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Unbroken Ch. 16

 — Wyatt finally conquers Angria... Is Aidan going to save them. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/23/174.77HOTNEW

Unbroken Ch. 15

 — The truth comes out... Will Aidan agree to go back? by vanalasin  Gay Male11/22/174.68HOTNEW

Unbroken Ch. 14

 — The enemies return but this time Luis holds the key. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/17/174.66HOTNEW

Shooting Matt Ch. 24

 — Matt and Liam have fun, and complications, with Darren. by Turbidusin  Gay Male11/17/174.66HOTNEW

U-N-I Ch. 08

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/16/174.64HOT

Unbroken Ch. 13

 — A new beginning for Aidan and Luis... A new plan of enemies. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/14/174.52HOT

Unbroken Ch. 12

 — Aidan goes back to Angria for his family. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/13/174.68HOT

Unbroken Ch. 11

 — Aidan lets go and experiences another level of his magic. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/07/174.67HOT

Unbroken Ch. 10

 — Something's wrong... Unexpected results. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/06/174.64HOT

Unbroken Ch. 09

 — Aidan saves the scepter but is it the end? by vanalasin  Gay Male11/03/174.65HOT

Unbroken Ch. 08

 — Aidan's introduction... New enemies arrive. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/02/174.49

Unbroken Ch. 07

 — Aidan and Luis are in love... a visit from the past. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/01/174.46

Unbroken Ch. 06

 — Strange occurrences... Aidan and Luis get together. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/27/174.44

The Journal

 — A sequel to The Circus. by Circusfreak19in  Gay Male10/27/174.86HOT

Unbroken Ch. 05

 — Aidan makes a mistake... changes are occurring. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/26/174.50HOT

Unbroken Ch. 04

 — Aidan and Luis just cannot accept each other. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/25/174.63HOT

Unbroken Ch. 03

 — A mysterious incident breeds unexpected results. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/18/174.39

The Circus

 — A novella. by Circusfreak19in  Gay Male10/12/174.88HOT

My Army, Myself

 — A military man finds comfort in other soldiers. by cburtonin  First Time10/07/173.94

Unbroken Ch. 02

 — Luis plans to humiliate Aidan. Will his plans work? by vanalasin  Gay Male10/04/174.53HOT

Unbroken Ch. 01

 — Aidan coincidentally meets the prince. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/03/174.48

Stand for Love Ch. 17

 — Will Adrian get justice? Can Nic accept Adrian's death? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/23/174.62HOT

Stand for Love Ch. 16

 — Adrian is in grave danger... Will he survive? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/22/174.47

Stand for Love Ch. 14

 — Adrian is set to find out the truth. by vanalasin  Gay Male09/19/174.20

Stand for Love Ch. 13

 — Adrian and Nic are back there anything left? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/16/174.22

Stand for Love Ch. 12

 — Will Adrian be thrown out or will he stand for love? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/15/174.31

Stand for Love Ch. 11

 — The tables are turned. What could Adrian be up to? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/13/173.41

Stand for Love Ch. 10

 — Adrian makes life a little difficulty for Vic and Jake. by vanalasin  Gay Male09/12/174.33

Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 03

 — Eric and Austin's summer comes to a happy end. by CE300in  Gay Male09/09/174.79HOT

Stand for Love Ch. 09

 — Adrian is getting back at his enemies. by vanalasin  Gay Male09/06/174.37

Stand for Love Ch. 08

 — Adrian he still the same boy? by vanalasin  Gay Male09/04/174.39

Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Ch. 04

 — Ashley and Josh succumb to their lust. by OEdwardin  Gay Male09/02/174.46

Problem with a One Night Stand Ch. 05

 — Josh's relationships develop. by elno2015in  Gay Male08/31/174.86HOT

Stand for Love Ch. 07

 — Things get more complicated for Adrian. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/29/174.31

Stand for Love Ch. 06

 — Things get a little complicated for Adrian. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/28/174.07

