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Eating Out Ch. 03

 — The Alternative expands. by secret_admirer72116in  Mature09/02/174.67HOT

In a Class of His Own Ch. 11

 — Will he ever learn? by AspernEsslingin  Novels and Novellas05/24/174.76HOT

Kelsey's World Ch. 30

 — Wendy and Barb's friendship endures. by riverboyin  Group Sex04/21/174.85HOT

Student Education

 — Fresher's night never got so fresh. by Rolemeoverin  First Time12/03/163.96

Vanilla Camilla

 — Camilla wants to learn about sex, and does, after a fashion. by TasteslikeIniquityin  BDSM10/31/164.48

Life in General Pt. 01

 — The history of man through one man's eyes. by ImaginationEscapein  Non-Erotic08/09/164.33

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 09

 — Coming together. Saturday. by RubenRin  BDSM07/16/164.57HOT

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 08

 — Coming together. Friday. by RubenRin  BDSM07/15/164.69HOT

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 07

 — Naked 2. by RubenRin  BDSM07/14/164.87HOT

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 06

 — Naked. by RubenRin  BDSM07/13/164.60HOT

How She Draped My Net Around Her Ch. 05

 — Hold Me Tight! by RubenRin  BDSM07/12/164.50HOT


 — The life of a beautiful Asian Woman. by needyou200in  Erotic Couplings07/05/164.24

Black Pearls - Yrkala

 — A shark-woman chances upon the Sea Lilith - 3/6 by ReGatsin  NonHuman06/26/164.62HOT

My Brother My Lover Ch. 06

 — Enjoying each other and mom. by vastiesmith2in  Incest/Taboo04/20/164.62HOT

Call Me Daddy Ch. 01

 — A new start of my old life. by Kristofein  BDSM03/15/164.49


 — A valuable education in life skills. by Bray123in  First Time01/13/163.69

Home Learning for My Son

 — My son studies hard but what does he know of life? by Chris7swin  Incest/Taboo09/23/154.58HOT

Golden & The Dark

 — Woman begins to discover herself. by Amorain  Lesbian Sex06/16/154.28

Learning to Let Go Pt. 02

 — Curiosity of Power Play continues. by Yoshimatsuin  BDSM04/29/154.50HOT

Mrs. Wentworth is Naughty

 — In part ten Mrs. Wentworth is caught losing control. by softspokenstephenin  Mature04/04/154.74HOT

The Seahorse Society Ch. 03

 — The event brings Todd's troublesome ex into the picture. by captainhappyin  Romance09/19/144.33

The Homeless

 — Helping a young woman undo bad decisions. by DreamCloudin  Erotic Couplings07/23/144.82HOT

The Summer

 — It was the summer I learned SEX. by Bill69billin  Incest/Taboo06/03/143.91

Sittin’ On The Cock Of The Boy

 — Two young men, a boat and a love story. by Chris7swin  Gay Male02/11/144.69HOT

College Blues

 — College days and discoveries. by Chris7swin  Gay Male12/13/134.74HOT

Saving Heroes

 — They finally have him back. by shaide87in  Incest/Taboo11/02/134.57HOT

It Begins...

 — Discovering desires. by mythoughts2paprin  BDSM09/27/134.67HOT

Khoe; A Tale of Sadness & Joy Ch. 05

 — What one woman can't have, another doesn't dare to hope for. by TaLtos6in  Romance08/28/134.87HOT

Planned Force

 — Bringing dream girl's fantasy to life. by skyink93in  NonConsent/Reluctance06/04/134.10

Sailing Away Ch. 03

 — A continuation of a romantic sea voyage. by robertreamsin  Gay Male05/15/134.58HOT

The Assassin's Trainee

 — Vincent takes his trainee on her first mission. by Lucreacein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/01/134.49

Little One Meets Her One Ch. 03

 — Tara begins to grow in her knowledge. by LadySneakin  BDSM01/10/134.50HOT

What Sandy's Friend Told Ch. 01

 — Two US Students in Europe meet two Dutch Girls. by leBonhommein  Erotic Couplings10/09/124.59HOT

Cousin Steph

 — Two cousins share a week at the beach. by bobthefishin  Incest/Taboo06/24/124.19

Susie Ch. 21

 — Show Time. by secret_admirer72116in  Exhibitionist & Voyeur02/27/123.76

Sex Ed After Marriage/ Luke's View

 — Hubby's take on a sheltered couple's sexual awakening. by imhaplessin  Loving Wives02/12/124.10

