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cock (3)began (2)hard cock (2)finally exploded (2)towel walked (2)began pump (2)hand slowly (2)walked bathroom (2)back (2)slowly began (2)finally (2)body (2)pulled knickers (1)wet cunt (1)soft drinks (1)laid eyes (1)moved melissa (1)softly whispered (1)secluded spot (1)good figure (1)nodding head (1)evening gown (1)top kissed (1)started suck (1)licking lightly (1)sweat pants (1)weight (1)peter wife (1)tongue moved (1)turned lei (1)flesh thighs (1)body pulling (1)started fucking (1)lightly sucking (1)hot woman (1)brad smiled (1)alex mom (1)neck kissing (1)tongue reached (1)car park (1)sopping wet (1)black hair (1)fabric panties (1)knew close (1)peter (1)stroking cock (1)lifted dress (1)shorts ankles (1)cock sliding (1)licking sucking (1)ran tongue (1)licking juices (1)jessie (1)back began (1)clit started (1)shot hot (1)fucked faster (1)quickly changed (1)opened front (1)lawrence (1)moan escaped (1)back place (1)cock started (1)moved slowly (1)reached top (1)beautiful creature (1)towel mouth (1)finger tight (1)jackie (1)make night (1)melissa (1)susan (1)brad head (1)inside wet (1)turned body (1)cock base (1)index finger (1)sticking tongue (1)slowly walked (1)told loved (1)amber moaned (1)hand led (1)watch video (1)mandy (1)letting fall (1)kissing licking (1)belly button (1)began work (1)kissed mandy (1)began rub (1)kissed lips (1)passionate sex (1)smiled slowly (1)arrived home (1)hands moved (1)harder deeper (1)inches face (1)licked clean (1)wedding ring (1)body began (1)young men (1)back arched (1)moaned softly (1)hot load (1)turned matt (1)left breast (1)muscular body (1)looked eyes (1)cock held (1)began sliding (1)separate rooms (1)woman standing (1)started kissing (1)night forever (1)flicking tongue (1)time dave (1)moaned deeply (1)roller coaster (1)drank deeply (1)reaching hands (1)began slow (1)began convulse (1)andrew (1)rolled back (1)wanted give (1)parking lots (1)stopped looked (1)massage back (1)mandy whispered (1)amber began (1)theresa (1)began strip (1)wearing tight (1)slowly moved (1)woman hands (1)inside felt (1)deep hot (1)tightened relaxed (1)long stream (1)night passion (1)time theresa (1)ripped body (1)asked wanted (1)dressing gown (1)deep blue (1)dave (1)fingers reached (1)dad room (1)feel pussy (1)shut tightly (1)legs waist (1)tongue (1)running mouth (1)headmaster wife (1)pussy pulled (1)eyes shut (1)nisa (1)end chapter (1)house car (1)began caress (1)alex (1)head slowly (1)rick room (1)alan (1)meet mine (1)swallow cum (1)making love (1)professor wife (1)began set (1)mouth (1)tight pussy (1)katherine (1)spring break (1)hand (1)blow job (1)knickers side (1)long time (1)lei (1)back slide (1)bonnie (1)lips katherine (1)garter belt (1)long drive (1)
kissed passionately

Asian Babes at Uni

Uni student gets the ride of a lifetime.

Interracial Love 03/07/2005

Professor's Wife & Me

Indian college guy takes his professor's wife.

Mature 11/14/2004

The Ambush

Susan surprises Peter.

Loving Wives 07/29/2004

Katherine Ch. 12a

Katherine redeems herself.

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/09/2004

Forbidden Love

Blind date gets more than she expected.

Lesbian Sex 02/21/2004

A Weighty Bet

Can he lose enough weight to earn the reward?

Loving Wives 06/09/2003

The Co-Worker

Flirting at work gets interesting.

Erotic Couplings 05/12/2003

Week of Wonder

First time between two lovers.

Erotic Couplings 04/28/2003

Internet Lovers Ch. 03

The party is just beginning.

Erotic Couplings 04/18/2003

My First Time With Kerry

What Ihe's always wanted.

Anal 04/08/2003

Sex Games In The City Ch. 02

She has fun with the maid...then he joins in

Erotic Couplings 01/06/2003

Who Would Have Thought...

Man meets up with old friend in park.

Erotic Couplings 10/23/2002

Ageless Passion

Dale & Theresa tell of one of their immortal conquests.

NonHuman 09/15/2002

Endless Ecstasy

Vampire makes lonely gentleman hers.

NonHuman 08/27/2002

A Passionate Night With Hubby

He reminds her of how much he loves her.

Erotic Couplings 08/26/2002

Asian Persuasion

A wake up call with his hot Asian girlfriend.

Interracial Love 06/28/2002

Where Should I Park?

Couple gets hot in secluded car park.

Fetish 05/05/2002

Family Affairs

A brother and sister bond.

Incest/Taboo 03/05/2002

Taking Charge

A massage turns sexual.

Erotic Couplings 10/13/2001

Seducing The Headmaster's Wife

College freshman enjoys the headmaster's wife.

Mature 08/01/2001

A Summer to Remember

He gets it on with his girl for the first time.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/17/2001

Manipulated Powerless

Girl is dominated by her boyfriend.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/26/2001

Office Rendezvous

Liz and Brad enjoy a day at the office.

Erotic Couplings 01/05/2001

The Seminar Ch. 1

Happily married woman strays while away on business.

Group Sex 10/30/2000

Phoenix Delight

Lovely girl friend takes his virginity

First Time 10/20/2000

Spring Break

Lucky high school guy gets two hot girls at once.

Group Sex 10/09/2000
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