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Gothic Grace

 — Alabaster-skinned beauty leads him to a delicious hell. by 4SweetPin  Illustrated09/17/154.27

Moonlight Sonata

 — A pianist serenades her lesbian vampire lover in moonlight. by SapphiraSirenin  NonHuman04/22/154.82HOT


 — A Thracian girl gets captured by Gothic invaders. by RhoderDXin  Non-Erotic03/14/154.00

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 02

 — She'll drink your bourbon, she'll drink your blood. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror02/25/154.91HOT

Them Old Mountain Stories Ch. 01

 — Striking deals with dangerous girls and inhuman aristocrats. by stlgoddessfreyain  Erotic Horror02/10/154.76HOT

The Devil's Slave

 — A devil worshipper gets more than she ever expected. by dk519in  BDSM10/23/144.34

No Going Home

 — A soldier meets a beautiful stranger on the way home. by rearden_steel_2in  Erotic Couplings08/15/144.49

Damien Night Ch. 06

 — A lot of questions get answered. by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman03/27/144.65HOT

Bride of the Colossus

 — The love of a monster is cruel indeed. by TamLin01in  Erotic Horror03/19/143.79

Fabian Succubus Hunter

 — The Seduction of the Succubus, a Field Guide and Memoir. by SirFabianin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/26/143.60

House of Cthulhu Ch. 05

 — A gentleman with a knack for younger women. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas06/23/134.50

Northern Gothic Tale No. 2

 — A modern imagining of Tituba's ritual from The Crucible. by BadYoungManin  Erotic Horror06/09/131.00

House of Cthulhu Ch. 04

 — Andrus gives some comfort. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas05/06/134.33

House of Cthulhu Ch. 03

 — Sibyl's failure costs her dear. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas05/05/134.25

Going Goth Ch. 05

 — Conflicts, conspiracies, a new lover and an unexpected ally. by TE999in  Lesbian Sex03/12/134.66HOT

The Low Lovers of Anastelle Yrai

 — Anata Yrai likes to play – with low lovers. by NaokoSmithin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/30/124.38

Best Friends

 — Em and Tam become lovers and then joined by Ems brother. by FuckQueenin  Incest/Taboo11/01/120.00

There is No Sin

 — Gothic corruption of a holy man. by severinrossettiin  BDSM09/16/123.52

The Artist's Muse

 — An Artist finds a Muse in the most unlikely of men. by crafty2in  Novels and Novellas06/16/124.45

House of Cthulhu Ch. 02

 — A long second night for Sibyl. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas04/16/124.40

House of Cthulhu Ch. 01

 — Young cult member gets caught in arcane power struggles. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas03/23/124.40

Damien Night Ch. 02

 — Belle starts learning more about who she is... by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman02/18/124.75HOT

Thinker, Cutpurse, Demon Vamp

 — Steampunk and Gothic Horror in London 1890. by Lost Boyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/15/124.73HOT

Damien Night

 — The incubus is back, dare you enter his world? by AutumnRayvenin  NonHuman01/28/124.66HOT

Gamine and Gambler

 — A southern belle seeks jiggery-pokery aboard a gambling ship. by Five_Eightin  BDSM01/21/124.35

House of Cthulhu

 — Young cult member gets caught in arcane power struggles. by ViperVenomin  Novels and Novellas01/15/124.56HOT

Hot Bath

 — A vassal finds his mistress unwelcome in his home. by Etaskiin  Erotic Horror12/30/114.02

Shapeshifter Ch. 02

 — Kelaste gets to see Noom's home. by metajinxin  Gay Male12/24/114.71HOT

Gothic Weekend with My Master

 — A tale of Whitby Weekend. by Shellybethin  BDSM11/26/114.00

A Pussy Named Amber

 — Ending a goth girl's virginity. by WishFullin  First Time08/30/114.45

Tanya Ch. 01

 — Tanya is punished for her lewd behavior by the town court. by PendragonPrimein  Novels and Novellas08/17/114.40

The Castle

 — Gothic romantic erotica. by gaelic81in  Romance07/31/113.86


 — Thinking back to my youthful lesbian engagements. by DeeFisherin  Lesbian Sex06/21/114.46

The Body Sculptor Ch. 01

 — A voyeur starts a journey; her customers, the entertainment. by gmikeisbadin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/03/114.07

