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gay submission

The Vacation House Ch. 30

Robbie and Tag take their friendship a little more seriously.

Gay Male 11/04/2017

The Harrington Hotel Ch. 02

A young man meets interesting men at the hotel bar.

Gay Male 09/14/2017

The Harrington Hotel

A young man finds companionship in a hotel lounge.

Gay Male 08/06/2017

What Choice Did I Have?

A young man's journey in becoming a real man's boy.

Gay Male 08/01/2017

Are You Lonely? Ch. 02

A young man embraces his new-found sexual freedom.

Gay Male 07/17/2017

The Pirate King Ch. 12

Islands: Baths - "my world was filled with sunshine".

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/24/2017

Dubious Desire Ch. 02

Damon visits Keegan's family for Christmas.

Gay Male 06/21/2017

The Collection

A bet between 2 straight mates ends up pushing sexual limits.

Gay Male 06/14/2017

Luca Ch. 01

Luca will do anything to keep his job.

Gay Male 05/02/2017

Improper Advances Ch. 03

Well, okay, uh, maybe I'm kinda gay.

Gay Male 04/26/2017

The Pirate King Ch. 06

"I want to be closer" - reconciliation and understanding.

Novels and Novellas 04/14/2017

Debt Relief

Did I lose the bets on purpose? Hmmmm....

Gay Male 03/28/2017

Morning Cocksucker

Fantasy story about becoming a cock boy.

Gay Male 02/04/2017

College Fund Ch. 07

Sometimes you have to go thru hell to get to heaven.

Gay Male 01/10/2017

Turning Out My Neighbor Ch. 02

It may not be right, but it's for his own good.

Gay Male 01/09/2017

College Fund Ch. 06

Life becomes a bit more complicated.

Gay Male 11/27/2016

How I Found a Keyholder

My chastity cage isn't a private experiment any more...

Gay Male 10/23/2016

How Did I Find Myself Here?

Guy goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Gay Male 10/18/2016

Submitting to Master Dan

Greg finally meets his Master for the first time.

Gay Male 09/26/2016

College Fund Ch. 05

In love with Andy AND my latest role-playing game.

Gay Male 09/26/2016

College Fund Ch. 03

I find my niche in role-playing.

Gay Male 08/25/2016

College Fund Ch. 01

I love giving men in need a helping hand.

Gay Male 08/12/2016

The Best Present Dad Can Give Ch. 14

Gay incest continues & Nicolae submits to Trey's breeding.

Incest/Taboo 04/23/2016

Grass Is Sometimes Greener....

His adventure thru denial, awareness & acceptance.

Gay Male 03/29/2016

Eddie, Gina and Me Ch. 02

I finally learn how to be truly free.

Gay Male 12/20/2015

James Ch. 02: Drugged After the Bar

Still reeling from a bad Tindr date, James gets drugged.

Gay Male 09/20/2015

Public Wi-Fi

He finds out who he is.

Gay Male 01/19/2015

Dangerous Games Ch. 02

Can anyone save Johnny from a fate worse than death?

Gay Male 01/03/2015

Bicurious Fantasy Becomes a Reality Ch. 02

My second experience includes a special surprise.

Gay Male 08/17/2014

Winner Takes All

How I Lost my Virginity to Joey Chen.

Gay Male 03/09/2014

Bicurious Fantasy Becomes a Reality

My fantasy of being submissive to another man is fulfilled.

Gay Male 02/12/2014

Cock-Sucker: The Dark Hunter Pt. 01

My wife's out there sucking cock, so why shouldn't I?

Gay Male 02/02/2014

Cowboy Lust

"One great fuck'n ride!"

Gay Male 01/27/2014


If you love belonging to one man - why not two?

Gay Male 05/01/2013

Father's Friend: A Second Chance

A young man learns his fathers friends secret, and submits.

Gay Male 03/15/2013

Price of Passage

Away from human eyes, an intimate toll is exacted.

Gay Male 08/28/2012

Richard and Johnny Ch. 01

A young man finally accepts who he is.

Gay Male 08/23/2012

Restless Heart

Two friends finally fall in love.

Gay Male 08/17/2012

The Art of Seduction

Mister Jones has plans for the new neighbor.

Gay Male 07/17/2012

How I Train My Bitch-Boys

Peter explains his 'training methods'.

Gay Male 06/27/2012

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 24

Facing Reality - an ending with possibilities.

Gay Male 06/25/2012

Two Bottoms

Two 'bottoms' meet and talk about their lives.

Gay Male 06/25/2012

Caught Looking

Life changed forever because I could not stop looking.

Gay Male 06/19/2012

Unrequited Love Ch. 01

A young man describes his first time.

Gay Male 06/18/2012


He sees his ex-lover's obituary and remembers.

Gay Male 06/09/2012

Three Boyfriends

A young man struggles with his sexuality.

Gay Male 06/05/2012

My Bronze God

Can two men find love in a crazy world?

Gay Male 05/28/2012

Upward Mobility

A young man treats everyone bad to get what he wants.

Gay Male 05/12/2012

A Birthday Gift for Jim

A loving wife gives her husband a 'special' birthday gift.

