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Hematoma Ch. 26

 — Shay returns to the Society for the last time. by Asbelin  Gay Male08/05/174.43

Hematoma Ch. 25

 — Shay awakens to fear and pain, but can he pull himself away? by Asbelin  Gay Male02/25/174.50HOT

Pale and Pretty Vampire

 — A chance meeting leads to so much more. by PaperWings77in  Gay Male10/01/154.52HOT

Bloodthirsty Ep. 02

 — Jason has some strange dreams that are playing on his mind. by ackkmannin  Gay Male08/25/153.76

My Dark Angel Ch. 10

 — James receives some unwanted attention at school... by taugerin  Gay Male10/26/144.68HOT


 — A cliche, I know. by theilluminaughtyin  Gay Male09/08/144.30

Hematoma Ch. 04

 — Shay mopes and has coffee with an unlikely date. by Asbelin  Gay Male08/01/144.55HOT

Encounters with Evil Pt. 09

 — Bound by Love. by roughboy18in  Gay Male06/08/144.87HOT

Encounters with Evil Pt. 08a

 — Losing and Winning. by roughboy18in  Gay Male05/16/144.81HOT

Encounters with Evil Pt. 07

 — The Aftermath. by roughboy18in  Gay Male04/09/144.79HOT

Papa and I Ch. 03

 — Papa and Erin's relationship begins to develop. by cockaddictionin  Incest/Taboo02/14/144.55HOT

Encounters with Evil Pt. 04

 — Tigger pushes Guy's limits. by roughboy18in  Gay Male01/24/144.78HOT

Valley of the Woods Ch. 03

 — A vampire with a conscience. So cliché but so hot. by E_R_Rushin  Gay Male01/22/144.33

My Dark Angel Ch. 09

 — James wakes up after his encounter with Iōannēs. by taugerin  Gay Male01/19/144.78HOT

Valley of the Woods Ch. 02

 — People change for love, but also for the lack of it. by E_R_Rushin  Gay Male01/09/144.29

Blood and Love Ch. 21

 — The Rise and The Fall. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male12/28/134.54HOT

Valley of the Woods Ch. 01

 — Is it misery or love? Come and see... by E_R_Rushin  Gay Male12/20/133.84

Satin Sleigh Ride

 — Russian sleigh ride segues into supernatural horror by sr71pltin  Gay Male10/12/134.32

My Dark Angel Ch. 08

 — James has an interesting evening, followed by a visit from... by taugerin  Gay Male09/20/134.74HOT

Auburn Eyes -- "The One Named Ian"

 — A story of a murderer and his encounter with the auburn eyes. by geovani772in  Erotic Horror05/26/133.67

The Thirst Within Ch. 02

 — Zak isn't human, but Oscar doesn't care, where will it lead? by taugerin  Gay Male05/17/134.54HOT

Trapped... Ch. 03

 — Thistle and Virgil find out what's wrong with the cell. by icefang4436in  Gay Male05/15/134.67HOT

My Dark Angel Ch. 07

 — Iōannēs comes to the club, and takes an interest in James. by taugerin  Gay Male05/13/134.74HOT

My Dark Angel Ch. 06

 — James gets injured but their date goes on as planned. by taugerin  Gay Male01/02/134.70HOT

The Devonshire Brothers

 — The full and edited story of the Devonshire Twins. by CarelessLovein  Gay Male12/27/124.63HOT

The Thirst Within Ch. 01

 — Oscar finds himself drawn to Zak. but what is it about him? by taugerin  Gay Male11/20/124.43

Brutus and the Vampire

 — The big bad vampire slayer feels bad about killing this one. by AntoinetteMin  Gay Male09/12/124.29

Sexual Healing

 — Vampire keeps going back to his ex for sexual healing. by Irisdeorrein  Gay Male09/03/124.00

My Dark Angel Ch. 04

 — James wakes up and finds out that he is a supernatural. by taugerin  Gay Male08/23/124.68HOT

Shackles Ch. 04

 — A vampire prisoner steals his lawyer's heart. by Brigid_Mo_Chroiin  Gay Male07/12/124.77HOT

