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I Really Want to Fuck Your Husband

 — The title says it all. by Conversationsin  Loving Wives05/09/174.59HOT

The Twelfth Hole

 — A little golf story and a lot of sex. by GiveUpAndInin  Erotic Couplings09/20/164.55HOT

Turning Boys into Men

 — A college girl teaches her brother and his friends about sex. by Brittni4uin  Incest/Taboo07/26/164.62HOT

Michelle's Shows Her Pair

 — First-timer learns a lesson from some epic boobs. by DannyManEEin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur05/07/164.48


 — Diana oversees your initiation into an exclusive sorority. by princesslittlein  Lesbian Sex05/03/164.40

The Awakening of Angel Ch. 02

 — Angel gets unsettling instructions and fights arousal. by SonOfHimerosin  Romance02/19/164.43

Tooth Fairy

 — It's her turn. by AKentuckyLadyin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/24/164.67HOT

A Very Special Message

 — A very special message for a very special lady. by quietlyconfidentgentin  Text With Audio10/28/153.70

Enjoying The View

 — He lets her play with her exhibitionist urges. by four9twelvein  Toys & Masturbation06/08/153.96

First Meditation in Pain

 — First meditation in pain. by damnedhorsein  BDSM06/02/154.11

A Lesson in Spanish

 — In which she negotiates paying her fees. by phrendin  BDSM02/04/153.52

Writing Erotica for Fun & Profit

 — I explain my ongoing process for writing & selling erotica. by BrettJin  How To01/06/154.71HOT

Learning the Rules Ch. 01

 — Novice meets soon to be Teacher. by Apple_of_Edenin  BDSM08/13/144.56HOT

Uncle Charles' Proposal Ch. 04

 — Elena begins to settle in. by Wifetheifin  NonConsent/Reluctance07/19/144.38

The Lesson

 — Hannah has her first lesson in sex. by HannahBluein  Group Sex07/11/144.31

The Swim Lesson

 — A new camp counselor gets more than just a swim lesson. by LittleRedCorvettein  Erotic Couplings06/17/144.43

Rob and Sabrina

 — Rob has an adventure with his hot cousin, Sabrina. by SignOfAcrein  Incest/Taboo03/06/144.35


 — An interactive story of dominance and submission. by Pir8Rbrtsin  Text With Audio02/26/144.02

The Plan

 — Man waits for his Desire by DoubtingThomas10in  Erotic Couplings01/22/144.27

Ask Abbie...

 — Abbie answers your questions. by wabbit_seasonin  Letters & Transcripts01/16/144.69HOT

The Master Chef-Hotel Hook Up

 — Online teasing leads to a night of unseen hotel fun. by SunGoddess7in  BDSM09/30/134.50

Summer at Mountain Farm

 — Young man learns to be useful. by lalupinin  Fetish08/28/134.55HOT

Smaller Than Average Caught Jerking

 — Husband caught jerking off small cock -joi. by runtz4in  Fetish07/17/134.15


 — I met him in a hotel room following his instructions. by AbbyGracein  BDSM06/11/134.66HOT

Thresholds Ch. 04

 — More exposure and a special treat. by lickmydivinepussyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur12/02/124.65HOT

Thresholds Ch. 02

 — The next couple steps on my journey. by lickmydivinepussyin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/15/124.60HOT

V for Vagina

 — A futuristic tale. by CastleDJKin  BDSM09/12/123.29

Of Hunters and Their Prey 02

 — A brief scene of Miss. Danni's control over me. by Horhay_Jin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/22/123.83

The Ice Queen Cometh

 — A mother, a son, and some security cameras. by man_as_dogin  Incest/Taboo08/10/124.47

A Blue Tank Suit

 — The minister's wife, the lead student, an important lesson. by millieteasesin  Erotic Couplings02/22/124.51HOT

The Blood Pact Ch. 23

 — Tit for Tat - The Sisterhood of the Knife. by kimtheelfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/21/124.70HOT

The Blood Pact Ch. 22

 — A new pact is forged. by kimtheelfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy01/12/124.64HOT

I Have More Instructions for You

 — ...and you will happily obey. by EroticProsein  BDSM12/21/114.18

The Blood Pact Ch. 20

 — Friends, Allies, and Enemies in the Game of Secrets. by kimtheelfin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy09/29/114.71HOT

Daddy Teaches His Girl A Lesson

 — Daddy tries to change the ways of his little slut. by kaminokdin  Incest/Taboo09/27/113.79

Guided Masturbation - Fantasy Woman

 — Self-love with your first fantasy woman. by Pumpkinhead37in  Toys & Masturbation01/18/113.70

Early Night

 — Her early night doesn't go exactly as she had planned. by catandbluein  BDSM10/03/103.63

Groomed Prince Becomes a King

 — A Prince fights for his rights of succession, very nastily. by iwilldefyin  Non-Erotic09/30/104.27


 — A lil story I sent my boyfriend. Do you think he likes it? by snfl_grlin  Letters & Transcripts07/02/103.66

The Descent Ch. 07

 — A woman's journey to submission. by fastfuguein  BDSM04/22/104.26

Help at Work

 — Got caught masturbating at work. by blout33in  Erotic Couplings04/16/104.04

The New Phone

 — A day of teasing from a distance. by CatUKin  Toys & Masturbation01/23/104.17

You Can Look, But Don't Touch

 — A girlfriend surprises by instructing his masturbation. by TheSissyJanein  Toys & Masturbation07/16/094.23

His Lordship's Delights Ch. 02

 — Richard's further lessons of induction. by mybabyin  Novels and Novellas05/12/094.33

Impulse Control 101

 — Teasing the tutor gets out of hand. by desertslavein  Erotic Couplings08/02/084.49

The Rule of Blowjobs for Women

 — The first rule of blowjobs is... by Selena_Kittin  How To02/19/084.49Contest Winner

How To Break the Literotica Toplist

 — The formula in each category. by Tink4Fairyin  How To05/18/074.59HOT

Playing Nurse

 — Carol played Doctor, now she's in charge. by shamblesin  Fetish03/19/074.52HOT

Cheyenne Learns from Her Roommate

 — Very shy Cheyenne learns a few things at college. by SexxxyAMin  Lesbian Sex09/30/064.14

How To Spot a Gold-digger

 — Hints that your girlfriend wants your money, not you. by SEVERUSMAXin  Reviews & Essays09/29/064.33

I Learn My Place Ch. 02

 — Wife instructs him in his submission. by MJStoriesin  Gay Male10/21/054.53HOT

The Listening

 — Roommate listens as her lover fucks a new partner. by Emma Scarletin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur06/12/054.16

Of Women and Men

 — Lise teaches Margarete the difference between men & women. by golden smogin  Lesbian Sex07/27/024.00

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