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shove cock (2)flushed face (2)fucking whore (2)hair pull (2)push back (2)back (2)hold steady (1)leather belt (1)hand covering (1)breathing heavy (1)complete slut (1)diane (1)deep breath (1)tongue ring (1)kissing mouth (1)start play (1)reply sir (1)place lips (1)cold water (1)bad girl (1)bulletin board (1)master jack (1)forced (1)pull arm (1)riding horse (1)causing cry (1)still letting (1)deep hard (1)slip hand (1)move feel (1)start stroking (1)song ends (1)jay back (1)forward desk (1)room looked (1)long blue (1)hand hair (1)hold hair (1)give time (1)desk standing (1)hard fast (1)cupped balls (1)knees elbows (1)vibe pussy (1)feel pain (1)stand back (1)legs place (1)stop struggling (1)punishment (1)started cum (1)lips brush (1)knew jay (1)pull top (1)slowly working (1)open wide (1)pet sir (1)feel woman (1)lips neck (1)brandi (1)cum harder (1)looked window (1)inside hard (1)jay asked (1)touch breasts (1)foot face (1)lay moving (1)water cold (1)breathing faster (1)surprise work (1)knew wanted (1)open eyes (1)stand still (1)start lick (1)slides back (1)bitch good (1)suck bitch (1)start cum (1)feel power (1)special room (1)slides cock (1)time push (1)time fun (1)whore (1)pull nipples (1)good cock (1)feel heat (1)vibrator ass (1)head back (1)slut sir (1)back tears (1)chair bed (1)pull close (1)hair hand (1)mouth move (1)instant message (1)raise hand (1)feel start (1)sending shivers (1)slapped bottom (1)hand head (1)withdraw hand (1)kiss deep (1)pull head (1)blind folded (1)wearing black (1)slut cum (1)blue skirt (1)mind stop (1)ice cube (1)fingers slowly (1)hold tongue (1)dress back (1)whisper ear (1)lift hand (1)wrist cuffs (1)breasts making (1)hair hard (1)bite neck (1)gently hand (1)diane asked (1)lick juices (1)push deep (1)turn hot (1)stood waiting (1)stupid whore (1)sit wait (1)stopped crying (1)push face (1)grabs hips (1)part lips (1)hand pull (1)wicked grin (1)jay (1)press lips (1)whips (1)letting feel (1)place legs (1)paid back (1)pull mouth (1)wrap legs (1)begin fuck (1)toilet water (1)make story (1)eyes shut (1)hair tighter (1)slide hard (1)attached floor (1)water bowl (1)legs wrap (1)lose count (1)school tie (1)grab hand (1)shackled wall (1)nipple clamps (1)water (1)washcloth begin (1)fucking move (1)makes wetter (1)pull lap (1)touch panties (1)bonds hold (1)stupid cunt (1)bites neck (1)back turn (1)stroking clit (1)understand nod (1)shut slut (1)forward kiss (1)
grab hair

Love Is Pain

Two timid people jump out of the skin they're in.

Erotic Couplings 05/14/2005

A View To Remember

Sub/Dom story through participants' eyes.

BDSM 08/29/2004


An Instant Message BDSM fantasy.

Letters & Transcripts 07/19/2004

Unexpected Slut

Online fantasy becomes reality.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/17/2004

Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 08

Meraina is caught peeking.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 03/27/2004

Master & Slave

Master gets his and leaves you hungry for more.

BDSM 02/19/2004

Breaking in a New Sub

Diane and Master Jack learn about each other.

BDSM 12/31/2003

Bad Girl

Su's been a bad girl.

BDSM 12/24/2003

Bad Girl

You willingly gets punished for a mess.

BDSM 12/03/2003

Making Joan Beg

His body worshipping slave on a typical night.

BDSM 11/26/2003

A Special Evening

Story about a submissive in training.

BDSM 08/30/2003

Enslaving a Slut

Her first time with you.

BDSM 08/13/2003

Learning To Obey

A disobedient submissive learns her lesson.

BDSM 06/27/2003

Private Chamber

She breaks the rules and pays the price.

BDSM 02/06/2003

The Room of Unknown Desire

Woman succumbs to lust with a near stranger.

BDSM 02/25/2002


The two of you get hot during a fire drill.

Lesbian Sex 10/03/2001

Evening Nap

Man finds a creative way to wake sleeping partner.

BDSM 07/24/2001

A Fantasy For Her:...

A fantasy almost certainly never to come true.

Erotic Couplings 07/11/2001

School Delight

A pleasant surprise after work.

Group Sex 06/16/2001

Afternoon Delight

He gives her the discipline she needs.

BDSM 02/08/2001
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