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Breaking in the New Stable Boy

 — A new stable boy is to be broken in... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male11/20/173.57NEW

Turning Point

 — Stepping into a new world. by Ann Douglasin  Gay Male11/19/174.66HOTNEW

Come Out with Me

 — I don't know what changed, but I found it thrilling. by erosftmin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/18/174.28NEW

Brotherly Love

 — My first time gay experience with my brother-in-law. by bijay82in  Incest/Taboo11/17/173.98NEW

Orchard Street

 — A husband in a dead marriage seeks something new... by NathanRavenwoodin  Gay Male11/17/174.63HOTNEW

Pizza Delivery Story Ch. 01

 — A typical pizza delivery turns into something much more fun. by qwertyuiop88in  Gay Male11/17/174.32NEW

Unbroken Ch. 14

 — The enemies return but this time Luis holds the key. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/17/174.68HOTNEW

The Pirate King Ch. 18

 — "I can't lose you" - resolutions. by nakamookin  Gay Male11/17/174.77HOTNEW

The Harrington School for Boys Ch. 04

 — A small boarding school offers an unusual education. by AgentKin  Gay Male11/15/174.16NEW

U-N-I Ch. 07

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/15/174.50HOTNEW

Summer of Gay Fun

 — He and a friend experiment with cock. by standingstonesin  Gay Male11/15/174.18NEW

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 08

 — Connor and Alex wander into a bookstore. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male11/15/174.38NEW

The Paint Job Pt. 03

 — The two grooms show the wedding artist their consummation... by Robert_Furlongin  Gay Male11/14/174.00NEW

Chastity Release

 — Released from his chastity at long last... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male11/14/173.64NEW

Unbroken Ch. 13

 — A new beginning for Aidan and Luis... A new plan of enemies. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/14/174.52HOTNEW

Naval Academy Wrestler

 — Taking liberties with a USNA wrestler on liberty. by HairyJacquesin  Gay Male11/14/174.68HOTNEW

Unbroken Ch. 12

 — Aidan goes back to Angria for his family. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/13/174.68HOT

Neighbor Boy's Ass

 — His first male sex. by standingstonesin  Gay Male11/13/174.18

With Someone You Know Pt. 03

 — This time it's a fabulous MMF 3some with Merve and Helga. by london_james2010in  Erotic Couplings11/12/174.43

A Late Night Workout Pt. 02

 — A young man learns what it's like to get used in the showers. by xsbellein  Gay Male11/11/174.60HOT

U-N-I Ch. 06

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/11/174.48

U-N-I Ch. 05

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/10/174.44

My Girlfriend's Dad Pt. 07: Final

 — My fling with my girlfriend's dad comes to an end. by dondavein  Gay Male11/10/174.55HOT

In Between Boyfriends

 — Being an easy slut between boyfriends. by 54btmguyin  Gay Male11/10/174.29

Getting Coached by Mr. Hawkins

 — A student blows his teacher after getting some extra lessons. by felok22in  Gay Male11/10/174.40

The Fundraising Party

 — Hank helps raise funds for a friend who had a stroke. by Outdoor4Sportin  Gay Male11/08/170.00

Living the Dream

 — Fuck as much as you want: that's the dream. by NattySolteszin  Gay Male11/08/174.36

Unbroken Ch. 11

 — Aidan lets go and experiences another level of his magic. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/07/174.67HOT

Avery's Desire Pt. 03

 — Avery and Rick deal with the aftermath of Avery's assault. by Chancem77in  Gay Male11/07/174.36

The Paint Job Pt. 02

 — The two men show the artist how they'd like to be painted... by Robert_Furlongin  Gay Male11/07/174.50HOT

J&S Journey into Insatiable Ch. 07

 — Jessica has a little gay fantasy about her hubbie. by hesse1in  Loving Wives11/06/172.64

Unbroken Ch. 10

 — Something's wrong... Unexpected results. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/06/174.64HOT

Button Down the Hatches

 — A surprise email delivers me right back to hairy heaven. by Kendersonin  Gay Male11/06/174.48

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 07

 — Connor meets with the ever-mysterious Alex. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male11/04/174.61HOT