The Session Ch. 01

 — Dr. White, Addiction Specialist. by mviciousin  Erotic Horror04/14/114.38

Friday 13th

 — Andy takes a shortcut across the moors. by MissLisaJonesin  Erotic Horror04/10/114.32

Eat Me, Drink Me

 — Marilyn Manson explores his gay side. by GrotesqueBurgesin  Celebrities03/28/114.35

MJ 6A: Case of the Curse Pt 1

 — Marly & Finn find a cursed missing heiress. by madam_noein  Novels and Novellas02/03/114.74HOT

The Langton Legacy

 — Lord Langton finds peace after two hundred years. by vixxxxin  NonHuman01/25/114.48

Mistress's Creature Ch. 02

 — The vampiress and her slave get naughtier. by MoreEdgarGerafaloin  Erotic Horror01/22/114.83HOT

Cemetery Summons Ch. 27

 — It's like when you mix black and white to make gray. by Galloglaichin  NonHuman01/14/114.84HOT

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 09-11

 — The Feeders plot, while Vanessa and Quinn investigate. by Fatwa_Morganain  Erotic Horror12/27/104.71HOT

The Lesbian Vampire Wars Ch. 04-08

 — War with the Feeders becomes inevitable! by Fatwa_Morganain  Erotic Horror12/22/104.39

Shadow School Ch. 03

 — The Seven Houses. by RedHotLadybugin  Mind Control10/15/104.73HOT

Shadow School Ch. 02

 — Invitation Accepted. by RedHotLadybugin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/08/104.47

Little Black Bikini

 — Father recounts sex with his Goth daughter. by al_Ussain  Incest/Taboo09/10/104.33

Vampire Love

 — A late night walk and a mysterious temptress. by EratoTheMusein  NonHuman08/07/104.08

Dark Desire

 — Raven finds herself captured by two dangerous men. by Sascha_Iin  Group Sex04/18/103.97

Xanadu Stories Ch. 01

 — A young woman is pleasured by anonymous strangers. by trobson808in  Fetish04/17/104.42

Flow of Crimson Satin

 — Gothic, BDSM, blood play scene D/s scene. by little_temperancein  BDSM04/10/103.00

Twisted Cinders Ch. 04

 — She escapes, but to what? by GoodLittleRosesin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/01/104.33

Snow in New Orleans

 — A gothic vampire finds a new recruit. by ALandRFin  Erotic Horror01/25/104.00

Backstage Ass

 — Backstage sex with Amy Lee from Evanescence by al_Ussain  Celebrities12/22/094.00

Light from Dark

 — Goth friends become lovers. by Selbrythin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers12/12/094.65HOT

The Becoming

 — She discovers what it means to become the darkness. by Xinphinityin  Erotic Horror03/01/093.89

A Thousand Years Ch. 04

 — Vladimir can't forgive Melanie, but has she truly lost hope? by ordinaryjourneyin  NonHuman02/23/094.55HOT

Fuckin' Poser

 — The perfect girl and her boyfriend cross the rejects. by Sean Renaudin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/11/093.99

Stranger Things Have Happened Ch. 04

 — A bizarre twist in the fantasy. by funky_quillin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/05/084.14

Spookshow Baby

 — A look into the sin of a bloodthirsty monster. by MacabelyYoursin  Erotic Horror11/29/083.94

My Introduction to Death

 — The memoires of a vampire obsessed. by thesinofmein  Novels and Novellas11/26/084.40

The Monk Ambrosio

 — Ambrosio finds pleasure with Matilda. by livinglinesin  Celebrities11/21/084.17

America's Playboy Ch. 04

 — Boss Russo makes Anthony an offer he can't refuse. by BOSTONFICTIONWRITERin  Non-Erotic11/09/084.04

A Wicked Temptation

 — Billy looked to the stars. by JulesKarenin  Erotic Horror10/21/084.21

Grace Isn't Home Ch. 02

 — Things get more taboo. by CoresetLaces89in  Incest/Taboo07/26/084.28

My Gothic Angel

 — He finds hot sex with a gothic girl. by devils_dragonin  Erotic Couplings07/10/084.28

Priestess in the Dark

 — She enters a chosen man's mind as he enters her. by October_Gracein  Erotic Horror05/15/083.68

A Woman Named Morgana

 — Sexy vampire mistress takes an unsuspecting victim. by October_Gracein  Erotic Horror05/09/083.80

