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Some Day, All This Will Be Yours Ch. 02

 — My aunt catches me fucking, and I meet the love of my life. by Conversationsin  Romance11/18/174.30NEW

Captain Terdy's First Week: Day 02

 — "Tell me about inappropriate sexual activity." by HollisChesterin  Illustrated11/17/174.56HOTNEW

Piano Man

 — A mob boss, his wife & her lover(s). by Nils Huimin  Anal11/17/172.50NEW

My Autumn and My Winter

 — A pro wrestler explores bdsm with his new wife. by hunsenabadeerin  BDSM11/15/173.75NEW

Almost Pt. 08

 — Benjamin is tested, Cheryl's "gift" explained. by danoctoberin  Romance11/13/174.57HOTNEW

Paq'o's Potion (Jacy's Cowboy)

 — Jacy and Mario go away for the weekend. by JonThomas_in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/12/174.00NEW

The Dress

 — She pays the price for buying the dress without permission. by Grimoire23in  BDSM11/12/173.87NEW

The Two Wimps

 — A Classical Revenge Story. by oatzabin  Loving Wives11/08/173.23

Drones 2

 — An Exhibitionist Crossdresser is Surprised in a Public Park. by Nils Huimin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/30/173.63


 — A submissive vigilante has her day. by oneiriain  Erotic Horror10/28/174.00

Time for Some Fun Pt. 06

 — Becoming teacher's pet, pep rally gone sexual, and more! yay by DiamondsR4Neverin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/26/174.58HOT

Rest and Reciprocation

 — Andie collects her dues on Alex's day off. by Tayls77in  Erotic Couplings10/26/174.23

Piece of Cake

 — A crossdressing sex performer finds his match (in marriage). by Nils Huimin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/26/173.56

Captain Terdy's First Week: Day 01 PM

 — "It's called a penis, Captain." by HollisChesterin  Illustrated10/26/174.40

Third Person

 — A wife-husband-lover threesome produces surprising results. by Nils Huimin  Group Sex10/24/172.72

Magical Schoolgirl, Alice Black

 — A horny teenaged which shows her stuff in magic school. by Rallynoangelsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/24/174.32

Pumpkin Patch

 — A very personal pumpkin patch worth exploring. by TenderBottomin  Romance10/23/174.23

Demon Night

 — Vivienne summons her ex-boyfriend for help on Halloween. by MagicaPracticain  Romance10/23/174.64HOT


 — An alien warlord finds a perfect subject for conquest. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Humor & Satire10/14/174.52HOT

Muscular Men near the Sea Pt. 01

 — A story of love, romance, and very bad sex. by enjoyabledavein  Humor & Satire10/12/174.14


 — A college "boy" has bisexual experiences after his arrest. by Nils Huimin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/10/173.97

Fall of the Philandering Teacher

 — A Modern Fable. by GymTeacherYouDeservein  Humor & Satire10/06/173.20

Gwendolyn: A Tale of Motherly Lust

 — The entire torrid tale of gradual, motherly lust. by jellogrlin  Incest/Taboo10/06/174.63HOT

Matthew's Choice - A Halloween Story

 — Is Matt at a Best Halloween Party Ever? Or caught in a Trap? by The_Technicianin  Humor & Satire10/06/174.46

Bright Futures

 — A Contest Leads to a Surprising Sexual Encounter for a "Boy". by Nils Huimin  Incest/Taboo10/05/173.69

Saving Miss Stacey

 — Rescuing a damsel in distress from another author's story. by Conversationsin  Humor & Satire10/02/174.79HOT

Almost Pt. 07

 — A lot can happen in 20 minutes. by danoctoberin  Romance09/30/174.56HOT

Captain Terdy's First Week: Day 01 AM

 — What she doesn't know could save humanity. by HollisChesterin  Illustrated09/29/174.53HOT

The Trout

 — A father-in-law & son get to know each other better. by Nils Huimin  Incest/Taboo09/28/173.37


 — Young love, crappy apartment. by 18thCenturyFoxin  Erotic Couplings09/28/174.39

Learning by Doing It

 — Who needs an instruction book anyway? by SamScribblein  Humor & Satire09/28/174.38

Something Else Ch. 30-31

 — Australian gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/26/174.33

Something Else Ch. 29

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/23/173.64

Something Else Ch. 27-28

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/22/174.43


 — A father & adult daughter have sex during a storm. by Nils Huimin  Incest/Taboo09/20/173.83

Pleasure Knight

 — Knight on a quest to the City of Witches gets captured. by Dream_Knightin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/20/174.29

Something Else Ch. 25-26

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/18/174.29

I am Not a Shark, But an Orca!

