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Lost in the Echo

 — An echo in her mind entices Dian into slavery. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control11/23/174.72HOTNEW

With a Smile

 — An anniversary dinner takes a strange turn. by Crytoknightin  Mind Control11/22/174.57HOTNEW

Mind Fucking Ch. 02

 — Orgasm through hypnosis. by fallstafferin  BDSM11/17/174.33NEW

Any Time Now

 — Lucinda tries to escape a droning conversation. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control11/16/174.29


 — A trio at a club come to an important conclusion. by mechan11in  Mind Control11/14/173.26


 — Advanced Submissive Induction for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio11/09/173.00

All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis TWB

 — Basic Submissive Induction for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio11/09/174.00

That Cupid Masque!

 — There was something in that mask. by SEVERUSMAXin  Mind Control11/08/174.21

The Mistress Submits Pt. 02

 — Mistress Suzzie begins to fall deeper. by Mesmasterin  Mind Control11/08/174.26

Sissifying Addictions

 — James meets a special friend that teaches Jamie to exist. by Sissyhaloin  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/08/174.54HOT

Eowyn: The Cage - Ch. 03

 — Fire. by Barahirin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/08/174.43

Drooling Genius

 — I try hypnosis with my bright girlfriend. by Rallynoangelsin  Mind Control11/04/174.43

Instructions for Little Girls

 — Masturbation instructions for little girls. by fallstafferin  BDSM11/03/174.11

Mind Games Ch. 05

 — Bae comes face to face with Leviathan. by DragonCoboltin  Erotic Horror11/02/174.79HOT

I Just want to See His Face

 — A patronizing co-worker gets what's coming to him. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control11/02/173.52

A Witch's Smile Ch. 01

 — Phillicia has no plans for Halloween. by The_Iron_Maidenin  Lesbian Sex11/02/173.88

Do you Feel Hypnotized?

 — Skeptical of Jim's abilities then skeptical of reality. by Dreamtimekittensin  Mind Control11/01/174.40

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 13

 — He is cuddled into slumber by horny fleece sprites. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy11/01/174.75HOT

All Hallows Even Fall

 — A late Halloween performer gets more than he bargains for. by mechan11in  Mind Control10/30/174.07

So Night Follows Day Pt. 09

 — Ramirez phones a friend, Helen starts Troy on Whyte's trail. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control10/30/174.80HOT

Chicken Little

 — Campus Hypnotherapist is not exactly what was expected. by gergflergablergin  Mind Control10/30/173.69

Hi, I'm Jenny!

 — Jenny is going to tell you about a dream she had! by HonoursBoyin  Mind Control10/28/174.50HOT

Qucikies Vol. 03

 — A third collection of femdom vignettes. by ZTVFemdomtalesin  NonConsent/Reluctance10/28/174.43

Can't Say No

 — Celia forgets a certain concept while in trance. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control10/26/174.19


 — Josh uses hypnosis to help his trans girlfriend. by KallieHFin  Mind Control10/23/174.47

Not My Life

 — A middle-aged woman discovers her perfect life is not all as it seems. by brendachaplin2000in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers10/23/173.81

Candy-Coated Damnation

 — The sweetest succubi can be the hardest to resist. by GigglingGoblinin  Mind Control10/23/174.76HOT

So Night Follows Day Pt. 08

 — Troy walks into danger. Susan does the same. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control10/22/174.71HOT

Ad-dick-tion Pt. 02

 — Mike tries to fight his new addiction to sucking cock. by Tarashin  Mind Control10/20/174.37

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Slutocracy

 — Advanced Slut Conversion techniques for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio10/20/175.00

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Power Slut

 — Advanced self help for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio10/20/175.00

Awaken Your Inner Slut-Basic Level

 — A simple self help for women. by craigoolin  Text With Audio10/20/174.75

Twenty Questions

 — Jess asks Mark how he got into hypnosis...and then some. by Carol_Jin  Mind Control10/19/173.77

Interview With...

