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Fucking a Glorious Beast

 — Cheating on my boyfriend with an Italian Stallion. by TemptressByNaturein  Erotic Couplings02/28/174.06

Going for a Spicy Italian Ch. 01

 — 1, My kitchen surprise with italian au pair. by sirwoodcutterin  Incest/Taboo02/11/174.21

Brown Eyed Stallion

 — The day my virginity was taken by my Italian Stallion. by blondiecakes99in  First Time01/26/174.37

South Mountain Pack Ch. 01

 — Alpha-heir finds his mate with best friend's sister. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman12/28/164.70HOT

A Bridge Between Worlds Ch. 05

 — The Braxtons face greater challenges. by auguy86in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy05/05/164.78HOT

Italian Piano Ch. 01

 — Isabella can't stand her sexy Italian boss, Marco. by Myanlassin  Interracial Love04/24/164.45

From the Earth to the Moon Ch. 05

 — Ongoings in the caves beneath St. Lucia and the moons. by SassyGal84in  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/31/164.64HOT

All Men Will Become Brothers...

 — Near the close of WWII, they learn to make love, not war by alextasyin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/08/164.74HOT

New Year's Rockin' Eve Pt. 03

 — Italian-Australian model seduces black intern. by brethardin  Interracial Love12/31/150.00

The White Wolf 04

 — Blaine and Aloke's "first date". by Beloved_Birdin  Gay Male12/10/154.25

Fire and Rain Ch. 08

 — Rain reveals her secrets and Marcello learns a hurtful truth. by Dlovelyin  Interracial Love11/20/154.66HOT

The Basement Apartment

 — Couple excited to learn they were being watched by voyeurs. by JRussellin  Erotic Couplings11/15/153.85

Tranny Tales Ch. 04: Franca - La Bolognese

 — Bolognese transsexual prostitute breaks in a lover. by erectus123in  Transsexuals & Crossdressers11/13/154.36

Foreplay and Fucking on the Patio

 — Let me undress you first, slowly, then fuck you! by Wild_Italian_Manin  Erotic Couplings10/24/154.12

Fire and Rain Ch. 05

 — Both couples are tested as their pasts collide. by Dlovelyin  Interracial Love09/08/154.75HOT

My First Cock Ride

 — Hot Italian guy pops my cherry. by DWMDenverin  Gay Male08/07/154.13

What Would You Do? Ch. 01

 — A corporate ladder climber descends into depravity. by akilfinchin  Fetish07/27/153.57

An American in Italy

 — A young American college student learns Italian pleasure. by rampaigein  Anal07/12/153.88

The Humper Loves to Eat Italian

 — The Humper returns and shows off his pussy eating skills. by BlkMagicMan55in  Erotic Couplings07/11/154.08

A Bad Mix of Mafia Ch. 01

 — An outlaw of the mafia falls in love with the don's son. by izzyboo14in  Novels and Novellas05/20/154.39

South Mountain Pack Chapter 16

 — He mentally hung up on me. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman03/11/154.86HOTContest Winner

Death Wish

 — Is it wise to mess with a mobster's wife? by imhaplessin  Loving Wives02/24/154.03

A Rendezvous with Cathy

 — Cathy comes over... and over... and over. by JonTorLangin  Erotic Couplings02/14/153.66

Angie and Gio Ch. 03

 — Their first date leads to something more. by MissKittyTin  Interracial Love02/01/154.79HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 15

 — We're gonna need a homing pigeon. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman09/24/144.87HOT

Marissa; the Mob Boss's Daughter

 — Will Danny give in to Marissa's charms or will fear prevail? by RetroFanin  Erotic Couplings08/28/144.58HOT

Italian Interlude

 — Girl is fucked by a stranger. by dirtylittleblondein  Erotic Couplings08/09/144.19

Pure Victory

 — Prologue. by BlinksLeein  Novels and Novellas07/05/143.50

Community Involvement Ch. 07

 — Clare revisit timing settled now it's time for a haircut. by MuffOnManin  Erotic Couplings06/26/144.76HOT

Italian Delight

 — My wife and I share a hot night with a stunner. by miff69in  Erotic Couplings05/29/144.38

South Mountain Pack Ch. 14

 — Like vultures with bad manners. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman05/10/144.89HOTContest Winner


 — Dark-haired woman talks shy guy through sex session. by ArbyDamin  Erotic Couplings04/15/143.57