The Island Pt. 03

 — The Island will make you feel new things. by Robyboyrobin  Gay Male08/25/174.48

Stand for Love Ch. 05

 — Attempts against Adrian are failing. What's next? by vanalasin  Gay Male08/23/174.47

Stand for Love Ch. 04

 — The honeymoon is over...Adrian and Nic return. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/22/174.23

My Angry Tenants Ch. 04

 — The boys' parole officer breaks in a new intern. by rae121452in  Gay Male08/20/174.62HOT

Stand for Love Ch. 03

 — Adrian is married...not everyone is happy. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/19/174.34

Stand for Love Ch. 02

 — Adrian's feelings for his savior get stronger. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/18/174.27

Stand for Love Ch. 01

 — Adrian's life could be in danger because of Nicholas. by vanalasin  Gay Male08/09/174.14

Field of Blooms: The Beginning Ch. 02

 — Eric realizes how precious life can truly be. by CE300in  Gay Male08/09/174.67HOT

Field of Blooms: The Beginning

 — Eric and Austin's summer begins with a rocky start. by CE300in  Gay Male08/01/174.59HOT

Kasper's Den Ch. 09

 — Amir's past comes back to bite Kasper, well kiss... by tarzanacidein  Gay Male07/28/174.77HOT

Shooting Matt Ch. 19

 — Randy meets Kent's parents. Life continues. by Turbidusin  Gay Male07/27/174.63HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 13

 — The final chapter. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/26/174.58HOT

The Pirate King Ch. 14

 — "Where I belonged" - reunions. by nakamookin  Gay Male07/25/174.98HOT

The Long Drive Ch. 02

 — After the trip time for a shower. by revengeofthediksin  Gay Male07/24/174.25

Forever Yours Ch. 12

 — How far can Ramon go with his revenge if provoked? by vanalasin  Gay Male07/22/174.35

Forever Yours Ch. 11

 — Ramon strikes...again. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/21/174.48

Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 01

 — Three generations of father and sons have a secret. by cburtonin  Incest/Taboo07/19/173.88

Forever Yours Ch. 10

 — The getaway. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/19/174.53HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 09

 — The return. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/18/174.63HOT

Gay Days Ch. 06

 — Relatives – and Tony. by Chris7swin  Gay Male07/14/174.48

Shooting Matt Ch. 18

 — Randy and Kent's weekend comes to an end. by Turbidusin  Gay Male07/14/174.59HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 08

 — Will Ramon's dreams ever come true? by vanalasin  Gay Male07/12/174.48

Forever Yours Ch. 07

 — Ramon's unexpected event. by vanalasin  Gay Male07/11/174.04

Problem with a One Night Stand Ch. 04

 — Josh encounters new relationships and new problems. by elno2015in  Gay Male07/11/174.79HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 06

 — Can Marcos' family accept Ramon as his boyfriend? by vanalasin  Gay Male07/10/174.62HOT

My Girlfriend's Dad Pt. 05

 — Sex with girlfriend's dad makes me open to much more. by dondavein  Gay Male07/07/174.60HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 05

 — Ramon and Marcos' monthsary. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/26/174.57HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 04

 — Ramon and Marcos are now in a relationship. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/25/174.49

Shooting Matt Ch. 16

 — Kent joins Randy. Sex and mystery ensues. by Turbidusin  Gay Male06/20/174.75HOT

Forever Yours Ch. 03

 — Ramon and Marcos get stranded. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/19/174.48

Forever Yours Ch. 02

 — Marcos' actions with Ramon brings him unexpected results. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/19/174.16

Forever Yours Ch. 01

 — Ramon meets his boss Marcos, a gay playboy who lusts for him. by vanalasin  Gay Male06/12/174.20

Destined Lovers Ch. 08

 — Will Ivan and Henry's story have a happy ending? by vanalasin  Gay Male05/28/174.32

