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Unfortunate Jane Ch. 01

Jane just wanted a nice vacation.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/16/2019

I Love Your Milk Ch. 02

Gretchen and I grow closer after she invites me over.

Mature 07/16/2019

Property of the Queen Ch. 01

Life as the Queen's personal boytoy begins.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 07/14/2019

Transformations - The Farm Ch. 01

Jason and Lisa bring the party to the farm.

Mind Control 07/14/2019

Erotic Lactation

Listen to me suck my breasts until I have an orgasm.

Text With Audio 07/11/2019

I Love Your Milk Ch. 01

My mom's lactating friend invites me to have some milk.

Mature 07/09/2019

EFAVA - The Futa Sex Android Ch. 01

A day in the life of an experimental sex android.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/09/2019


Sayra gets more milk than she bargained for!

Fetish 07/06/2019

Irresistible Johnson Ch. 04

Brian and his cursed penis keep getting into trouble.

Exhibitionist & Voyeur 07/05/2019


The Ut-Sark Tribe welcomes a white family into the herd.

Incest/Taboo 07/05/2019

Golden Gift

A birthday surprise I'll never forget.

Fetish 07/04/2019

Atonement Ch. 03

The herd makes an escape attempt.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 07/04/2019

Lawyer Ravished and Enslaved Ch. 02

Part 2 of a story of sex slavery in a dystopian city.

NonConsent/Reluctance 07/04/2019

The Rabbit's Feet

A strange wish takes a stranger (humantaur) turn.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/28/2019

Real Talk: The Submissive

The shameless confessions of a happy submissive slut.

Text With Audio 06/27/2019

Mongol Hoard

Norma has sex with Mongolian.

Erotic Couplings 06/27/2019

Atonement Ch. 02

Morgan gets milked by her keeper.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/27/2019

My Husband, His Brother and Me Ch. 02

Husband's brother takes wife up the ass; more milky goodness.

Incest/Taboo 06/26/2019

Princess of Symbiosis

Symbiotic tentacles have found their princess.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/25/2019

The Ancient Graveyard Ep. 02

A famed sculptor has been claimed by the Ancient Graveyard.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/22/2019

Atonement Ch. 01

Morgan is sent to the Farm to atone for her crimes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/20/2019

The Botany Exhibit Ch. 02

A technician has conflicted feelings with a breeding plant.

NonHuman 06/19/2019

Danielle Ch. 07

Adventures in frustration.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/15/2019

Mind Control Harem Ch. 05.5: Tittycow

Master pushes May deeper into humiliation.

Mind Control 06/14/2019

He Takes Care of Me Pt. 02

Gabrielle allows her instructor to milk her tits.

Fetish 06/13/2019

Life Lessons

Three women learn a bit about what they really want.

Lesbian Sex 06/12/2019

Santa Luisa Ch. 04

Mark learns terrifying truth while subjected to more abuse.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 06/05/2019

Cat Ch. 10

Hucow, Pet Play, and Protégé.

Transgender & Crossdressers 05/28/2019

Gumdrop Ch. 03

A hucow romance - The fair.

Fetish 05/27/2019

Peddling Pleasure Ch. 05

Transforming and females dominating continues.

Mind Control 05/23/2019

Adventures of the Buxom Beauty Ch. 06

Joscelin and Gwen get closer then things go bad.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/23/2019

Gumdrop Ch. 00-02

A hucow romance.

Fetish 05/17/2019

Peddling Pleasure Ch. 04

Terrence and Elaine serve Constance. Beverley claims Calvin.

Mind Control 05/17/2019


A wife brings a new bondage device to the bedroom.

BDSM 05/15/2019

Mars Needs Milkers!

Faced with extinction, Mars discovers hucows.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 05/09/2019

Wayward Wife Ch. 15

Cindy, Sky and Baby make three!

Fetish 04/27/2019

Fitting In Ch. 02

Jynx and Gina explore each other further.

Fetish 04/21/2019

You Bet Your Ass!

Four episodes from a game show that makes lactating bimbos.

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/19/2019

Transformations - Rose Ch. 04

The coven invades a truckstop. Fuckery ensues.

Mind Control 04/08/2019

Cascade Fire Ch. 08b

Goddesses, magic, and a kind of final exam.

Mind Control 03/29/2019

Fitting In

Two people in a world of human/mammals find a connection.

Fetish 03/29/2019

The World's Horniest Trailer Park

Livin' Life At The World's Horniest Trailer Park.

Celebrities & Fan Fiction 03/23/2019

Cascade Fire Ch. 00 - Prologue

A mindless man learns magic and more with beautiful women.

Erotic Couplings 03/22/2019

The Story of Ankita Pt. 02

Ankita enjoys her marital life.

Loving Wives 03/07/2019

Just Too Stupid

A man mowing his lawn finds infidelity and revenge, sorta.

Loving Wives 03/04/2019

Kanesha Ch. 06: Dungeon Training

Slave 336 is trained in the club dungeon for her new Owner.

BDSM 03/03/2019

Transformations - Soccer Mom Ch. 09

Ray kicks ass. Emily is tested.

Mind Control 03/03/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 08

Cathy proves herself and kills the alien with sex and milk.

Erotic Horror 02/27/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 07

The girls prepare Cathy for battle and fuck her thoroughly.

Erotic Horror 02/26/2019

Milking Her Huge Udders

Lucie has the biggest of them all....

