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Business Trip Ch. 02: The Professor

 — At a business class runs into a professor. by quincyhartin  Interracial Love01/08/154.22

Dee's Naughty Descent Ch. 06

 — From Sluthood to Stardom. by MrDeepin  Interracial Love08/23/144.24

Confrontation Ch. 08

 — The conclusion. by lannasagein  Interracial Love01/08/144.68HOT

A Degree of C Ch. 03

 — Wedding Jitters. by LSEilandin  Interracial Love10/01/134.70HOT

Confrontation Ch. 05

 — Coming to terms. by lannasagein  Interracial Love09/30/134.62HOT

A Degree of C Ch. 02

 — They Meet Again. by LSEilandin  Interracial Love09/25/134.65HOT

Confrontation Ch. 02

 — Consequences. by lannasagein  Interracial Love04/06/134.67HOT

Black Slave Auction Ch. 05

 — Renee gets her first clue about Master and about life. by subwryterin  Interracial Love03/08/134.01

Danielle and David Ch. 04

 — A Close Call. by vickivalein  Interracial Love02/24/134.51HOT

By the Bay Ch. 14

 — There's a storm brewing. by KillerRomancein  Interracial Love08/13/124.94HOT

Could It Be? Ch. 03

 — They were falling for each other. by zia27in  Interracial Love03/28/124.66HOT

Boat Ho Ch. 27

 — Jamie uses Alex in a strange scheme. by rckplskyin  Interracial Love02/01/123.62

Comfort Me Ch. 02

 — Cidni strives for a comfortable distance. by Seriniteein  Interracial Love09/02/114.42

Dark Horizons Ch. 08

 — Marcus takes Jennifer and makes her his. by LeMondialin  Interracial Love08/07/114.28

Dark Horizons Ch. 07

 — Jack descends deeper into cukoldry. by LeMondialin  Interracial Love07/31/114.35

A New Living Situation Ch. 03

 — I usually got home from work around 6:30. by rocketgirl2011in  Interracial Love07/21/114.57HOT

A New Living Situation Ch. 02

 — A boo-scare leads to dirty talk. by rocketgirl2011in  Interracial Love07/20/114.58HOT

A New Living Situation Ch. 01

 — A young black woman and white man. by rocketgirl2011in  Interracial Love07/19/114.43

Chocolate Kisses 2: Pearl Ch. 03

 — Chapter 3 redux: A day of Thanksgiving. by calibeachgirlin  Romance06/25/114.72HOT

Cruising Ch. 04

 — Tom meets a married woman. by HarryOrwellin  Mature06/24/114.51HOT

A Confusing Love Ch. 01

 — She will not make the same mistake again. by feelinglovein  Interracial Love06/11/110.00

Complications Ch. 01

 — A long time coming... by XxEarBudsxXin  Interracial Love05/03/114.16

Arrogant Mother-In-Law Ch. 03

 — Amanda is deceived into her own submission. by goolwaman17in  Interracial Love04/20/114.23

Cheating Hearts Ch. 05

 — Interracial novella. by PennyNin  Interracial Love03/27/114.59HOT

A Dream Fulfilled Ch. 01

 — Wife's first encounter with a very large black cock. by dateingagainin  Interracial Love03/02/114.05

Cheating Hearts Ch. 03

 — Elizabeth visits Luke. by PennyNin  Interracial Love01/15/114.64HOT

Cheating Hearts Ch. 02

 — An interracial novella. by PennyNin  Interracial Love12/26/104.59HOT

Cheating Hearts Ch. 01

 — An interracial novella. by PennyNin  Interracial Love12/16/104.45

Cheating Hearts Ch. 00

 — A novella of interracial love. by PennyNin  Interracial Love12/11/104.35

Complications Ch.01

 — Normal day becomes interesting. by XxEarBudsxXin  Interracial Love12/11/104.19

Dark Horizons Ch. 06

 — Maggie is pregnant. Jack discovers his daughter's diary. by LeMondialin  Interracial Love12/03/104.27

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 02

 — It's been rough but final initiation is near... by FallaYourBeatin  Interracial Love11/20/104.82HOT