Destined Lovers Ch. 07

 — The return- can love change with time? by vanalasin  Gay Male05/26/174.38

Destined Lovers Ch. 06

 — George's life takes a turn. by vanalasin  Gay Male05/24/174.54HOT

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 12

 — An Arab orphan returns home... (Rest, Rehab, and Recovery) by Shy_Bottom69in  Gay Male05/22/174.74HOT

Destined Lovers Ch. 05

 — Could a dirty misunderstanding end it all? by vanalasin  Gay Male05/17/174.11

Destined Lovers Ch. 04

 — George and Henry get more intimate. by vanalasin  Gay Male05/16/174.49

Destined Lovers Ch. 03

 — George and Henry begin their love relationship. by vanalasin  Gay Male05/15/174.33

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 11

 — Arab orphan returns home... (Passion, pain, & home again) by Shy_Bottom69in  Gay Male05/13/174.74HOT

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 08

 — Arab orphan returns home... (Jono's Complications). by Shy_Bottom69in  Gay Male05/06/174.80HOT

Emerson and the Lion Ch. 12

 — How Ali and Amir came to be... by tarzanacidein  Gay Male05/03/174.79HOT

Onus 08

 — Broken barriers. by Cruel2BKindin  Gay Male05/03/174.68HOT

Kasper's Den Ch. 03

 — The show must go on... by tarzanacidein  Gay Male05/01/174.70HOT

My Journey Ch. 03

 — Things progress. by lonesomejonesin  Gay Male04/28/174.27

Jono's Journey Home Ch. 02

 — An Arab orphan returns home. by Shy_Bottom69in  Gay Male04/20/174.68HOT

Dave and Leroy Ch. 15

 — The Adoption and a Divorce. by kmillerk1in  Gay Male04/18/174.81HOT

Down the Rabbit Hole Ch. 09

 — Harry can't stay away from Mr. C. by Hal1031in  Gay Male04/06/174.23

Nephew's Readjustment Pt. 13

 — Nicholas learns some new things about his life. by bart_allenin  Gay Male03/30/174.51HOT

Between the Push and Pull Ch. 05

 — Ryan succumbs to the pressures of porn. by hudsbartin  Gay Male03/27/174.67HOT

Roommates, Best Friends, More Ch. 05

 — Is there still a chance? by YamiAndYugiin  Gay Male02/17/174.39

Dad is an Exhibitionist Ch. 04

 — Dave ventures out into the world alone and has surprises. by cburtonin  Incest/Taboo02/17/174.30

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 39

 — Going to meet the new boss. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male02/07/174.62

Troubadour Ch. 01

 — The first chapter in a gay erotica novella. by TylerBraidenin  Gay Male11/08/164.23

If You Love Something Ch. 06

 — David and the tasting of forbidden fruit... by ModusOperandiin  Gay Male09/26/164.81HOT

Shooting Matt Ch. 06

 — Randy introduces Matt to new pleasures. by Turbidusin  Gay Male09/19/164.58HOT

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 07

 — In Celebration of the Penis by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/14/164.67HOT

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 06

 — The weekend after the weekend before. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/12/164.63HOT

Shooting Matt Ch. 05

 — Matt and Randy spend some quiet time together. by Turbidusin  Gay Male09/12/164.78HOT

Finding Out Ch. 04

 — Two young men finally figure out each others feelings. by MaliciousMellyin  Gay Male09/12/164.22

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 05

 — The naturists have a lot of fun. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/11/164.58HOT

Shooting Matt Ch. 04

 — Randy, Matt and Liam discuss the situation. by Turbidusin  Gay Male09/09/164.76HOT

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 37

 — Jesse and Caliph come to an understanding and a deal is made. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male07/27/164.89

Grass Is Sometimes Greener....

 — His adventure thru denial, awareness & acceptance. by bjmichaelsin  Gay Male03/29/164.03

The Magic of a Touch Ch. 05

 — The Dragonfist party is a go, and Jeremy gets to meet them. by Fantasyboy69in  Gay Male03/20/164.88HOT

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