 — A journalist is granted a very conditional interview. by mechan11in  Mind Control10/18/174.09

The Tower of Trials

 — Four acolytes seek to earn their place in the priesthood. by Carol_Jin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/18/174.48

Who You Really Are

 — Lisa hooks up with a girl who shows her who she really is. by KallieHFin  Mind Control10/18/174.35


 — Emma hypnosises her girlfriend to make her jealous. by KallieHFin  Mind Control10/17/174.47

Part-Time Tech

 — A helpful male teacher is taken by a new female co-worker. by MyQueensBitchBoyin  Mind Control10/15/174.05

So Night Follows Day Pt. 07

 — Julie composes herself, then finds out about Susan. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control10/14/174.50HOT

See the Sights

 — Alrek must face an extremely lust-drunk elven hypnotist. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy10/14/174.67HOT

Memorials of Days in Dependence Pt. 03

 — A young dancer finds a new way to dance with special help. by mechan11in  Mind Control10/10/173.00

Enter of Your Own Free Will

 — You have more to lose than your virginity. by YoureWetin  Erotic Horror10/10/174.55HOT

Memorials of Days in Dependence Pt. 02

 — A young dancer finds a new way to dance with special help. by mechan11in  Mind Control10/09/174.27

Memorials of Days in Dependence Pt. 01

 — A young dancer finds a new way to dance with special help. by mechan11in  Mind Control10/08/173.80

There's An App For That

 — James is given a special app he plans to test for Halloween. by jman_bigdaddyin  Mind Control10/06/174.12

A Visit to the Spa

 — Samuel goes to a spa, where he gets a surprising treatment. by Tarashin  Mind Control09/30/174.45


 — Mike visits a hypnotist and gets more than he bargained for. by Tarashin  Mind Control09/30/174.38

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 11

 — Senya is licked, kissed and flustered into lusty oblivion. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/30/174.63HOT

So Night Follows Day Pt. 05

 — Yorkshire is revealed. Helen's new problems begin. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control09/30/174.77HOT

Wife School Ch. 01

 — Everyone wants a better wife. Some people get them. by craigoolin  Loving Wives09/28/173.54

Quill Pen Feather

 — A hypnotic induction that writes words into your head. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control09/28/174.09

Relaxation Therapy

 — Jerry's new invention may change his shrewish wife forever. by Freakyusin  Mind Control09/28/174.47

The Potent Phrase Pt. 05

 — I enjoy helping my neighbor and the future seems bright. by EscargotDriverin  Mind Control09/27/174.63HOT

The Kissing Spell Pt. 03

 — Complication evolves into lustful compliance. by mechan11in  Mind Control09/26/174.46


 — Experiment in Lucid Dreaming goes wrong. by NoJoin  Mind Control09/26/174.30

Awakened: Catherine

 — Pure sexual submission, as in enslavement. by The_Defective_Pawnin  Mind Control09/25/173.67

The Kissing Spell Pt. 02

 — The grievance evolves into interesting complication. by mechan11in  Mind Control09/23/174.45

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 10

 — Senya gets to know the catgirl better. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/23/174.61HOT

A Drunken Night?

 — Did Felicity have drunk sex? Or was it more? by Fliccy_subin  Mind Control09/21/174.00

The Kissing Spell Pt. 01

 — A small office grievance and mistake lead to the unexpected. by mechan11in  Mind Control09/20/174.22

Master PC Reboot Ch. 03

 — Jack and his sisters have a visitor, and an intruder? by KoalaKingin  Incest/Taboo09/20/174.58HOT

HypnoSissy: Ecclesiastical Sucking

 — Cock sucker discovers a church where he can worship. by silkstockingsloverin  Gay Male09/20/174.45

Emancipation of Amy Ch. 04

 — Amy and the other girls are dressed for action. by funtime4u2in  Mind Control09/16/174.31

So Night Follows Day Pt. 03

 — Helen tells Troy about Yorkshire. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control09/15/174.84HOT

Vacant Moan

 — Rose watches as Nani is hypnotized over the phone. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control09/14/174.44

"Yes, Brother." REMAKE

 — A woman gets mindfucked by her brother before he leaves. by MindControlMasterin  Incest/Taboo09/12/174.10


 — Sandy goes over her notes from last night's hypnosis. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control09/07/174.47

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 07

 — Senya gets caught up watching a hive of "beembos" at play. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/26/174.65HOT

The Office

 — Rachel experiences another normal day at the office. by FutaMonsterin  Mind Control08/25/174.46