Too Young Pt. 02

 — The aftermath of the kiss. by SWhite1982in  Gay Male11/04/174.64HOT

A Load of Help

 — His roommate always does better on tests with a creampie. by Brass_anklein  Gay Male11/04/174.33

A New Cheerleader

 — Some football players teach Eric that cheerleaders are sluts. by Tarashin  Mind Control11/03/174.08

U-N-I Ch. 04

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/03/174.73HOT

Finally Meeting in Person

 — I bound and gagged him with my cum drenched speedos... by speedodavein  Gay Male11/03/173.54

Unbroken Ch. 09

 — Aidan saves the scepter but is it the end? by vanalasin  Gay Male11/03/174.65HOT

He Seduced Me First

 — My boss becomes teacher to me and my wife. by pampoonin  Group Sex11/02/174.19

U-N-I Ch. 03

 — A gay fiction about a soft rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male11/02/174.65HOT

Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 07

 — Gentlemen don't kiss on the first date. by thealphamalein  Gay Male11/02/174.73HOT

A Stallion Affair Ch. 02

 — Lads on the stable yard run into some trouble... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male11/02/174.50HOT

The Breeding Farm Ch. 02

 — A drunk furry gets special treatment from a stallion... by AmethystMarein  NonHuman11/02/174.49

Unbroken Ch. 08

 — Aidan's introduction... New enemies arrive. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/02/174.49

Turkish Delight Ch. 03

 — Umut fucks Fikri and then they are discovered by Umut's Dad. by BuckJones0001in  Incest/Taboo11/02/173.43

A Stallion Affair Ch. 01

 — Lads on the stable yard find new pleasures... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male11/01/174.42

Unbroken Ch. 07

 — Aidan and Luis are in love... a visit from the past. by vanalasin  Gay Male11/01/174.46

The Paint Job Pt. 01

 — A wedding artist receives a request from two gay men. by Robert_Furlongin  Gay Male11/01/174.49

Full Tank, No Reloads

 — How Matthew fucked his cousin with a lube loaded watergun. by MisterDoctorin  Gay Male10/31/173.19

Stud Farm

 — The anthro lads on the stud farm get up to no good... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male10/30/173.55

Airport Sex

 — Policemen having fun. by swingerrn73in  Gay Male10/30/173.99

My First Time

 — An Indian chub experiences his first time with a daddy. by anindianchubin  Gay Male10/29/174.25

My Roommate Mark

 — Mark gets curious as we watch porn. by vulkansnsfwin  Gay Male10/29/174.24

Claiming Bella Ch. 03

 — A trip to a lingerie boutique ends with kinky fun! by nrjhnsnin  BDSM10/29/174.77HOT

Babygirl's Reunion Pt. 01

 — Babygirl has a date with a man from her past. by TorySorenssonin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/28/172.93

Bro, What Are You Doing

 — David teases his bratty and annoyingly cute best friend... by TabooBonein  Gay Male10/28/174.59HOT

With Someone You Know

 — It's so different than with strangers. My 1st date and fuck. by london_james2010in  Gay Male10/28/174.54HOT

Julius and Tom

 — An unsettling story of intertwined lives. by Turbidusin  Gay Male10/28/174.41

Finding Claire

 — Hayden goes deeper into becoming the sissy Claire. by Sissyhaloin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/28/174.51HOT

Heavy Traffic and a Water Bottle

 — Two guys. Traffic. Need to pee. Water bottle to the rescue. by IrishSpringandSummerin  Gay Male10/28/174.09

Unbroken Ch. 06

 — Strange occurrences... Aidan and Luis get together. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/27/174.48

Turning the CEO Pt. 01

 — A 17 year rivalry finally ends in a series of events... by pwrgamesin  Gay Male10/26/174.55HOT

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 06

 — Connor gets a little crazy during stats class. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male10/26/174.54HOT

Daniel and Jamie's Romantic Night

 — Two couples meet and fulfill their same sex fantasies. by lockedinsteelin  Group Sex10/26/174.65HOT

Barefoot Men Only - The Sauna

 — Male feet are a huge turn-on for this guy. by FootjobLoverin  Gay Male10/26/174.12

