Vorenus77in  Gay Male01/11/164.08

The Slave of Barrington Manor Ch. 01

 — Jasper is kidnapped by three sex crazed brothers. by SeanFordin  Gay Male01/05/164.25

The Island Ch. 06

 — The Island shows behaves differently to the Hermit. by JJ122964in  Gay Male01/02/164.38

Mr. One Fifty-Eight Ch. 02

 — Chris' first trip to an adult club is eventful. by tazemebroin  BDSM01/01/164.61HOT

Letter from Dayton

 — From a Young Male Master of Naughty Boys! by justincbenedictin  BDSM01/01/163.38

Not One For Weddings Ch. 07

 — And out slips the four-lettered word. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male12/31/154.75HOT

Woodbridge Academy Ch. 07

 — The end of the school year. by elno2015in  Gay Male12/29/154.20

Can't Hide the Truth Anymore Ch. 03

 — Basketball season starts... by Sweet_Sarah72in  Gay Male12/29/154.66HOT

White Christmas

 — A simple Christmas dinner turns into much more fun. by JungleHoundin  Gay Male12/27/154.47

Public Bathroom Encounter

 — An unexpected encounter with a friend's dad. by Oversexeddoctorin  Gay Male12/23/154.29

Summer Rains Ch. 01

 — He's on a horse. by Transversein  Gay Male12/23/154.47

The Island Ch. 04

 — Seth is welcomed home. by JJ122964in  Gay Male12/20/154.08

Did You Ever? Ch. 06

 — Shower power. by riverwatch55in  Gay Male12/19/153.86

Daddy's Boy Ch. 01

 — Young guy persuaded by older man to become webcam star. by horniboyin  Gay Male12/19/154.45

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 06

 — Ashkan, Samir, & Arab Sunset. by tarzanacidein  Gay Male12/17/154.58HOT

That's what Happens when You Use my Dildo

 — Gay boy. by Elainexxx24in  Toys & Masturbation12/16/153.58

Cabin in Montana Ch. 01

 — Terry and George meet in a cabin for some fun and sex. by 191131142081in  Gay Male12/16/153.78

If The Fates Allow

 — Nothing had really happened, per se. by Transversein  Gay Male12/15/154.65HOT

If I Had the Balls

 — The beginnings of my fantasy first time. by 0311ninjain  Gay Male12/15/153.72

My First Time Fantasy

 — A fantasy about finally having my first experience. by lookin4man2000in  Gay Male12/15/154.41

Falling in Love

 — A man comes to terms with his gayness. by nicola801in  Gay Male12/15/154.23

Dad or Mom? Ch. 02

 — Eric spanked nude by the girls, Tommy dreams of Dad spanking by missassamin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/15/154.53HOT

Not One For Weddings Ch. 06

 — Diem's birthday and a night-time confession. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male12/14/154.85HOT

Jim Boomer's Schlong Semester

 — Two straight college guys cultivate a male sex-slave. by yowserin  Gay Male12/12/154.28

A Cock to Play With

 — A curious man finally scratches that itch. by Otazelin  Gay Male12/12/154.68HOT

William Ch. 04

 — Last day of the conference, they play hooky. by DougsLairin  Gay Male12/10/154.53HOT

The Webcam Model's Secret

 — A woman discovers her boyfriend is a webcam porn model. by Malcolm24grahamin  Gay Male12/10/153.78

Lee's New Apartment Ch. 03

 — Matt dabbles in photography; he and Rob tease Lee at work... by unexplored_worldsin  Group Sex12/10/153.67

Dad or Mom?

 — In 50s USA a fella discovers a family tradition of paddling. by missassamin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/06/154.17

Stepping Out in Faith: Epilogue

 — A new vow. by hudsbartin  Gay Male12/03/154.80HOT

My First Taste Pt. 02

 — A man is blackmailed into having gay sex. by bttplglvrin  Gay Male12/02/154.09

Did You Ever? Ch. 05

 — Home for the holidays. by riverwatch55in  Gay Male12/01/154.36

Not One For Weddings Ch. 05

 — Biting, biding, and exploring our longing. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male11/29/154.87HOT

Labor Day Cum & Play Ch. 03: Final

 — All the fun comes to a hot and sticky conclusion! by brettieboyyy27in  Gay Male11/27/154.32

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 07

 — Luke and Shen share some private time. by NaivelyWanderingin  Gay Male11/26/154.00

Getting His Apology Ch. 04

 — A date, parents, and bonding. by GildedSilverin  Gay Male11/25/154.84HOT

Did You Ever? Ch. 04

 — That's unusual! by riverwatch55in  Gay Male11/24/154.29

Public Service: Dear Diary

 — The Diary of a Filthy Pervert. by LizisReadyin  Fetish11/21/153.89

Did You Ever? Ch. 03

 — Tim changes nothing for Max and Tony. by riverwatch55in  Gay Male11/17/154.10

Bringing You Home Ch. 03

 — Tease and denial, and a friendly competition. by GildedSilverin  Group Sex11/17/154.38

