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Loving Wives in Popular Culture

 — About 30 movies and TV shows and the books behind them. by justbobkcin  Reviews & Essays09/11/174.39

Swinging, A Different View Point

 — Three men relate their experience with swinging. by ambnomadin  Loving Wives07/12/173.63

My Introduction into Swinging

 — My young and newly deflowered fiancé leads me astray. by MasterfulMistressin  Loving Wives03/17/174.26

Helen, my Wife and Cuckoldress

 — Wife goes Black and feminizes her pathetic hubby. by siscucin  Fetish05/12/163.82

Deal for Desires

 — Husband gives his wife a night off from marriage. by Salth2otherapyin  Loving Wives01/21/164.15

Triple Treats Pt. 03

 — Triple the fallout. by next2ArchStantonin  Loving Wives11/23/153.88

The Smile

 — A night out with new friends leads to a special connection. by Our_Secret_Lifein  Erotic Couplings10/20/153.90

After the Playoffs

 — Post-match fun for a hockey player and his team mate. by HotHockeyWifein  Loving Wives10/13/153.99

Ellen Journals 07. Taboos Resolved

 — Our third gathering; all our old taboos are swept away. by josquin2in  Loving Wives11/01/134.07

I Call Him Mr. Tibbs Ch. 07

 — Finale... by dsoulin  Interracial Love09/18/114.05

The Makings of Ellen Ch. 08

 — Where there's couples ... there's an orgy. The Finale! by dsoulin  Group Sex06/28/113.92

Gulf Coast Condo

 — Great views of my wife. by oculardemoin  Loving Wives05/01/103.96

The Man Of The House

 — 18-year-old son takes over his father's house. by BadPupin  Incest/Taboo03/31/104.65HOT

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 04

 — Tim catches Tami with Brian. by Tatonkain  Loving Wives03/07/103.78

Our Girlfriend Ch. 04

 — Date night continues. by HalEllein  Group Sex02/12/104.55HOT

Our Girlfriend Ch. 03

 — Date night with Donna. by HalEllein  Group Sex02/11/104.14

Our Girlfriend Ch. 02

 — We meet Donna. by HalEllein  Group Sex02/10/104.34

Our Girlfriend Ch. 01

 — The further adventures of Elle and Hal. by HalEllein  Loving Wives02/09/104.10

Adventures of Tami and Sally Ch. 02

 — Town bully has his way with one of the ladies. by Tatonkain  Loving Wives01/04/104.05

Dawn's Descent Ch. 02

 — Dawn goes to far, how it all ended. by Tim Smithin  Loving Wives07/01/093.38

Dawn's Descent Ch. 01

 — Dawn wants to be a slut wife, Dawn get that and more. by Tim Smithin  Loving Wives06/27/094.17

Naughty Maid Service Ch. 01

 — A wife decides to add some adventure and cash to her life. by Tim Smithin  Loving Wives04/29/094.31

A Friend Helps Out

 — Husband's friend helps out with home renovations and more. by hotwifejuliein  Loving Wives03/13/093.93

Addams Family vs. ATM marriage

 — Sex fantasies can restore sizzle to marriage. by DeniseNoein  Reviews & Essays08/18/083.85

Mary's Dream Boy

 — He fantasizes about making love to an incredible woman. by Big_Ronin  Text With Audio08/13/074.27

My Introduction to Water Sports

 — His fetish opened an exciting new world to her. by TopflightWifein  Fetish07/14/064.32

A Collegial Swap Ch. 01

 — Married college profs start down swinging path. by RickieTeein  Loving Wives06/18/064.26

My Lover Brings Home A Friend

 — She plays the slut for him. by underthestars69in  Loving Wives09/20/054.36

Valerie the Magnificent Ch. 03

 — Mike figures out what Val really wants. by val wranglerin  Loving Wives04/15/054.53HOT

Hot Wife By Mistake

 — Never underestimate a fiery redhead. by RexBin  Loving Wives08/13/014.34

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