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Story of Priyanka, the Slut Ch. 03

 — Rakesh and Priyanka do it in front of Rahul. by strtlr69in  Loving Wives03/28/164.05

The Therapist

 — A therapist in Barbados helps couples and singles. by iconoficons23in  Romance02/27/163.51

Bank Robbery Home Invasion

 — Bank manager and party interrupted. by Marriedandneedingmorein  NonConsent/Reluctance01/01/164.01

Chaperone for Beach Week

 — Giving in to the advances of a young man. by equs64in  Loving Wives12/20/153.69

No Kissing

 — A couple shares a cock. by t_taffoardin  Group Sex08/10/154.51HOT

A Summer of Slow Transition Ch. 09: Final

 — Pam hits the "Trifecta", as Bob Watches. by AquaHolic0120in  Mature04/15/154.68HOT


 — Camp hosts encourage solo camper to join in. by romancerin  Loving Wives03/27/154.42

Wife Cheats in School Outfit

 — A wife cheats at school reunion. by flipper75in  Loving Wives03/05/153.64

The Deal Closer

 — A Wife and her secretary get an offer they can't refuse. by rowemancingUin  Loving Wives09/15/143.62

Seduction of Jacob

 — Joy seduces married visitor while hubby watches by Buckiowain  Loving Wives08/18/144.40

A Wife's Desire

 — She lets him watch but she's in control. by lovestwopussiesin  Loving Wives07/09/143.94

Senior Couple's Discovery

 — Mature couple learn something new about themselves. by Wes99in  Mature07/04/144.14

Teaching Wade

 — Wife and her boss teach cheating husband a lesson. by passiondeflorin  Interracial Love02/23/144.06

Fantasy Fulfilled

 — Wife fucks a stranger for husband's pleasure. by Saxonistain  Loving Wives02/16/143.89

Nick Watches Di Ch. 11

 — Di goes to tea. by gripmanin  Loving Wives01/06/143.11

Soccer-Mom: First Swap Party

 — She went just to watch but ended up well fucked. by KissedManyin  Group Sex10/23/134.40

She's Disabled; So What?

 — His brother said he could screw his disabled sis-in-law by julybear7in  Incest/Taboo10/08/134.47

B-ball Night

 — Wife sort-of-willing hostess for watching the game. by MrMsScrewloosein  Loving Wives05/27/134.26

Another Man's Wife

 — Wife pays for husband's mistake. by LoneCoyotein  NonConsent/Reluctance12/13/124.37

Wife Teaches Virgin Ch. 02

 — Next day after wife teaches virgin. by KEVGOWin  Loving Wives11/27/124.32

The Dark Blue Tie

 — Wife finds a young man. by tiglioin  Loving Wives10/11/123.79

Marlene's Double Treat

 — A motorcycle ride from a co-worker ends in a threesome. by luvjuice43in  Group Sex08/25/124.44

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 04

 — A weekend with her husband and her lover. by SharonMWFin  Erotic Couplings05/09/124.36

Sharon Models for Porn Shoot Ch. 03

 — Wife gets caught. by SharonMWFin  Erotic Couplings04/10/124.33

Nude on Stage

 — She could do that, and more. by naughtyladyloverin  Loving Wives01/01/124.00

Sheila Pays the Tab

 — White wife meets black cock. by Kippy189in  Interracial Love12/04/114.39

Astarte Ch. 01

 — Goddess makes young man irresistible. by julybear7in  Mind Control11/14/114.68HOT

Amie's Last Black Lovers?

 — Amie chooses black men for gang fuck. by nehighlanderin  Interracial Love09/08/114.41

Cindy's Straying

 — Young wife and old boyfriend at company party. by randallangdonin  Loving Wives06/30/113.88

Back at the Swinger's Club

 — His wife surprises him when they return to the club. by dr13bonein  Interracial Love05/23/113.97

SD Card Surprise

 — A husband finds a strange SD card and a bigger surprise! by dr13bonein  Interracial Love05/23/113.89

Pristine Priya

 — Virginal Indian housewife comes to the US for an adventure. by wigwam25in  Loving Wives04/30/114.25

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 04

 — Her first time with a woman. by SabrinaPinkin  Lesbian Sex04/02/114.26

Want It Or Not, Little Wife Gets It

 — Cute wife taken at a party. Did she want it? by Tabbisfullin  Loving Wives03/03/114.11

The Christmas Intruder

 — Well, in her house, Kandy was the only one stirring. by kandiein  Erotic Couplings12/31/103.93

It's Better Than Showtime

 — Shannon's first extramarital sex, with several men at once. by Mysticbondsin  Loving Wives12/20/104.32