 — A humorous honor to DGHear's stories. by oatzabin  Humor & Satire09/17/173.70

Something Else Ch. 23-24

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/17/173.67

Tropes Ch. 02

 — Disrupted narratives in Literotica. by UghOkayin  Gay Male09/16/174.69HOT

Something Else Ch. 21-22

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/15/173.22

The Deviants' Room

 — Four stock-brokers hire a crossdresser for the weekend. by Nils Huimin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers09/14/174.12

Learning Italian: Lesson 04

 — The present tense. The lesson I failed. by LadyBrettAshleyin  Erotic Couplings09/14/174.25

Almost Pt. 06

 — B&C get a visit, D-day outside Sebastian's, together again. by danoctoberin  Romance09/14/174.70HOT

Far Pangaea 55: Nomads Land

 — Tiny. Bigger. Huge. Upset. Angry. Furious. General Ideas. by SZENSEIin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/12/174.65HOT

No Monkey Business: Week 01

 — Mom wants my cum, not my cock. by henrykingin  Incest/Taboo09/12/174.73HOT

Something Else Ch. 19-20

 — Australian gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/08/173.79


 — Beating the heat in a cool pool. by PuckItin  Novels and Novellas09/05/174.83HOTContest Winner

Almost Pt. 05

 — Dan has company, the Harrisons are awed, meet Dan's folks. by danoctoberin  Romance09/04/174.71HOT

Something Else Ch. 17-18

 — Australian rural gay and straight romance; self-discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas09/02/173.69

Paq'o's Potion (Jacy is Bored)

 — Jacy teaches a mom how to do it herself. by JonThomas_in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/31/173.89

The Fells Ch. 01

 — You and your fiancée enjoy your parent's summer cottage. by misterminutein  Romance08/30/173.88

Getting Jack Ch. 01: Scharza

 — A voluptuous, young coed attempts to seduce an older man. by RoryOmorein  Mature08/28/174.55HOT

Dazed and Confused

 — What to do when you've knocked out the man fucking your wife. by whatdreamsmaycomein  Loving Wives08/23/173.90

Something Else Ch. 15-16

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/23/173.89

Zero Sum Gain

 — Two blind dates at once...and then... by trigudisin  Humor & Satire08/22/174.18

Something Else Ch. 13-14

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/22/174.86

Learning Italian: Lesson 03

 — Other words for love and other meanings for household chores. by LadyBrettAshleyin  Erotic Couplings08/17/175.00


 — A typical day in the life of genetically-programmed nympho. by oneiriain  Erotic Horror08/16/173.14

Let It Be: Eric & Maury

 — A college 'boy' and his older employer grow more intimate. by Nils Huimin  Gay Male08/16/173.18

Something Else Ch. 11-12

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/14/174.50HOT

Two Russian Dipteras Meet and Chat

 — Do you know what dipteras are? by uksnowyin  Humor & Satire08/11/174.60

Something Else Ch. 10

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/10/175.00

Something Else Ch. 08-09

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/09/174.92HOT

Something Else Ch. 06-07

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/08/174.85HOT

'The Invasion'

 — Cecil takes on Kimberley in a mighty battle in the sack. by Rupert_St_Reacherin  Humor & Satire08/08/173.30

O Face

 — A woman drags her boyfriend to a factory tour. by m_e_rin  Humor & Satire08/07/173.96

Something Else Ch. 04-05

 — Australian rural gay & straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas08/07/174.59HOT

