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Vegas Fun

 — Wife wears a thong to the pool. by sands14in  Loving Wives08/09/173.63

Behan's Beauties

 — Sophie gets her man. by GrandTetonin  Romance04/14/174.75HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 21

 — The finale. by SpotInTheSandin  Romance01/11/174.90HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 20

 — The long trip home, and a meeting three weeks in the making. by SpotInTheSandin  Romance01/10/174.87HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 19

 — A day before going home, Brad hits a huge roadblock. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings11/30/164.85HOT


 — She needs to close the deal to get him to join the company... by Extra_Ordinaryin  Anal10/13/164.38

Barefoot Girls With A Father Fetish

 — He finds himself having to play father after seven years. by ScarredRavenin  Fetish08/14/164.56HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 18

 — The payoff after the all-day tease, and more. by SpotInTheSandin  Group Sex07/14/164.86HOTContest Winner

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 17

 — Before heading home, Brad takes care of old business. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings07/13/164.83HOT

Hometown Help

 — He finds the milk of human kindness in his small town. by edgarf217in  Erotic Couplings03/10/164.50HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04

 — The tension finally snaps! by ScarredRavenin  Fetish12/30/154.78HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 03

 — Kelly wants to keep playing games but... Amy's here... by ScarredRavenin  Fetish12/02/154.74HOT

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 02

 — Time for another round of childish games! by ScarredRavenin  Fetish11/03/154.61HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 16

 — Connecting with a fellow Marine, and inviting a few more. by SpotInTheSandin  Group Sex10/02/154.84HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 15

 — Driving to Denver, and changing a waitress' outlook. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings09/26/154.79HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 14

 — Brad gets personal with Kelly, and does a good deed. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings09/22/154.75HOT

It Runs in the Family Pt. 01

 — Kelly uses Jane to get herself closer to her brother. by EroticWormin  Incest/Taboo12/28/144.14

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 13

 — Brad gets the truth - and an unexpected midnight hookup. by SpotInTheSandin  Anal04/12/144.77HOT

The Stalker Lucky Chapter Number

 — The tables get turned. by loorsladyin  NonConsent/Reluctance03/11/133.88

Kelly and I's Very Wet Time

 — A short one shot! First of a trilogy! by thesoniclemonin  First Time01/19/134.06

Studying with Kelly: Pt. 02 The Proposal

 — Stan continues to work on his project with the class slut. by Legman173in  Erotic Couplings11/17/124.62HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 11

 — Kelly gets a little action of her own. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings10/29/124.63HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 10

 — A hotel room orgy ends with surprising intimacy. by SpotInTheSandin  Group Sex10/23/124.84HOT

Studying with Kelly: Pt. 01 The Assignment

 — A chance opportunity to study with the school hottie. by Legman173in  Erotic Couplings08/31/124.41

Dunder Mifflin Dreams Ch. 02

 — Pam walks in on an Indian coworker. by The_Office_Fanin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction02/28/124.55HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 08

 — Alcohol leads Brad to the verge of a huge mistake. by SpotInTheSandin  Group Sex01/23/124.83HOT

The Homeless Man's New Wife

 — Frank teaches Kelly to be nice. by frog7in  NonConsent/Reluctance09/20/113.96

Enterprise - the Other Side Ch. 13

 — Trip goes to town on Crewman Kelly. by tcwild100in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/18/114.44

The Stalker Pt. 04

 — He has her all to himslef and he wants to play. by loorsladyin  NonConsent/Reluctance04/02/114.40

Kelly Caught Him

 — A shy virgin caught him with his dick out. by fairytalefantasyin  First Time03/03/114.09

Kelly's "The Office"

 — Kelly & Ryan seduce Erin, the receptionist, into a threesome. by ReneeJamesin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction01/19/114.46

Flitting Wings of a Hummingbird

 — Love lost, love gained. by mtsukiin  Gay Male07/13/104.69HOT

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 10

 — The Decision and Debutantes. by TheDarkCloudin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction06/25/104.43

Little Ball of Fire

 — A blind date escalates. by wikkin  Erotic Couplings08/29/094.40

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 06

 — Brad makes new friends -- in more ways than one. by SpotInTheSandin  Group Sex05/02/094.81HOT

