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Van Trouble

 — My best friend and I try a little hot motel room fun. by joki1000in  Gay Male09/19/164.20

Masturbate Fantasy #131

 — A sexy shower. by writedoctorin  Gay Male03/09/144.10

Searching for that Spark Ch. 01

 — Ashton finds what he never knew he was looking for. by thealphamalein  Gay Male06/20/134.55HOT

Sweaty Socks and Virgin Cocks Ch. 02

 — After fucking once, these virgins take the fun to the shower. by socksancocksin  Gay Male06/02/134.18

Extended Hours at the Gym

 — Jon explores a side of him he didn't know he had. by bedtimewordsin  Gay Male02/27/134.49

Jason's New Adventure

 — Jason and his roommate shave each other before the swim meet. by niemand1994in  Gay Male09/14/124.60HOT

Roommates Without Girlfriends Ch. 02

 — Luke and I continue to expolore. by imnsocal5in  Gay Male01/17/124.53HOT

Beach House Ch. 03

 — Relationship is tested and ends with a cheat. by bigballs34in  Incest/Taboo06/28/114.12

Hardcore Holiday Ch. 07

 — Dan watches DVD and gets the shock of his life. by the_apocalypsein  Gay Male04/29/114.18

Shower At The Gym

 — John is shocked when he enters the gym showers by hey1234ain  Gay Male03/28/114.03

Locker Room Shower

 — Jake is not not alone in the shower. by hey1234ain  Gay Male03/28/113.94

Greg Ch. 02

 — Greg explains. by ryanuk1971in  Gay Male01/24/114.60HOT

The Shower to the Bedroom and Back

 — Getting down and dirty while waiting to get clean. by jordan80in  Gay Male10/30/104.22

First Gym Encounter

 — A straight young man fullfills a hidden desire with another. by fantasychatterin  Gay Male09/12/094.17

Gym Daze

 — Matt's first time is in the gym shower. by syntheticdarknessin  Gay Male04/02/094.15

My Weekend with Jake

 — A personal ad that worked. by j3zzain  Gay Male02/11/094.63HOT

My Patriot

 — Story of a business trip gone great. by tc64in  Gay Male10/30/084.41

The Morning's Shower

 — Gay couple enjoy a shower while someone watches. by wazerin  Gay Male06/25/084.17

Shower Time

 — College times get wild in the shower. by BwanAntonioin  Gay Male06/16/083.29

Getting . . . Educated Ch. 01

 — Taken in the shower. by sr71pltin  Gay Male04/28/084.24

Shower Head

 — The sequel to "Mr. Perfect". by Mephisophelesin  Gay Male04/21/084.71HOT

Cursed Gift

 — Two men overcome a threat and find love. by peboin  Gay Male03/02/084.81HOT

Shower Power

 — Undergrad student goes exploring in his residence. by dcornellin  Gay Male02/24/084.03

Underwear Ch. 07

 — Rayne & Kev enjoy a hot shower & a swingers' orgy. by SadieRosein  Gay Male02/24/084.59HOT

New Gym, New Friend Ch. 02

 — Derrick shares a shower with Caleb. by wred222000in  Gay Male02/06/083.78

House on Park Ch. 02

 — Into the house, into the shower, & into a threesome. by sr71pltin  Gay Male02/06/084.44

Two Married Guys

 — While wife is away, hubby seeks to fulfill fantasy. by michaeliamin  Gay Male01/22/084.58HOT

Desires Reborn

 — He meets a man who awakens sleeping desires. by fantac64in  Gay Male01/06/084.48


 — Don gets some help in the shower. by bi gollyin  Gay Male01/01/084.57HOT

Gym Jerk Off Ch. 02

 — Bi-curious college guy has another same-sex encounter. by wred222000in  Gay Male12/31/074.16

Freaks Ch. 02

 — Love is found within red steam & foggy glass. by GrotesqueBurgesin  Gay Male12/22/074.42

Gym Jerk Off

 — His first same-sex mutual masturbation with a stranger. by wred222000in  Gay Male08/19/073.84

Man to Man

 — A feverish encounter in a gym shower stall. by jonstjohnin  Gay Male08/18/074.34

One Afternoon at the Gym

 — Hard workout gets an unexpected reward. by Ken Nitsuain  Gay Male05/24/074.50HOT

Locker Room Shower Appointment Ch. 02

 — Chad and I must deal with our swim coach after our session. by gaymanclozin  Gay Male04/13/074.33

Cabin Fever Ch. 02

 — A surprise, some fishing and amazing sex. by DerelictionOfSanityin  Gay Male04/05/074.73HOT

Gym Workout

 — Man gets an unexpected workout. by standingstonesin  Gay Male03/26/074.34

Vinny's Cock is Showin'

 — 19-year-old Vinny doesn't know his gorgeous cock is showing. by lionel_collinsin  Gay Male03/06/074.29

First Threesome

 — Proof that Egyptians and Israelis can share. by sr71pltin  Gay Male09/03/064.15

A Hotel Seduction Ch. 02

 — His adventure with a mature black man. by Dormratin  Gay Male02/12/064.59HOT

Shower Fun

 — Old friends experiment in the school showers. by dickybigballsin  Gay Male01/01/064.36

I Used to be Straight

 — Divorced guy has shower sex with muscular cousin. by NiceGuyInVain  Gay Male10/30/054.25

Borderline Ch. 03

 — Paul and Chris share a shower. by velvetpiein  Text With Audio07/20/054.47

An Opportunity of a Lifetime Ch. 02

 — Don't hold back! by Story guyin  Gay Male05/24/034.45

Everything Happens for a Reason Ch. 03

 — Married guys shock each other. by Story guyin  Gay Male07/03/024.53HOT

Everything Happens for a Reason Ch. 02

 — Straight married guys find each other. by Story guyin  Gay Male06/19/024.51HOT

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