Shackles Ch. 03

 — A vampire prisoner steals his lawyer's heart. by Brigid_Mo_Chroiin  Gay Male07/11/124.67HOT

Shackles Ch. 02

 — A vampire prisoner steals his lawyer's heart. by Brigid_Mo_Chroiin  Gay Male07/10/124.74HOT

My Dark Angel Ch. 02

 — Louis has James exactly where he wants him. by taugerin  Gay Male07/09/124.52HOT

Shackles Ch. 01

 — A vampire prisoner steals his lawyer's heart. by Brigid_Mo_Chroiin  Gay Male07/09/124.68HOT

My Dark Angel

 — Louis is a 228 year old vampire who has finally found love. by taugerin  Gay Male07/05/124.37

Blood and Love Ch. 19

 — Season 1- Recap for readers. Season 2 begins with Ch.19. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male06/29/124.72HOT

Fallen Ch. 30

 — The People Come. by Nephylimin  Gay Male06/08/124.81HOT

Fallen Ch. 29

 — New names and a rescue mission. by Nephylimin  Gay Male06/07/124.73HOT

Fallen Ch. 27

 — It's all about Bridge. by Nephylimin  Gay Male05/31/124.83HOT

Fallen Ch. 26

 — The Ritual. by Nephylimin  Gay Male05/30/124.79HOT

Black Out Ch. 01

 — Nix stakes a fanger, then meets the owner of Black Out. by PoisonAddictin  Gay Male05/29/124.20

Fallen Ch. 24

 — Alex and Sam. Alex's Secret by Nephylimin  Gay Male05/25/124.73HOT

Fallen Ch. 23

 — Secrets are revealed which shock Luma to the core. by Nephylimin  Gay Male05/21/124.74HOT

Fallen Ch. 21

 — Star is Unsettled and Luma takes him for a ride. by Nephylimin  Gay Male04/27/124.71HOT

Fallen Ch. 19

 — Luma is summoned and has presents for all. by Nephylimin  Gay Male04/18/124.72HOT

Fallen Ch. 18

 — Luma gives a lesson in ravishing. by Nephylimin  Gay Male04/13/124.80HOT

Fallen Ch. 16

 — Luma's Star is rising. by Nephylimin  Gay Male04/03/124.83HOT

Fallen Ch. 15

 — Sam and Alex make the family complete. by Nephylimin  Gay Male03/29/124.72HOT

An Unexpected Mating Ch. 02

 — Torment in reality; Torment in dreams. by BatmanChickin  Gay Male03/21/124.67HOT

Fallen Ch. 13

 — Serif, a primal force excited by death; stronger than he... by Nephylimin  Gay Male03/19/124.76HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 18

 — What you have been waiting for! by Eternalivanin  Gay Male03/13/124.64HOT

Fallen Ch. 11

 —  A Star is born and everyone falls in love with Bridge. by Nephylimin  Gay Male03/09/124.75HOT

An Unexpected Mating Ch. 01

 — Romance and the vampire. by BatmanChickin  Gay Male03/08/124.49

Blood and Love Ch. 17

 — And the game begins..... by Eternalivanin  Gay Male02/22/124.64HOT

Fallen Ch. 10

 — Luma, Bridge and Sacha get to know each other. by Nephylimin  Gay Male02/22/124.72HOT

Fallen Ch. 09

 — Will Taz survive Luma's love? by Nephylimin  Gay Male02/17/124.70HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 15

 — The story unfolds. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male02/16/124.52HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 14

 — How unpredictable is life? by Eternalivanin  Gay Male02/15/124.68HOT

Fallen Ch. 08

 — Mario settles in and Taz has a shock. by Nephylimin  Gay Male02/15/124.69HOT

Starcrossed Ch. 002

 — On the run. by FangsAnarchyin  Gay Male02/10/124.51HOT

Fallen Ch. 06

 — Aqua and Bridge. Luma is thawing but is he feeling love. by Nephylimin  Gay Male02/05/124.73HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 12

 — True Love. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/29/124.52HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 11

 — Halloween blues. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/28/124.47

Starcrossed Ch. 001

 — Love at the end of the world. by FangsAnarchyin  Gay Male01/25/124.51HOT

Fallen Ch. 05

 — Ara's wild ride. by Nephylimin  NonHuman01/20/124.74HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 09