South Mountain Pack Ch. 13

 — Betrayals are uncovered at the Reception by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman03/04/144.86HOT

Perfect Intentions Ch. 00

 — Ever tried to kill the person you hate most? Don't TRY! by RavenThunderclawin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy03/04/144.50HOT

Three of a Kind Ch. 02

 — Bella get's use to her new home. by kissesdownlowin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/29/143.31

The Hungry Wolf Ch. 08

 — He stares from the hill at villagers around the fire. by wanderingmindgamesin  NonHuman01/20/144.79HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 12

 — An old Alliance is renewed. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman01/13/144.88HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 11

 — Twenty-five years later, the truth is finally revealed. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman12/25/134.86HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 10

 — We Protect the Pack and Family above all else. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman10/20/134.86HOT

Dom and Sandro Ch. 01

 — The boys get their degrees. A new brother for Luke and Cathy by WittePietin  Gay Male10/08/134.75

Crystal and Nicole Ch. 03

 — Nicole entertains a member at the country club. by sfdude84in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur09/30/134.30

South Mountain Pack Ch. 09

 — Unauthorized cuddling of a Carlucci. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman08/31/134.84HOT

Fix My Car, Drive You To Orgasm

 — Going to the mechanic has never been more fun! by LilJacksin  Erotic Couplings07/23/133.36

GianCarlo Ch. 05

 — How I am I supposed to breath with no air? by ihartekennyin  Interracial Love07/12/134.76HOT

Board Room

 — Co-workers in lust. by eruzionevulcanica69in  Erotic Couplings07/10/134.31

An Italian boy in Camford Pt. 08

 — Dom's identity is revealed to Sandro. by WittePietin  Gay Male07/08/134.55HOT

Our Deepest Secrets

 — Could total honesty save their marriage? by StrangeLifein  Loving Wives06/12/134.14

South Mountain Pack Ch. 08

 — The Millers are introduced at the Full Moon Ceremony. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman05/26/134.82HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 07

 — Secrets revealed and a training session goes awry. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman04/19/134.80HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 06

 — Cream cheese, nurned chicken and a challenge answered. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman03/20/134.80HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 05

 — Is licking the same as kissing? by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman02/25/134.77HOT

An Italian Cuckoldress

 — Marrying an Italian beauty and accepting her cuckoldry. by gomorrahin  Loving Wives02/14/133.40

South Mountain Pack Ch. 04

 — Meltdown in Aisle 8. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman02/09/134.76HOT

South Mountain Pack Ch. 03

 — The women talk with Sophia and Maria. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman02/04/134.75HOT

Paradise of Lust Ch. 01

 — My first romantic encounter with one of my guests. by dark_roxy_69in  Lesbian Sex01/31/133.73

South Mountain Pack Ch. 02

 — The men talk with Anthony and the boys. by pocketbookloverin  NonHuman01/30/134.77HOT

Italian Rhapsody Ch. 02

 — Roxie and Daniel go to Sicily. by kevkleinin  Interracial Love01/25/134.66HOT

The Intern Ch. 03

 — A college boy gets a chance with his former teacher. by JabuJabulein  Gay Male01/18/133.95

The Intern Ch. 02

 — A college boy gets a chance with his former teacher. by JabuJabulein  Gay Male01/17/134.02

Italian Rhapsody

 — Roxanne hires a Cherokee to take her to Sicily. by kevkleinin  Interracial Love01/13/134.51HOT

The Intern Ch. 01

 — A college boy gets a chance with his former teacher. by JabuJabulein  Gay Male01/13/133.61

I WILL Have You Ch. 07

 — Good news...or Bad?? by lilbe0in  Interracial Love12/30/124.62HOT

Growing Up Palminteri

 — Inspired by A Bronx Tale and Illegal Tender. by SongKin  Interracial Love12/02/123.89

I WILL Have You Ch. 05

 — He can't resist anymore. by lilbe0in  Interracial Love11/25/124.66HOT

I WILL Have You Ch. 04

 — What's next?? by lilbe0in  Interracial Love11/16/124.63HOT

Tom and Luke Get Their Degrees

 — Tom and Luke pass their exams and become Civil Partners. by WittePietin  Gay Male11/06/124.88