Natalie's Vegas Birthday Ch. 01

 — Husband sets wife up with male escort. by nastycouplein  Loving Wives10/17/104.15

Sentenced to Love

 — Hubby embezzled; wife has to repay. by julybear7in  Incest/Taboo08/13/104.47

Biz Trip Brings Out Wife Ch. 01

 — Wife surprises husband caught watching another woman. by addicted2wifein  Loving Wives06/11/104.05

It Happened Last Night... Again

 — My wife becomes a total slut. by Jimbeiin  Loving Wives01/08/104.13

John and Lisa at the Office Party

 — Young wife seduced at boss' party in front of all the guests. by loveslife2005in  Loving Wives01/05/103.73

Linn Plus Two Ch. 01

 — Husband and wife have long night of great sex. by meohmyohin  Loving Wives09/11/094.26

Erotic Weekend with the Boss

 — Our boss takes husband and me for a weekend away. by fulfilled_annin  Illustrated09/09/090.00

Louise, My Oversexed, Loving Wife

 — She lets herself to be seduced in front of husband. by Varan1in  Loving Wives06/11/093.91

Talk About Service!

 — Young maid seduces female employer. by tiffnhoneyin  Loving Wives01/27/094.37

It's My Party

 — Events around my birthday party make me cry. by exjockin  Loving Wives06/16/083.61

Forcing Wife To Fuck Black Guy

 — He forces his wife to fuck a well hung black guy. by KEVGOWin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/16/084.06

Shoe Shopping

 — His wife teases and satisfies the shoe salesman. by adventuresofKathiin  Loving Wives06/13/084.33

A Friday Night to Remember

 — Loving wife gives in to her urges with husband present. by cyzrein  Loving Wives03/07/083.71

The Movie

 — Wife makes a porn movie. by cccjs00in  Loving Wives11/27/074.15

Working For His Promotion Pt. 02

 — Joanne spends the weekend with Adam's boss. by The Big Bopperin  Loving Wives10/23/074.43

A Strange Happening

 — White man has wife suck black cock. by elia_cdlin  Interracial Love07/19/074.31

An Arresting Experience Ch. 02

 — Emma and Robbie meet Andy and Kerri, again. by greenflyin  Group Sex07/04/074.00

Midnight Meetings Ch. 02

 — She tells her husband of her love affair with Amber. by Bewitched69in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur07/03/074.53HOT

Old Friend and Good Times

 — Reunion with old friend leads to interesting night. by McMitchellin  Loving Wives06/28/074.25

Opening Sarah

 — I watch as Brad uncovers wife's submissive side. by Bigdenvermanin  Loving Wives06/04/074.23


 — A couple gets creative. by Synthetic Touchin  Loving Wives05/21/073.98

Cindy and the Big Fish

 — Cindy becomes the trophy while husband watches. by Joancdnjin  Loving Wives04/24/074.10

Our New Game

 — He watches as wife's game gets out of hand. by WandaWishin  Loving Wives11/20/063.87

After the Party

 — Her husband has a little surprise. by jeninfloridain  Loving Wives11/07/064.26

Juliet and the Window Cleaner

 — His wife fulfills his fantasy. by Red_Melted_Dreamerin  Loving Wives10/31/064.35

The Education of Lisa Ch. 14

 — Honeymoon surprise. by Christian Blackin  Loving Wives10/29/064.22

Used and Abused Wife

 — Wife is offered to strangers with the help of a drug. by mountainman006in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/26/064.08

Posted on a "Hot Wives" Forum

 — Sexy wife tells her hot experience. by Not_Johnin  Loving Wives06/10/064.25

Our Third Time

 — Husband's coworker ads black cock to menage by elia_cdlin  Loving Wives01/22/064.36

A Wife's Adventures Ch. 02

 — Horny wife auditions at strip club for hubby. by opuswonin  Loving Wives11/15/054.34

A Wife's Beautiful Surprise

 — Wife surprises Hubby with a guest. by justus2in  Interracial Love08/30/054.02

Fucked While Husband Watches

 — Husband watches while she's taken by giant cock. by Kay-Deein  Loving Wives07/12/054.25

Young Chocolate

 — White professor gets her first taste of chocolate. by Dai Rakuin  Interracial Love05/21/054.42

The Next Adventure

 — Couple decides to explore threesome with a stud. by rha spikein  Loving Wives09/20/034.52HOT

On Board

 — Young man is invited on board by a fun-loving couple. by rha spikein  Group Sex05/19/034.48

Wife Forces Me To Type This

 — Wife tells how she makes men cum. by Anal Slavein  Fetish05/17/034.22

Kris Becomes a Toy Ch. 1

 — A housewife becomes a toy as her husband watches. by MiamiCubanin  Loving Wives05/01/014.27

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