 — Secrets, Lies, Doubts by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/15/124.58HOT

Blood and Love Ch. 08

 — Beginning of Revelations. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/14/124.47

Blood and Love Ch. 07

 — Daniel, Aaron and Sean's stories. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/13/124.40

Blood and Love Ch. 05-06

 — Daniel and Sean's Stories. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/12/124.48

Blood and Love Ch. 03-04

 — Aaron and Sean's stories. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/11/124.47

Blood and Love Ch. 02

 — Evan and Sean's stories. by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/10/124.49

Blood and Love Ch. 01

 — Sean’s Story I--- ‘The new guy’ by Eternalivanin  Gay Male01/09/124.26

Fallen Ch. 03

 — Vampires cannot give love. by Nephylimin  NonHuman01/07/124.65HOT

Fallen Ch. 02

 — Vampire Love by Nephylimin  NonHuman01/05/124.61HOT

Fallen Ch. 01

 — Living with a Vampire. by Nephylimin  NonHuman12/31/114.62HOT

Under the Raven's Wings

 — I find a reason not to meet the sun. by RomancebyFayein  Gay Male11/12/114.24

Technical Difficulties Episode 13

 — A trashy vampire serial. (Ryan and Zach get it on, until...) by LucyHin  Gay Male11/09/114.67HOT

Council of Elders Ch. 00

 — Prologue: war is on the horizon for the creatures of the night. by bienclarin  Gay Male11/02/114.51HOT

Technical Difficulties Episode 12

 — A trashy vampire serial. (At last...) by LucyHin  Gay Male10/13/114.66HOT

Kiss Me Deadly

 — Even in darkness love exists. by nomoretears00in  Gay Male10/12/114.66HOT

Silver Moonlight

 — Love for a vamp, were, and a human. by ICEWIND125in  Gay Male09/14/114.02

Three in One

 — Introduction to Sydney's world of werewolves and vampires. by CassieJoin  Gay Male08/05/114.49

Sanguine Sodomy

 — A young man's deflowering at the hands of a vampire. by HBwoodrosein  Erotic Horror07/18/113.78

A Sinner's Love Ch. 04

 — Revelations... by SusukiRedd99in  Gay Male02/16/114.31

Fallen Angel Ch. 01-04

 — He was like a god...born to be worshiped. by LevanaHyllin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/19/114.74HOT

Underwear Ch. 09

 — Kev gives Ray some sexual healing but Daddy's still at large by SadieRosein  Gay Male11/12/104.55HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 13

 — Epilogue: and they all lived happily ever after...? by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas10/09/104.86HOT

A Voice From the Night World Ch. 05

 — A gay tale from Liev a The Night World shifter. by CobaltCinnin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/01/104.78HOT

Forbidden Desire Ch. 04

 — Two become one. by kitten2010in  Gay Male09/07/104.67HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 11

 — Rayne comes home to Xavier but is he back for good? by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas08/18/104.88HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 06

 — Rayne seeks catharsis & Xav is offered an intriguing chance. by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas03/06/104.85HOT

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 05

 — The family recover after their recent ordeal. by Pelaamin  Gay Male12/25/094.80HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 04

 — Rayne makes a big decision, but is it the right one? by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas12/18/094.87HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 03

 — Can sex alone keep Rayne and Xavier together? by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas11/30/094.78HOT

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 02

 — The guys have a hot night on the town. by SadieRosein  Novels and Novellas11/11/094.76HOT

Vampires and Lovers Ch. 04

 — A rogue mage seeks vengeance. by Pelaamin  Gay Male09/15/094.71HOT

Night Eternal Ch. 07

 — Ryan's New World. by JoshuaGlynnin  Gay Male08/22/094.54HOT

The Vampire Alastair

 — Vampires, poems and lust. by kailabin  Gay Male07/19/093.50

Ancient Grudge

 — Feuding vampire clans. by DreamerOnein  Gay Male07/11/094.62HOT

Night Eternal Ch. 06

 — Ryan and Coby Forever; Coby brings Ryan home. by JoshuaGlynnin  Gay Male07/11/094.71HOT

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