Lee's New Apartment Ch. 02

 — Rob soothes Lee after a long stressful day. by unexplored_worldsin  Group Sex11/15/154.50HOT

Not One For Weddings Ch. 04

 — Opening up and making things clear. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male11/15/154.70HOT

Backyard Fun with Brendan

 — Two friends finally get the chance to explore. by peterotica247in  Gay Male11/14/153.84

Just for Fun Ch. 01

 — 2 gay twinks explore their boundaries. by masked_machinein  Gay Male11/13/154.10

My Wife Leads the Way

 — A gay man in denial is shown the way by his wife. by FantasizeAndRealizein  Group Sex11/13/154.46

More Fun with Chris

 — The fun continues. by FunKellyin  Gay Male11/12/154.29


 — College roommate. by Mattayin  Gay Male11/10/154.29

Evan's Fantasy

 — An evening alone turns into something much better... by Sweet_Sarah72in  Gay Male11/10/154.60HOT

A Bisexual Somali Prince

 — Boston student seduces bisexual Somali in Ottawa. by Samuelxin  Gay Male11/10/152.67

Enemy Mine

 — His foster brother was the resident jack-ass. by knotadamein  Gay Male11/08/154.68HOT

Camping with Chris

 — My first guy/guy experience. by FunKellyin  First Time11/08/153.98

Getting His Apology Ch. 01

 — A bully puts his mouth to better use (3rd Person). by GildedSilverin  Gay Male11/03/154.20

In the Hands of the Lord

 — Straight guy gets turned. by erectus123in  Gay Male11/01/154.04

Not One For Weddings Ch. 03

 — Making it more than a one-night stand. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male11/01/154.63HOT

Labor Day Cum & Play

 — My best friend and I discover ourselves for the first time. by brettieboyyy27in  Gay Male10/30/154.46

Old College Flame Ch. 07

 — They love, talk, and reconnect. by Deez1in  Gay Male10/29/154.14

Getting His Apology

 — The bully from work puts his mouth to better use. by GildedSilverin  Gay Male10/28/154.30

Did You Ever? Ch. 02

 — The amazing transformation continues. by riverwatch55in  Gay Male10/28/154.31

First Time Ever

 — Black man takes me. by athletictwinkin  Gay Male10/23/154.12

My First Toy Ch. 01

 — My roommate surprises me while I play ;) by Chi805in  Gay Male10/22/154.13

Did You Ever?

 — Friends move to another level. by riverwatch55in  Gay Male10/21/154.29

Back To Your Nap Buddy

 — Childhood friends grow up, become lovers. by DavidPatrickin  Gay Male10/21/154.79HOT

Not One For Weddings Ch. 02

 — We continue our night at my place. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male10/18/154.63HOT

Travis and Adam Ch. 06

 — The finale. by Sweet_Sarah72in  Gay Male10/17/154.66HOT

How Life Changes Ch. 01

 — Gay reawakened. by bigskybenin  Gay Male10/16/153.96

My Yearly Physical

 — Straight male is exposed to domination, gay sex and submission. by kismet999in  Gay Male10/16/154.36

Workout Ch. 03

 — White guy gets his ass wrecked by a BBC. by DougsLairin  Gay Male10/15/154.63HOT


 — Two men have an old-fashioned romance. by Sweet_Sarah72in  Gay Male10/15/154.79HOT

A Tale as Old as Time

 — Conservative Christian boys find each other and love. by DavidPatrickin  Gay Male10/14/154.75HOT

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 34

 — Ronia & Jesse make a hit at the conference. Rasid is angry. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male10/13/154.62

Finally His Pt. 01

 — He makes me his. And it's all I've ever wanted. by Tsugaru3000in  Gay Male10/11/154.16

Bathhouse Bonanza

 — He gets more than he bargained for. by standingstonesin  Gay Male10/10/153.99

The Ingram-Lewis Chronicles Pt. 02

 — Further revelations of a dysfunctional family in the 1900s. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male10/09/154.20

Not One For Weddings

 — A stranger and closet rendezvous make a wedding interesting. by FoodOfLovein  Gay Male10/06/154.53HOT

Pathetic Ch. 03: Relationships

 — Brett tries to convince Lucca to think about dating. by kipp412in  Gay Male10/03/154.47


 — Married white guy has his first BBC. by DougsLairin  Gay Male10/03/154.61HOT

My First Homosexual Experience

 — Story of my 1st time sleeping with another man. by ndbeckman701in  Gay Male10/01/153.66

The Retreat Ch. 03

 — Jonah and Mike get closer and find new friends. by JJ122964in  Gay Male09/29/154.43

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