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hairy armpits

The Futa Hunter Ch. 02

Michelle gets to have a 3-way with a married futanari couple.

Fetish 09/18/2017

Seducing Her Daughter's Best Friend

When Carly moves out, mother moves in on her friend.

Lesbian Sex 07/18/2017

Missy-Sue Ch. 04

Jimmy and Missy-Sue finally tie the knot.

Erotic Couplings 06/11/2017

A Very Dirty Girl

A dirty girl gets a bath and a shave.

Fetish 05/17/2017

Waiting Tables at The Cozy Corner

Former gym teacher looks for a new start.

Lesbian Sex 05/10/2017

Sarah the Hairy Princess

Fond memories of the sheltered girl next door.

Fetish 05/08/2017

Maid for Pleasure

Futanari housemaid has threesome with two teens.

Fetish 09/06/2016

Grandma's Big Mouth

The embarrassment she caused Kenny proved to be worth it.

Mature 06/15/2016

A Well Worn Path Between Two Farms

Aging neighbors find they have what the other needed.

Mature 05/04/2016

Dr. Baxter's Bizarre Practice

Out in the sticks the medical options were few.

Fetish 03/15/2016


A man on vacation in Georgia finds a country girl to screw.

Erotic Couplings 12/23/2015

Friends with Benefits Pt. 02

Hairy beauty Annabelle opens up about her past.

Fetish 12/22/2015

The New Nanny Ch. 02

Nina returns to William's bed.

Mature 10/21/2015

Like Another Peyton Place

Old Clyde Turner lived there all his life and hadn't known.

Anal 05/23/2015

Awesome Petunias

Hanging baskets attract an admirer.

Lesbian Sex 05/22/2015

Cara's Hairy Woman Fetish Changes

Librarian finds herself attracted to a butch mechanic.

Lesbian Sex 05/14/2015

Different Yet the Same

Sharon comes home for the holidays only physically changed.

Incest/Taboo 05/12/2015

Farmhand with a One Track Mind

Old black man notices the farm owner's daughter.

Anal 12/28/2014

Tara Didn't Understand

Older Indian woman didn't know what a young boy wanted.

Fetish 12/19/2014

Indian Grocery After Hours

Kumar has a daughter who wants to help.

Incest/Taboo 12/15/2014

Friends with Benefits Pt. 01

He has admired her hairy beauty from afar.

Fetish 12/12/2014

When The Landlord Comes Knocking

Out of work father and his daughter are about to be evicted

NonConsent/Reluctance 11/23/2014

Becky Had a Big Mouth

The things she told her mother about me.

Mature 10/20/2014

My Big Fat Hairy Aunt

A young man enjoys a tryst with his aunt.

Incest/Taboo 10/09/2014

You Drive Me Crazy

Middle aged farmer is smitten with black teen.

Fetish 09/24/2014

Cost? Paid In Full

Hair fetish. Easily mislead girl sins.

Fetish 09/10/2014

The Latina Ballbuster's Armpits

Young Latina ballbusts the armpit worshipper!

BDSM 08/31/2014

Brighton Hairy 1st Round

A shy hair boy in the 50's finds his hirsute dream women.

Fetish 02/03/2014

His Daughter's Best Friend

Snooping teen wants to show Jill's Dad something.

Fetish 01/13/2014

Chance Meeting at the Gym

Middle-aged woman sees a young colleague away from work

Fetish 01/07/2014

Watching My Hairy Mom

Voyeuristic son learns the facts of life by watching.

Incest/Taboo 01/06/2014

Daughter of the Pastor

Shy teen watches the gardener from her bedroom.

Interracial Love 01/06/2014

Mannish Girl

From the back, Kyle had looked like a man to Alice.

Lesbian Sex 12/16/2013

Teasing Mr. Douglas

Flirtatious teen knew she had what the older neighbor liked.

Mature 12/11/2013

First Time For Everything

Timmy's was with Chester with the Chevy Corvair.

Gay Male 07/08/2013

Derry’s Hairy Wish

Derry wishes for all girls to be hairy, and more.

Fetish 04/20/2013

Between a Mother and a Son

Intimate confessions are shared.

Incest/Taboo 01/01/2013

Nurse Karyn

A butch looking home health aide surprises me.

Fetish 12/05/2012

The Mickey & Katie Story

He's caught sniffing sister-in-law's soiled panties.

Fetish 10/30/2011

Cheryl was a Hairy Goddess

One fleeting glimpse on a summer day was all Jim needed.

Fetish 06/03/2011

My Playful Wife

Debbie teases my fellow hair loving friend.

Fetish 05/02/2011

Twenty Minutes on the Bus

Peeking down her sleeve makes the ride worthwhile.

Fetish 04/07/2011

Grandpa's Favorite

Alexis was a helpful granddaughter.

Incest/Taboo 02/17/2011

Amanda's New Friend

Father is obsessed by his daughter's new acquaintance.

Mature 03/16/2010

You Have Amazing Armpits

My frankness is responsible for a great marriage.

Fetish 01/13/2010

Linda's Mother Has a Friend

A new experience awaits my next visit.

Fetish 01/11/2010

Killing Time at a Head Shop

The product demo the cashier was giving caught my eye.

Fetish 01/03/2010

Furry Photo Shoot

Photographer seeks natural woman.