Fetish 02/25/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 04

Fun with milk guns!

Erotic Horror 02/23/2019

Crimson Reborn Ch. 05

A nearby family gets strange milk in their groceries.

NonHuman 02/23/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 03

Girl juice works as well! But how to get aroused in battle?

Erotic Horror 02/22/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 02

Only fresh milk works. And why was Seargeant Won aroused?

Erotic Horror 02/21/2019

To Save Mankind Ch. 00-01

Mankind is under attack! Human milk might be our only weapon.

Erotic Horror 02/19/2019

House Guest

Odette returns with a friend. More lactation ensues.

Fetish 02/14/2019

Futanari Notebook Ch. 19

First Release.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 02/13/2019

Solitary Cafe: Cappuccino

A man ready to end his life finds new purpose in a hot drink.

Fetish 02/13/2019

Cascade Fire Ch. 05

Sappho and Delphi by moonlight. And more practice.

Mind Control 02/10/2019

Crimson Reborn Ch. 04

Jill confirms Sam's bullheadedness.

NonHuman 02/10/2019

Marnie's Test Experiment

It was all for science, not only to have sex with giants...

NonHuman 02/06/2019

Crimson Reborn Ch. 03

Lucy corrupts David's coworker, Jillian.

NonHuman 02/06/2019

Crimson Reborn Ch. 02

Lucy changes herself and her husband.

NonHuman 02/04/2019

Boasting, Next Morning

Just another Saturday morning fuckfest.

Group Sex 02/02/2019

Crimson Reborn

The Crimson Milk survives and finds a new town to corrupt.

NonHuman 01/31/2019

Gloria's Transformations - The Mansion

Gloria becomes the fuckdoll for her masters in a mansion.

Fetish 01/31/2019

Cascade Fire Ch. 01

Newberry | After a long journey, Bob makes new friends.

Mind Control 01/28/2019

Little Heifer Gets Used

I am taken and used by friends.

BDSM 01/26/2019

Getting Your Attention

A sub breaks the rules to get the attention of her Dom.

BDSM 01/23/2019

STX Pt. 02

Breast & Penis expansion, alien, outerspace, action, sex.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/22/2019

Nice Guys Finish Last

And that's not a bad thing when Guy is your lover.

Erotic Couplings 01/21/2019

Lisa Ch. 02: M-m-m, For the Smell of It

Lisa discovers her man's hidden kink.

Fetish 01/18/2019

Lisa Ch. 01: Hidden Thirst

Two lifelong friends take their love to a delicious level.

Fetish 01/16/2019

Holiday Dinner Ch. 04

"Parting is such sweet sorrow...."

Incest/Taboo 01/15/2019

Goddesses 02 Pt. 05

Alessia is briefly imprisoned.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/15/2019

First Cum, First Serve Pt. 02

A boy and a girl try to scam a free meal. Big mistake!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 01/14/2019

Milk Mommy & Son Ch. 03

A 3rd adventure with milk mommy & son hints at a party of 3.

Incest/Taboo 01/11/2019

Uncontrollable Milf

A housewife has the baby blues and has a dirty encounter.

Fetish 01/10/2019


My boss helps out when I misplace my breast pump.

Text With Audio 01/10/2019

This Old House Ch. 04

They get their answers. Is it over or just beginning?

Erotic Couplings 01/08/2019


Part 3 of series starting with Interview with Mom and Son.

Incest/Taboo 01/04/2019

Milk Mommy & Son Ch. 02

Mommy and son enjoy a nice night together.

Incest/Taboo 01/02/2019

Cookies and her Milk Pt. 02

Santa gets to taste her milk again, and forever.

Incest/Taboo 12/31/2018

Disruptive Student Ch. 06 - Experiment

Sex experiments go a little wild.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/30/2018

And The Gods Made Love

They inspired humanity's rise. But what were they really?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/30/2018

Always the Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids aren't barred from happy endings.

Lesbian Sex 12/29/2018


Two women, one bottle, one lucky guy.

Group Sex 12/27/2018

Professor Winderly's Assignment Ch. 11

After her initiation the Professor returns.

Novels and Novellas 12/27/2018

Tits Are Made For Sucking Ch. 03

Adventures continue with Mom and best friend Mike.

Incest/Taboo 12/25/2018

MilkTitty Farms - 'The Return' Pt. 02

Kelly meets a new friend in the woods.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/21/2018

Heated: Julia

Julia's stressed body and mind are heated up.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/18/2018

Dwelling in Desire Ch. 15


BDSM 12/18/2018

Fun with a Succubi Family

Robert encounters three very horny succubi.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/07/2018

The Honey Trap

Alrek is tempted and hypnotized by three sweet Thriae.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 12/04/2018

Aunt Becky

Young man pleases his lactating Aunt.

Incest/Taboo 11/28/2018

Drummer Boy - Back Into Hell Ch. 03

Worst. Road trip. Ever...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/26/2018

Adventures of the Buxom Beauty Ch. 04

The pair enter Valorinth, but Joscelin finds trouble.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/15/2018

Adventures of the Buxom Beauty Ch. 03

The Buxom Beauty escapes Trevor and heads to Noncon Swamp.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy 11/14/2018

Mommy's Milk Pt. 02

Mommy finds Darek a willing partner with Sachi.

Incest/Taboo 11/13/2018

Mommy's Milk Pt. 01

Dalia shows that she knows how to care for her son.

Incest/Taboo 11/09/2018
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