Beautician and the Beast Pt. 01

 — A hairdresser tumbles down the rabbit hole of discovery. by FallaYourBeatin  Interracial Love11/19/104.72HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 08

 — The final chapter. by dsoulin  Romance11/05/104.43

Black is Very Beautiful

 — He found his true love at last. by mick60ain  Interracial Love10/12/104.09

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 08

 — Clean-up sex. by Lordsharkin  Interracial Love10/06/104.43

34 Minutes Ch. 03

 — And it's on. by fcknfreshin  Interracial Love09/26/104.50HOT

Brad, The Hypnotist Ch. 07

 — Dave gives his wife away. by notemalein  Interracial Love09/22/104.35

Boat Ho Ch. 13

 — Alex has sex with an Ensign. by rckplskyin  Interracial Love07/29/103.95

Breeding my White Wife Ch. 07

 — So here we are at Jake's home. by Lordsharkin  Interracial Love07/16/104.35

Battered Ch. 04

 — Life goes on. by LilMami07in  Interracial Love04/16/104.65HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 05

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro78in  Interracial Love04/16/104.66HOT

Armored Love Ch. 10

 — Will Bianca make it? Will they make it? by Koco_Kyssin  Interracial Love04/13/104.68HOT

Beautiful Stranger Ch. 04

 — What happens when your present collides with your past? by theonlinestalkerin  Interracial Love04/10/104.75HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 04

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro78in  Interracial Love04/10/104.75HOT

Chalk and Cheese Ch. 02

 — Can opposites attract? by ElleMunro78in  Interracial Love03/24/104.66HOT

Amsterdam Ch. 04

 — They're inseperable. by milf26in  Interracial Love03/13/104.58HOT

Damn Ch. 04

 — Having a boss can be so fun. by fightfirewithwaterin  Interracial Love02/12/104.61HOT

Armored Love Ch. 09

 — Will Tony and Bianca make it? by Koco_Kyssin  Interracial Love02/11/104.61HOT

Armored Love Ch. 08

 — Tony and Bianca become even closer? by Koco_Kyssin  Interracial Love02/06/104.64HOT

Carrie & Rob Ch. 02

 — Doin' the Officer. by PoppingTomin  Interracial Love01/28/103.60

Devonny Ch. 08

 — An impossible romance in post-abolition Victorian London. by theDuskyGirlin  Interracial Love01/15/104.77HOT

Armored Love Ch. 07

 — Will Bianca and Tony make it? by Koco_Kyssin  Interracial Love12/18/094.65HOT

Brown Eyes, Blue Smile Ch. 03

 — The romance continues. by dsoulin  Romance11/23/094.15

Devonny Ch. 07

 — An impossible romance in Post-Abolition Victorian London. by theDuskyGirlin  Interracial Love10/21/094.80HOT

By the Bay Ch. 04

 — Conditional, yet unconditional. by KillerRomancein  Interracial Love10/13/094.69HOT

A Penny for Your Thoughts Ch. 02-03

 — The story continues and heat rises. by TimWLyin  Interracial Love09/23/094.15

Coming Home

 — White Soldier and Black Teacher meet. Will it be love? by LiquidFyrein  Interracial Love09/09/094.47

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 08

 — Deidre's Decision. by LaLaLadyin  Interracial Love09/04/094.72HOT

As It Seems Ch. 07

 — Will they ever stop bickering? by rowan3in  Interracial Love08/08/094.57HOT

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 07

 — The calm before the storm. by Myanlassin  Interracial Love03/27/094.83HOT

Defending the Enemy Ch. 02

 — The racist and his sexy black attorney fulfil their lust. by psychobrattylovein  Interracial Love02/13/094.50HOT

Closer Ch. 01

 — An evil plan unexpectedly brings them together. by FatalCharmin  Interracial Love02/10/094.54HOT

Damn Ch. 02

 — The interview continues - and drama ensues. by fightfirewithwaterin  Interracial Love01/16/094.62HOT

Catching the Wife Vol. 03

 — Husband catches wife with black neighbor. by chasseur11in  Interracial Love01/10/093.85