Gay Male 04/21/2012

109 Brevard Street Ch. 02

Mister T's unusual training methods plus salvation.

Gay Male 04/19/2012

Down and Out in Miami

A young man is forced into a new lifestyle.

Gay Male 04/07/2012

Advancing Her Career

A young husband 'decides' to help with his wifes' promotion.

Gay Male 03/27/2012

109 Brevard Street

A young man discovers same-sex lust and passion.

Gay Male 03/22/2012

Bound by the Law

An unemployed young man meets a ruthless benefactor.

Gay Male 03/21/2012


Summer sizzler love affairs sparkle with mirages.

Gay Male 11/23/2011

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 20

A Surprising Encounter In the Night

Gay Male 10/18/2011

Two Vietnamese Boys Dominate Me Ch. 18

Tan explains the facts of my life to me.

Gay Male 08/11/2011

Journey to Submission Ch. 02

Submissive male taken by acquaintance.

NonConsent/Reluctance 08/08/2011

My Boss and Master Ch. 01

Getting caught at work leads to a whole new life.

Gay Male 06/12/2011

The Bus Ride

First sexual contact with another person.

Gay Male 04/02/2011

Trucker's Whore Ch. 02

How I was made a gay whore.

Gay Male 02/20/2011

A Gentle Seduction Ch. 02

Chronicles the seduction and training of an oral servant.

Gay Male 01/13/2011

Sorted at the Funhouse

A sex club where straights are serviced by sub males.

Gay Male 12/31/2010

Steve's Weekend With Damon

A reader of online porn stories shows the author who's boss.

Gay Male 08/16/2010

The Gulf Coast Shrimp


Gay Male 08/06/2010

Making Me His

How I was turned to submit to a man.

Gay Male 07/25/2010

My Wonderful Grandson Ch. 03

My grandson shares me.

Incest/Taboo 05/05/2010

A Contractor's Unpaid Invoice

James falls prey to a contractor & his men.

Gay Male 04/29/2010

I Get Fucked in Public

Remembering a time I got fucked in a public restroom.

Gay Male 01/23/2010

Turned Out on a Bet Ch. 02

Too much of a good thing?

Gay Male 01/03/2010

Sean and Me

Steve loves being dominated by Sean.

Gay Male 11/08/2009

His Loving Beauty Ch. 03

Damon and Eddy's night of passion.

Gay Male 11/05/2009

His Loving Beauty Ch. 02

The aftermath of Eddy's night with Damon.

Gay Male 10/30/2009

My Journey

Heteroman takes a leap of faith.

Gay Male 10/14/2009

The Autobahnpolizei

Straight German cycle cop is turned.

Gay Male 08/05/2009

Curse of the Black Porsche

Nothing is what it seems.

Gay Male 04/13/2009

Portuguese Man O' War

Beautiful but deadly.

Gay Male 04/10/2009

Good Red, Evil Red, and The Beast

...and how a bottom topped me.

Gay Male 04/04/2009

Seduction, Submission and Surrender

A tale of discovery and love.

Gay Male 04/03/2009

Turning Out The Confident

Coach remembers his first time on the receiving end.

Gay Male 04/01/2009

Gym Submission Ch. 02

His gym workout gets more elaborate.

Gay Male 03/07/2009

Big Man

Nothing hotter than submission to something smaller.

Gay Male 11/26/2008

Next Time

Panty wearing man returns to lose his virginity.

Gay Male 10/25/2008

Let Me Be Your Slut

I submit to your lust.

Gay Male 10/23/2008

Snaring an Arab Cop

NYC cabbie finds an Arab looking to be topped.

Gay Male 10/22/2008

Black Daddy Domination

White guy submits to masterful Black Daddy.

Gay Male 09/21/2008

Nothing But a Toy

Friend called her a fangirl; this was her response.

Gay Male 09/11/2008

My New Life

Gay virgin submissive takes a chance.

Gay Male 09/03/2008

Giving and Getting a Ride Ch. 01

Straight male just can't say no to young hitchhiker.

Gay Male 08/24/2008

True Love Found

Is control the same as love?

Gay Male 07/12/2008

How I Became Gay

Super-curious man learns he's a gay bottom.

Gay Male 06/23/2008

Gay Awakening Ch. 01

Gay feeling transfer from Cyber to Reality.

Gay Male 01/16/2008

Two Towels

Visit to all-male sauna fulfils a fantasy.

Gay Male 12/31/2007

Hotel Bargain Ch. 01

Married men reach oral agreement.

Gay Male 12/23/2007

Surprised and Used Again

Gay male, reluctance, and hard sex.

Gay Male 12/19/2007

A Winter's Night

Two married men thrown together by fate, and a winter storm.

Gay Male 11/26/2007

The Bar

What happens when a bicyclist gets ridden instead.

Group Sex 11/24/2007

Master Mike Ch. 05

Master & trainee top pet sitter in garage.

Gay Male 09/07/2007

Our Online Fantasy

An online conversation between him & his bitch.

Gay Male 08/22/2007

Subduing the Captain

As Navy Captain retires, he learns what his asshole is for.

Gay Male 05/27/2007
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