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My Angry Tenants Ch. 06

 — Ron and Gary meet a new fuck hole. by rae121452in  Gay Male09/15/174.49

All Out for his Coming Out Ch. 03

 — Denny graduates from barber school and a dream come true. by walterioin  Gay Male09/13/174.29

The Journey: Pressed to Enlightenme

 — A young man travels the Greek underworld by Maricopamanin  Erotic Couplings09/02/173.86

All Out for his Coming Out

 — 18 year-old decides he is gay and comes out in style. by walterioin  Gay Male08/22/174.49

Just a Buddy from Work

 — My friend from work and his boyfriend want to have some fun. by patdownin  Gay Male07/11/174.17

The Barracks

 — A gay man's fantasy squad. by Maricopamanin  Group Sex03/13/174.29

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 06

 — The weekend after the weekend before. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/12/164.63HOT

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 05

 — The naturists have a lot of fun. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/11/164.58HOT

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 04

 — The naturists get to know each other intimately. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/10/164.50HOT

A Naturist Weekend Ch. 03

 — The group have fun in the sun. by ScotishGuyin  Gay Male09/09/164.58HOT

My Teacher (Finale)

 — My Initiation to Orgies. by highwayman2in  Gay Male06/01/164.41

First Time Anal

 — Bathhouse Fun. by iamcontentin  Gay Male05/25/164.12

They Become More Than Cousins Ch. 03

 — Scott and Jamie continue their affair and attend a gay orgy. by walterioin  Gay Male04/11/164.42

Caged Heat

 — A leather Dom gives me a night to remember. (1st time gay) by HerLittlePiggyin  Gay Male03/27/164.38

Bondage Bench

 — I got a little bit more than expected. by MadExhibitionistin  Gay Male03/23/164.36

The Retreat Ch. 04

 — The Orgy. by JJ122964in  Gay Male12/25/154.33

Simon and Sebastian A

 — Sebastian meets Simon, the love of his life. by JASONSHOMOEROTICAin  Gay Male06/24/154.11

Member of the Club, That Night

 — Time for bed. by hasnoaliasin  Gay Male06/23/154.52HOT


 — A summer adventure. by lovejacknin  Gay Male01/02/153.72

Straight No More: Getting Ahead

 — Straight man's interview includes taking cock in both holes. by silkstockingsloverin  Gay Male07/09/144.55HOT

The Wild Boy

 — The wives are ouy .. three men & the Wild Boy need to breed. by Araddionin  Gay Male03/31/144.04

St. Andrew's Cross

 — I strapped myself to bondage kit. by MadExhibitionistin  Gay Male02/04/144.42

Cock-Sucker: The Day of The Gay

 — The world taken over by sex-zombies. by tristantrotskyin  Gay Male07/27/134.46

ANR Ch. 01

 — His adventures at his favorite Dallas Adult Video Store. by CSKin  Gay Male02/22/134.37

Cock-Sucker Tales: The Random Rod

 — The first in a series of neglected underground classics. by tristantrotskyin  Gay Male02/14/134.33

First Time Bisexual

 — My first bisexual experience. by glockem_1099in  Gay Male01/29/134.23

Loser Takes All

 — New employee finds his place. by trashcan44in  Gay Male01/03/134.36

Panama Ch. 04

 — Scotty gets into BDSM for real. by mikey2muchin  Gay Male11/27/124.22

Pizza Boy Delivers to a Frat House

 — Party Tray Takes on a Whole New Meaning! by pizzaboyatdoorin  Gay Male08/03/124.33

Making it as a Porn Star

 — College straight guy uses gay sex as a stepping stone. by walterioin  Gay Male05/31/124.22

The Enchanted Boy Ch. 18

 — Just rewards. by martin_x59in  Gay Male03/26/124.73HOT

Bad Cards, Good Guys

 — Poker game turns weird, then awesome. by 69pat69in  Gay Male03/14/124.51HOT

Melissa Takes Me To A Twink Orgy

 — She takes a guy to a cum-loaded twink orgy. by Versatile2008in  Gay Male02/13/124.25

First Time with a Man and Men

 — He starts his gay sex life off with a bang. by MRwrong41in  Gay Male10/13/113.98