I'm Yours

 — A store clerk finds herself under a stranger's spell. by eternal_studentin  Mind Control08/25/174.22

Up All Night

 — Jasmine uses trance to get her through an all-nighter. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control08/24/174.63HOT

Hero & Witch Pt. 05.1: Heroine Falls

 — Preparations are made for heroism and magic to collide. by mechan11in  Mind Control08/19/174.50HOT

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 06

 — "Just a sip," the holstaur purrs. "Just a little suck..." by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/19/174.60HOT

Opal Mantra

 — An endless descent into shimmering opal surrender. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control08/17/174.45

Hero & Witch Pt. 04: Mind and Magic

 — The heroine Psiana comes face to face with Scryer. by mechan11in  Mind Control08/15/174.69HOT


 — Young man changes into a perfect female lover for his friend. by Lycandopein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/12/174.45

Hero & Witch Pt. 03: Heroine Rise

 — A new player steps into the fold. by mechan11in  Mind Control08/12/174.77HOT

Emancipation of Amy Ch. 01

 — An innocent girl transformed into a sexual deviant. by funtime4u2in  Mind Control08/10/174.45

Madeline's Hypnotic Presence

 — Phil becomes Felice with the help of hypnotic Madeline. by Greymeadin  Mind Control08/10/174.61HOT

Trip to the Theater

 — A young anthro couple visits the new theater in town. by akaecein  Mind Control08/09/174.00

Hero & Witch Pt. 02: Witch's Mercy

 — Scryer recalls having Striker captive in her lair. by mechan11in  Mind Control08/09/174.79HOT

Flipping the Sex Therapist

 — A college girl and friends have their way with the doctor. by Brittni4uin  Mind Control08/05/174.45

Hero & Witch Pt. 01: A Hero Falls

 — A hero encounters and beautiful sorceress. by mechan11in  Mind Control08/05/174.30

A Little Night Music Ch. 19

 — Helen's family gather, Julie learns her price for the jacket. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control08/04/174.75HOT

Head Games

 — Ian goes to game night, and gets played. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control08/03/174.41

Scarlet Noir

 — Hypnotic foot fetish story of entrancement. by Luciiferin  Fetish08/01/174.42

A Little Night Music Ch. 18

 — Helen catches up on the real world, Troy tries to help. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control07/30/174.63HOT

Jacquelyn's Ordeal

 — Jacquelyn contends with the vampire of Il'ldais Manor. by FinderTSin  Mind Control07/29/174.50

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 05

 — Slime girl hypnosis is easy to resist. Unless you want it. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/29/174.60HOT

A Love Spell is in the Air

 — An early Valentine's Day party gets a special guest. by mechan11in  Mind Control07/29/173.54

Monstrous Ranch Ch. 04

 — Alraune flowers are sweet, but lamias' eyes are inescapable. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/24/174.58HOT

Addiction Pt. 01

 — Hypnosis: Anal Addiction, Training, The Anal Slut Challenge. by Sandman_Nightmaresin  Text With Audio07/21/174.62HOT

Irresistible Ch. 02

 — After finding handcuffs irresistible, Mandy gets revenge. by PricklyRedRosein  BDSM07/19/174.28

Wicked Amusement Ch. 10

 — FINALE: To save a friend, Lim helps Larya open up her mind. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/19/174.70HOT

You're Like a Little Boy at Times Ch. 01

 — Mel leads James to have sex with her boyfriend. by Myneedin  Fetish07/19/174.62HOT

A Little Night Music Ch. 16

 — Helen comes back to reality. But is she too late? by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control07/18/174.63HOT

Just Dumb

 — Eden experiments with bimbification play at a kink con. by JukeboxEMCSAin  Mind Control07/14/174.60HOT

A Little Night Music Ch. 15

 — Troy & Julie reach Helen at last, Susan assists La Policia. by TMaskedWriterin  Mind Control07/13/174.77HOT

Intrepid Pawns Ch. 07

 — The catgirls tickle, tease and intoxicate their toys. by GigglingGoblinin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy07/10/174.46

Nightly Wet Dreams Pt. 01

 — Hypnosis: Sex Dreams – Pussy edging, Denial, Orgasm Inducing. by Sandman_Nightmaresin  Text With Audio07/07/174.36

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