Unbroken Ch. 05

 — Aidan makes a mistake... changes are occurring. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/26/174.55HOT

U-N-I Ch. 02

 — A gay erotic story about a rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male10/25/174.74HOT

Unbroken Ch. 04

 — Aidan and Luis just cannot accept each other. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/25/174.67HOT

Hookup App Helping my Speedo Fetish

 — This hookup experience between two speedo guys. by speedodavein  Gay Male10/25/174.03

Working Late Ch. 01

 — A young man's fantasy comes to be. by bottomsatxin  Gay Male10/24/174.46

Finally My First Time

 — Finally after many years I went through with it. by bisibiin  Gay Male10/23/174.46

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 05

 — Connor fucks some ass, finally. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male10/22/174.59HOT

Strange Days Ch. 01: One Hell of a Ride

 — A young hitchhiker finds new pleasures. by jstarret78in  Gay Male10/22/174.68HOT

Avery's Desire Pt. 02

 — A jealous ex stakes his claim. by Chancem77in  Gay Male10/22/174.42

The Customer (Dexter's Saga) Ch. 42

 — Dowud begins Ronia's Training. by JoyStick56in  Gay Male10/21/173.78

Prison School - The Final Chapter

 — It's the End of the School, and end of story. by o2byoungin  Gay Male10/21/174.60HOT

Avery's Desire Pt. 01

 — Avery's most desired dream comes true. by Chancem77in  Gay Male10/21/174.49

Noah's Starship Ch. 22

 — Noah gets the surprise of his life... by tarzanacidein  Gay Male10/20/174.81HOT

Ad-dick-tion Pt. 02

 — Mike tries to fight his new addiction to sucking cock. by Tarashin  Mind Control10/20/174.34

Three for Fun

 — A gay couple toys with a threesome... by AmethystMarein  Gay Male10/19/174.12

At The Pool - The Finale

 — I consulate my lust for my young lover. by SxyHusbandin  Gay Male10/18/174.51HOT

U-N-I Ch. 01

 — A gay erotic story about a rock band with two gay members. by unilivein  Gay Male10/18/174.75HOT

Welcome to the Neighborhood Ch. 06

 — Cory and Nick wake up starving for each other. by thealphamalein  Gay Male10/18/174.67HOT

Unbroken Ch. 03

 — A mysterious incident breeds unexpected results. by vanalasin  Gay Male10/18/174.44

Imprisonment Ch. 03

 — A prison employee is punished at work. by AgentKin  Gay Male10/17/174.30

Dragons in the Dungeon

 — A swinging pair are surprised in a holiday cottage dungeon. by AmethystMarein  BDSM10/17/174.00

One Button at a Time

 — A short afternoon walk turns into a hairy fantasy come true. by Kendersonin  Gay Male10/17/174.42

Party Favor

 — Mr. Miller makes Shane service his male guests at his party. by Tarashin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/15/174.48

Daddies Slut

 — Skylar entertains his lover... by XxPrinceAnonomousxXin  Group Sex10/13/174.47

The School Ch. 02

 — Zamuel meets a friend and gets an even closer friend. by NeighbourhoodSuccubusin  Gay Male10/13/174.06

Lost Bet 07: Next Year

 — One year later, Darren's past comes back to ask him out. by dmoney4114in  Gay Male10/13/173.92

Camping and First Time Giving Head

 — Two men camping discover bisexuality. by open_minded28in  Gay Male10/13/174.53HOT

Connor's Pretty Horny Pt. 04

 — Connor finally lines up some real action. by connorwitmerin  Gay Male10/13/174.63HOT

Bad Luck

 — One seriously interesting aeroplane ride... by XxPrinceAnonomousxXin  Gay Male10/12/174.53HOT

My Very First Taste

 — Cum to me my baby. by SexyOtisin  First Time10/12/174.10

My Second Gang Bang

 — Bi guy craves more group sex. by loneguy01in  Gay Male10/12/174.20

An Open Door

 — What happens when your roommate showers with the door open? by xsbellein  Gay Male10/12/174.42

Jack of Spades

 — A young man finally lives out his BBC fantasies. by ThisUsernameisMinein  Interracial Love10/11/174.27

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