I WILL Have You Ch. 03

 — Someone is in trouble.... by lilbe0in  Interracial Love11/04/124.43

Humiliated By Mom Ch. 01

 — A bombshell Italian Mom has her loving son submit. by meacin  Fetish08/27/123.91

Twin Tigers Ch. 06

 — Oh. And who will be doing this exactly? by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman07/10/124.61HOT

Dirty Secrets

 — Overdue for some relaxation, Adele Jaspers begins a romance. by azzure1020in  Interracial Love05/19/124.00

Get Up! To Get Down! Ch. 01

 — The beginning of a discovery. by TheGirlCantHelpItin  Interracial Love05/09/124.35

Luke at University Pt. 03

 — Luke and Tom's second year begins. by WittePietin  Gay Male04/30/124.53HOT

Rosie Has A Oral Experience

 — Rosie and her husband meets an Italian stranger. by dionysius5200in  Loving Wives03/25/123.22

Luke at University Pt. 01

 — Luke starts at Buckingham College. by WittePietin  Gay Male03/22/124.54HOT

Experience Ch. 02

 — Yes, we're getting to it now. by NeonBlack169in  Mature03/16/124.59HOT

Experience Ch. 01

 — First steps on a sexual odyssey with sweet older woman. by NeonBlack169in  Mature03/05/124.06

The Check In

 — Young Private falls for gorgeous female Corporal. by theisland26in  Erotic Couplings02/29/124.03

Levi Ch. 05

 — The Prologue: Christian Teach's life changing love. by jdylanh9in  Gay Male01/17/124.56HOT

Lucky You Are Ch. 03

 — Proposition Accepted, Lesson #1. by frozen_hotchocolatein  Interracial Love11/11/114.71HOT

Lucky You Are Ch. 02

 — I have a proposition for you... by frozen_hotchocolatein  Interracial Love11/03/114.46

Lucky You Are

 — Lust at first sight. by frozen_hotchocolatein  Interracial Love10/16/114.13

Twin Tigers Ch. 03

 — I don't know, you tell me. by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman10/13/114.48

Lion's Den Ch. 05

 — Max & Leo surprise each other. by Elektricalin  Interracial Love10/07/114.69HOT

Lion's Den Ch. 04

 — Max & Leo struggle to get on the same page. by Elektricalin  Interracial Love09/18/114.72HOT

Alyna's Story Ch. 01

 — Alyna meets Samuel. by DarthCountachin  Interracial Love09/08/114.33

Lion's Den Ch. 02

 — Max is full of regret & Leo is in hot pursuit. by Elektricalin  Interracial Love08/30/114.74HOT

The Family Business Ch. 01

 — Cristiana takes a vacation. by MickeyPinkin  Interracial Love08/27/114.40

Revel in the Abandon Ch. 02

 — Jilted MILF makes up for lost time. by Stardog Championin  Mature08/19/114.45

Twin Tigers Ch. 02

 — Because I'm scared... by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman08/19/114.54HOT

Revel in the Abandon Ch. 01

 — Curvy Italian wife's shocking discovery. by Stardog Championin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur08/18/114.18

Twin Tigers

 — What is going on? by XxEarBudsxXin  NonHuman08/02/114.38

Game Of Seduction

 — A doctor has an interesting exam. by JuuicyyLadyyin  Interracial Love07/29/114.22

A Trout for Emma Wightman Ch. 02

 — A young couple feels the pressure of a controlling family. by Reiner43in  Erotic Couplings07/27/114.54HOT

The Cabin Ch. 02

 — A Fellatrix's tribulations in the cabin continue. by gimmie_your_loadin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/30/114.18

Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 01

 — Some things to decide. by WonnderWomanin  Romance06/26/114.29

The Cabin Ch. 01

 — A Fellatrix is in the wrong place at the wrong time. by gimmie_your_loadin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/18/114.47


 — Cheating wife caught, watched and cleaned by Husband by 08abbeyin  Loving Wives02/03/113.22

The Coruption of Karlia Genovesi

 — A mysterious man takes the virginity of a Venetian girl. by polyphemusin  First Time01/29/113.56

He Taught Italian

 — A professor and grad student have a hot classroom encounter. by cupcakesandcumin  Erotic Couplings01/07/113.68

Silky Adventures #08

 — Silky & Jessica Dance the Tango, but Don't Touch. by OneSilkyin  Erotic Couplings09/09/104.59HOT

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