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They Come at Night

 — The ghost hunting crew get spooked! by jimmytwotriesin  NonHuman07/24/174.00

The Moaning Ghost

 — I woke up to find a ghostly woman masturbating before me. by pinkysurprisein  Erotic Horror06/24/174.47

Spirit Sisters Second Cumming

 — The Sisters find another attraction. by AlexaWriterin  Erotic Horror12/28/164.22

Until Death...

 — In her obsession, she haunted him in life and in death. by alextasyin  Erotic Horror01/30/164.10

Haunted by Love

 — Bethany's research into a ghost story changes her life. by ScattySuein  Lesbian Sex10/22/154.90HOTContest Winner

Spectral Ecstasy

 — Andrea finds comfort and passion in her spectral admirer. by eidos1865in  Erotic Horror10/22/154.11

House of Forbidden Dreams Pt. 01

 — A young man is haunted by dreams in a new home. by snozzberry1964in  Erotic Horror09/25/154.38

My Lesbian Ghost

 — First time lesbian sex w/ ghost. by mikelover92in  Lesbian Sex08/16/154.44

A Taste of Incest - Spirits

 — Tastes of Spirits - hot Hallowe'en campfire ghost stories. by Hypoxiain  Incest/Taboo10/20/144.57HOT

Mary and Her Benefactor

 — A young woman is seduced by a ghostly benefactor. by Swillyin  Erotic Horror10/13/144.46

The Wallflower Ch. 04

 — Lily finds out more about Nicholas. by BlessingAndCursein  Erotic Horror08/09/144.63HOT

Rebecca's New Haunt

 — A spirit in Rebecca's house takes her by force. by runningwindin  Erotic Horror03/18/144.19

Happy Anniversary, Baby

 — A moonlit cemetery, a grieving widow, and eternal love... by PlayfulLittle1in  Text With Audio10/24/134.20

No Reservation

 — Mysterious Inn adds two more guests to its residency list. by lauralevotin  Erotic Horror10/18/134.05

Sex in the Cemetery on Halloween

 — Broke & horny, man beds a woman in the cemetery on Halloween. by SusanJillParkerin  NonHuman10/15/134.01

The Haunting in Hollow Brooke

 — A brother and sister fulfill all their desires. by turner1116in  Incest/Taboo10/06/124.24

Young Woman with Older Man Ch. 20

 — Lynn's spirit returns to Freddie for one final good-bye by SusanJillParkerin  Mature08/21/124.50HOT


 — A romance that begins where others end. by Mandy57in  Romance02/17/124.75HOT

The Wife of Satan

 — Tom finds a way to rekindle his marriage for good. by SoCaliComfortin  Erotic Horror10/06/113.97

Haunted House Hunt

 — Tag team at a haunted house. by superman43in  Group Sex01/18/113.76

Satan's Whore Ch. 03

 — Afflicted by dreams of lust and longing. by ktmccollin  NonHuman12/24/104.54HOT

The Legend of Millcreek Barn

 — One woman discovers what the real legend is about. by Mr_Eroticain  BDSM10/12/104.30

The Seahorse Inn

 — Amorous co-workers investigate a haunting. by epiphany65in  Erotic Horror09/03/104.57HOT

A Naked Woman Killed Me On Nude Day

 — A naked woman kills a man on Nude Day in a hit/run accident. by andtheendin  NonHuman07/06/103.89


 — Tim's dead cousin haunts him for closure. by Nightwork1in  Non-Erotic01/29/104.26

Ravaged by an Xmas Spirit

 — Elderly woman appears from the dead to give a gum job. by PositiveThinkerin  NonHuman11/30/093.83

Full Moon House

 — Amelia finds the house of her dreams.... or her nightmares. by Declan Cravensin  Erotic Horror10/07/094.00

The Red Velvet Suite

 — Parapsychology experiment goes terribly wrong. by SweetWitchin  Erotic Horror10/27/084.52HOT

A Winter Phantom

 — A widow is haunted by a phantom who feels very, very real. by lyric_ephemerain  NonHuman03/18/084.14

Haunting Love

 — Love that transcends our realm of thinking. by Rhiannon_Nyxin  NonHuman11/03/074.23

Ghostly Visitation Ch. 02

 — The ghosts are back for more. by Erolexiconin  NonHuman11/01/064.43

The Legend of Ruby's Place

 — Old brothel offers more than sexy Halloween fun. by Green_Gemin  Group Sex10/23/064.62HOT


 — Two lovers find one another on Halloween night. by bedtymelover2in  NonHuman10/06/063.53

A Wonderful Haunting Ch. 02

 — We get more from the ghosts. by dirtyjoe69in  NonHuman08/23/064.23

A Wonderful Haunting

 — A new house brings new experiences. by dirtyjoe69in  NonHuman07/31/064.25

A Valentine Ghost Story

 — Two students find love through a haunting. by walkstarin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/28/064.55HOT

Atho, Satyr of Lust

 — Woman is seduced by a dark influence. by Hannibal Ravencraftin  Erotic Horror11/20/054.12

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