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guided masturbation


Girl on girl for girls. Sorry boys <3.

Text With Audio 11/16/2017

Morning Moans 07

Get comfortable and cum hard with me.

Text With Audio 11/09/2017

Playtime with My Pussy and You

JOI for Sexy Women and Sexy Men!!

Text With Audio 10/12/2017

A Little JOI

Relaxing JOI/ mutual masturbation for men

Text With Audio 09/28/2017

JOI for Women/Jill Off Instructions

There's JOI for men - this is my first attempt for women.

Text With Audio 07/21/2017

Addiction Pt. 01

Hypnosis: Anal Addiction, Training, The Anal Slut Challenge.

Text With Audio 07/21/2017

Nightly Wet Dreams Pt. 01

Hypnosis: Sex Dreams – Pussy edging, Denial, Orgasm Inducing.

Text With Audio 07/07/2017

Ear Whispers

Guiding you through your masturbation to orgasm. Whispering.

Text With Audio 07/07/2017

An Aid to Female Masturbation

He guides you to a (hopefully) fantastic and relaxing orgasm.

Text With Audio 07/07/2017

Let Me In To Play

Let me in to play with you (guided masturbation).

Text With Audio 05/25/2017

Happy Christmas my Naughty Girl

A naughty Christmas present with some ass play instructions.

Text With Audio 03/30/2017

I Missed You

Join me while I get myself off thinking about a fond memory.

Text With Audio 02/09/2017

Let Me Help You Orgasm

He'd like to give you women a friendly helping hand - and more.

Text With Audio 02/02/2017

Hands Guided

A mysterious voice on the phone guides a young woman.

Toys & Masturbation 12/28/2016

Imagination (Audio)

Just lie back and imagine her with you.

Text With Audio 08/04/2016

Cum and Relax With Me

Something to Relax to.

Text With Audio 07/28/2016

Your Queen

A guided masturbation instruction for the female body.

Lesbian Sex 07/14/2016

Ice Cold

Pussably uses ice cubes on her most sensitive areas.

Text With Audio 06/01/2016


Pussably plays and then comes while gagged on Sir's orders.

Text With Audio 06/01/2016

Obeying You

I follow your instructions to pleasure myself after work.

Text With Audio 05/13/2016

Cum Edge With Me

Get Naked and Come Play with Me.

Text With Audio 04/26/2016

Covert Directives

A stake-out turns into a call and response. Part II

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/19/2016


Oral Fantasy and instructions.

Text With Audio 12/23/2015

Dare to Let Go

Lose yourself, lose your mind, and let go.

Text With Audio 12/23/2015

A Very Special Message

A very special message for a very special lady.

Text With Audio 10/28/2015

Irrevocable Ch. 00: Introduction

A modern day retelling of Alice in wonderland meets BDSM.

BDSM 07/05/2015

For Daddy's Girl 02

Spanking: Disobedient girls deserve a hard OTK spanking.

Text With Audio 04/16/2015

For Daddy's Girl 01

Hypno-Fantasy - Clit Tease & Masturbation Directional.

Text With Audio 04/03/2015

Coming Home...

I come home to you and help you finish what you started...

Text With Audio 02/25/2015

Touch Yourself

He tells you how.

Text With Audio 12/31/2014

3 Families Vol. 01 Ch. 08

Joanna Grows Closer to Her Cousin Abigail.

Incest/Taboo 09/17/2014

100-0 Orgasm Challenge for Women

I'm starting at 100 and cumming at 0, join me.

Text With Audio 08/29/2014

Daughter's New Toy

A college sophomore receives a special gift from her daddy.

Incest/Taboo 06/04/2014

Relax and Cum

Relax with AJ and explore your body and orgasm.

Text With Audio 01/28/2014


Why only watch when you can play along?

Text With Audio 01/04/2014

Session 05

For the guys. Guided masturbation, he guides the guys!

Text With Audio 12/17/2013

Sex Ed Professor Ricki Lake

A student gets a special lesson from his college professor

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 11/14/2013

Your Playtime Ch. 02

Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure.

Text With Audio 04/02/2013

Your Playtime

Let me take control, and bring you erotic pleasure.

Text With Audio 03/21/2013


Just lie back and imagine me with you.

Lesbian Sex 02/08/2013

Assignment: How To Undress

He instructs you how to undress...

Text With Audio 08/08/2012

Feeling Bossy Pt. 03

The Joys of Toys for Boys.

Text With Audio 02/09/2012

Feeling Bossy Pt. 02

The second in my series of guided masturbation.

Text With Audio 01/17/2012

Feeling Bossy

Instructions for male masturbation with anal play.

Text With Audio 01/17/2012

Miss Evangelina's Live Sex Toy

Miss Evangelina wants to take control of her live fuck toy.

BDSM 06/17/2011

Session 04

Guided masturbation; he teases you until you explode for him.

Text With Audio 12/07/2010

Her First Listen to...

She likes being directed to fuck her pussy by a sexy woman.

Text With Audio 10/26/2010

Erotic Visualization Therapy

A gentle guided masturbation.

Text With Audio 08/03/2010

Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

This masturbation instruction is for the ladies.

Text With Audio 06/22/2010

Sex in the Woods

I will take you to a blissful place.

Text With Audio 06/01/2010

Come For Me

He brings you to a very satisfying orgasm.

Text With Audio 05/11/2010

Guided Masturbation

Listen as she guides you.

Text With Audio 04/13/2010

Session 02

Guided masturbation; a quickie.

Text With Audio 08/25/2009

Life Model

Will he make it through her challenge?

Text With Audio 02/12/2008


She's looking for a new Boy - and it might just be you.

Text With Audio 12/12/2007

English Sub Boy Masturbates with You

English Sub Boy masturbates with "You" the listener.

Text With Audio 08/08/2005
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