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Hospital Hot Bed

 — John is in the wrong place at the wrong time, again. by jstarret78in  Gay Male11/09/174.43

Tantric Teng

 — Sex problem with boss tackled by tantric surrogate. by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/25/174.56HOT

Taking the Neighbor Ch. 01

 — Fucking the teen next door. by jjdtxin  Gay Male06/14/174.53HOT

A Friday Afternoon Massage

 — First timer enjoys male massage. by sterlingdaydreamin  Gay Male01/27/174.62HOT


 — A change of mind. by Wonderlustingin  Gay Male12/10/164.54HOT

The Massage

 — Gay Male Bondage Massage. by niplockin  Gay Male09/12/164.40

Massage Clinic for Men Pt. 02

 — First Session. by mastertosubin  Gay Male01/22/164.68HOT

My Perfect Magic Massage

 — Real life account of a great masseur. by guynicholasin  Gay Male01/06/154.02

Straight Man Cums in Gay Massage

 — Bondage massage with huge orgasm. by Rosko Busby 2005in  Gay Male07/28/143.78

Second Gay Massage

 — After my first I soon returned for more. by bendigoboyin  Gay Male05/04/144.49


 — I allow it. by jjcole43in  Gay Male12/13/134.07

First Time Tasting Real Cock

 — My first bi sexual experience . by traploverrin  Gay Male09/13/134.01

Roommate Massage Practice Ch. 02

 — Martin continues to explore and push the limits. by refinedexperiencesin  Gay Male04/17/134.61HOT

Surfer Massage

 — A 21 year old gets his first erotic massage. by CA808in  Gay Male02/28/134.26

The Darling

 — A trip to a Bangkok massage parlor. by sr71pltin  Gay Male01/18/134.00

Innocent Massage Seduction

 — He innocently offers his body to his gay friend. by BritWriterin  Gay Male11/02/124.35

My First M4M Massage

 — An innocent massage comes an eye opening experience. by jchoi2003in  Gay Male10/18/124.47

My First Male Massage

 — Things heat up with my sexy masseur. by jamie_vickersin  Gay Male09/25/124.59HOT

Doctors Orders Ch. 01

 — A most unusual doctor-patient relationship. by Scavin  Gay Male09/02/124.60HOT


 — More was better. by colejin  Gay Male05/25/124.29

Another First Time Story Ch. 02

 — The third time we meet. by 0ra11yfix8edin  Gay Male05/11/124.06

The Garage: Forever Yours Ch. 05

 — A job offer, a proposal, and a massage. by gizm4cin  Gay Male03/15/124.70HOT

Tight Ass Twink Massage

 — A college student gets a massage and loses his cherry. by joshprimin  Gay Male02/02/124.50HOT

Plaything for Masseurs?

 — Story of masseurs taking liberties with my ass! by SaminCaliin  Gay Male09/10/113.95

Deep Tissue Massage

 — A therapeutic massage turns into a lot more. by matt_1972in  Gay Male05/10/114.46

Shy Jared Ch. 03

 — Jared and Darryl take a shower. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male04/12/114.67HOT

Billy's Story

 — 19-year-old college student gets a massage. by joshprimin  Gay Male10/12/104.58HOT

An Erotic Massage

 — An older neighbor takes a "legit" massage to a new place. by youngartistguyin  Gay Male01/10/103.77

The Massage

 — Stud masseur has his way with 30-something straight guy. by wicked_annabellain  Gay Male12/15/094.30

The Masseur Ch. 02

 — A massage leads to even more. by littlesquirtin  Gay Male08/02/094.24

Traveling Ch. 07

 — Massage time. by jjdtxin  Gay Male07/31/094.51HOT

Giving Guys a "Good" Massage

 — A masseur gets fringe benefits from his hapless customers. by Dikk_Turpinin  Gay Male05/11/094.20

Heat Wave

 — Miguel meets an interesting companion on the track. by Sascha_Iin  Gay Male03/02/094.24

Birthday Present for Ted

 — Brian gives a special gift to his good friend & masseur. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male12/17/084.42

Adoring a Heavy Guy

 — Shy married man meets up with a lonely heavy gay man. by zebronoin  Gay Male06/25/084.05

Shelter in the Storm Ch. 10

 — Declan comes home. by KarennaCin  Gay Male04/27/084.38

New Gym, New Friend Ch. 03

 — Caleb & Derrick's relationship grows, causing excitement. by wred222000in  Gay Male02/07/083.84

Nude Massage

 — Man discovers pleasures of nude M2M massage. by cpierce6969in  Gay Male01/06/084.20

A Well Deserved Massage

 — An unsuspecting traveler gets a massage he won't forget. by Dannycmmin  Gay Male07/16/074.32

Turn Over, Please

 — Gay? Straight? Who cares with hands like those? by surchin51in  Gay Male04/03/074.38


 — He savors a full massage. by julianblakein  Gay Male02/01/074.21

The Caregiver

 — A sensual massage to remember. by sr71pltin  Gay Male11/25/064.53HOT

Bath House Virgin

 — Man on business trip expects massage at bath house. by niplockin  Gay Male09/21/064.32

Kasem's Kitchen

 — He & his masseur settle on a loan repayment plan. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/12/064.11

Egyptian Initiation

 — Lucky first-timer finds a magician for a deflowerer. by sr71pltin  Gay Male08/18/064.31

The Cavern

 — A fantasy finally fulfilled. by DomRickin  Gay Male03/24/064.50HOT

I Fell In with The Masseur

 — Man finds out he's gay & finds happiness. by eroticpen69in  Gay Male03/16/064.60HOT

Class Reunion Ch. 01

 — 20 years after college, he recalls first great love. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male03/14/064.62HOT

First Explorations Ch. 02

 — The first full time. by Guillamein  Gay Male02/03/064.59HOT


 — Masseur-client relationship turns more than professional. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male12/28/054.71HOT

Physical Therapy

 — 18 year old James becomes his therapist's cumslut by MixMasterFlexin  Gay Male09/02/034.36

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