Ex-wife's Revenge

 — An ex-wife gets revenge on her ex-husband and his new wife. by sbrooks103xin  Loving Wives08/07/174.02

I, Dombot

 — Kinky girl, helpful bot. by stephenchapmanin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/05/174.58HOT

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 08

 — Retaliation and more Revelations. by EmotionalStormin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/30/174.63HOT

Something Else Ch. 02-03

 — Australian rural gay and straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas07/29/174.64HOT

Something Else Ch. 00-01

 — Australian rural gay and straight romance; self discovery. by Ajitatein  Novels and Novellas07/28/174.46

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 06

 — Back into the Action. by EmotionalStormin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/28/174.78HOT

Learning Italian: Lesson 02

 — Open-mindedness is key in adapting to a new culture. by LadyBrettAshleyin  Erotic Couplings07/27/174.65HOT

Bring a Friend

 — A tale of a first time sharing a girl with a friend. by PuckItin  Group Sex07/26/174.44

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 04

 — Confessions and Revelation. by EmotionalStormin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/26/174.73HOT

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 03

 — Riding into the enemy. by EmotionalStormin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/22/174.86HOT

Grandma Ellie

 — Ingenuous young man meets experienced older woman. by eideticin  Incest/Taboo07/21/174.46

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 02

 — Expanded, Getting off on the right foot? by EmotionalStormin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/21/174.75HOT

Garden of Eden

 — Lucifer teaches the world's first sex lesson. by BernadetteRochellein  Humor & Satire07/20/174.32

Silvertree Chronicles Bk. 01 Ch. 01

 — Expanded Ch 1, background journal. by EmotionalStormin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction07/19/174.67HOT

Learning Italian: Lesson 01

 — My first ever first date in Italy. by LadyBrettAshleyin  Erotic Couplings07/18/174.67HOT

Boobers Waitress Ch. 02

 — Willy's deal with Elle continues. Janey asks a favor. by Henry_C_Robertsin  Humor & Satire07/14/174.64HOT

A First Timer's Tale

 — The awkward "corruption" of a man by a woman. by PuckItin  First Time07/13/174.36

Empty Sex Ch. 02

 — As Amelia dries off in the bathroom, she gets interrupted. by LovelyDovesin  Humor & Satire07/05/173.88

Spanking Little Sister Ch. 01

 — Sometimes little sisters need a firm hand. by SaiaAllynin  Incest/Taboo06/30/174.11


 — Learning to masturbate - Not! by Conversationsin  Humor & Satire06/26/174.78HOT

Love Burns Pt. 04

 — Don tries to fill the void left by Jess' disappearance. by MaxwellSpanxin  Romance06/16/174.73HOT

S'true, I Tell You!

 — A story of the loss of innocence in a young man. by Marsesusin  Humor & Satire06/16/174.57HOT

Terrible Company Ch. 12

 — The Call of the Mild. by AwkwardMDin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers06/12/174.71HOT

The Book of Gloria

 — Religious, Sexual Humor, Satire. by Poorimpulsecontrolin  Humor & Satire06/08/174.14

Weaver of Love

 — Medieval Baron sets his sights on a young innocent weaver. by MaxwellSpanxin  Romance06/08/174.49

Some Day, All This Will Be Yours

 — To my future lover... by Conversationsin  Romance05/31/174.78HOT

Bunny Love

 — I play with my pet Bunny. by PaladinInBlackin  Fetish05/26/174.68HOT

Hijinks with Hilareola

 — After meeting a busty clown, two women start to feel funny. by Lithium_hoboin  Fetish05/24/174.07

People Can Only Label Themselves

 — College roommate discovers I've never tried anal sex. by PanzerFeckin  Gay Male05/12/174.62HOT

Champions Vol. 02

 — Heroes, Allies, and Enemies all prepare for war. by ScreamingEagle101in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/12/174.89HOT

Love Burns

 — Don is as hapless with women as he is hopeless. Until... by MaxwellSpanxin  Humor & Satire05/12/174.39

The Door Pt. 02

 — Zack's door gets him closer to the voluptuous girls at HSU! by Henry_C_Robertsin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/10/174.26

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