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feel (5)hand (3)feel hands (2)cock (2)takes hand (2)back (2)feeling effects (1)zoe looked (1)tight t-shirt (1)cock mouth (1)hair brush (1)lip (1)thigh feel (1)bed slip (1)joel cock (1)start wet (1)pussy slide (1)hard cock (1)magic wand (1)short (1)erotic massage (1)massage therapists (1)back wall (1)cups saucers (1)strapless bra (1)pushed finger (1)slid finger (1)mike joe (1)turned kissed (1)full length (1)picking pace (1)ass fuck (1)poor guy (1)positioned legs (1)dripping pussy (1)moan loud (1)asked (1)pussy stroke (1)office hours (1)lilly (1)feel wet (1)found ass (1)duncan (1)feel hair (1)turn face (1)standing middle (1)feel big (1)taking turns (1)rush cum (1)makes contact (1)feel fingers (1)moving hips (1)hard feel (1)cock hard (1)sexiest woman (1)grinding pussy (1)waved arms (1)meet time (1)head legs (1)door open (1)feel wetness (1)parents room (1)slapping pussy (1)cute guy (1)rub legs (1)cock linda (1)move stand (1)breast hand (1)cock slid (1)ass pushed (1)suck husband (1)dim glow (1)leather miniskirt (1)next-door neighbor (1)hands move (1)legs pulls (1)fucked ass (1)moved back (1)body mine (1)bite lip (1)india (1)cotton dress (1)clit mouth (1)back bed (1)guys staring (1)feeling muscles (1)give massage (1)closes eyes (1)finger (1)wearing dress (1)room number (1)inside mouth (1)good pet (1)continues fuck (1)body thought (1)close eyes (1)young thing (1)lifted leg (1)lay bed (1)bedroom door (1)entered house (1)rolling back (1)annie tongue (1)zoe (1)water slide (1)feel start (1)tongue mouth (1)puts hand (1)friend (1)husband home (1)naked bodies (1)back legs (1)pretty young (1)mouth feeling (1)hand feel (1)tells lie (1)slender legs (1)love (1)mouth suck (1)cock clean (1)gently massage (1)lean forward (1)feel eyes (1)ice cube (1)real thing (1)start rub (1)great shape (1)slap ass (1)tugging nipples (1)fuck harder (1)back put (1)kissed tits (1)long lick (1)looked cock (1)lack blood (1)slid ass (1)nail polish (1)still call (1)neighbor watching (1)reach legs (1)kiss joel (1)god cumming (1)opportunity slip (1)building inside (1)legs tense (1)lilly pulled (1)feel body (1)begin cum (1)sit back (1)big hands (1)begin fuck (1)hear return (1)legs tighten (1)tongue taste (1)moist lips (1)black tank (1)looked grinning (1)special friend (1)lean begin (1)feel warm (1)squeezes hand (1)fuck stop (1)top shorts (1)feel hand (1)lay back (1)began wondering (1)brush thigh (1)mouth (1)stroke ass (1)frail body (1)starts moving (1)slide hand (1)tongue enters (1)swallow load (1)feeling material (1)slide shirt (1)body (1)
legs feel

He Was So Shy

Cute guy and he just could not bring himself to ask her.

Erotic Couplings 05/18/2005

Waking Becky

Young woman wakes to her own desire.

NonConsent/Reluctance 01/01/2005


Two beautiful girls make sweet love.

Lesbian Sex 12/25/2004

A Girl Named Zoe Ch. 02

He finally gets in on the action.

Group Sex 11/18/2004

Peggy Gets Her Way

Boys meet girl.

Group Sex 09/19/2004

Taking My Ex Ch. 02

She's taken again...or is she?

NonConsent/Reluctance 05/19/2004

Penthouse Suite

A hotel fantasy.

Romance 05/08/2004

Visit to College

Girl visits boyfriend at college.

Erotic Couplings 10/17/2003

The Mall

Stealing some time for ourselves.

Erotic Couplings 10/10/2003

Damsel in Distress Ch. 02

Duncan goes on a picnic.

Transsexuals & Crossdressers 08/05/2003

My Secret Fantasy

She treated to MMF fun.

Group Sex 06/20/2003

The Customer

You finally get what you've wanted for years.

Erotic Couplings 04/01/2003

What I Want

Her fantasy.

Erotic Couplings 03/30/2003

Linda Ch. 01

Young bride offers herself as payment.

NonConsent/Reluctance 10/07/2002

In The Flesh

Online companions meet for the first time.

Erotic Couplings 06/21/2002

Card Game

Master invites friends over.

BDSM 05/21/2002

Lover or Rapist?

Is the mysterious stranger who she thinks he is?

NonConsent/Reluctance 04/20/2002


You never know what you might find at a church bazaar.

Lesbian Sex 04/12/2002

Tense Muscles

Fencing student meets older message therapist in training.

Mature 11/30/2001

Not In A Million Years

Playful trio finds erotic fun.

Loving Wives 11/09/2001

An Alaskan Summer Odyssey

The two of you experience Sapphic love in the White North.

Lesbian Sex 10/30/2001

Lucy's Awakening

Hot neighbor is awoke by friend's son in his bed.

NonConsent/Reluctance 03/27/2001

Fantasy 2 Reality

She meets you in person for the first time.

Erotic Couplings 10/15/2000
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