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High School Reunion Pt. 02

 — Sandy is in danger. by sweet_limein  Erotic Couplings07/27/174.18

High School Reunion Pt. 01

 — Friendship rekindles romance but danger is lurking... by sweet_limein  Romance07/25/174.14

Five-Year Reunion

 — Uncloseted movie heartthrob returns to 5-year school reunion. by sr71pltin  Gay Male06/21/174.18

The One that Got Away

 — A reunion fantasy - or is it? by sirhugsin  Anal05/09/174.45

First Love

 — A first love farce, then drama. by imhaplessin  Loving Wives04/09/174.15

Kindling and Tears

 — A careless wife burns herself. by JimBob44in  Loving Wives11/06/164.12

Never That Bold Ch. 06

 — A one-night fling between two Ex's. by JimBob44in  Erotic Couplings09/19/164.39

Never That Bold Ch. 01

 — 10 years is a long time to wait for revenge. by JimBob44in  Loving Wives08/09/163.62

Dream or Nightmare

 — A return to my hometown doesn't go as planned... by Delilah_Nightin  Erotic Couplings05/28/164.06

The Haunted Dungeon Ch. 02

 — The reunion and the first possession. by unpublaauthorin  BDSM04/07/164.74HOT

Pathetic Ch. 01: Forgiveness

 — A reunion and the chance to forgive and move on. by kipp412in  Gay Male07/23/154.57HOT

Brownwood: I Dreamed Ch. 02

 — The Reunion. by DFWBeastin  Romance04/09/154.71HOT

Grudge (Once A Cheater...)

 — A young chap's high school reunion goes nightmarishly wrong. by Smokey125in  BDSM03/07/153.00

Natalie's Back

 — Natalie's H.S. reunion sees more of her than ever before. by OzEliotin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/08/144.63HOT

Wife Has a Plan

 — Wife takes charge as husband loses control. by underdrivein  Loving Wives04/17/143.14


 — High school reunion is the opportunity to live out a fantasy. by kimbelinain  Group Sex02/14/134.43

The High School Class Reunion

 — Maggie gets naughty at my high school reunion. by okayjackin  Loving Wives12/30/124.01

The Reunion

 — Two friends get together at a high school reunion... by myerosin  Erotic Couplings09/27/123.90


 — High school reunion leads to surprise news. by Thompson99in  Loving Wives08/23/123.36

A Summer of Simmering Hate and Love

 — Supermodel Cameron decides to get even with a past bully. by Nymph123in  Erotic Couplings04/13/124.27

The Re-Union

 — Would-be lovers meet at a high school Reunion. by sledgenrosesin  Erotic Couplings06/14/114.00

The Reunion Ch. 01

 — Will her luck change at her high school reunion? by honey28in  Romance06/09/114.30

Neighbors, Family and Friends

 — 20-year high school reunion brings back sexual memories. by NYBossin  Group Sex07/11/104.41

Jeff Tait Ch. 03

 — Love and a baby for the beautiful biracial Eve. by JimBob44in  Interracial Love11/07/094.48


 — HS outcast faces her crush at 15-year class reunion. by TalyisBagleyin  Interracial Love08/30/094.25

Old School, New Lessons

 — Old fantasies die hard when you go back to school. by LeathermanCraigin  Gay Male05/16/094.54HOT

Old Friends Make Three

 — Three friends get together for a wild night. by ubreadyin  Group Sex04/16/094.00

The Wife's 10 High School Reunion

 — Sandi goes from dating, to exhibitionism, to being a slut. by applevalyanin  Loving Wives04/12/093.98

The High School Reunion

 — A high school get together gets out of hand. by dysfunctionaldreamsin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/10/094.46

Renewed Friendship Ch. 01

 — Two old friends renew a friendship and fall in love. by Dawnsin  Gay Male08/01/083.89

How Do You Like Me Now?

 — The beauty and the geek. by michchick98in  Romance11/04/074.72HOT

Trailer Park Girls

 — Best friends find love in each other's arms. by Cleain  Lesbian Sex10/19/054.22

For Old Time's Sake

 — High school sweethearts rediscover each other. by SpankMeDaddyin  Romance08/19/054.00

The High School Reunion

 — Love found, forty years later. by TxRadin  Mature07/20/054.75HOT

For Old Time's Sake

 — High school reunion rekindles an old flame. by qcilguyin  Erotic Couplings10/14/014.31

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