Been Waiting for Love Ch. 04

 — Katrina and Scott make a claim. by Myanlassin  Interracial Love01/05/094.73HOT

Distractions Ch. 09

 — Red's got a new outlook on life. by HotSprings22in  Interracial Love12/26/084.74HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 08

 — Can they make this work? by Peachyromein  Interracial Love12/20/084.77HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 07

 — The truth comes out. by Peachyromein  Interracial Love12/11/084.69HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 06

 — Marcellus stakes his claims. by Peachyromein  Interracial Love11/29/084.68HOT

Distractions Ch. 07

 — Red has questions; Gavin has answers. by HotSprings22in  Interracial Love11/27/084.77HOT

As It Seems Ch. 05

 — The truth comes out. by rowan3in  Interracial Love11/26/084.57HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 05

 — They learn that there's no control between them. by Peachyromein  Interracial Love11/26/084.62HOT

Dance with the Devil Ch. 03

 — Darien & Marcellus take a sensual plane ride. by Peachyromein  Interracial Love11/24/084.54HOT

As It Seems Ch. 04

 — Confusion and they meet again. by rowan3in  Interracial Love11/23/084.48

Distractions Ch. 05

 — Red needs some help. by HotSprings22in  Interracial Love11/14/084.68HOT

Distractions Ch. 02

 — Gavin succumbs to a few distractions of his own. by HotSprings22in  Interracial Love11/05/084.66HOT

As It Seems Ch. 03

 — This really was a bad day. by rowan3in  Interracial Love10/29/084.45

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 10

 — The conclusion. by soularin  Interracial Love10/27/084.89HOTContest Winner

Backyard Gangbang Ch. 02

 — Girlfriend has new experiences. by sunshine5930in  Interracial Love10/04/084.50HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 09

 — Brandon & Sienna learn that time can heal all wounds. by soularin  Interracial Love09/26/084.84HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 07

 — Best of times, and worst of times, for Brandon & Sienna. by soularin  Interracial Love08/31/084.83HOT

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 05

 — Lis gets help from her stablemates. by Bazzzin  Interracial Love08/29/084.45

1969 Pt. 02

 — The cross cultural trip through the late 60s continues. by thexxxeein  Group Sex08/18/080.00

A Difference in Politics Ch. 02

 — Lauren is skeptical about a relationship with Ryan. by secret_liyahin  Interracial Love08/13/084.53HOT

Betrayal Ch. 01

 — Amazing love turns sour. by SexyPecanin  Interracial Love08/08/083.85

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 14

 — Woman schemes her way into power. by Samuelxin  Interracial Love08/02/083.00

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 04

 — More stormy days for Brandon, Sienna and Jackson. by soularin  Interracial Love08/02/084.78HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 03

 — Brandon and Sienna realize love is never easy. by soularin  Interracial Love07/28/084.75HOT

Damn Dress: A Love Story Ch. 02

 — Brandon and Sienna's relationship crosses the line. by soularin  Interracial Love07/25/084.73HOT

A Little Persuasion Ch. 02

 — How they began and how it ends. by curiouslyamusedin  Interracial Love07/25/084.71HOT

Andre Pt. 03

 — Andre takes her ass. by writer7269in  Interracial Love07/22/084.03

All are Pawns of the Mistress Ch. 02

 — Petite prejudiced woman becomes black-cock whore. by gobulain  Interracial Love06/13/084.00

Deidre's Faerie Tale Ch. 04

 — She gets in touch with her subjects. by LaLaLadyin  Interracial Love05/31/084.69HOT

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 06

 — More mountain vacation fun. by Odysseykerin  Novels and Novellas05/30/084.31

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 04

 — Lis embraces her new lifestyle. by Bazzzin  Interracial Love05/18/084.41

Brown Eyes Ch. 03

 — Adrienne and Javier try to finish what they started. by KarennaCin  Interracial Love03/21/083.96

Attorney Client Privilege Bk. 03

 — No good deed goes unpunished. by Bazzzin  Interracial Love03/12/084.00

A Difference in Politics Ch. 01

 — Working with someone whose political beliefs differ can be hard. by secret_liyahin  Interracial Love01/30/084.72HOT

Danielle's Life Ch. 07

 — Melanie has news for Derek. by chasingDanin  Interracial Love06/20/074.13

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