Sexual Discovery

 — Guy learns about sex then about love. by ainu2in  Erotic Couplings12/14/114.59HOT

Our Massage Parlor Ch. 02

 — She learns how to give him a happy ending. by MatthewVettin  Interracial Love10/31/114.59HOT

The Search and The Discovery Ch. 02a

 — Obedience testing and beginning the next step. by Player Onein  BDSM10/06/114.60HOT

Alicia & Shelly's Club

 — Best friends enjoy their first all female sex party. by simaddictin  Lesbian Sex06/09/114.46

Alicia, Shelly & Maria

 — Two young women and a mature women experiment sexually. by simaddictin  Lesbian Sex05/30/114.33

Average Joe Ch. 03

 — Mary teaches Joey about women. Joey's first time. by DG Hearin  First Time05/16/114.60HOT

Instructions Pt. 02

 — More learning opportunities. by jaslizin  Sci-Fi & Fantasy02/14/114.58HOT

Training Ch. 04

 — Bobby learns to eat pussy and is rewarded. by bonnietaylorin  Mature12/03/104.53HOT

Darkroom - Tuesday

 — College girls plan to appreciate nice guys in the dark. by Ambidentrousin  Exhibitionist & Voyeur11/08/104.76HOT

Serving The Council Ch. 04

 — Learing ancestry. by catman71in  NonHuman10/30/104.63HOT

The Learning Room Ch. 01

 — Two locked in a shipping container. by regularguy13in  NonConsent/Reluctance10/07/104.36

Vocational School Ch. 01

 — Sis adores bro's big cock; mom's slave to it. by BobCollierin  Incest/Taboo09/19/104.10

Puppy Love

 — Does anyone understand me? I really love her. by DG Hearin  Romance08/28/104.80HOT


 — A medical student learns a lesson. by coldsteelin  Mature07/02/104.67HOT

Heather Ch. 12

 — Suddenly Heather and I have hours together. by maudecardyin  Mature03/20/104.62HOT

The Couples Club Ch. 05

 — Entering Training / Fornication Fantasies. by Rodwarriorin  BDSM01/19/104.49


 — A grad student moves into a home and seduces. by tigerman1138in  Incest/Taboo06/16/094.27

A Touch of Gentleness

 — A call girl visit. by whatidreamtin  Erotic Couplings04/10/094.41

Teachers Demand Respect

 — Mouthy student learns her lesson. by lily_annin  NonConsent/Reluctance02/23/084.60HOT

Basic Training

 — Instructions for the unenlightened. by bassbellyin  Erotic Couplings01/03/084.47

Remote Control

 — He controls her in class, and makes sure she learns. by CornishBabein  BDSM10/04/074.21

Not My Type Ch. 05

 — Learning more about Adam proves to be shocking. by firstkissin  Erotic Couplings07/15/074.77HOT

Alex: Lessons in Submission

 — The real training starts. by HappilyMin  BDSM06/29/074.68HOT

Three On One!

 — Nan's first lesson sure is fun. by OneWhoKnowsin  Lesbian Sex01/29/074.27

Betsy's Birthday Party

 — They celebrate with a threesome, by OneWhoKnowsin  Group Sex01/15/074.38

Zindy's Training

 — She learns to submit. by slavegirlzindyin  BDSM01/10/073.48

Nikki's Initiation

 — Woman learns about her own sexuality. by PlayfulNikkiin  NonConsent/Reluctance12/15/064.47

Motivational Learning Ch. 02

 — Rita and Dr. Alta pursue a deeper understanding. by MsVixen416in  Erotic Couplings12/15/064.35

Dreams of Submission

 — She takes the journey to becoming a submissive. by Chase N Auburnin  BDSM09/20/063.94

Moving On

 — Moving on after death of a SO. by HeavenlyOnein  Reviews & Essays11/30/053.86


 — A good submissive is hard to find. by darkgoddess2478in  Reviews & Essays11/29/053.93


 — Pixie girl is shown what sex is. by littlepixiein  Sci-Fi & Fantasy08/10/054.11

Jael's Promise Ch. 02

 — The journey continues. by rainbow_carnagein  BDSM05/20/054.61HOT

Den of Iniquity Ch. 02

 — Roger returns & witnesses a flogging. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM12/27/034.69HOT

Dominique Ch. 01-06

 — One girl's submission. by Sir_Nathanin  BDSM08/05/034.68HOT

Memoirs of a Dreamer Ch. 02

 — Lessons & testing begin; changes are made. by DarkDreamerwithHopein  BDSM07/25/034.18

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