Fetish 10/09/2009

Mary's Evolution: Book 06

Mary goes back to her old school.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 08/08/2009

Mary's Evolution: Book 04

Greg offers Mary to his cyber friends.

Erotic Couplings 07/29/2009

Mary's Evolution: Book 01

A chubby, insecure teen comes of age.

First Time 07/18/2009

Mary and Neeta Ch. 03

The mens' humiliation and punishment

Loving Wives 11/18/2008

Mary and Neeta Ch. 02

The girls entertain themselves.

Loving Wives 11/17/2008

Fucking Jane

Memories of an office affair.

Erotic Couplings 10/11/2008

First Time (with an Older Woman)

His first time is with an older, hairy woman.

Mature 08/29/2008

Sexy Hairy Flatmate

Hairy sexy flatmate returns from holidays.

Fetish 08/29/2008

Sexy Cyclist Girlfriend

His hairy girlfriend returns from a ride.

Fetish 08/23/2008

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 03

Lucy exposes her hairy beauty to Rose.

Lesbian Sex 08/21/2008

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 02

Shy redhead meets hairy beauty.

Lesbian Sex 08/20/2008

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 01

A hairy redhead's sexual awakening.

Lesbian Sex 08/19/2008

Alberta, My Naughty Mother-In-Law

Wild weekend with 65-year-old mother-in-law.

Incest/Taboo 05/20/2006

It's My Life: Seven

When you think you've done it all, meet Randi.

Group Sex 03/13/2006

My Hairy Mom

Mom and Son get into a hairy situation.

Incest/Taboo 02/16/2006

It's My Life: Four

New neighbor Suzanne is just what Mike wanted.

Lesbian Sex 11/12/2005

A Philosophy of Porn

Random thoughts on sex & writing.

Reviews & Essays 04/02/2004

Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 04

A new movie with hirsute Julia Roberts.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/25/2004

In Your Loving [Under]arms Ch. 01

They lost themselves in sweet underarm caresses.

Fetish 10/20/2003

Hairy Godmother Ch. 01

Maria seduces me as I spy my hairy godmother.

Incest/Taboo 06/24/2003

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Ch. 3

Serena takes 4 and there's no hole for me.

Group Sex 01/19/2003

Miss Hairy Armpits 2003 Part Ch 1

Jorge nominate cock sucking hirsute sister

Incest/Taboo 12/23/2002

Hairomatherapy Ch. 3

Sister is Rogered.

Incest/Taboo 11/06/2002

Lawrence of Hairabia ch 3

Rehana takes the maginficent seven.

Group Sex 11/04/2002

Lawrence of Hairabia Ch. 2

Shakira's hirsute sister is in a gang bang.

Incest/Taboo 11/02/2002

Lawrence of Hairabia Ch. 01

Lawrence finds an oasis in the desert.

Loving Wives 10/28/2002

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 5

The Great Don's wife is enjoyed by part of the Cosca

Group Sex 10/11/2002

Hairelding a New Don Ch. 2

Aunt Gabriela sucks him dry.

Incest/Taboo 10/07/2002

Lion and the Hare Ch. 1

He watches his wife with a well-endowed man.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 09/01/2002

Harried Dicks Ch. 2

The Private Dicks and the Cops arrive.

Group Sex 09/01/2002


His hidden asset is exposed.

First Time 08/30/2002

Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 02

She lands in LA to further her career.

Erotic Couplings 08/10/2002

Cocky Hairtiste Ch. 01

Adventures of a casting couch victim.

Erotic Couplings 08/08/2002

Prickly Hedges

His first blow job comes from hirsute neighbor.

First Time 08/08/2002

Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch. 3

Anita sucks while her husband works hard.

Group Sex 08/07/2002

Long Arm (pits) of the Law Ch 2

Hairy Jane takes two men to settle draft terms.

Group Sex 08/06/2002

Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch 1

The divorce case of Jones vs. Jones.

Group Sex 08/04/2002

Au P(h)air Ch. 2

He loses his virginity to his hirusite honey.

First Time 08/02/2002

The Harridan Ch 4

The hariest women sucks the largest cock.

Group Sex 08/01/2002

Anna at Forest Hills Ch. 1

He gets scoop on Anna Kournikova & Pete Sampras.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 07/29/2002

The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 3

Brad & Jane are the new entrants.

Group Sex 07/24/2002

The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 2

Liz & Jeff are joined by the good doctor.

Group Sex 07/23/2002

Spanish Hairlem Ch. 2

Hairy Isabella returns with Juan.

Incest/Taboo 07/23/2002

Spanish Hairlem Ch. 1

Spanish girl watches sister & boyfriend.

Incest/Taboo 07/22/2002

A(r)mbush Ch. 2

Hirsute stripper is gang banged.

Fetish 07/03/2002

(S)hair Trader

Oral pleasures of a wanton trader.

Fetish 07/02/2002

Hair(y) Dresser

Hairy encounter starts at the hairdressers.

Fetish 06/23/2002

Miss Hairy Armpits 2002 Ch. 1

Hirsute fan attends a hairy beauty contest.

Fetish 06/20/2002

Hirsute Katy

An affair to remember with a furry lady.

Lesbian Sex 06/19/2002

Armpit Politics

Foot fancier with unshaven armpits meets pit lover with big feet.

Fetish 06/03/2002

Paula's Pits Ch. 2

Now it's Ani DiFranco's turn for hairy armpit fun.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 12/03/2001
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