Str8 Teams's Secret Gay Sex Tea

 — Str8 football team has a gay orgy because of a powerful tea. by GGandGin  Gay Male10/13/114.20

Pauletta Celebrates Nude Day

 — While staying in drag, he celebrates National Nude Day. by Boxlicker101in  Gay Male07/12/114.27

Erotic Gay Tale: My Army Sex Buddy

 — A hot and heavy orgy in the desert with a soldier. by nathanjmorisseyin  Gay Male06/28/114.18

Shirtcocking Stocky Studs

 — A hung twink mounts three beefy butts on a beach. by danielbluein  Gay Male01/27/114.32

Straight Eye for a Queer Business

 — Change in strategy introduces a straight guy to the bi world. by walterioin  Gay Male07/24/104.42

Blowin' Vuvuzela

 — An Englishman gets fucked by three South African men. by danielbluein  Gay Male07/17/104.22

Rave or Die

 — He finds a wonderful fuck buddy at a rave. by Love_nightin  Gay Male07/04/104.13

Locker Number 69

 — My first (of many) visits to a gay bath house. by sandysummerin  Gay Male06/03/103.92

On The Block Ch. 02

 — Testing the Merchandise – Gar's Second Day. by Ywasherein  Celebrities & Fan Fiction12/13/094.48

Carlo and Bob Work My Knob

 — An all-male threesome with DP! by discretion_is_a_mustin  Gay Male07/28/094.13

The Botany Professor Ch. 04

 — In revenge for my son, I regain my top-hood. by Coxswainin  Gay Male07/12/094.73HOT

They Are A-OK Ch. 31

 — A wild ceremony. by fantasyhunter2in  Gay Male06/03/094.77HOT

Beauty of Friendship

 — Sometimes, friendship can lead to amazing things. by perfectupper90in  Gay Male05/23/093.84

Amy Lets It All Go at the Party

 — My girlfriend shows everyone how to party. by dannymikein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur03/06/094.11

Fishing Ch. 02

 — Anticipation and sex on the road. by fidofashionin  Gay Male03/06/094.38

XXX of Love, Episode 01

 — Bisexual reality show where a hunk tries to find his love. by XXXoflovein  Gay Male02/08/093.53

Fifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last Ch. 02

 — Missing Big Frank. by pris69696in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers01/29/094.56HOT

Walking on the Wild Side

 — He discovers an orgy and joins the fun. by Dawnsin  Gay Male11/26/083.90

Wild Night

 — His first all-male threeway. by johnlk2wtchin  Gay Male10/18/084.06

Slow Night at the Baths

 — A slow night at the baths turns out awesome. by randodoin  Gay Male10/03/084.12

Gigolo Ch. 11

 — The gay four-way continues; a lesson learned. by grantvigorin  Novels and Novellas07/29/083.87

Birthday Presents

 — Daniel and Steven celebrate Daniel turning 21. by Dawnsin  Gay Male07/16/083.24

The Party

 — Friends gather to enjoy free love. by fullncreamyin  Gay Male07/13/084.42


 — Bisexual guy dreams about four hunks servicing him by bibopin  Gay Male04/04/084.00

Underwear Ch. 07

 — Rayne & Kev enjoy a hot shower & a swingers' orgy. by SadieRosein  Gay Male02/24/084.59HOT

One Night in London

 — A kinky night in London for a couple with extras. by wickedgirl06in  Gay Male02/18/083.29

Truth or Dare

 — Uncle spends a weekend in the woods with his nephews. by gizmo52242in  Incest/Taboo12/23/074.32

Business Men Get Muddy

 — Who knew getting stuck in mud could lead to an orgy? by danielbluein  Gay Male11/16/074.01

Getting It Good Ch. 01

 — Best friend feeds him his cock. by 7thSpadein  Gay Male11/02/074.46

After the Match

 — Five footballers celebrated their win in style. by Toolboy5in  Gay Male11/01/074.41

Putting Myself Through College Ch. 07

 — 18-year-old escort continues to pay for college. by RobXXXin  Gay Male09/15/074.44