True Confessions

 — At a sleepover, girlfriends share degrading tales. by Sean Renaudin  Fetish03/05/093.23

Kelly Comes to California

 — Amazing woman visits me from Canada for a weekend of sin. by Sean Renaudin  Novels and Novellas02/23/093.91

Charlie's Angels: No Blonds Allowed

 — Sabrina and Kelly spend some quality time together. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/31/084.45

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 03

 — A busy day -- and that doesn't count the phone calls. by SpotInTheSandin  Erotic Couplings01/13/084.75HOT

Charlie's Angels: Dreamland Angel

 — A bet between Sabrina and Kris leads to strange dreams. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction08/16/074.69HOT

Brad's Road Trip Ch. 01

 — Brad gets ready for his trip by making a new friend. by SpotInTheSandin  Toys & Masturbation07/03/074.62HOT

Charlie's Angels: Sisterly Love

 — Kris tells Jill her secret. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction05/23/074.77HOT

Charlie's Angels: Terror in Snow

 — Kris is nearly frozen, can Kelly warm her up? by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction03/20/074.20

Charlie's Angels: Angels Go Fuckin'

 — Undercover at a massage parlor, the Angels do glory holes. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/23/064.35

Charlie's Angels: The Little Angel

 — Kris is introduced to the joys of female pleasure. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction11/15/064.87HOT

Charlie's Angels: Golden Opportunity

 — Sabrina hooks up with a kinky stranger at the movies. by suckandfuckin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/10/064.48

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 07

 — Choppers 2, Foursomes 1. by Sweetcheekssin  Group Sex01/16/064.47

Two Wheel Desires Ch. 05

 — The Sturgis Rally. by Sweetcheekssin  Erotic Couplings01/03/064.68HOT

Kelly's First Time

 — Kelly gets her cherry popped at the fitness club. by David320in  NonConsent/Reluctance12/07/053.07

My Weekend of Firsts

 — Girlfriend's college roommate comes for a visit. by WFEATHERin  Group Sex09/19/054.46

Touching Down

 — She arrives at the airport & gets a surprise. by chasingyouoldsin  Romance07/18/054.47

Birthday at the Lake

 — She gets what he wants for HER birthday. by chasingyouoldsin  Mature06/18/052.95

Kiss in the Rain

 — Her cowboy is finally home. by chasingyouoldsin  Romance06/18/053.83

Kelly's New Hot Tub Ch. 02

 — Kelly really heats things up tonight. by BrettJin  Incest/Taboo04/26/054.43

Kelly: In the Hammock

 — How it all started. by O Rangin  Erotic Couplings04/04/054.33

Kelly Ch. 6

 — Hot sex in a car. by CalWriterin  Erotic Couplings02/10/054.60HOT

Two for One Ch. 02

 — Later that same night... by dinstigatorin  Incest/Taboo01/29/054.47

Kelly Ch. 5

 — Road trip. by CalWriterin  Group Sex01/26/054.31

Kelly's Second Weekend

 — Just another beautiful weekend. by damon1951in  Loving Wives12/03/044.07

Lust of Death Ch. 01

 — Death has more than one appetite. by MisterMcDonnin  Erotic Horror11/06/043.00

My First Lesbian Experience

 — Sandie meets Kelly. by silverace1in  Lesbian Sex10/18/044.39

Sylvan & Kelly Ch. 02

 — The skylight of love and deceit. by Tuhtch Meeein  Exhibitionist & Voyeur10/07/042.60

Ravage Me

 — Out of control boyfriend loses it. by Bruno1027in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/02/044.27

Sylvan & Kelly Ch. 01

 — An interestingly styled portrayal of high school sex. by Tuhtch Meeein  Erotic Couplings09/26/042.35

Kelly Ch. 4

 — Brian's humiliation. by CalWriterin  NonConsent/Reluctance08/12/044.23

Horny Hormones

 — A lusty pregnant slut. by vampy vixenin  Fetish05/16/044.36

My Cousin

 — Greg experiments with his cousin Kelly. by capconmanin  Incest/Taboo05/11/044.01