The Fallen Cross Ch. 01

 — The Cross. by TheFallenCrossin  Non-Erotic05/05/083.50

Never a Ruby So Deep

 — A sultry night, a pair of lovers, & a kiss of immortality. by YourLittleAngellein  NonHuman05/01/084.57HOT


 — Uncle Mitch puts a doggie collar on his bad niece.. by rockandrollerin  Incest/Taboo04/19/084.51HOT

Good Girls Go to Heaven

 — Good girl is seduced by a bad Goth boy. by YourLittleAngellein  Erotic Couplings01/11/084.71HOT

The Old Gothic Mansion Ch. 02

 — When house sitting becomes a greater threat. by sarah_siddonsin  Erotic Horror01/01/083.60


 — Atlas and Brian build to release. by GrotesqueBurgesin  Gay Male12/17/074.24

The Security Guard

 — She found ways to entertain herself during the concert. by DireLilithin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/08/074.71HOT

1422 Clemency Drive

 — Older women can sure start you off on the GOOD road. by Darlantanin  Mature09/30/074.36

The Alley of No Return Ch. 09

 — Strike Dear Mistress and Cure his Heart. by fursmoke11in  Fetish09/14/074.18

The Alley of No Return Ch. 08

 — The glamour of the illicit is infectuous. by fursmoke11in  Fetish09/09/074.50

A Thousand Years Ch. 01

 — The rebel vampire protects the maiden he loves. by ordinaryjourneyin  NonHuman08/31/074.49

The Alley of No Return Ch. 06

 — Run for cover in the Temple of Lust. by fursmoke11in  Fetish08/13/074.78

The Night Before The Lunch

 — Night between friends, referenced in 'A Friendly Lunch'. by TitianaPeaksin  Erotic Couplings08/03/074.50

Indulging Sin

 — A counselor dwells in the world of sin. by JamesCognitoin  Fetish08/02/074.64HOT

One Autumn Night

 — Lusty bisexual goth girl finds herself in a dark new world. by goregoregirlin  NonHuman07/15/073.98

A Night at the Den

 — Old friends reaquaint in an orgasmic way. by HoserOmegain  Anal07/14/074.09


 — Love, pain and sadness between faery and human. by PhaedrasGatein  NonHuman06/23/073.07

The Wall Ch. 01

 — Account of two lovers' foreplay. by Gothica_Exoticain  Erotic Couplings05/04/074.67

David's Passion Ch. 01

 — David's rebirth as a vampire. by mr_richardin  Erotic Horror04/05/074.55HOT

Nightshade Ch. 01

 — Enter twin sister bounty hunters Bella & Sage Reece. by bella_de_los_muertosin  Erotic Horror04/04/074.07


 — He wanted her for as long as he could remember. by brokendarkonein  First Time03/24/073.98

A New and Delicate Balance Ch. 09

 — Quite a different Mary. by angiquesophiein  Loving Wives01/27/074.43Editor's Pick

Ep. 03 A Desperate Caress

 — Randy meets Daria, and gets more than he bargained for. by Curse_Of_Undeathin  Fetish12/23/064.75HOT

Eye for an Eye Ch. 1

 — An injuried young man starts falling for a gothic beauty. by noplexin  Romance11/19/064.68HOT

At the Fetish Parasite Ch. 01

 — A tale of innocence lost in a goth club. by Emmakahin  Erotic Horror11/16/064.08

Aunt Marie

 — Aunt has threesome with nephew and his gothic girlfriend. by nz_mariein  Incest/Taboo11/15/064.64HOT

Session with a Goth Girl

 — An extreme photo shoot. by M_Sirkin  BDSM10/20/064.19

The Violinist

 — Goth Violinist consummates relationship with spirit lover. by EHawkinsin  NonHuman10/12/064.59HOT

Vampire Wars Ch. 01

 — The Beginning. by Kirsain  Erotic Horror08/19/064.47

Gothic Man

 — A Gothic BBW is seduced and dominated by her dream man. by msxxlin  BDSM08/15/064.48

A Sizzling Sunset

 — Cyber partners finally meet. by comicfairyin  Erotic Couplings07/28/064.18

A Daughter's Undying Love

 —  New vampire seduces & turns her grieving father. by windycityattyin  Incest/Taboo07/12/063.98

Nicolette Ch. 03

 — A mistress shares her willing slave, and by AshleyBarbiein  Novels and Novellas06/25/064.18

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