The Fraternity Party

 — College freshman comes out of closet. by Dawnsin  Gay Male09/01/073.36

Curious George

 — This is a story based in truth about a curious young man by Willing2Doin  Gay Male08/24/074.20

Two Boys, a Man, and a Flagpole

 — Gage gets worked over by two very hot high school guys by Boytoy80in  Gay Male08/18/074.17

Four Play

 — A night out turns wild. by BabyJamesBoyin  Gay Male06/10/073.59

One Afternoon at the Gym

 — Hard workout gets an unexpected reward. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male05/24/074.50HOT

Chris and Brad Ch. 02

 — Sequel to part 1...and better, in author's opinion. by PeacesignMcPugin  Gay Male05/18/074.21

18 Hours PnP Cum Slut at the Baths

 — His fun during spring, 2001 Phoenix, AZ (Chute). by tucsondude85716in  Gay Male05/10/074.51HOT

Playing with Matches

 — A married man is coaxed into a gay threesome. by Schenkkanin  Gay Male05/08/074.37

Full Count, Bases Loaded

 — College athletes get randy in the locker room. by Schenkkanin  Gay Male04/13/074.42

Dave's Surprise Ch. 02

 — Dave's curiosity turns to excitement at lusty group affair. by Dneal06in  Gay Male04/10/074.50HOT

Locker Room

 — Husband is taken by three male strangers. by mercedes1in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/12/063.96

A Night of Debauchery Ch. 03

 — The party is on. by dirtyjoe69in  Gay Male11/07/064.24

A Gay Orgy in Hawaii

 — Foursome with a little voyeurism as well. by MoronTheDivinein  Gay Male09/22/064.32

Boy-Toy Ch. 01

 — Cock hungry guy auditions his body & talents for 4 men. by CSKin  Gay Male07/16/064.69HOT

My Curiosity Got Me In Trouble

 — Bi-curious male goes to a gay bar for answers. by niplockin  Gay Male07/13/064.34

Hairy Assed Homo Honchos

 — Midwestern twink takes on 7 hairy San Franciscan bears. by danielbluein  Gay Male07/06/064.42

Getting to Know Ourselves Better Ch. 05

 — Tom & Sean experience the love of men. by noody2005in  Group Sex04/15/064.58HOT

The Dinner Party

 — There was more on offer than just dinner on a plate. by Timkittenin  Group Sex03/10/064.57HOT

At The Party

 — He goes to a stroke party and tries it all. by bi gollyin  Gay Male03/03/064.51HOT

I Thought I Wanted It Rough... Ch. 02

 — Virgin seeks out dominant top to break him in. by LonelyVirginin  Gay Male02/26/064.39

First Three-Way Begins

 — He seeks someone to spice things up. by easygoinguyin  Gay Male02/22/064.22

Jizz Me With Your Jerk Juice

 — Big blonde 'bear' begs to be facialized by circle jerkers. by danielbluein  Gay Male02/09/064.12

The Trip Ch. 02

 — Further adventures on the business trip. by isadorein  Gay Male02/09/064.30

Park Cruising Ch. 01

 — He finds more in the woods than animals. by Bttmboiin  Gay Male01/27/064.30

Unexpected Size Queens Delight Ch. 02

 — Another encounter with two huge cocks. by nnjnyclookingforfunin  Gay Male12/28/054.42

Strangers: The Kino

 — Tony's sexual adventures in Europe continue. by luvzcockin  Gay Male09/24/054.42

The Holiday

 — Straight guy is enjoyed by his five best friends. by camokitty1in  Gay Male08/22/054.57HOT

Taken at the Toy Store

 — Trip to the toy store ends in a gang-bang. by dizzcuvery65in  Gay Male07/26/054.44

Catching a Train

 — Young man's first experience at a gay bath house. by BilyumQin  Gay Male07/22/054.67HOT

Three Day Pass # 02

 — His first gay experience continues. by BennyBlankin  Gay Male06/19/054.47


 — Marlene just LOVES the gang. by Marlenein  Gay Male06/18/054.46

Hot Bodies on an Icy Sea Ch. 01

 — Mistress &cuck take sea cruise. by MistyMorganin  BDSM11/18/034.44

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