K Is For Kiss

 — A lesson well-learned earns her a companion. by velvetpiein  Non-Erotic05/02/044.71HOT

Morning Fuck

 — Couple relives a hot night in the morning. by udubstudin  Erotic Couplings04/07/044.30

Kelly & Claire Ch. 02

 — Claire discovers Kelly. by super_chickenin  Lesbian Sex03/08/043.80

Oh, Those Red Lines

 — Kelly reads a newspaper ad. by kinkynkazooin  BDSM02/13/043.94

Trained to Perform

 — His usual plan unravels. by steve win  Group Sex11/09/033.90

The Distance to Here

 — He remembers the best lovemaking of his life. by perfectlygrayin  Romance08/15/034.48

Kelly at the Gloryhole

 — He introduces exhibitionist wife to new experience. by Mike Blackin  Loving Wives08/03/034.21

Kelly At The Cashwrap

 — Two co-workers enjoy a little oral stress relief. by Barnabyin  Erotic Couplings07/30/033.96

A Little Adventure With Kelly

 — Jenny reveals her true nature. by Jenny _Sin  Lesbian Sex06/05/034.06

Sucking to save

 — Slutty cheerleader sucks off boyfriend to save him. by gcrulesin  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/032.36

Meet The Neighbors Ch. 02

 — Kevin's encounter with the neighbors continues. by Misslexiain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers04/06/034.49

Meet The Neighbors Ch. 01

 — Getting caught by his neighbor has an unexpected result. by Misslexiain  Transsexuals & Crossdressers03/26/034.09

Mystery Master Ch. 02

 — Guy befriends slave. by Cicero6in  BDSM03/20/034.21

It's Only Acting

 — Kelly and her co-star get in deep with new role. by wonderfulin  Loving Wives02/13/033.97

Week 2, Class 1 Pt. 01

 — The Sex-ED class gets into some new stripping fun. by FunDareGuyin  Novels and Novellas02/07/034.39

Phone Sex Ch. 02

 — What happens after she hangs up? by DVOLin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/21/024.53HOT

The Othe Side Of Destiny Ch. 02

 — Beyonce plays with Nelly. by sunneebabyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/25/023.58

The Other Side Of Destiny Ch. 01

 — Members of Destiny's Child explore their sexuality. by sunneebabyin  Celebrities & Fan Fiction10/24/023.56

The Handy Man

 — He gets to all neglected items on her list. by SexyRedin  Loving Wives10/23/024.04

Kelly Ch. 2

 — He shares Kelly with two friends. by CalWriterin  Group Sex10/12/023.84

The Other Side of Destiny Ch. 1

 — Destiny's Child explore their sexuality. by in  Celebrities & Fan Fiction09/29/023.21

Family Fun Ch. 2

 — How's a man to keep up? by Wyden Longin  Incest/Taboo07/20/024.69HOT

Dancing With My Daugther

 — How music drove a girl to orgasm--and love. by Rayforeheadin  Incest/Taboo07/06/024.22

My Teacher, My Object of Desire

 — Student carries out his fantasy. by cirenein  NonConsent/Reluctance06/24/023.79

He Shares Me

 — Husband shares wife's goodies. by KellysMyManin  Loving Wives05/21/023.90

This Is What He Told Me

 — Guy tells female friend about threesome he had. by Redlillyin  Group Sex04/24/023.55

One Cup of Coffee

 — Kelly becomes a sex fiend. by TheEarlin  Mind Control04/07/023.90

My New Neighbor

 — He meets his new sexy neighbor. by KM_Martinin  Erotic Couplings01/31/024.25

Kelly Ch. 4

 — The group finally gets together. by mmumblesin  Group Sex12/24/014.06

Kelly Ch. 2

 — Kelly pleases Dan; his sister has problems. by mmumblesin  Group Sex12/13/014.00

Party Girl

 — Wild bash yields unexpected sex. by KellyEvans01in  Erotic Couplings06/19/013.58

Kelly's New Experiences Ch. 6

 — Kelly loses her virginity. by Develishin  Erotic Couplings05/20/013.75

Kelly's New Experiences Ch. 3

 — Kelly has her first encounter with Black cock. by Develishin  Interracial Love03/31/013.80

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